Blowin a load on her pussy

Blowin a load on her pussy
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Golden Chains in Sherazad This one is completely the work of my depraved imagination. (With some inspiration from Jade Dragon and Eucher). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I really wanted to revel in Queen Kailya's humiliation so it required a fairly lengthy introduction.

I mention nasty things like rape etc but for tags, (M/F, cons, fantasy, oral, inter) Secondly this is an adult story, if you are younger than eighteen please DO NOT READ!!! If you liked it, drop me an email [email protected] if not, fuck off. Chapter 1 : Queen of Galandria The two generals strode purposefully through the castle gardens.

Farouk's chainmail softly chiming, his brother enchanted robes softly flapping in the wind. Queen Kaiyla shivered despite the magically controlled room temperature. The men were well built, their ebon skin shaped their hard muscles. The ruler has never fantasised about the dark men of Kalish but the recent invasion of the Duchies, combined with the two men's commanding aura left her wondering if they were good in bed. Kailya berated herself, it was her lonely bed she told herself, she played with her new wedding ring and sighed, her eyes never leaving the dangerous men.

The one general was tall and well built, a scimitar rested comfortably on his hip. His head was bald and he had a trimmed goatee. Over his suit of finely crafted chain mail he wore a loose silk shirt and pants, common for the men from the south.

The other bodyguard, was also very muscular, His black hair was short and curly, he wore a goatee like his companion but was dressed in loose fitting silken robes, complete with slippers rather than boots. "They look like hungry wolves." Her daughter joined her at the window. "They are Chandra, we must be careful tonight. The ambassador is one of the Sultan's favourites, we will not do anything to anger the him.". The silver sea duchies, though well garrisoned with mercenaries were no match for the disciplined army of the Sultan of Kalish.

From the daring sea battle to the lightning strikes in the heart of the province, the campaign had been swift and brutal. Queen Kailya felt her throat dry unconsciously. The stories coming from the flood of refugees were horrifying. The king of Delamnia was hanged from his castle gates, his wife flogged and forced to watch her daughter's gang rape in the courtyard.

All the woman enslaved, the men sent to labour camps. She steadied her hand, she had to remain calm and in control, Galandria's army was well sized and prepared, it would not be such a soft target as the dutchies.

She would make peace with the Sultan while making allies with her other neighbours. "Your father is joining us tonight." She started purposefully.

"Don't call him that, he will never be my father. You married him mother because the guilds forced you to, we are not blind to the truth." Her daughter's bright blue eyes shone back at her.

Queen Kailya touched her daughter's arm. "I am blessed to have such a loyal daughter. But Chandra, we must appear united tonight, KingQueen and princesses, you are right these generals are hungry wolves sniffing for blood.". "Why are we entertaining them then?" "My daughter, you have much to learn of the throne." "That is because I don't want it mother." Her mother frowned but ignored the barb. "The Sultan obviously has something to say, and has sent his generals to talk for him.".

"I hear they are twins brothers, one a skilled warrior, the other a gifted mage.". "Yes and powerful adepts, we must be careful." He mother reiterated. Chandra watched them walk, the two brothers stopped talking. The Kalishite ambassador was talking to the seneschal.

Her eyes focused, she was sure, somehow she knew the one bodyguard. He looked up, even across the distance his deep brown eyes flashed before her. A night by the fire, their faces close. She gasped and took a step back. "Chandra are you alright, you are as pale as a ghost." "I," the princess gulped her tongue dry, "I, I have to train." Chandra said suddenly before fleeing down the stairs. "This land is cursed brother, the sun hides her face, the woman walk around without veils and the men debauch themselves with fruit of the vine in public." "True Farouk, but not cursed, they do not know of Kalah's immense love so she does not shine in their hearts." "Hmph, then it is right that we must show them.", Farouk looked up, gazing intently.

"It is her brother?" "Yes and her beauty is this godless kingdom's only redeeming value." "Do you think she will say yes?" "I hope so, but either way she will be mine. The Sultan cannot deny our accomplishments in this campaign brother and I have yet to take a reward. Yes, she will be mine, I will pray to Kalah to keep my feisty lioness safe as we battle." The seneschal greeted the bodyguards and escorted them to a guest suite.

"Her majesty Queen Kailya will entertain you for dinner tonight." He said bowing low. * * * Queen Kailya stepped out of the bath into a waiting silk bath robe.

"Thank you Tessa but I feel like towelling myself down." Her young handmaiden curtseyed and left the ruler with her thoughts. Kailya sighed and looked at herself in the mirror, she slipped the bathrobe from her shoulders turning in the mirror. The middle aged ruler giggled a little as she cupped her large breasts. They were widely talked about in dark castle corridors and behind her back known as the Mountains of Galandria. Bearing three children has done wonders for the already well endowed Queen and her bosom was more than a handful for most men.

The goddess had blessed her with a wonderful figure. Her breasts sagged little and her stomach was still flat, if anything fat had decided to lay siege to her large pale behind. Kailya laughed as she poked her well rounded butt. Not bad for a woman in her late thirties she mused.

She had high cheek bones and her husband had always loved her pouty, kissable lips and deep blue eyes. The Queen flicked through her long blonde hair preening herself.

Her hands came up and she cupped her large breast softly groaning. The queen licked her lips as her fingers started playing with her nipples. Kailya crossed the room and locked the door before lying down on her silken bed sheets. She sighed as her nails gently grazed her inner thighs teasing her needy pussy. The matriarch moaned softly, her eye lids flittering closed, she ran a finger over her lips, kissing her invisible lover. It had been five years since her husband had died.

