Karlee gray and angela white

Karlee gray and angela white
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My standard disclaimer, all stories take place on a different earth, where the orbit is 3 times ours, making ages 1/3 what they are on earth. And where the age of consent is thus 6. Jessica and Abigail arrived right on time. That was no surprise, they had been programmed to do so. How?

We'll get to that later. Jessica was a new entry level lab tech at the firm, 30 years old, and just out of college. College can take longer than expected when you become a mom at 18. Abigail (Abby) was that daughter, She already possessed the beauty and grace of a model, but was almost pathologically shy.

They entered with few words, the cool fall weather outside blew in, and I quickly shut the door. Long coats protected them from the elements outside, their tall stiletto heels the only clue to what lies beneath.

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"Coats ladies." I said, holding my hands out to accept them. Jessica removed hers first, handing it to me. She had followed instructions to the letter. Her red lace merry widow clung right to her torso, the garters holding up lace topped red stockings, shiny and shear.

Shiny red leather stilettos with a 5 inch hold gold metallic heel gave her legs tremendous shape, and begged to be high in the air. Panties, as requested, were absent, and she had clearly kept the previous days waxing appointment.

"Abby." I said as she handed me her coat. Her corset had been custom made for her small size. Tight to her body, the silk material wasn't there for support or shaping, there was nothing to support and the shape was perfect already. Shoulder straps were needed to hold it up, and it was pure white like snow.

Garters held stockings of pure silk, the prominent back seems were straight, with a white bow on the back of each ankle. The equally tall heels, in white satin, gave shape to her otherwise too slender legs. "Donna is waiting in the den, go on in." I told them. They walked tall and proper through the house. I hung up the coats and joined them in the den.

When I entered the den, Donna was already started. She had her hands on Abby's ass, kneading it like bread, while they stood in the middle of the room and kissed. Donna was a forceful, and wonderful kisser, and she loved her young girls. The younger the better. Her tongue seemed to be half way down Abby's throat, and Abby was returning the favor.

When I entered, Donna broke the kiss, and went about fixing Abby's make up. All three women had very dramatic makeup, bright red lips, smokey eyes, slightly rosy cheeks. But much of Abby's lipstick had smeared, but Donna had it fixed quickly. All three lovely ladies were blond, but Abigail would be best described as a strawberry blonde.

"Are we playing a game tonight?" I asked. Donna always liked to play sexual games as foreplay. She wore a garterbelt, black stockings, a long nightgown that hid almost nothing, and tall, sexy patent black heels.

I let donna pick the attire, mostly, but I like my ladies in tall heels, so the shoes are my idea. "Of course." Donna said. "I thought we would play the spinners tonight." Pointing to the coffee table where the game was set up. One large spinner in the middle, with no markings, and 1 small one where everyone sat. We all took our places, Abby sat down first, and Donna quickly sat beside her on one couch. Jessica and I sat on the other.


The game was played like this, on your turn, you spun the big spinner, then quickly everyone spun their small one. The big one told you who you would play with (who ever it pointed to) and each small one had body parts. The body part on you spinner, was used on the body part on the other person's spinner.

Donna was a master of getting the big spinner to land on what ever young girl was playing. Donna quickly called first. The spinners spun, and soon the big one stopped on Abby with no surprise. As the small,ones came to rest, Donna's pointed to nipple, as she watched Abby's settle on pussy. Donna grinned like a horny school girl. She quickly stood and removed the nightgown, tossing it aside. Abby knew what was expected, and she laid back on the arm of the couch and spread her legs wide, resting one leg on the back of the couch.

Donna crawled between her legs, supported her perfectly shaped right breast with her hand, and began rubbing it up and down Abby's pink cleft.

She went up and down, swirling her nipple around her opening to get it wet, then up to her clit, circling it with her nipple. We only give each other 1 minute, and with only a bit left, I looked like she tried to push her entire tit in to the small pussy, but to no avail. "Times up." I said. And with that the spinners spun again, this time it was Abby's turn. The large spinner stopped where it started, on Abby, which meant she had to give us a show.

Her small spinner stopped on 'ass'. This was going to be good. Abby laid back in a similar position, first lubing her fingers in her wet pussy, she quickly went to work on her ass. She started by rubbing her pink button, then returned her finger for more lube. This time after a couple circles around, she plunged a finger deep and hard up her ass. Abby now lived to please and show off, and she went at her ass to do both.

The middle finger on her right hand went at her like a jack hammer, the palm of her hand slapping her cunt with each forceful stroke. It was hot, but I called time after 1 minute. Everyone groaned. My turn. Everything spinning, the large one came to rest on Jessica. I waited for my prize. Hers stopped on ass, mine in mouth. Jessica grinned, stood, turned, and with one foot on the ground, one knee on the couch, she rested her chest on the arm of the couch.

Slowly, I spread her ass wide, while donna looked on with excitement in her eyes. Long licks with my tongue extended across her sphincter, making sure Donna and Abby could see. After a dozen or so, I began to wiggle the tip of my tongue in to her, I had just started to make way, when Donna called time.

