Young Giovanni Summers Jerks Off

Young Giovanni Summers Jerks Off
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It all really seemed to start that muggy summer day when I was mowing the lawn. It was a typical summer afternoon in suburban Atlanta - humid, muggy - with cloud cover that looked like it could dump an inch or two of rain any minute. I was trying to hurry up and get done with the lawn before it did so but I didn't quite make it.

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The clouds opened up and dumped warm rain in sheets. I had only a half dozen more strips to cut so I just continued to shove the mower along even though it was leaving a trail of soggy, clumped grass clippings in its wake. Screw it.

I'm gonna' finish this one way or another, I thought. My clothes were soaked through almost instantly in the deluge and, as I walked, the wet denim of my jeans rubbed my pecker through my boxer shorts and I soon had a full erection.

Once erect it seemed like my jeans were rubbing it even harder and it was obvious to me that it wasn't going away anytime soon. Finished with the grass, I shoved the lawn mower under the carport and headed into the house after kicking off my waterlogged, grass stained sneakers on the steps.

"You're soaked." Mom told me. "No shit." I replied. "Don't talk that way." She chided. "Come down to the laundry room and get those wet clothes off." I was seventeen at the time.

Dad had split when I was six but between his child support and alimony and Mom's job we managed to keep the house and do okay. My older sister, mom, and I never had an excess of money but we didn't go hungry either. As I followed Mom down the steps to the laundry room I felt my jeans continuing to rub my hard on. In the laundry room, I peeled off my shirt and socks and then pulled my jeans off, trying to be careful to leave my boxers in place.

It's not that I was all that modest - we were fairly casual about nudity in our home - but Mom had never seen me with a damn hard on before. "Your boxers, too." She said. "They're soaking wet." "Mom." I protested.

"Come on, Joey. I don't have all day." She said.

She and my sister were about the only folks left calling me Joey. Everyone else called me Joe. I leaned over to pull my boxers off, stepping out of them and then standing up.

My erection hadn't subsided in the least and as I stood up, I noticed Mom take note of it but, seeming to ignore it, she just said, "Now, go get a hot shower. You'll feel better." "Okay." I said lamely and I looped out into the hall and into my bathroom which was right next to the laundry room.

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As I turned on the shower and climbed in, my hard on still at full staff, I thought about my standing there in front of Mom for the first time ever with a full erection.

I realized that the thoughts were turning me on and I began to stroke my penis slowly, adding some soap for lubricant and worked up to a full speed wank. Leaning back against the wall of the shower stall I could feel myself climbing rapidly toward an orgasm and then there it was.

I came, a good sized load, and watched it swirl around the drain in the water before dropping down out of sight. Three or four nights later I was in bed around 10:00 PM when I heard Mom coming down the steps. She came into my room and asked, "Joey, you still awake?" "Yeah, Mom." She came over and sat down on the side of my bed.

She leaned over and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. "Good night, son." She said but afterwards she continued to sit rather than standing up and leaving like she usually did. "Mom?" She put her hand on my chest and with her eyes darting around but not making eye contact with me she said, "You know, the other afternoon in the laundry room, I couldn't help but notice how you've grown up." It was true.

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Other than gaining a little weight in the interim, I'm about the same size now as I was then. By eighteen, of course, my penis was fully developed, too, at least as much as it was going to develop anyway.

I was, and am, what I've found to be right on the average size - about six or six and a half inches when erect though I'm larger than average when flaccid and my penis hangs down a good five inches along with my low slung testicles.

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They swing around rather comically when I walk nude. "Yeah, well my wet jeans were rubbing me." I replied hesitantly. "That's okay, Joey. It's a natural thing." Mom said softly. As she spoke, her hand was drifting down my abdomen from my chest. "It happens to all boys as the grow up." He hand was down near my penis now which I felt beginning to stir. Sleeping naked under just a sheet in the warm summer's evening, its engorgement was obvious and Mom let her hand lightly slide onto my hardening penis.

"See, it's even doing it now, isn't it?" "Uh, yeah Mom." She was grasping my nearly erect penis through the sheet gently and moving her hand on it slightly. "You must have urges." She said. "A lot of urges. I bet you maturbate regularly, don't you? Every day?" "Mom!" I answered.

"It's okay, Joey. It's perfectly normal. Even I masturbate." She replied.

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"Mom!" I protested. She stood up, leaned over, and slipped my sheet down toward my feet. My penis was fully erect, standing up about an inch or so off my abdomen. Without saying a word, Mom stood up straight and slipped her robe off.

She was naked underneath and her slightly oversized breasts sagged down, their nipples seeming to stare at me. She climbed onto my bed, straddled me, and before lowering herself onto me she fingered her pussy for a moment, then grasped my penis and guided it into her as she gently lowered herself onto me.

As she moved her hips slightly to get me as deep as possible her eyes were closed. She sat there motionless, my penis planted deeply in the snug warmth of her pussy, and sighed.

"Oh God, it's been a long time." She said softly as she began to slowly rock her hips front to back on me. I reached up and grasped a tit in each hand which brought another sigh from her accompanied by an increase in the speed of her rocking. She leaned over toward me, her tits right in my face as she began to raise and lower herself on my penis.

I began to suck on one of her tits which elicited a faster stroking of her up and down on my penis. My hips were beginning to move, thrusting to meet each of her thrusts as I continued to suck on that tit. I could feel myself rapidly approaching an orgasm and I dropped her nipple from my lips and quietly said, "I'm gonna' cum, Mom." She said nothing, instead the speed of her thrusts increased and my thrusts increased to match hers.