Beren was a great man, a warrior, a diplomat, a caring father and a wonderful husband. His death in a hunting accident had crushed her and she hadn't taken another man to her bed since then. In the last two years the guilds had placed increasing pressure on her to remarry, to bring stability to their kingdom.

Valdis had been their choice and she was no fool, she knew where his allegiances lay. She touched her clit and groaned eager to push thoughts of her unwanted husband from her mind. But instead of images of her beloved dead husband, her mind was filled with an ebon skinned man with short black hair and muscles. "No. No, it's wrong." Her mind whimpered but her body refused to accept the logical assertion, her long fingers stroking her thighs, her other hand playing with her hard nipples.

"I can't." her mind desperately tried again. In her reverie he jumped through the window into her bed room, she turned surprised. The powerful man strode up to her and pulled off her crown, throwing it across the room. "You are mine now Kailya." He whispered, pushing her to her knees. The queen found herself helplessly sinking to the floor. "No, this is wrong." Kailya whimpered on her bed, but her body spread her thighs wide, her hands griping her inner thighs, teasing her pussy.

The dream Kailya obediently opened his pants and freed a six inch black cock. "Ummm." The matriarch groaned as her one hand flicked her clit, she slipped two fingers into her mouth hornily sucking. The Queen of Galandria hadn't given a man a blowjob in years but her body remembered and she could almost feel the thick hot cock in her mouth, sliding between her lips.

In her dreamher lover pulled her to her feet and took off his shirt, revealing his well muscled chest. They kissed wetly, his hands roving her body, she was wearing her sexy red ball gown, the one she wore to the Kavarach ball, many years ago. His hands impatiently unbuttoned the back of her dress before pulling it off her.

He picked her up and carried her to the bed. The forbidden dream lover pushed her onto the bed, claiming his prize. "Oh Goddess, yes." The masturbating Kailya whispered as her fingers circled her breasts, her dream lover hungrily sucking on the large mounds Their lips locked, his strong tongue pushed inside her mouth, he kissed her hotly, their tongues entwining before his head travelled down her body, igniting her. Kailya's eyes were firmly closed, two fingers left her mouth, circled her breasts and then travelled over her stomach to her pussy.

"YES!!!" she hissed as they joined the other hand, she spread her pussy lips and pushed two long fingers inside. Her dream lover was sucking her pussy, how she missed Beren's loving tongue! "Oh Goddess no, no, ah, yes." She fought as her dream self spread her thighs inviting his black cock inside her.

Kailya body arched as her two fingers began to roughly pump inside her. "Ugh" she moaned, her thighs were wide, she could already feel her hot juices gushing around her hand, soaking the bed, she hadn't been this turned on in years. "Goddess, fuck, oh yes shit harder baby harder fuck me hard!!!" she cried out, the reserved Queen blushed as she heard her dirty tongue swear like a sailor, but it turned her on even more.

"YES!!!!!!!" the mother of three shrieked as her hips jerked their pelvis lifting off the bed. The Queen rammed three fingers deep inside her steaming pussy and wailed as she orgasmed.

A jet of her fluids burst from her pussy as she sprayed hard, her hips thrusting against their invisible lover as she imagined hot cum exploding inside her. Eventually Kailya came down from her mind shattering orgasm. She shook her head, she wasn't thinking straight, she couldn't let her sexed starved body interfere with tonight. The ambassador would pounce at any sign of weakness, Galandria had to appear united she lectured herself.

Sighing she went to the mirror and allowed herself an indulgent smile, she had never fantasised about the black skin Kalishites from across the ocean and definitely not about a man barely older than her daughter. Kailya giggled and nibbled her lip, forbidden and naughty yes but by the Goddess it had been so good. She opened her wardrobe and flipped through her dresses.


Kailya wasn't sure if by chance or by design but the red dress from her dream was in her hands. A sly smile crossed her, since she would never bed the dark skinned Kalishite, she might as well show him what he would never touch. "Tessa! Attend to me." She called out. Her handmaidens were finally finished preening her and Kailya turned in the mirror critically, yes she would have the advantage tonight.

She checked the light crystal and then shuffled through the papers she had signed this afternoon. "What is this?" she picked up a contract and frowned, the Queen had signed troop orders and scouting missions, she didn't remember a trade contract. Her temperature rose as she scanned the document.

* * * The Queen of Galandria burst through the door into her new husband's chambers, his servants fleeing before the Queen's wrath. Valdis was sipping wine in his study. "What by the goddess is the meaning of these!" she threw the contracts onto the table. "What is the meaning of what beloved?" he stood his face full of concern. King Valdis was slight of build with small pin pricks for eyes. Kailya shuddered every time she remember their wedding night, his pathetic two inch dick thrusting wildly inside her.

That was the last time they had slept together. "Do not call me that!" she thundered back. The queen picked up the papers and waved them accusingly. "I found these concealed between troop orders I signed today. Do you know anything about this!" she spat at him. The king stood and walked up to her, his face innocent.

"I don't understand, what papers?" "Don't lie to me! This contract with the steel guild is not in the crown interest, this clause would redirect almost all of the profit from our steel refinery to the guild.

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This contract with the harvest guild removes almost all taxes from wheat production, do not lie to me and tell me it is a coincidence!" she screamed at him. The king's innocent expression was replaced with annoyance. "Yes these contract pay tribute to the real power in this kingdom." "How dare you! This is treason!" her shock siphoning her rage away.