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Jessica's turn. The big spinner landed on Abby, again, the small ones both said mouth. Jessica got up and sauntered over to Abby.

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She put her knees on each side of Abby, straddling her, then with both hands she cradled her small face, and began kissing her, slowly at first, just lips on lips. Soon the lips opened, then more, tongues could be seen entertwining like snakes. Jessica reached down with one hand and stared to go under the top of her corset, but Donna stopped her. That's not allowed she told her. Then their minute was up. Donna's turn again. Spinning. Big spinner landed on Jessica, much to Donna's dissatisfaction, small ones both said pussy.


Donna rose as Jessica laid back on the couch, I got up. Jessica spread wide, as Donna positioned herself to scissor her. When their pussys touched, both women sighed. Donna began rubbing against her in slow, purposeful motions, her arms wrapped around Jessica's leg for better control.

Soon both women were undulating in rhythm, and getting faster. Sloppy wet sounds dominated from between them, it was like a most interesting and sexual kiss. "Time." I called, to my own disappointment. Abby's turn again, and everything spun. Big spinner came to rest at Donna, she smiled like she won the lottery. Donna's said mouth, Abby's landed on nipple. Abby had Donna lay down on her back mid couch, she then crawled over her, and unbuttoned the top couple of buttons of her corset, folding it over exposing her bright pink nipple.

Abby had no breasts yet, but her nipples had started to grow slightly, they were puffy and looked delicious. She slowly lowered it to Donna's waiting and open mouth, where it was engulfed. Donna suckled at it with a gentle forcefulness, Abby moaned as she lowered her head to Donna's beautiful nipple.

For the next minute, the were locked in this nipple 69. I hated calling time. My turn. Spin. Abby was my playmate, and hers said mouth, mine said cock. I was wearing silk pajamas with a silk robe, I removed the PJ bottoms, and opened my robe. I rose and went to her, and she moved to the edge of the couch. I had an erection from shortly after they arrived, so there was no preamble.

I cradled the back of her head, and guided her mouth to my dick, she only hesitated slightly before engulfing it. It looked so large in her small mouth, as she took it all the way in and out. I'm a very average 5 inches, and she took it all, a seemingly impossible task for her small face.

She started going very fast, all the way down to the base, then leaving just the very tip between her lips, then returning fast. I was close to popping a load in to her, when Donna called time. Damn. Jessica's turn. Spinning. Donna was her playmate, her spinner said pussy, Jessica's read mouth.

Jessica got on her hands and knees, and crawled seductively to Donna, as Donna spread her legs wide to receive her. Jessica wasted little time, and began eating her cunt with an animal like frenzy. Donna semed surprised by the force and eagerness, and gasped before starting a series of short moans and grunts. Donna brought her hand down and held Jessica's head firmly in to her, her head rolling back as she raised her legs in the air.

A small orgasm seemed to shoot through her just as I called time. She glared at me. Donna spun. She put just the right touch to get Abby, but came up short, and landed on herself. Her spinner landed on a wildcard spot. Donna stood, she only wore the garter, stockings and heels. She began to dance for us.

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She was sultry, seductive, and just plain sexy, as she moved to each of us, and gave us our own show, pinching her nipples, rubbing her ass, running a finger up her slit. It was an erotic show as good as any. Abby's spin, Jessica was her toy, Abby got mouth, Jessica pussy.

Just as Jessica had done, Abby got on all fours, and crawled to her mother as she spread herself apart, I held Jessica's right leg, the smooth stocking felt fantastic.

Just as Abby got close, Jessica used both hands to spread her lips, exposing her hard clit, and told her "Come on honey, come suck mommy's clit like a good girl." And she did. She latched on to her clit like a baby on a nipple, and Jessica let out a long, loud moan, that turned in to almost a squeal by the end.

I dont think Jessica had breathed for the entire minute, then when I called time, she sucked in air like she was starving, Abby rose, used two finger to wipe her chin of her mom's pussy juice, then licked her finger clean with a sly grin, and sat back in her place. My turn once again. Everything spun, one of the quirks on this game, is sometimes you get dumb combinations.

I got Abby, nice, and hers read nipple, mine read cock. If the was Donna or Jessica, I could tit fuck them, kind of fun, sort of. But Abby had none, but you have to do what it says.

I walked over to Abby, who seemed in to the idea more than I was. She unbuttoned a few more buttons on her corset, and folded the silk aside to reveal both nipples. I held her shoulders and would rub the head of my dick against one nipple and then the other, back and forth.

She was liking it, and got excited when pre-cum coated her right nipple in a slick glaze. Time was up, I was glad. Jessica spun.

Hers came up pussy before the large ones stopped, then we all eyed it as it came to rest on Donna. We look at Donna's spin, it rested on foot. The spinner cards are all special, I'm not in to feet, so mine doesn't have that, Donna is however. Jessica is in to whatever we tell her to be in to. So Jessica walks to Donna, who sat proper, legs crossed. Jessica starts by lowering her pussy on to her knee, rubbing it back and forth a couple of times, leaving a notable wet streak.

