Gay porn UK youngsters disrobe down then Dave opens broad and gulps

Gay porn UK youngsters disrobe down then Dave opens broad and gulps
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Quick encounter Short story playing in my head as I look in stare picking up with a mental scene of sitting at a 5 star restaurant in a secluded corner of the room, private dinner we sit and talk picking each other's brain laughing and giggling.

Smiling at the silliest jokes I love the way she smiles and smirks and look at me with the enticing eyes that tell a story that invites me to want to know more.

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Dinner is over and we sit and cont. to have drinks she places her arm on the table and rest her pretty face in her hand as she sit and stare feeling her looking at my lips as words utter from them hanging on to every word. Internally my mind attempts to fast forward the night not sure how it would end but I have a good idea with the way things are going with the mental and physical connection so clear.

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Both feeling the drinks kick in jazz band playing in the background she excuses herself from the table to the ladies room.

I see there and notice the restaurant is almost empty I finish my drink as time goes by and the beast in me can't take it any longer I get up from my table and walk to the bathroom places the out of order sign on the outside and enter quietly.

Her back to me she never notice me slip in till the door squeaks shut by then it's too late I walk behind her and force her into the nearest stall pressing her against the wall saying no words what's unspoken at the moment is agreed upon and urged to cont.

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firmly pressing my hands around her neck and kissing her soft lips running my tongue along the bottom biting down as I pull away. Feeling her legs tremble I force my hand up her dress massaging it feeling it panic in excitement shoving my fingers inside her warm walls and pulling it out and tasting it on my finger tips exhaling in pure pleasure from her sweet nectar hiking her dress up and dropping to my knees as I force my tongue inside her holding one leg up spreading it wide slurping on her clit loving the way she taste she moans out with no remorse to if anyone hears us she beginning to rock and sway as my tongue flicker in an assassins motion pen point accurate to the touch her hands grips and palms my head pulling it closer to her I feel her legs shake as she creams on the tip of my tongue fulfilling to the appetite I moan softly in pure pleasure I pull her skirt down and walk her out the bath room taste still my lips we close our tab and race back to my house to finish what we started Walking out her in hand smile on our face we stand out from in the cold I turn in my number to the guy out front and wait till he bring the car around cold breeze race up your thighs sending chilling up your body you turn to me and climb inside my arms for warmth I squeeze tight kissing you on your forehead playing it cool trying to keep my mind focus on what's to come easing my hand down to your lower back pressing you against me tighter you feel him anxious to get free you reach your hand down and squeeze him and smile hmmmm yes.

Finally the car comes around and on the radio love faces is playing I speed thru traffic wanting needing more of you not paying attention you reach over and pull him out as I drive slowly teasing me watching him rise slowly stroking I try my best to focus and drive but you making it so hard literally finally home sweet home open the garage door pull in slam on the brakes and rush to the other side to open the door for you help you up the steps inside the house I run you a hot shower to let you get more comfortable I go down stairs and bring up the chocolate and wine with hot oils on tap waiting for you to come out I sit patiently Patience running short I undress and climb in behind her and grab the towel from her and begin to wash her both loving the site in front of me bubbles gliding down her angelic body cola to the frame her clit piercing blings in the light as I wash over it taking my time she face me and begin to wash me as while kissing as the water flow between us hot to the touch she leans her head to side inviting me to kiss her spot licking and planting my lips on her neck as her eyes close wide shut to the touch she begins to slowly stroke me knowing that I've been holding back she whispers for me to cum to get the first one out the way I oblige and release as she strokes the shaft slowly as she loving it watch it feeling the veins ease between her hands she bites down on my lip o release she smile and giggles and we rinse off and make our way to the bed no worried about drying off to the bed we lay I pour us glasses of wine.she sips briefly and sits it on the dresser next to the bed wanting to cont she grips it and stares at it and looks at me and smiles and tell me she loves it she kisses the tip and slowly strokes it and takes it in her mouth I can feel and hear the salivation enjoying it to her lips I swell with life blood rushing into it expanding with girth each sec rising every inch the more she goes up and down the tip tingling I love the feeling as she makes love to it enjoying it my legs locked loving it .stiff she climbs on top warm sensation flow thru me this is more than what I have daydreamed about grabbing her hips as she rises up and rock her hips watching it go in and out cream beginning to show her moisture begin to grow.hmmmm yes She's moving on top eyes staring right into mind piercing each other's soul she smiles I can feel her grip tight as it glides against her walls internal muscles flexing on me my hand place on her back rubbing soothing her as she swag I sit up and begin to lick and suck on her breast nibbling on her nipples erect to the taste she moans as I suck harder as she wraps both arms around me tightly placed on the back of my head to draw me closer she utters out O gawd and licks and bit my ear as we tangle our bodies She lifts my head and kisses me and turns reverse cowgirl and squats down on it bouncing on it she know I love to watch it go it she rises just high enough to feel the crown of my tip touch her clit and back down she begins to slam her juicy ass against my body splashing juices with each thrust of her body site so beautiful I take both hands and spread her ass apart in rhythm up and down she go the clapping sound gets louder her voice rings out my legs tighten as she begins to tell me she about to cum over and over and like an auto switch our bodies move in motion to the same speed I'm thrusting back as she throws it harder and just like that in a quick movement I flip her on her stomach and spread one leg up and dig in and tell her to cum on my dick right now she squeezes the sheets bites down on the pillow and I feel her soul release to me and surrender I dig deeper and release inside of her eyes locked close tight we lay there panting trying to catch our breath I hold her tight and we fall asleep till next time .

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