"Quiet you tongue woman and listen to me." He suddenly snapped. Queen Kailya had heard the rumours in the corridors that he regularly beat the servants, even took whores to his bed but she had turned a blind eye for the good of her kingdom. He had never spoken to her like this before. "I, don't you dare speak to me like that." Her hands shaking with anger. "Shut up woman! This is what is going to happen from now on.

The guilds lets you sit apon that throne. A lonely queen with three beautiful daughters, you need the protection my guilds offer.". "Protection? Are you threatening me?" "Very clever, now listen if you want to stay on that throne and keep your daughters safe, shut up and sign whatever I give to you, understand beloved." He smirked the last word. Queen Kailya was shaking with rage, she would not be extorted by this rat. Their seneschal entered, he took one look at the rulers and quickly bowed.

"My apologies your majesty but the ambassador and his bodyguards are waiting in the formal study.". Queen Kailya glared at her husband, he smiled back sweetly, placing his hand around her waist. "Come along my love, let us meet our guests." He smiled. The Kalishite ambassador completed his evening prayers and paced agitated. He watched the general's finish their afternoon training and prepare for dinner. After sunset the seneschal entered. "Ambassador Kareef, Queen Kailya and King Valdis will listen to what you have to say over dinner." "Good, I tire of this godless land, come bodyguards." The two brother's shared annoyed looks before following the pompous diplomat.

"Mother!" Kailya's young daughter raced into her arms. Valdis smiled and nodded at his wife, she glared back before closing her eyes enjoying the embrace.

"I had a wonderful day mother, I was in the gardens and a rose opened before my eyes!" Kailya fussed with her youngest's long blonde hair. "You must be careful Gemma, nobody must know this, it must be kept a secret." She stared into the young girls deep blue eyes.

Her youngest was a splitting image of the ruler, blessed with her mothers long blonde hair and deep blue eyes, she was tall with a dancers build and an impressive bosom for a maiden of eighteen years. "But mother." "No buts Gemma, you need to be more careful." She smiled and held her daughter close again.

"Yes mother." The young girl said resigned. Several months ago her daughter powers had begun to emerge and Queen Kailya was desperately trying to suppress the knowledge. The young maiden was not ready to be an adept yet. Kailya smiled motherly. "The tailor guild did a wonderful job, you look so beautiful." Gemma blushed, her white ball gown hugged her body tightly and since she was now a maiden was tailored to outline her alabaster breasts. "It's tight fitting mother and my bosom." Her mother laughed softly.

"You are a maiden now remember. Some day a dashing young man is going to take you away from me." Queen Kailya straightened out a crease. "Mom, you're making me blush." The young girl giggled. Kailya sighed and smiled a little sad. "On the subject, you are looking hot mom!" Gemma teased. It was her mother's turn to blush a little. "Well, thank you Gemma, sometimes a woman must use her charms against men like these.". "Are they dangerous?" "Stay well away from them Gemma, they are wolves sniffing for our blood and I will give them none.

Now go and stand with your sisters, the ambassador will be here soon." The two generals followed their ward into the large banquet hall.

"May I present Queen Kailya, her new husband Kind Valdis and their three daughters, Princess Chandra, Princess Anjelica and Princess Gemma.". Kailya decided to go on the offensive. She took a step forward and extended her hand.

Maybe some of the excitement of her forbidden orgasm has stayed with her, she knew the deep red satin ball gown looked good on her, tailored to emphasise her shapely hips and her large breasts and showing just enough cleavage to interest the men but not too much to portray her as a harlot. She had her handmaidens pin her hair in a sophisticated wrap and completed her enticing outfit with metallic red high heels.

As Gemma had gushed, her mom looked hot. The ruler decided not to sit around and be bullied by these wolves, she would strike first, show them that Galadrian's were a strong and proud people, not afraid of confrontation.

Valdis clenched his fists, his wife was being head strong and he hated the senschals careful choice of words. The guilds attempts to buy the old man off had so far failed but Valdis had even bigger plans.

He glared angrily at his new wife, the bitch never dressed like that when she was entertaining the guild and since their wedding night, shunned his slightest touch. A cold smiled crossed his face and he leered over his new step daughters, a king's bounty in flesh, they would serve him well chained to his bed. An invisible war had broken out between the queen and her guest the Kalishite ambassador. His eyes flashed but the Galadrian queen stood her ground looking down at her hand.

Eventually a small smile crossed Kareef's chubby face and the balding, short man bent over and kissed her hand. It was Kailya' turn to be nervous, the ambassador she could handle, if power is what he wanted, she would show him power. The two ebon skinned general's were another matter. They exuded power with their every move and her body responded. The bald brother reached forwardbowing gracefully he kissed her outstretched hand.

"Kalah has blessed you with beautiful daughters." His lips gently touched her white fingers. Farouk's eyes left the queen to settle on Chandra, she shifted a little uncomfortably. It had been four years and she was even more beautiful than he remembered. Princess Chandra was Queen's Kailya's second daughter, in her early twenties she had refused to be courted by nobility instead signing up for the Galandrian army at a young age.

Princess Chandra favoured her father's side, she had high cheek bones, a finely sculptured nose and kissable lips, combined with her hazel eyes she would definitely fetch five rings. Her hair was darker than her mother and sisters, rich honey brown but that just excited the warrior more, her skin was like smooth marble, highly prized by the Kalishites. Farouk was pleased to see her body had also grown over the last four years and her mother had blessed her with a well sized bosom.

