I do yhis for a livin

I do yhis for a livin
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I text him, asking if he's ready for me to come over. I wait. My heart thudding in my chest. After a few seconds my phone buzzes and I smile. His text says "Yes, I'll meet you half way. See you soon." There's a smiley face at the end. I ever so slowly inch my way past my parents' bedroom, praying that they are both sound asleep. The floor creaks, and I freeze, holding my breath. A few agonizing seconds pass with no sound. The house is absolutely silent. I continue down the stairs to the first floor of our house.

Once I'm downstairs I walk to the bathroom to fix up my makeup and spray myself with an extra spray of perfume. Then I turn and walk to the front door, opening it very slowly to make sure it's as quiet as possible. Again my heart is pounding in my chest, and I can hear my heartbeat in my ears.

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I strain, listening as the door finally opens. The house is still silent. I feel the crisp night air reach my face and I take a deep breath, smiling.

It's just after 11:00 PM. I pull my sweater closer around me as the night chill reaches my skin, raising goose bumps. After closing the door securely, I lock both of the locks from the outside with my key. I glance up at my parents' bedroom window, biting my lip with anticipation.

I always wait a few minutes before leaving. I walk quickly down my street, practically jogging lightly. I look at my phone, its 11:15 PM. I walk down the streets, rushing to see him. I missed him. My heart is still pounding away in my chest, threatening to burst. The night air feels nice on my skin. At first it was too cold, but after the months of seeing him this way I have gotten used to the chill and even welcome it now.

After around 30 minutes I see him, walking toward me on the sidewalk. I smile and rush into his open arms. He holds me close and I wrap my arms around his shoulders, my head resting on his chest as he holds me tighter. He's smiling, I can feel his grin against the side of my head. He stands a few inches taller than me, around 5'7 or 5'8.

I stand at only 5'4 or 5'5. He isn't ripped, but he's definitely fit. His figure is proportional to his height and frame, and he looks good. He has a handsome face too.

Full lips for a man, but not feminine at all. He has an average sized nose that's symmetrically placed on his face. He's got rich brown eyes, the kind that make you happy just by looking in them. His eyes were always so full of life. I have brown eyes too, but mine are a completely different shade then his.

My eyes change colors slightly with my mood, from almost black to almost hazel. But most often my eyes are a slightly red tinted mahogany brown (check my profile pictures, even in my pictures you can see the shift in my eye color) and my eyes have a bright auburn luminescent look to them in sunlight. I have full, naturally rose pink lips that contrast with my light skin.

My lips also change color slightly, ranging from a dull rose pink to a much darker red (again, check my profile pictures. I never wear lipstick or any kind of lip color. My lips are naturally colored in all of my pictures) He looks down and kisses me. It brings back memories of the night I taught him how to kiss. He's a much, much better kisser now. Just the sensation of him kissing my heart flutter.

He licks my bottom lip and takes my hand, leading me back down the street. We walk for a while, making small talk and laughing. I love talking with him. He's a great conversationalist. After what seems like a short time, we reach his apartment. He unlocks his door and holds it open for me. I walk into his small two bedroom apartment, which he shares with his dad who is out of town. This is not the first time I've been here. I walk to his bedroom and close his door, getting my pajamas out of my shoulder bag to change into them.

I have simple, loose fitting shorts that are blue and black plaid. And I wear a thin black T-shirt to match. Of course I have my usual black lace undergarments on underneath. He knocks and I open his bedroom door, smiling up at him.


He wraps his arms around me and touches his nose to mine, making me giggle. I step back and close the bedroom door behind me, knowing that he will change clothes too.

After a few minutes he opens the door and lets me back into the room. I love the smell of his cologne, it reminds me of a river flowing through the mountains. He turns the TV on and we relax, making jokes about stupid commercials and watching some comedy show about Kevin Hart (not sure if that is spelled right, sorry if it's not).

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He is sitting on the bed with his back resting against the wall, and he has his arm around me. I'm sitting similar to him but have my knees against my chest and my arms wrapped around my knees. My head is resting on his chest. The show ends, and we are still laughing. He tells me that he likes my laugh, and this makes me blush. He smiles and starts tickling me. He tickles my ribcage and I burst out laughing loudly, trying to get away.

I roll over onto my side and try to wiggle off of the bed, but he's faster than me and has an advantage since he's not being tickled. He sits up and locks my legs down by wrapping his left leg over both of my legs. I wiggle my body, trapped beneath and laughing so hard that I can't breathe.

