Amateur hot college babe quick doggystyle

Amateur hot college babe quick doggystyle
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On Friday morning, I woke up and lay in bed thinking about what would happen today. I thought about getting up and getting dressed. Then I decided there was little point. The Fat Bastards Son would have me out of my clothes in less than 5 minutes. One way or another I was going to get fucked today so I decided to try and enjoy it. At least this time it would be with someone closer to my own age and he wouldn't call me a cumslut and a whore while his fucking me.

I lay in bed for an hour and when the door bell rang I hoped out and walked to the door I my pink teddy. I pulled the door open and before I could say anything the boy on the other side blurted out: "Dad said if I came here I could fuck you and spunk in your pussy." He was obviously very nervous, but at least he was better looking than his dad.

He had acne on his checks and was wearing a white shell suit and white training. He walked past me into the apartment and went straight into the bedroom. I kept asking myself what I was doing. I couldn't believe I was about to fuck a spotty 16 year old boy in a shell suit. I pushed the front door closed and rested my head on the glass, trying to compose myself.

After a minute I turned around and walked into the bedroom. The boy was standing naked next to the bed, his dick rock hard and sticking up almost to his belly button. His cock wasn't as big as his dad's and he looked like a little boy. "I never thought I'd get to fuck a 18 year old," he said excitedly. "At least not til I'm 18," he added quickly. "I have some condoms in the draw…," I started to say. "Me Dad said a real man pumps his wad in bareback." "Look, I'm not on the pill," I replied in a low voice.

"Dad said I could cum in your pussy," he said and took a step closer. He reached out and grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard through my top. He tried to push his tongue into my mouth. He wasn't very tall, only about 2 inches taller than me and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach. He continued to mash my tits with one hand and then tried to push a finger into my pussy through my tight shorts.

"Not so hard," I said. "Sorry," he replied. "What do I do?" "Lie on the bed," I said and he lay down on his back I peeled my top off and dropped it to the floor. "You've got great tits," he said to me, a big grin on his face. I didn't reply. I pushed my shorts down around my ankles and stepped out of them. I looked into his face as I climbed onto the bed and straddled him. He looked like a little boy who was about to get everything he'd ever dreamt about - a beautiful naked girl riding his cock.

He'd probably wanked off a thousand times thinking about this very scene. I reached out and pulled the box of condoms from the draw next to the bed. He grabbed my hand. "I said I want to spunk in you," he said. "Ok," I replied. I took his hard cock in my hand and slowly lowered my hips until the tip pressed against my pussy.

I wasn't very wet, but his dick was kinda thin and it pushed easily past my outer labia. I took a deep breath and lowered myself onto his dick until it was all the way inside my tight pussy. He gasped as my pussy clamped around his dick.

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"That feels really nice. Your cunt is so tight," he said. I slowly started riding his cock, bring my pussy lips almost to the tip and drive myself back down onto his cock. My pussy was getting wetter and I slid up and down on his cock without too much effort. "Fuck me you little slut," he shouted out and grabbed my tits. I stopped. "What did you say." "Get on your back whore," he said and pushed me off his dick.

I fell back onto my back thinking that the little fucker was just like his father, which made me feel like a piece of meat. He mounted me and stuck his tongue in my mouth before I could say anything.

I could feel his hard on pushing against the side of my leg, and then against my stomach. I reached down and directed is dick into my now wet pussy. "Ahhhhh," he moaned as he pushed his dick all the way inside me. He pulled it back out and rammed it back in hard and then he did it again, and again, pounding my pussy hard. "Yes, yes, yes," he cried each time he pushed it in. I was breathing heavily now.

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It actually felt ok, having this little 16 year old fuck my like this. His body pressed on top of mine. I closed my eyes and started to imagine I was being fucked by this guy at university that I had had a crush on all year.

I had to bite my lip so as not to scream out his name each time he grunted. I reached up and grabbed hold of the bedpost above my head with both hands and hung on as he started to fuck me harder.