Her life in the army kept her athletic body toned so she would look good in a dancer's costume. Queen Kailya blushed a little at the comment. "Thank you.". The second brother stepped forward, the ruler hoped he wouldn't see her nipple erection, her forbidden afternoon fantasy still fresh in her mind, she gulped and held her breath.

Khalim was sure Kalah had sent one of her angels, Queen Kailya was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The young mage had always enjoyed older women, from the time he had first been given a much older pleasure slave. Farouk enjoyed his slaves young and feisty, Khalim preferred maturity and a keen mind. "Kalah writes your beauty in the stars." He whispered entranced, his lips kissed her hand gently sucking the skin.

Farouk raised an eyebrow at his brother's flattering comment, Kalah wrote only the most beautiful women of legends in the sky, it was a high compliment. Queen Kailya blushed, his intense brown eyes met hers and lingered. "Thank you, Lord." She finally found her royal voice. "Just General, Kahlim El Nazra and this is my brother General Farouk El Nazra your majesty." Kailya found herself smiling. "Shall we sit." Valdis broke the magic, Kailya's smile didn't drop but her fingernails dug into her palms.".

"Princess Chandra." Farouk bowed slightly by the table before sitting. Chandra threw him back daggers, General and he looked in even better shape than when they last met.

The princess had not told her mother, four years ago, when she was a rebellious youth trying her hardest to run away from her mother's crown, she had signed up for a Kavarach mercenary camp.

Young warriors from all over the land attended to learn the ways of the adepts. There were Skaadi Northmen and Thuulian hunters and one single ebon skinned warrior from Kalishite. The westerners had treated him with suspicion but the young warrior was talented and dedicated so was grudgingly shown respect. As a recently announced maiden, Chandra had found herself drawn to his magnetic presence. Late one night by the fire place their passion had ignited, he was the first man she had ever kissed.

Chandra ran from her feelings that night, scared to surrender herself to another. She lost her virginity to a cavalry captian the next winter after a meaningless night of celebration. Chandra gulped as his brown eyes swept her inside, instinctively she could tell his feelings hadn't changed. "I think he is making eyes at you sister, the goddess alone knows why." Her sister's haughty voiced brought her back to reality.

Chandra frowned annoyed as usual. Her sister was only one year older than her but the two were constantly fighting. It wasn't her sarcastic words, Chandra had long ago become immune to her sister's spite, it was the obvious tension that their mother was trying to avoid. Queen Kailya shot her eldest daughter a dirty look before sitting down and smiling at the ambassador.

There was no argument, Princess Anjelica's was the most beautiful woman in Galandria. Many a diplomat commented she had the face of an angel, that was until she opened her mouth. It brought Queen Kailya much sadness to admit that her first daughter, the surprise joy of her new marriage to Beren was a bitter, capriciousvain creature who cared about nobody other than herself.

She had her mother's long blonde hair and well sized bosom but with her father's high cheek bones, aristocratic fine nose and deep green eyes, she was a heavenly creature with the heart of the damned.

Currently the selfish princess was searching for a rich yet very pliable husband to pander to her demanding whims. The party settled down to an uneasy silence. Queen Kailya had attended royal banquets since she was a young maiden and could start conversation with the reserved Skaadi northmen.

She started talking aimlessly, about the crop and the next Kavarach ball, luckily General Khalim was a well educated man and politely held conversation with her. The ambassador said nothing, his eyes oogling first her daughter Anjelica and more alarming her youngest daughter Gemma.

"It appears our conversation bores you, Ambassador Kareef." She finally had enough. He looked at the Queen, but not before leering on last time at the young white dressed maiden. "Your youngest daughter wears white, is she a virgin?" he swirled his glass of wine. Kailya and Khalim's polite conversation ground to a halt and the mother of three's face darkened.

"Not that it is of any concern to you Ambassador but yes my daughter will find a kind loving man to make her a woman." She said pointedly. Kareef laughed and annoyed waved a servant away. "Good then we can negotiate how much to break her virginity." He said casually. Khalim glared annoyed at the ambassador, he had seen nothing but strength and pride from the Galadrians, yes they were infidels but they would quickly learn to love Kalah.

Queen Kailya slammed her fist down her eyes flashing thunder, Gemma turned whiter than a sheet, her sister Anjelica laughed mockingly. "Ambassador! You are a guest in my kingdom, I expect you to act like one. My daughter like my kingdom is not for sale!" she tried to keep as calm as possible.

Kareef smiled, goading the Queen had been most enjoyable. "My apologies Queen Kailya, you westerners misunderstand our culture. I was merely asking if your daughter had a dowry." He said smoothly. Queen Kailya glared, knowing full well what he had meant. "But since you wish to talk about the price for your kingdom. The Sultan of Kalish, the Great Mubarak Bin Lal Fadeen has an offer." The queen calmed herself down, the ambassador had purposefully provoked her to leave her off guard for the real issue.

"Very well, I am ready to hear it." Kind Valdis glared at his wife, soon "beloved" soon, the arrival of the Sultan and his army had raised interesting possibilities. The ambassador drank some more wine, his eyes again fixated on the young and still blushing princess. "Princess Anjelica is well renowned at the most beautiful women in this godless kingdom.

The Sultan's demand is simple. Your daughter agrees to be his twelfth wife and live inside his harem in Sherazad. In exchange for your homage he mercifully agrees to a peace treaty" "What!" Anjelica stood her face livid.

"Is this some kind of joke? No black skinned beast is putting his hands on me! I am worth far more than your filthy Sultan's twelfth wife." She spat out. "You Kalishite's disgust me!" she turned imperiously and stormed away from the dinner table." "My daughter is right, a poor choice of words but my kingdom is not for sale.