He laughs too, smiling down at me. I arch my back, still trying to get away, and accidently press my ass against his pelvis. (I wasn't aware of this until recently. Until recently, I didn't even know that my ass had come into contact with him.

I was too distracted with trying to breathe and get away from his tickling) Suddenly he releases me and backs up, resting his back against the wall again. I rub my eyes, still giggling and trying to catch my breath.

Then I see the look on his face. He's almost blushing. And his eyebrows are pressed together, a clear look of concern strewn across his face. He looks embarrassed.

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I look up at him, confused. He glances at me then looks quickly away. I turn my head, very confused now. Babe, what's wrong? I ask him. He takes a few seconds, thinking of what to say. He then smiles at me and shakes his head. Nothing, he tells me. Then he lays down on his side with his arms open, looking at me. I smile and curl up against him, his arm as my pillow and the other arm resting over my ribs with his hand tucked under my side. There's an odd distance between us, so I scoot closer and press my body to his.

He's always very warm and I smile at the warmth I feel now throughout my body. He quickly separates himself from me, replacing the distance. I frown and look up at him. Babe?

I ask, You sure that you're okay? He takes a deep breath, his eyes closed tightly as if he's struggling with something. I wait. He looks down at me, his eyes bright. I just, uhmm, it's just that&hellip., he starts but can't seem to find his words.

Then he blurts everything out without a single pause for breath.


It's just that you're my first real relationship and girlfriend and I'm not used to this and it's getting harder to control myself!

I look into his eyes, asking, What do you mean "control yourself"? He gets that same concerned look on his face and looks away, staring at the wall. I look at him, confused. Babe? I ask again. He takes a deep breath and scoots forward, closing the distance again. He presses his hips to my ass and I can feel how hard he is. I gasp. Oh! I exclaim. He looks embarrassed. I'm sorry! He quickly apologizes, then adds, "I tried to keep it from happening but it's not easy, and I've been trying to hide it for a long time.

I didn't know what else to do." Babe, are you.? I pause, trying to rephrase my question. You haven't ever been with a girl, like this? He looks down at me and shakes his head, clearly blushing now. I realize he's a virgin! This had never occurred to me before. He's very good looking, has a nice voice, and a charming personality. I guess I had never considered that he could be a virgin. I smile, and look up at him.

Thinking of the possibilities this night holds. He meets my gaze. And… you want to sleep with me? I ask him, looking into his eyes. His mouth opens for a second, then he quickly closes it. He takes a deep breath, then answers. Yes, he says. I smile and ask, Then what are you waiting for? He makes groans softly and wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me onto his lap so that I'm straddling him. He carefully tugs at the hem of my shorts, pulling them and my black lace Victoria's Secret underwear down in one tug, revealing my cleanly shaven pussy.

I finish removing the garments and replace myself on his lap. He presses his hips up, groaning softly again. I moan simultaneously as his head rubs my clit through his pajama pants. I can feel myself becoming aroused and wet. And the familiar tingling sensation in my lower belly between my hips starts to spread. I want him to fuck me. I want to be the first (and possibly only) girl that he sleeps with. I raise my hips off him, and he pulls his pants off leaving his boxers on.

I hold myself above him using my thighs as he positions himself beneath me. I gasp when I see his size. He must be at least 6 inches long, and thick too. I look at him and ask if he's sure he wants me to be his first. He smiles and says yes, he's sure. He tells me that I'm the girl he's been waiting for. I smile at him and slowly lower myself down until his head reaches the entrance to my pussy. He feels big. Or it may be that I'm just tight.

I'm not really sure which since I haven't had a lot of partners. I moan and rub my pussy over his head, lubricating it with my wetness. He groans and bites his bottom lip, bringing his hands to my hips. I slowly push myself down onto him, inch by inch disappearing inside me. I moan softly and feel him stretching me slightly, filling me. I continue to slowly push myself onto him. He grips my hips tighter as my inner thighs rest against his pelvis.

He's completely inside me, and I love it. I can feel his head pressing something deep within me, sending shivers through my whole body. I start to rock my hips back and forth while raising my hips and pushing them down again. He sits up and wraps his arms around my waist while I ride him. He's breathing ruggedly as I start moving faster and lifting myself higher up before pressing my hips back down.

