Christine o purple dress masturbation and brunette

Christine o purple dress masturbation and brunette
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My ex Drake and I remained close friends after we split up. I was 16 and he was 24. We still went to parties together and hung around the same friends.

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Most of the time I was with his group of friends, including his 21 year old younger brother Drue. Once I met Drue I knew I had picked the wrong brother. Drake and I had good sex but his brother and I had this amazing sexual chemistry and I wanted more. One night Drake, Drue and I were heading back to their house after a party and I was way to wasted to go home.

I decided to crash on their couch but I was more than eager to get out of my dress and heels. I was 5'6 slim figure with dark brown hair that almost touched my perky ass.

I had greenish-blue eyes and a 38 DD chest. Drake always said I had the body of a perfect 20 year old. I stumbled into their house and asked Drake "Hey do you have some boxers or a big t-shirt I can wear?". "Go ask Drue hun, my clothes would swallow you". So I followed Drue into his room.

He was taking off his shirt when I came in "God he's hott" I thought to myself. "Hey Drue can I throw on one of your old t-shirts or something?" I asked. He turned around and threw me a shirt. I turned my back to him and asked "Can you unzip me please?". I was wearing a short, tight, black strapless dress and red pumps with a red lace thong and no bra.

He ran his fingers down my shoulders and came so close I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. I gasped. He began to unzip my dress while I held the front of it.

He unzipped it down to the top of my red thong. He put his arms around me and placed his hands on the inside of my dress. He massaged my tits and began kissing the back of my neck. I moaned rolling my head back. "I've wanted you for so long Kara". To feel his touch was amazing I already knew my panties were wet. I turned my head to face him and he kissed my lips. It was like there was electricity flowing between us. I turned my body to face his and pushed myself against him. He grabbed me by the ass and pushed me against the wall.

I wrapped my legs around his waste. I reached down and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His hard cock sprang out. Fuck this foreplay shit I have wanted him for too long. I pulled my thong aside and guided his cock to the entrance of my wet pussy. He pushed it inside of me and I tried so hard to be quiet knowing his brother, my ex, was in the other room.

He slowly moved it in and out and his breathing quickened. I was biting his shoulder to try and muffle the sounds of my moaning and then Drake walked in. We froze for a second and then Drue set me down.

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Drake grabbed me by the hair and bent me over. "Getting off without me are you?". He pulled out his cockand pulled my face towards it. "Go ahead Drue continue" Drake said.

I was shocked, what did he mean continue? Drue hesitated before grabbing me by the hips and pushing his cock into my pussy. I moaned and Drake pushed his cock further towards my mouth. He slid it along my lips. "Open your mouth you dirty slut". And I did.

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I had a hard time keeping steady sucking Drakes cock while Drue was pounding my pussy from behind. Drake grabbed ahold of my hair and began to fuck my throat while Drue had ahold of my hips fucking my pussy. All I could do was keep my balance.

I was moaning like crazy this was all so hott! The only thing that reminded me this was real was the constant pounding of my pussy and the cock invading my throat.

Dure wrapped his arm around my waist and his fingers found my clit. Drake removed one hand from my head and started pinching my nipples.

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I lost it I started screaming on Drakes dick and I could feel my puss contract on Drues dick. He groaned and pounded my pussy harder while I came. I went limp and Drue kept me from falling.

They both helped me onto the bed. Drake put my ankles on his shoulders and he slid his cock into my pussy. Drue knew my mouth was hurting so he started to massage my tits and smack his cock against my nipples.

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My tits were bouncing while Drake pounded my pussy. Drue reached down and started rubbing my clit in circles. Drakes cock felt so good in my pussy but I was missing Drues. I licked around the tip of Drues cock and sucked it into my mouth. He moaned and continued to rub my clit.


Drake hit my g-spot and he realized it when I screamed. He started pounding my g-spot harder and harder. My legs were shaking like crazy as I scream louder and louder. My cum gushes onto Drakes throbbing cock.

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"Dude move I need to feel her pussy" Drue said pushing Drake out of the way. Drue pulled me to the edge of the bed and flipped me onto my side putting one of my legs over his shoulder. He slid his cock into my soaking pussy. I moaned and he bit his lip and thrust his cock into my pussy harder.

Drake slid his cock into my mouth.

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He started sliding it in and out going faster and faster. He played with my nipples while I sucked his cock. Drue fucked my pussy hard pulling his cock out and slamming it back in.

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He put his thumb on my clit and started to rub it fast. He hit my g-spot over and over grinding his cock into my pussy. I moaned loud on Drakes dick. Drake grabbed me by the hair and pulled to the back of my throat. Drake groaned and I felt his warm cum shoot down my throat.

He backed up and kissed my cheek "Alright you two, have fun" Drake said as he walked out of the door. Drue put me back onto my back and spread my legs wide open. He stood on the ground and pounded my pussy.


I screamed so loud I was so close to cumming. He picked up the pace and I screamed louder and louder my cum squirted out of my pussy onto his dick. He groaned and slammed his cock into me as hard and as deep as it would go. He shot his load deep into my pussy. I finally threw on his t-shirt but my thong was too wet to keep on so I went without panties.

That seemed to help when we would wake up several times throughout the night to fuck.