If the Sultan's men put a foot on my territory I will not hesitate to condemn it as an act of war. This conversation is over, thank you ambassador.". Kareef's eyes flamed as he watched the arrogant bitch walk off, he pushed his chair away and shook his head.

"Unwise infidel, soon you will learn the Sultan is no man to say no to." He stormed off. "Excuse me mother, I have no stomach for politics." Chandra glared at Farouk before leaving the table. The black warrior admired her tight ass and toned figure as she stalked off. He turned to his brother Khalim smiled and moved his head. "Kalah grant you favour my brother." He said in their native tongue. Khalim turned back to the Queen.

"My apologies for my daughter's badly chosen words General Khalim.". Kailya tried to mend bridges. He smiled broadly, "It is not you who should apologise Queen Kailya, not everyone appreciates our culture.".

"What is that Khalim?, A brutal regime which takes pleasure out of enslaving it so called "infidel" neighbours?" Valdis sneered. Khalim smiled back, causing the slight build king to squirm in his chair. "I do not expect you to understand, please excuse me." He bowed to Queen Kailya before leaving the table.

"What exactly was that?" Kailya turned angrily on her husband. Valdis waved his hand dismissively. "I have no time for Kalishite threats, shall we adjourn to the study?" he smiled suggestively making Kailya shake with anger. She smiled back tersely, "Yes husband, lets." Her hands touched the bundle of contracts in her pocket. Gemma followed her mother and new father to the study, her cheeks still flushed from the ambassador comments.

She shivered thinking about the disgusting man. But would a man make her a woman? Her eldest sister was at the balcony, she glared annoyed at her mother and swept a contemptuous look over her youngest sister. Gemma gulped but decided to speak to her, her mother was angry with her new husband again and she didn't need to be a mind reader to know they were going to fight again.

"Ah, the ambassador, he looked at me, hungrily." Gemma lightly touched her throat. "Don't make me laugh." He sister turned with a sneer. "He wanted to fuck you silly." Gemma gasped at the crude language, her sister's smile grew. "You look so prim and proper sister but wait until he finds out you are a disgusting freak." Tears started forming in the young maiden's eyes.

"No nobleman is going to want to touch you when the truth comes out, you're a freak sister, you know what adepts are used for?" her sister continued, enjoying the misery she was inflicting. "I am not a freak." Gemma sobbed, her sister smiled and leaned forward. "Adepts are treated like whores, only good for buggering in their tight assholes, filthy freak." Her sister spat venom.

Gemma's tears flooded, she turned and fled wailing. Anjelica watched with a sick smile. "Should I light the fire your majesties?" their seneschal asked. "Yes it's a cold night, here you can use these, that's all they're good for." Kailya handed the contracts over. Valdis's eyes narrowed and he gripped his glass of wine. His wife smiled at him, reclaiming her dominance. The newly crowned king watched as his contracts were set alight. "Unwise beloved unwise.".

he spat before storming out. A few minutes later Gemma burst into the room from the balcony. "What is wrong honey?" Kailya asked, instantly forgetting her scheming husband. "I'm a freak!" Gemma wailed before fleeing into the castle.

The mother of three stormed onto the balcony. "What did you say to your sister?" Anjelica turned with the most innocent expression. "Nothing mother." Kailya frowned and shook her head, "You are such a disappointment Anjelica." before turning her back and walking after her youngest child.

* * * Khalim walked down to the garden and shook his head, war would come to this godless land, it was Kalah's will. He lifted his head and followed the sound of a woman crying. Queen Kailya's youngest daughter was sobbing by the fountain. "What is wrong princess? A young woman such as yourself should never shed such desperate tears.". Gemma looked up startled, "I shouldn't be talking to you." Khalim smiled, "And why is that little one?" "Because mother says you are a hungry wolf sniffing for blood.".

The Kalishite laughed softly and sat down, unperturbed. "Your mother is a wise and amazing woman and you should respect her. The problem is your people demonise wolfs, but they are a predator like any other. My people have respect for the desert wolf, you see the wolf is a necessary part of Kalah's will, yes they attack caravans and kill livestock but like any creature they only do it because they must eat.".

Gemma nodded, not quite understanding the intense foreigner.

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"Now why does such a young flower cry?" he asked gently. The princess dabbed her cheeks. "My sister, I, I am not like others." She finally said dejectedly. Kahlim smiled and slowly nodded, knowing all too well the rejection he faced as a young boy. "You are a beautiful maiden who will make some man very lucky.

The desert flower that blossoms after the rain, if is not ugly because it is different, no it is beautiful because it is different." Gemma looked up and smiled at the stranger, there was intensity to him that Gemma had only seen in her sister Chandra's eyes. "Gemma! There you are, come inside or you will get a cold." Queen Kailya marched up to them. The princess smiled at the strange black man before standing.

"Thank you Lord Khalim, you are a very wise wolf and have made me feel better." Gemma smiled, bowing slightly. Khalim opened his hands and smiled. "Take care young princess, obey your mother and Kalah will watch over you." "Gemma I will escort you inside, good evening General." Queen Kailya was not sure how the black skinned Kalishite had won over her youngest daughter but her instincts as an overprotective mother kicked in.

The young princess smiled, with some mischief at Khalim, "Thank you mother, but I am sure I can find my own way into the castle, if you would show the General the way back?" She said with an innocent look.

