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Big booty tranny banged hard
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It was cold and dark when I awoke to my last day in Oregon. The sun had started its annual migration northward, meaning it was getting colder during the night time as the hours of daylight grew less and less in the high dessert skies.

It was now the latter part of September and I had stayed too long with my son and his family and I was starting to fret about making it over the Continental Divide before the first snows fell. My departure was delayed by my grand daughter, or to put it more distinctly, my growing lust for my beautiful young grand daughter that kept my departure on hold until I felt the coldness of winter coming on and I knew that I had to leave.

But her allure made it difficult or nearly impossible to take that first step towards the east, but as I made a solemn vow to meet up with her once again before the year ended, I slowly headed my pickup down the road, pulling my 5th wheel on to my next child's home in New York. Driving slow but sure, I slid down the eastern slope of the Rockies as I watched the geese flying south and the foliage turn its unbelievable beauty in the Great Plains.

My mind returned to the year's beginning in Florida and my unintentional peeping on my daughter's oldest and the consequences that led to our incestuous affair. My, how long ago that seemed from the present and how much I loved my grand daughter's willingness to allow me to love her in that way.

She was so willing to learn, to experiment and to grow in her love. I also remembered my promise to Melinda, the younger of the two, about taking her virginity this next year when I arrive back in Florida in January. The thought of it sent chills of anticipation running through my veins as I fought back the urge to bypass my youngest child's home in New York and head straight on to Florida.

Then my memories were flooded by my most recent encounters with my "Ugly Duckling" Susan who had turned herself into a lovely swan in every way imaginable right before my very eyes. What a beauty she had become and how we loved each other during the summer months.

But now as I head for New York and my next destination, I had hopes of enjoying my time there with my youngest and her daughter. Of all of my three children, Victoria was my favorite. I know that I'm not suppose to say such things and I do love each one as an individual but there's something about the love between the youngest little girl and her father that can't quite be explained.

Since she came out of my wife's womb, I have always had a special place in my heart for Victoria even though she broke it several times in her youth. My wife and I had decided to quit after we had our second one, a beautiful daughter to join our son.

Then in four short years, we made a mistake in timing and had our third, a little girl that stole her father's heart. I coddled her more than the rest I know and watched and protected her from all evils in the world. But I let down my guard just once and at the age of 15, she became pregnant out of wedlock and we had another mouth to feed. I could have shot that Son of a Bitch who got my Victoria pregnant and robbed her of a normal, teenage life and I think that I would have but his family moved out of our small town before I got up my nerve.

But we adjusted and coped but my Little Cupcake never was the same again. Our relationship was spoiled just like she was and we grew somewhat more distant ever since. Of all of my children's homes that I annually visit, I enjoy Victoria's the least. She used to live in the suburbs about an hour's train ride into the city, but her boss wanted her closer to her work so they took a flat right down town and now I don't have anywhere to park my rig when I visit.

So I made arrangements to park it at a campground a good two hours out and took a train into the city to stay with Victoria and her daughter Lauren, 12, no she's now 13 years old. As the train pulled into the station near her flat, I strained my eyes looking for my daughter and when I finally spotted her, all of my anxieties and fears were washed away and replaced with my father's love for his youngest daughter.

She looked so grown up, standing there in her suit, shouting out to the world that she was a successful woman who didn't take any crap off of anyone. Her blond hair was cut short framing the curve of her beautiful, soft facial features that sat aglow on her short stature.

Her perfectly shaped body exuded proper proportions and as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, I detected a bright smile cross her face as she spotted me coming down off the train. "Daddy," she called out to me as I sat down my bags and ran to her with my arms out wide. Meeting her half way, I engulfed her with my hug as I twirled her off of her feet and spun around and around squeezing the life out of my daughter. "Oh Daddy, it's so good to feel you in my arms!" she exclaimed as I returned her to the ground.

"I've missed you so much!" "I've miss you too," I told her enthusiastically.


I took a step backwards to appraise the look of my Victoria and then with a big shit eating grin on my face, gave her another big hug. "Oh Vickie, I've missed you too." We gathered my baggage, walked to the cab stand and hailed our ride for the few blocks to her flat that she had leased a couple of mouths ago.