I moan softly, loving the feeling of him buried deep in my pussy. He tightens his grip on my hips and starts to lift me and lower me, pushing my hips down hard. I moan louder. He groans and rolls over, so that I'm beneath him with one leg on either side of his waist. He smiles at me, and I smile back, moaning softly. Then he starts to thrust. I moan loudly, feeling him pull out to the head and thrust quickly back into me.

I'm amazed at how good he is. He sits up and places my calves over his shoulders, holding onto my thighs as he thrusts. I moan loudly, his length filling me with every thrust. He continues to thrust deep into me, slowly picking up his pace to thrust harder and faster. I moan louder, and reach out, placing my hands on his chest as he fucks me deeper, harder, and faster. He hits that sweet spot inside me over and over again. It's not long before I feel an orgasm starting to build.

The tension and fire slowly spreading over every muscle in my body. This surprises me, as I have never achieved orgasm through penetration alone before. He leans over me, hooking his arms through the back of my knees, and wraps his arms under my ribcage and holds on to my shoulders from underneath.

My knees are level with my face.


(I'm very flexible). This angle allows him to thrust deeper, and he starts thrusting even harder. I moan loudly and arch my back, feeling my orgasm building beneath him. He releases my legs and I wrap my legs around his waist, locking my ankles behind his hips. He holds me up slightly with one arm as I remove my thin shirt. He lowers me back to the bed and pulls my bra down. He continues thrusting and I arch my back again as he starts nibbling and licking my nipple.

First one, then the other. He groans as he plays with my breasts. I bring my hips up toward him in time with his thrusts, pushing to meet his hip movements. I moan loudly, tangling my hands through his hair.

His playing has pushed me over the edge. I make fists in his hair and lock my legs around him as my orgasm tears through me. He moves to my neck, continuing his nibbling and licking assault over my neck and collar bones while he continues to thrust into me and rub my breasts with his hands. The sensations are amazing. The smell of his cologne, his warmth over my entire body, the feeling of him filling and stretching me with every thrust.

He groans and slows down, my pussy tightening around him as my orgasm rips through every single muscle. I continue to shudder and spasm beneath him, involuntary movements as a side effect of my intense orgasm. He leaves a small trail of hickeys down my collar bone as he slowly pulls himself out to the head and eases completely back into me. I moan, my back still arched. He smiles and continues the slow, filling pace until my body relaxes. Then he wraps his arms around me again and begins to pick up his pace.

After a few minutes he is slamming into me, pulling out almost completely and quickly pumping back into me. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and moan with every breath as I kiss and lick his neck, tracing my venom bites (double tongue rings) in small circles over his neck.

He groans and thrusts even harder. I moan very loud, long, breathy moans. As he continues to pound into me, I feel another orgasm beginning to build. Unbelievable! He smiles and shifts his position over me so that his pelvis is grinding against my clit with every thrust. I almost cry out with pleasure. I fist my hands through his hair again, releasing my legs so he has more room to move.

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My orgasm is quickly building. He pulls out slow, dragging his pelvis across my clit, then quickly slams back into me until his hips hit mine. The force of his thrusts pushes my whole body forward and I have to place my hands against the wall of his bedroom to keep from moving.

He holds my waist firmly and picks up his pace again, groaning. He thrusts hard and fast, holding my waist tightly. He thrusts deeply and tenses, his whole body quivering slightly. Then I feel it. His cum spreads like fire deep inside me, filling me to the brim. The sensation is too much, and pushes me over the edge again. I cry out as my second orgasm, stronger than the first, pulses through me.

He groans, my pussy tightening around him again as he continues to spurt cum deep within me. He lowers himself so that he's laying over me and nuzzles my neck, holding me close as his last sprays of cum are released.

I breath heavily, still shaking and involuntarily moving due to my orgasm. He smiles and kisses me, licking my bottom lip before nibbling it softly.

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He knows that I love that. I moan softly in his mouth and wrap my arms around his shoulder again as our tongues dance, intertwined.

I'm suddenly very tired, and he rests his head on the pillow, with my face resting against his neck and shoulders. It's not long before I black out, falling asleep with him still semi-hard inside of me. My last conscious thought before I doze off is that I love this man. I awake early the next morning to him tracing one hand over my naked ribs. He's smiling at me and kisses my forehead.

He sets up the shower for me and gives me his body wash to use. It smells just like his cologne. I quickly wash and get dressed, and then he walks me home. The sun is barely beginning to rise, and my family is still fast asleep. This was the first of many sexual nights to come.