Queen Kailya raised her eyebrow at her daughter's meddling. Princess Gemma cocked her head with a naughty smile to her mom before skipping off. Kailya, watched her youngest leave and then raised an eyebrow at her guest. "Please Queen Kailya, since you believe me to be a wolf sniffing for blood.", Kailya blushed a little.

"Perhaps you would consider sharing a drink with this wolf to allow him to show you our people are not that different.". Kailya paused before smiling a little, he was bold and charming. "Very well general, since I have indirectly slighted you, one drink." Khalim smiled back and tried not to imagine the Queen in a dancer's costume. * * * Kailya found her initial anger dissolving, Khalim paused to admire the roses and ask which her favourite was.

The queen blushed at the very straightforward intentions of the young Kalishite, but found herself very flattered. She paused at the door to the study, Khalim touched his forehead in a silent prayer before gliding in.

He looked over his shoulder and smiled, beckoning with his hands. Queen Kailya hadn't felt the heady rush of the hunt in years, she casually walked past him, trying to stop her eyes from deciding if he was as well muscled as her dream.

"You are very sure of yourself General." She turned with two glasses. "I cannot remember ever having a drink with a Kalashite, is it against your religion?". Khalim laughed, "No, Queen Kailya, an often misunderstood law of Kalah. A servant of Kalah does not consume fruit of the vine in public for fear of losing their tongue and dignity.

That said, a faithful of Kalah may partake in the company of a woman he trusts.". Kailya raised an eyebrow but turned and poured a glass of sweet white wine. "You place a lot of trust in me General, do I have to remind you we are on opposites sides of a war?" she handed him the wine, his eyes holding hers in comfortable silence. "You are a special woman Queen Kailya and Kalah has allowed me a glimpse of your soul, I would know more.

As for the Sultan." Khalim spreads his hands wide, "The Sultan is the voice of Kalah, she has declared this continent full of infidels, I am just the Sultan's right hand, a wolf earning his meat.".

he said with a disarming grin. Kailya smiled back, annoyed that she was finding herself enjoying the black Kalashite's company. "Do you play?" Khalim asked gesturing to a set out board of King's Champion. "I, ah it has been many years, but yes." Kailya answered with a small smile.

"Excellent." Khalim finished his wine and cast a spell, the black marble pieces shaped and twisted as if clay in a potters hands. "Impressive magic, you are a sorcerer?" The Queen asked the question she already knew the answer to. Khalim bowed slighty, the black marble pieces had changed from their standard western pieces of footmen, knights, towers and bishops to the eastern pieces, Mamaluks, Farii, Dome shaped siege towers and Speakers of the True Faith.

"The Shai-ir recognised my talent at a young age, my brother chose the sword, I chose the book.". Kailya nodded impressed, there was no doubting the adepts self confidence, she had only recently pierced his pattern, a strong, complex series of interlinking silver threads, he was a powerful and accomplished mage.

"In my land, beautiful woman must always go first." He conceded with a magnanimous bow. It took three moves for Khalim to stop grinning, Queen Kailya was no novice, this board was definitely not for show, though rusty is showed a remarkable intellect, something Khalim was eager to test. "Something wrong general?" she asked innocently.

Khalim clapped his hands laughing, he extended his glass and the Queen refilled it, she hated the way he was making her feel, alive. "Well played Queen Kailya, yes you are no novice, excellent, I am have been looking forward to this all evening.".

Queen Kailya furrowed in concentration as Khalim began to build a series of complex moves, each move the start of another strategy. Suddenly after a few footmen and mamaluks had been deposited beside the board Khalim pointed down and opened his hands.

"You see? You westerners are preoccupied with your Queens." "She is the most powerful piece in the game, someone to be respected." Kailya pushed her point. Khalim smile didn't slip, he was up to something. "Yes strong and powerful but isolated, too proud to accept help." He pointed to the board, no white piece of any power was near the Queen, she was surrounded by footmen.

He then pointed to his side of the board, the sensuously sculptured figurine of a woman who looked suspiciously like Kailya stood next to a fierce looking amir who looked a little like Khalim. "My Sultana? Yes she is a strong and capable and respectful of her Amir but at the same time invaluable to him." Kailya gulped as the conversation took a serious note and she was sure Khalim was no longer talking about King's Champion.

"But she sits in her tower, my Queen is on the battlefield, amongst her subjects, a woman of action, see reinforcements are not far away." She motioned across the board, to her two knights attacking his siege towers, two could play this game.

Khalim confident smile still did not slip, quickly Kailya checked the board, a cold chill making her gulp, she hadn't even seen it. The young mage smiled as his adversary's finally saw his diversion. "Yes not far, but too far to prevent her downfall, while my speakers kept her busy, my faris has slipped in." He moved the knight piece from behind a wall of footmen.

Khalim exchanged the pieces in a deft move before gently kissing the white queen. "Khalim, please stop." Kailya fled to the window, running from her own feelings.

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She gripped the cold stone balcony and took a deep breath, not for the first time in her life cursing her heavy crown. Kailya felt Khalim silently join her outside. "You take you jest too far General." She whispered in the night wind. "Jest? Why your majesty? Because you feel the same way? I do not play with your feelings Kailya.". She shivered as he used her name, she looked up, by the goddess she wanted to lay her chest in his arms. "I can understand you concerns my desert bloom, but my heart is true." "How Khalim, we have just met!" she spat out angry because he was the first man since her dead husband she had ever felt connected to.

"Yes, but in Khalah's eyes a second is the same as a lifetime, I know inside you have a beautiful soul. In your western culture I wish to put a ring on your finger." "Thank you General but as you can see I already have one." Her anger continued to rage.