Arriving a few moments later and climbing to the third floor where the apartment was, we entered the rather small abode as Victoria took off her suit jacket, slipped out of her shoes and walked over to the refrigerator to get us both a drink. "You'll be sleeping in Lauren's room," she yelled to me, "So you can take your things in there if you want. I have already told her that she had to sleep out on the couch. I hope you don't mind but she will have to get her clothes and stuff out of her room every morning before she goes to school.

This is a tiny apartment I know, but it was all I could afford for now so we just have to make the best of it I guess. Isn't that what you always told me," she said walking over to hand me a Rum and Coke.

""Vickie, you'll just have to make the best of it!"" and gave me a big grin. She sat down next to me on the sofa and raised her glass and said, "Cheers." Then curling her legs up on the couch under her, she placed her head on my shoulder and sighed. She waited a few seconds and then said something very strange. "It's good to have you here, Daddy.

I need to have you here right now." We sat there talking, drinking and getting caught up on our lives when the front door swung open and in stepped my grand daughter Lauren home from school. I was amazed at how much she had grown in the year since I had seen her and quite honestly was not too pleased with what I saw.

She had a hard look about her, one of defiance and bitterness. But she still was my grand daughter and I had to give her a big hug. Her actions seemed appropriate in every way for a 13 year old. She grinned and greeted me in the way that I remembered from her but there was something that I couldn't put my finger on that made me want to find all about what my grand daughter was up to.

She wore the uniform from the private school that my daughter had enrolled her in and she looked so cute standing there in it.

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She wore a plaid pleaded skirt that came to her knees with a white, short sleeved blouse. She had on white knee high socks and black patent leather shoes and a matching plaid band in her hair. Her smile would light up any room and as she ran to me, I spotted the silver stud piercing her left ear lope and the tiny, shiny one that pierced her left nostril.

I didn't approve of either on any girl her age but didn't make any note of it and returned the warm welcome that Lauren displayed. We went out to eat at a neighborhood restaurant that first evening and when we returned home it was getting late so we all decided to turn in for the evening.

Lauren went into her room to change and when she emerged in her pajamas I gave them each a kiss goodnight and went into the bedroom to get ready for bed. I had to use the single bathroom to shave and brush my teeth and since I usually sleep in the nude, I decided that I needed to go in there fully dressed.

I instantly thought, "How about when I have to get up in the middle of the night to take a leak? I guess I'll just have to put on some clothes or something." I didn't sleep that well that first night.

I was adjusting to a different mattress and surroundings and so when Lauren made her way into the room to gather her clothing before heading to the bathroom and shower, I was resting on my side with my arm up over my eyes, shading them from the morning's light. Opening one eye I spotted her behind as she slid off her pajama bottoms and then her panties. As she removed the top to her pajamas, she turned slightly to look over her shoulder at the lump under the covers and then turned back, threw a towel around her body and scurried towards the bathroom.

She had carried her school clothes with her and when she returned to her bedroom, she was completely dressed except for her knee socks. She quickly sat down on the floor and pulled up her socks exposing her pearly white underwear to the messed up bed.

I tried my best not to move or to make a sound but I might have let out a slight little moan, I'm not sure. I waited there under the covers for both my grand daughter and daughter to get ready and leave for the day. I got out of bed, gathered up a towel and headed for the bathroom to take my shower. Turning on the spray and adjusting the temperature, I stepped into the showering flow of water and put my head in to get my hair all wet for shampooing.

I had just gotten it all lathered up when I detected the pressure change in the room as if someone had opened the door. I stopped my scrubbing on my head to listen intently for a sound. I heard nothing so resumed with my hair washing when I felt the door open to the shower and then I felt it close. "Who's there?" I asked, feeling very vulnerable with my eyes closed and my hair full of suds. "It's just me, Daddy. It's Vickie," she said coming close to my naked body. "What the hell are you doing in here?" I shouted.

"I'm fulfilling a very old fantasy of mine, one that I've had since I can remember. It caused me to get pregnant with Lauren back when I was 15 and it cost me my job this morning. So I am going to live out my fantasy now, finally, with you, my wonderful Daddy," she cooed to me, resting her entire naked body against my own. "But Vicky," I tried to protest but I felt her slide slowly down my body to rest her hair right on my crotch and then I felt the wonderful silky warm lips surround my limp cock.