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"Take that bitch," he shouted. "I'm going to fill your pussy with my spunk." He grabbed hold of my chin with one hand and turned my face towards. "Open your eyes slut. I want to look into your eyes when I spunk." I opened my eyes and remembered where I was, remembered who was ramming his little dick inside me. "I'm going to cum," he cried out and then I felt it. His cum squirting into me as he stared into my eyes. His body tensed until he finished cuming and then he relaxed, collapsing his whole weight on top of my body, his dick still buried inside me.

He started to pull it out and when it was finally over he rolled over onto his back next to me. I could feel cum rolling down my pussy lips and down towards my arse whole.


"My Dad was right. You really are a little slut aren't you?" I didn't answer, I just turned my head and saw him wanking himself back to a hard on. I thought it was all over, but I realised that just like Dad he was going to get his money's worth. I started to sit up, but he grabbed the back of my head, forcing my head down towards his dick. "Stop it," I said. He carried on pushing my head down, "just suck it will you," he moaned.

"Dad said you could suck cock for England." I don't know what his Dad had been telling him. I hadn't actually willing sucked his Dad off. His Dad had orally raped me, deposited his spunk into my mouth and forced me to swallow it. I took the boys cock in my mouth and played my tongue around the tip.

The taste of his cum and my pussy juice mixing in my mouth. He pushed his dick up into my mouth, putting a hand on top of my head to hold it in place. The tip of his dick hitting the back of my throat with each thrust of his hips. "Make me cum in your mouth," he said.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and stared to wank him as fast as I could whilst rolling my tongue around the tip. "Tell me when you're going to cum," I said. "Ok," he replied. He was breathing hard and then he grabbed my head with both hands and without warning me he unleashed a torrent of spunk into my waiting mouth. The first two spurts hit the back of my throat and I was force to swallow it. The rest I managed to catch in my mouth. When he eventually let me go, I jumped up and spat his spunk into the bin by the side of the bed.

He just lay there, his eyes closed so I went to take a shower asking myself how much longer I could do this. Next month, they'd both want to fuck me again. I stood under the shower for twenty minutes waiting for the door to slam shut as he left and I wondered why it was taking so long for him to get dressed. Then I heard him behind me climbing into the bath and he stepped up behind me.

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"What are you doing?" I demanded. He pressed his cock against my back. I couldn't believe it was hard again. He'd already cum twice. "I want to fuck you again my little cumpot," he replied.


"Don't you think you've had enough," I moaned. He giggled. "You're a slut that likes spunk and I have balls filled with it." He pushed my head forward and I realised he wanted to fuck me from behind. At least I didn't have to see his spotty face I thought as I arched my back. I felt the tip of his dick press against my arse hole and I stood up fast.

"I don't do it in the arse." "Come on.


I want to butt fuck you." "No," I said loudly. "You can fuck me in the pussy or not at all." "Ok." I arched my back again and took a breath as he penetrated my pussy once more. I closed my eyes and went back into my fantasy. The image of my university guy fucking my like a dog got me hotter than I had been before and I had my first orgasm. My legs trembled at the thought of him doing me. "You're having an orgasm you slut," the boy said breaking my fantasy.

"Just hurry up and cum," I replied. He quickened his pace and pushed the water nozzle away from us. I wondered why for about a second and he whipped his dick out of me and sprayed cum all over my bum and back before massaging it into my butt cheeks.

He picked up a wad of spunk on his fingers and pushed them into my arse. I stood up straight and turned around to see him climbing out of the shower. "I said I'd get my spunk in that slutty arse," he called. "Bastard," I mumbled and started to wash the cum of my body. The door slammed a few minutes later and after I finished my shower I called my friend. She still offered to fix me up with one of her brokers, but I still wasn't ready to do that.

It meant making a commitment to fuck some guy on a weekly basis.

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At least for now, it was two guy at the beginning of each month. So for now I decided to stay.

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I carried on going to Uni. The next two months went passed and at the beginning of each month the Old Fat Bastard would come by and fuck me, normally doggy style over the kitchen table of kitchen sink and then the next day his son would come by to collect his part of the rent. My grades started to fall because I spent so much time trying to find a job. to be cont.