Khalim took a step forward, "You do not love him, this crown, weighs heavy on your beautiful head." He reached up and deftly removed it. Kailya turned furious, "How dare you!" she turned full of misplaced anger.

Khalim stepped in and kissed her. The Queen of Galandria eyes widened before her body took over, it was a revolt. Her eyes closed and her lips eagerly locked with his, his body pressed against her, his hands playing with her hair, running down her back. Kailya's hands defied her mind and roamed his strong shoulders enjoying the hard muscles. Khalim's hips bumped hers against the balustrade, Kailya groaned her eyes closed, she could feel his hunger, almost taste his need, he wanted to take her to her bed and make mad passionate love all night long.

Goddess it felt good to be needed in such a carnal way. Somehow to the Queen it felt like her crown had magically lifted off the cold stone where Khalim had left it and placed itself firmly on her head. The responsibilities of state and motherhood crashed her erotic escape, she had duty and people relying on her. She broke the kiss, gently pushing him away.

"Khalim we cannot do this." Her mind whispered, but her body was crying out in protest. "Why? Do you not want me?" he asked, not willing to back down.

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Kailya gulped and shook her head. "No, you are the first man I have wanted to take to my bed in many years." The words tumbled off her rebellious tounge. "Then stop fighting it my angel." He stepped into her and Kailya was powerless to stop her desire. Their first kiss had been powerful, their second was explosive. The Queen of Galandria could no longer deny herself, her hands ran through his hair and down his back, she moaned in his mouth as he gripped her ass, squeezing the wide cheeks.

Khalim broke the kiss and started sucking her pale neck. "Oh Khalim." Kailya whispered as his hips pushed hers against the stone railing, his hungry mouth kissing down to her large breasts. His hands had left her ass and were quickly travelling up her stomach to meet his mouth at their lusty target.

The blonde queen nibbled her lip, her hands playing with his hair. This was it, the moment of truth, if he suckled her breasts she would be unable to stop herself and he would spend the night in her bed. The mature Queen felt something very large and hard bump against her inner thigh.

A moan escaped her lips as she imagined his size, she so desperately wanted it, to feel a strong, handsome man thrust inside her again. Again her crown found its unwanted way onto her head, she was the Queen of Galandria and he was her enemy, she was a white woman, he was a black man, she was the mother of three and he was younger than Anjelica.

It was wrong, as much as her body wanted it, she could not allow herself to take it. Finally Kailya's mind reigned in her over sexed body. She lifted Khalim's head up with her hands, without looking in his eyes she buried her head in his shoulder, refusing to allow herself to shed a tear. "Please Khalim we can't, please do not make this harder than it is for me.". Khalim sighed and gently lifted her head, the black mage smiled tenderly before kissing her red lips.

"If I take you to my bed, I do not think I will have the courage to tell you to leave in the morning and you must." She squeezed his hands. Khalim opened his mouth and she gently touched his lips. "Please, I have not fallen so heavily for a man, I feel what you are talking about, but Khalim, it can never be.

As much as I sometimes regret it, I am the Queen of Galandria and you are the Sultan's right hand, very shortly I fear we will be at war and no amount of praying will change that. Thank you, I am truly flattered and in another life, I could let myself fall for a much younger man. But fate is not being kind to us and I have a country to defend." Her eyes hardened, she squeezed his shoulders once more before picking up her crown. Khalim tried again but she shook her head before fleeing the study with as much grace and poise as she could muster.

He watched his beautiful Queen flee, the mage sighed and raised his face to the moon with a sad smile. "I am sorry Kalah, I tried but her mind is full of duty and pride." He looked at the small white queen figurine he had taken from the board. The mage flicked his black fingers, the sculpture changed, her crown was gone and a collar surrounded her neck. He kissed it, "I will protect you despite your pride my beautiful angel and teach you Kalah's love.". * * * The tall black warrior followed Chandra's tight ass as she stormed through the castle.

Several servants looked at him surprised but the man exuded such self assuredness that nobody stopped to question him. Farouk waited as the object of his desire entered the royal wing, he had a suspicion from her angry mutterings that she was going to use his favourite method of calming himself down, exercise. As he suspected Chandra emerged sometime later dressed in practise armour and marched down to the training hall.

Farouk slowly followed his prey enjoying the sway of her ass, she had swept her hair into a tight pony and wore black boots. Chandra had just started practising when Farouk entered the hall. She glared at him but motioned for the quartermaster to leave her. "How dare you!" the fiery princess fired the first salvo. Farouk smiled bathing in her anger, she was possibly even more sexy when she was angry. "Dare what?" "Come here!

Now, after all of these years." "If is Kalah's wise they we meet again." "Don't bring your goddess into this. You never contacted me." Chandra said hurt.

Farouk spread his hands, "If I remember correctly it was you who ran away from me that night." "We were young and confused and, you never chased after me, I never saw you again." Chandra turned her confusion into aggression. Annoyingly the black Kalashite laughed. "Kalashite men do not chase after woman, I have never forgotten you or that firey spirit my storm chaser.".

Chandra gulped, he had called her that the night of their passion. "Do not call me that, and besides who says I am interested." Chandra flicked her hair haughtily.


The Kalashite laughed again and walked over to the rack, he kicked off his silk slipper before removing his shirt. The brunette princess had to admit, the Kalashite was in perfect condition, powerful muscles rippled across his back she felt the same desire that had left her panting all those years ago, stubbornly the colonel repressed her feelings, he was the enemy, a man who had left her and never chased after her. "What are you doing?" she asked a little frightened by her rage feelings.