I tried to push her face away from its errand but her hands were placed on my butt as she braced herself against any retreat. Her warm breath encompassed my growing cock as she took it in its entirety into her mouth and pulling it between her sucking lips, drew it out expertly and then sucked it back in. I moaned at the sensation of a growing cock in the most wonderful place and even pressed it forward into her mouth as it began to stiffen with every passage between her lips.

She must have done this before because when she got it to its full size, she could still take it down her throat as she pressed my pubic mound to her open mouth. I was shocked at first at the thought of my beautiful little daughter going down on me with her mouth and if I had not already gone through the process of self incrimination with my previous experiences with my grand daughters, I could not fathom allowing her actions to occur.

But I had beat myself up and resolved those situations and her expert lips was working miracles on my now ridged cock so instead of pulling away from her I was starting to pump my rod as deep as I could into her willing mouth. I began to groan with my pleasure as I kept begging, "Oh yes Vicky Baby, suck my cock. Yes suck Daddy's cock all the way down your throat." As if she knew exactly what I was wanting, she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her open mouth, ramming my twitching cock down her accepting throat.

I could feel her muscles contract as she swallowed hard on my staff and I could also feel the urge start to build deep within my loins. I had felt that urge many times and I knew that I was about to unload my sperm. "Vicky Honey, I'm going to cum," I told her. "I'm going to cum, oh God, I'M GOING TO CUMMM!!" She clutched my ass as she pulled me even further into her mouth and at that very second I let loose a giant rope of sperm directly down her throat as I felt her throat contract and release against my gigantic pulsating cock.

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I was ramming my hips into her face and she was accepting every one of my plunges down her open mouth as she clung to my butt cheeks with her hands and after a few more ropes being exploded into her throat, she came up off of my deflating cock and licked every drop of sperm from its withering surface.

She licked my balls and scrotum, taking the whole thing into her mouth once again, seemingly not being able to get enough to satisfy her cravings. But as I reached under her arm pits and pulled her up to her feet, she looked up into my eyes with a longing look of satisfaction and arched her neck to kiss me fully on my lips. We kissed passionately for the longest time with my hands exploring her entire body and as I reached down to grab her by the ass cheeks and pull her into my excited crotch she smiled up at me, turned the water from the shower off and then lead me out of the enclosure.

I was a step behind her but as I scrutinized her fine small body from behind I instinctively reached out with my hands and grabbed her by the shoulders. She stopped and felt my naked body press up against her back side and she went limp with acceptance as she let her head rest back against my chest. I moved my hands from her shoulders down to her breasts and she moaned out loud giving herself fully to my touch.

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Her dreams were about to be fulfilled and I now knew what to do. I ran my hand lower on her quivering body, down to where her two legs met. Feeling her pubic mound with my fingers and finding the head of her tiny slit, I inserted my middle finger into it and felt for her love button.

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She spread out her legs and strained to meet it half way and as the two met, she cried out with pleasure and satisfaction as her right hand went around between our naked bodies in search of something to hang onto. She began stroking my growing cock as I rubbed on her eager clitoris and after a few short moments, she started to turn towards me but I caught her up into my arms and started towards her bedroom.

She placed her cheek on my shoulder and allowed me to carry her to the bed. I laid her down on her back and crawled in between her legs. She looked down and smiled in a knowing way that she was about to receive what she had been wanting for a long, long time. As I came up to her junction and the fresh smelling pubic hair that she was sporting, I gazed over her tight little lips that were showing through the mound and almost started to drool over the sight that my favorite daughter was giving me.

I slid down with my face barely hovering over her wanting pussy and with great care and patience, I inserted my tongue in between her two lips and slid it all the up to her pleasure zone. She jerked away when I lit upon it as I stopped to lick around and take it between my own lips. "OH MY GOD DADDY!" she yelled. Then she placed her hands on the back of my head and pressed downward into her clitoris as she spread her legs further apart and raised up her hips.

I settled down on her nubbin and started to earnestly suck her into orgasmic bliss. I was sucking on her node for all I was worth as I moved my finger up to her opening.