"Oh damn, I'm about to cum." I spat out before feeling my penis began to pulse, shooting my load. Mom felt me cumming and stopped her thrusts, planting me as deeply as possible as I continued to dump my load deep inside of her.

I groaned as my body trembled at the end of my orgasm. Mom leaned her face down to mine and kissed me on the lips before beginning to rock her hips on me again. She rocked faster and faster, me sucking on a tit again. I could feel wetness running down my testicles as she began to groan quietly and shake. Her rocking stopped and she sat shaking and trembling as I felt her pussy alternately tightening and relaxing on my still mostly erect penis. When she was done, she collaped onto me, her tits squashed against my chest, spilling out on either side.

Kissing me on my lips, I felt her tongue pushing into my mouth. Her tongue was exploring my mouth and I began to push back with my tongue, our tongues dancing with each other as I felt more wetness running down my testicles. She broke off the kiss and said softly, "I love you, Joey." "I love you, too, Mom" I replied. She rose up and kind of rolled off of me, trailing cum across my hip as she got up.

Out of the room she went for a moment and then back in wiping the inside of her thighs with a towel and extending a towel in her other hand to me. Taking the offered towel, I wiped myself and the sheet under me off, milking the last cum from my shrinking penis. "You go to sleep now." She said as she slipped into her robe. She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips before turning and leaving my room. The next evening, Mom visited me again after I'd gone to bed.

This time our lovemaking was unrushed. Without a word, she dropped her robe and slipped into the bed next to me, lying up against me, her right tit squashed up against the side of my ribcage and her left lying half on my chest.

Her left leg was lying across my thighs and she rooted her right arm under me until it was under my neck.


As she began to kiss me, tongue probing for mine, her left hand lightly stroking my chest and abdomen in ever widening circles, drifting lower on my torso with each lazy circle until she lightly stroked my testicles and then my erect penis.

Alternating between my penis and testicles she lightly fondled with her finger tips. I found the touch so arousing it was nearly maddening. I reached for her left tit with my right hand and began to play with its sizeable nipple as we continued to kiss deeply. She broke off the kiss and, with her arm under my neck, pulled me toward her so that I rolled onto my side to face her.

She rolled to lie on her back with her right leg hooked over my legs. Taking my right hand, she guided it to her pussy and pressed it gently into its warmth. I began to feel around with my fingers. "Gently, Joey, lightly." She said, the first words spoken between us since she'd slipped into my bed.

Responding to her instructions, I lighlty felt around, exploring her pubic hair, a substantial bush of dark, curly hair, then the lips of her pussy. I felt along their length, then let my fingers move lightly up and down along them. She put her hand on mine and pressed my finger tips into her pussy and I felt the warm wetness waiting there.

With two fingers, I probed gently into and around her pussy bringing more wetness out to her lips with each successive pass. I had a pretty good idea of the female anatomy and I began to search with my fingers for her clit, finding it quickly. Fingering it, I felt it seem to grow firmer under my touch. "Around it, Joey. It feels better there." Mom whispered.

I began to finger around the base of her clit, gently squeezing it. As I was doing this, Mom lifted her right tit up from where it sagged and I raised my shoulders up slightly and leaned over her to take the nipple into my lips and sick on it.

As I continued to circle and squeeze her clit and suck on that beautiful nipple, Mom began to breathe faster and shudder a little. The shuddering grew in intensity along with a gutteral groan, deep in her throat before her body seemed to stiffen for a few moments then relax. She put her hand on my right hand to still it before reaching and grasping my erect penis to stroke it slowly. Moving her right leg off of my legs, she said, "Here, I want you in me." I rolled over onto my knees as she spread her legs, feet flat on the bed and knees splayed apert.

I scrambled between her legs and she grasped my penis to aim it home as I plunged into her. I went in as deeply as I could, our pubic bones pressed up hard against one another then began to thrust, plunging in and out, as Mom raised her feet and wrapped her legs around the small of my back. As I thrusted faster she urged me on with her legs, squeezing me to her with each of my thrusts. With each of my thrusts Mom's tits flailed back and forth as I slammed into her.


She was smiling as we maintained direct eye contact fucking each other with complete abandon. Shem began to groan softly and shake under me as I continued to hammer her about as fast and hard as I could. She closed her eyes and trembled all up and down her body before looking me in the eyes again and urging me on with her legs around my back. Still plunging in and out I felt myself rising toward orgasm. As I spilled over the top and began to cum I lost my rhythm and collapsed onto her, continuing to thrust sporatically with my hips as I shot my load deep inside her.


Spent, I stopped moving and just laid there on her. We were both damp with sweat and breathing hard as Mom wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly with both her arms and legs.

My face to hers, I kissed her, probing with my tongue, she probing back until our tongues played with each other all around our mouths.

"You're a special son, Joe." She said softly as she rolled to her right to get me off of her.

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Up and then out into the hall she went to return with two towels again. With one stuffed between her legs she took the other and wiped me off, milking my penis as she did.

Though my penis was beginning to soften, her touch brought it back to a full erection. "Is it still ready for more?" She asked, "Well, I'm finished for tonight. You need to get to sleep, Joey." She put her robe on with the towel still stuffed between her legs and turned to leave. "Good night, son." She said as she headed out my door. "Good night, Mom." I answered.