He picked up a practise sword, "You are here to practise? Then lets practise.". Chandra paused, "How do I know this is some kind of elaborate assassination?" Farouk grinned and casually tested the sword out.

"On my word, I will not hurt you." He said seriously. Chandra smiled and flicked her sword, eager to show this Kalashite her post in the army was not brought with her mother's influence. "Princess." The quartermaster said concerned from the edge of the training mat. "It's alright Gidern, it's just practice." She matched Farouk smile.

The black warrior let his firey opponent attack, casually blocking her strikes, appraising her skills. Chandra's confidence was shaken a little as he continued to circle her, deflecting her blows, his smile never slipping. A particularly well aimed strike glanced off Farouk shoulder and the General began to counter attack.

Chandra blocked his strikes but a sweat began to line her brow, he was good, very good, much better than her quartermaster. "Resistance is futile my storm chaser, surrender to me, open your heart." "Never!" Chandra spat back, the adrenalin coursing through her veins.

Farouk laughed his sword speaking for him. The combatants clashed for sometime before Farouk decided to end it. Chandra blocked a strike and riposted but her opponent had anticipated the move, his sword quickly striking her practice sword, the wooden weapon flying across the mat. Chandra gulped, the quartermaster drew his sword. "Leave us, I wish to speak to the princess." Farouk unconcerned. "Please Girdern." Chandra panted her brunette eyes never leaving the black warrior's.

"As you wish your highness." The quartermaster sheafed his sword and motioned to the servants. "Now what do you intend to do with me." The princess challenged. Farouk bowed slightly and flipped his sword, offering her the hilt, as Chandra reached for it he gracefully held her wrist. "I, ah let go of me." Chandra said, the four years apart disappeared in a heart beat and she was back around the fireplace, his lips close to hers. "Why? You feel the same as I, Kalah allows me to see it in your eyes.".

"I am not the child you met four years ago.". "No you are a brave and strong woman, I will never hurt you and worship your every step." Farouk said seriously, he reached into the pockets of his pants and produced a strip of black and gold silk.

Chandra's eyes widened as he wrapped it around his wrist and extended his hand. She only vaguely knew the customs of the Kalashite's but the proposal of marriage was well known. "Take my hand Chandra, I never forgot about you, it is you who has inspired me to become the man I am. Take my hand and we will be unstoppable, Kalah will shower us with her blessings.

Take my hand and be my beloved.". The princess of Galandria paused like a deer caught by a hunter. In the end her legs answered for her tumbling mouth. Farouk watched sadly as she fled the training mat and shook his head. * * * Kailya only slowed down outside the royal wing and straightened her dress. "So, tell me everything." An excited voice ambushed her as she entered their lounge. Queen Kailya cursed, Gemma uncurled from the couch and rushed over giggling excitedly.

"Nothing happened." Kailya innocently defended herself, she frowned as sounds of loud voices wafted in from Anjelica's quarters. Gemma joined her mother in a frown, "Anjelica is entertaining again, ugh her friends are such bitches.". "And Chandra?" Kailya asked eager to steer the conversation away from her. Gemma shrugged, "She stormed into the lounge before barricading herself in her room." Kailya nodded knowingly, Chandra had inherited her husband's perchant for brooding "But, stop changing the subject mom." He daughter raised as stern an eyebrow as she could muster.

"Come on, tell me, I saw the look in your eyes and you were gone three hours, come on, tell me, tell me!" she dragged her mother to the sofa. "Gemma, nothing happened." her mother said as straight faced as possible, she could still feel Khalim's lips on hers and her heart was still racing.

Her youngest daughter raised an eyebrow. "I am sure you told me a noblewoman never lies?" "Gemma, that's different and you are too young." "Mother, you yourself said I am a maiden so tell me." The young princess said frustrated The Queen sighed and fussed with her daughter's straight blond hair.

"Very well, we had a drink." "And…" Gemma pushed. Kailya sighed, "And we kissed." "Way to go mom, so what's the next step." Gemma said excitedly. "Gemma, there is no next step, I shouldn't have even kissed him. I am married to your father." Kailya said angry at herself.

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"Oh mother, you are fooling nobody, you treat me like a child but we all know the guilds pressured you into marrying him and the two of you are always fighting. But Khalim." Gemma grinned mischievously. "Can never be, please Gemma drop it, for your mother, okay?

Now let Cherie put you to bed, it is long past your bedtime. " Kailya gently hugged her before leaving for her own lonely bed. * * * The Shai-ir mage walked slowly back to the guest quarters. Farouk was pacing annoyed. "She said no?" his brother asked the obvious. "Too proud and independent." His brother swirled a mug of coffee. He turned and smiled at his twin. "But by Kalah's will she will be a perfect pleasure slave.".


Khalim grinned back, "Brother you did not tell me her mother was touched by Kalah.". Farouk forgot his gloom and clasped his brother on the shoulder. "It is good to see you interested in a woman more than a book brother! Yes, the Queen is well curved, those massive udders would fetch at least four rings alone." "It is not just her body brother, though I cannot wait to suck those breasts!

She has a mind Farouk, keen and sharp, she will a perfect First slave.". "Slow down there! We must first battle their army, then capture their capital then show them Kalah's love before we can talk of First slaves." Khalim smile did not drop he sighed happily, "The board is set brother, it is just a matter of time now." He caressed the white queen in his pocket.