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I ran it around and around until I could feel the juices start to flow and then I slowly started to insert it until I felt my knuckles press against her lips. She was writhing around, begging for me to bring her to fulfillment yet begging me not to stop at the same time but when I touched her little rose bud with another digit and inserted it into her anus she went wild with excitement and begged for my immediate penetration.

But this only caused me to manually and orally bring her off. Ramming my fingers into her openings and sucking down hard with my mouth, I brought her to the point of begging me to continue and as she raised up her hips into the air and screaming out her release, she began to experience one of the greatest orgasms of her entire life.

Over and over she humped her hips into the air, crying, no, begging for her release and as it overtook her, she shuttered and convulsed herself into unconsciousness as she reached the top of her orgasm and settled down on the other side into a blissful, dreamy state.

I came up from between her legs and settled myself down next to her limp little body to cuddle my beautiful daughter and caress her soft sensuous skin. I was rubbing her shoulder for the longest time when she finally awoke and with the dreamiest of looks, smile up into my loving eyes and gave me a kiss on my chest. I smiled back at her as she once again closed her eyes and went back to sleep. I thought about what she said when she came into the shower, about having a fantasy, about getting pregnant at such a young age and about loosing her job over fulfilling it.

I wondered what that all meant but decided that I would wait for an explanation in due time. But now wasn't that time. Now it was time to just love her and hold her. We would have many times to discuss those other things later. About 10 that morning I awoke from a blissful snooze to a numb arm that was under my sleeping daughter's upper torso.

As I tried to delicately move it out from under her weight, I startled her into consciousness and she rose up to allow me to remove my numb arm from below her. We smiled at one another as she cuddled back down into my chest but not finding a comfortable place to rest herself, she rolled onto her back and let out a big lung of air.

After a couple of seconds she said, "Daddy, I hope I didn't ruin everything between us. I mean, I hope that you still love me. I just felt like I had to live out this crazy fantasy that I've had all my life so I forced you into making love with me. And I…" "We haven't made love," I interrupted her babbling, "and you didn't force me into doing anything.

About this fantasy that you claim to have had your whole life, I didn't know anything about it and I don't care. All I know is that I've just had one of the most wonderful moments of my life with the most wonderful daughter in the whole world and I wouldn't change a thing about a second of what just happened." She rose up a little as if to look deep within my soul and then gave me a big grin and lay back down on her back.

We lay there awhile without saying a word, both lost in our own thoughts. After a few moments she said, "I've always have been fascinated by sex. From my earliest memories I've been almost obsessed with knowing what a boy look like and how to "do it", she suddenly started to explain. "By the time I was old enough to start thinking about boys seriously, I wanted just one thing." She rose back up on her elbow and said, "And that one thing was you, Daddy, I wanted to be with you." She lay back down and continued.

"I wanted you to touch me everywhere that you shouldn't, to see you naked and for you to see me naked, to touch you all over and for you to make love to me, whatever "making love" was. I wanted to feel your presence inside me and to give you everything that I had to give. I tried to excite you by wearing just my panties around you, sitting on your lap and rubbing my pussy on your penis.

I even tried to sneak into the bathroom and join you in the shower like I did today. But nothing worked. I couldn't excite you the way that I wanted to. So I did it with Bobby Wilson and got pregnant. I didn't want Bobby Wilson, I wanted you. And then you and Mom allowed me to keep Lauren and put me through school and here I am in New York, unemployed and wondering where I go from here." She paused for a second to catch her breath and to gather her thoughts as I rolled onto my side and placed my hand on her tummy and started caressing her soft smooth skin.

My touch moved up to her breasts and down to her mound with gentle, caressing fingertips. As I reached up to her breasts once again, she turned to look at me and rolled to her side facing me.

She placed her arm around my shoulder and scooted over to kiss me. We kissed the most sensual kiss and soon were in each others arms, pressing our bodies into each other.

I placed my cheek onto hers and whispered into her ear, "Vickie Darling, I'm going to make love with you now. I'm going to fulfill every aspect of your fantasy. I'm going to love you over and over again, until you beg me to stop or I can't do it any longer. I've secretly wanted this moment to happen since you were very young and scooting around on my lap with your pussy and now I'm going to make it all happen.

I'm going to love you for all I'm worth because I love you my Victoria, my Vickie, my daughter." She did not make a sound but let me roll her onto her back. I rolled with her and placed my leg between hers with my knee rubbing up on her crotch. She smiled as she raised her chin in appreciation and then closed her eyes and waited for our fantasies to be fulfilled. I kissed her open mouth tenderly as I swung my body over on top of hers and settling down between her wide open legs.

I started to rhythmically pressing my groin against hers and rub my growing cock into her pussy. She responded by moving her hips in conjunction with mine as we did a little horizon rumba. But I had to stimulate her breasts so I scooted myself down, dragging my tummy down against her pussy lips until could reach her breasts with my mouth and began to suck on first one and then the other until she was arching her chest and cooing her enjoyment though her partly open mouth.

I pinched her nipples between my fore fingers and my thumbs, turning them over and over until they both turned red. But they were hard as pebbles so I took them between my lips and sucked down hard on them until she moaned out loud.

I then scooted back up until my cock was pressing into her pussy lips and as she gasped out her excitement, I rose up on my knees and scooted myself up so I could place the head of my raging hard on right at the entrance to her wet little vagina.

Reaching down and taking her legs into each arm, I placed her knees wide and far apart and drew them up over her waist. Then I bent down and softly told her what I was going to do.

"Vickie, I'm going to enter you now. I'm going to enter you completely but slowly.

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You see I don't feel any urgency now because I blew my load into your mouth about an hour or so ago, so I can take it as slow and easy as you want it to go. I will bring you to multiple orgasms that will cause you to beg me to stop but I will not.

I will keep on loving you for as long as I can. You will be exhausted by the time we finish but you will feel complete also, maybe for the first time in your life. Vickie, are you ready for the time of your life?" I asked my daughter. She did not answer but placed her hands on my butt and pulled me towards her steaming pussy lips as she held her breath and closed her eyes tightly. I felt her opening slide apart, allowing my cock to enter her vagina as I began to long journey into her love canal.

Her walls gave way to my penetration with little reluctance and I soon found myself buried up to my limit inside of my daughter's hole. I stopped there to feel her muscles contract and then started to withdraw my cock from her wanting pussy. I left only the head of my cock inside of her lips when I reversed course and slid it back into her but with more force this time and a little faster than the first time.

This time it took her breath away as she inhaled through her pursed lips. As I reached my limits, she moaned softly and I detected a slight movement of her hips. So I withdrew it again and thrust it in harder and deeper, with much more force until our pubic hairs were pressed together and the juices started escaping around my deep penetrations. She was feeling my presence inside of her as I asked, "Does it feel good, Vickie? Does it feel as good as you fantasized?

Can you feel it as it goes in all the way? Does it pull on your clitoral muscles when I ram it in to your pussy? Does it feel real good taking my cock in all the way?" She grunted her answers as I kept up the pumping and ramming of my hips and cock. "Are you about to cum?

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Huh Vickie, does Daddy make you want to cum? Its okay, you can cum if you want to, but first I want to hear you beg for it.


Go ahead Vickie, beg me to let you cum. You want to don't you? Beg me, beg me to make you cum," I ordered her. "Oh Daddy, make me cum. Please oh Daddy, please make me cum. Make me cum right now!" she pleaded. I doubled my pumping into her tight sloppy vagina until she held her breath and lifted her hips to meet my pressure and then, letting out a scream, she unleashed a massive orgasmic release of emotions as she erupted like a massive volcano, spewing her hot fluids all over my raging, pumping cock.

She threw herself into each wave of release as I continued to pump madly into her convulsing pussy but as she started to come down a little from one orgasm, I shifted my weight a little, pressing on a different spot, causing her to become stimulated all over again. She was crying, begging me to stop so she could catch her breath but I kept up with my pumping and grinding into her wide open, slippery pussy until I was about to burst.

I finally threw my head back and growled in a very unnatural way and shot my second load deep into her womb as I felt her pussy muscles contract around my spitting engorge cock.

I don't remember falling asleep. I don't remember sliding out of her. I don't remember when we started or when we stopped. All that I remembered was that it was the best that I have ever had; bar none and without a doubt.

And I remembered that I wanted more, much more and many more times. I remembered that I had just arrived for a three month stay and I remembered that I would have every day with my daughter, alone and together, just the two of us.

Continued in Part 2