She then slid her hands down Donna's right leg, raising it between her legs. As she eased herself back, she ran her pussy over the top of Donna's foot, making the black nylon get dark, then sat about inserting the toe of her shoe in to her pussy. She undulated on it for a moment, Donna was breathing heavy, staring in to Jessica's eyes. When time was called, a thick wetness coated Donna's shoe. "I think I'm adequately turned on now," Donna stated, "how about we spin for partners?" this is where one person spins, and we pair up based on that, then rotate every few minutes, anything goes.

"Sure," I said, "I'll spin." this made Donna miffed, she wanted to get Abby first, and I was ok with that, but she would cheat to get it. I spun, and I got Abby, much to Donna's disappointment, she has become quite the pedophile, she likes them young and tight, her 'slicks' as she calls them, and I don't think they can be too much of either for her liking. I take Abby by the hand and lead her to an open easy chair.

I sit, and she sits across my lap, and puts her arms around my neck while Donna and Jessica start up on the couch. Abigail's bright red lips were close to perfect, most of her was. As I sat there, she started kissing me, soft and gingerly at first, then she cut loose, her tongue jetted in to my mouth and her hands latched on to the side of my head, holding me tight as she deep probed me.

I brought my hands up to her, one on her back, the other found the unbuttoned opening in the front. Her nipples were so soft and puffy, the areolas remained buttery soft, while the growing nipples became rock hard. Abby let out a small moan as I stroked her delicate nipple, and circled the soft flesh around it. Donna and Jessica had started making out like 16 years olds behind the school gym.

As Donna grew bored, she put Jessica on the floor and was pulling her head to her spread lips. Jessica went at her more slowly this time, more relaxed. She licked her slit up and down, end to end, several times, Donna moaned as she hit her clit, and Jessica did the same when her tongue entered Donna's vagina.

They went on like this for some time, Donna mostly watching me and Abby. My dick was wedged between Abby's hip and my stomach, held firm. I began to bring my hand down from her chest, across the silken corset, and to the soft patch of skin that would someday grow pubic hair. As she felt me moving, she open her legs and I found her sweet young pussy. She was so wet, like I'm sure the others were as well. She smelled great.

I had to feel inside her pussy, so I slowly brought my hand down and inserted a finger. She was well lubed, and very tight. Her muscular walls clung to me, but instead of pushing me out, seemed to pull me in. Her kissing stopped, her lips still touched mine, but her mouth was open to allow the heavy panting she was doing. I had seen Donna finger her before, and Jessica, but this was my first feel, and it was good.

I continued to drive it in and out, enjoying the slick wet heat, along with the tightness. "Can we switch now?" Donna asked, or perhaps begged. "What do you think Abby, want to switch?" I didn't stop, and her breathing was hot and hard, she was almost breathless. "only. if I. can go&hellip. to Mrs&hellip. Fletch." she said, stammering her words between breaths.

"Ok you two, go fuck yourselves. " I said, as Abby got up and quickly moved to Donna. Jessica reacted more slowly in coming to me. Donna greeted Abby with open arms, and they embraced and kissed, Donna leaning her head down to Abby. I knew this wouldn't last long, Donna wanted that bald pussy, and she wanted it bad.

Donna's right hand was grabbing, and practically covering one ass cheek, squeezing and lifting, her left hand held Abby's right leg at the knee, as it snaked around the back of Donna's left leg. She released, and they broke their kiss. "I want to eat your cunt." Donna said with a blunt vulgarity that seemed very appropriate for the situation.

"Please Mrs. Fletch, eat me, fuck me, just make me cum." The words coming from her young mouth made them even more erotic. Donna laid down on the floor, and Abby knew what to do. She stepped a stiletto to each side of her head, while Donna stared up at the cleft object of her desire.

Abby slowly squatted down, bringing her pelvis to within inches of Donna's face, and hovered there for a moment. She reached between her legs with both hands, and spread her pussy gently apart, showing Donna her wet vagina, and her bright red clit. Then, slower than before, brought it down on to Donna's crimson waiting lips. Abby moaned as Donna went immediately to work, first licking deep inside this sweet youngster, savoring the beautiful taste, but ultimately getting busy on her clit.

Donna ate fresh pussy while she had two fingers buried in her own wet cunt. It wasn't long before sweet little Abby was breathing heavy again, and started resting more weight on Donna's face. Donna could feel the level of excitement, and took things to the next level. The slick and well coated fingers that came from her pussy, soon found there way in to Abby.

First her index finger slid perfectly up Abby's cunt from behind, it was a snug fit, and it made Abby groan loudly. Next Donna's middle finger worked it's way up Abby's tight ass hole. This started Abby in to a fit of heavy, shallow breathing, mixed with loud moaning, and a nasty, almost slutty sounding high pitched groaning.

It was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen, Jessica and I just watched. Less than a minute later, Abby's hands found their way behind Donna's head, and held her tight to her hairless cunt. Abby screamed out loudly, repeating "eat me, eat me, eat me," until the words no longer could be understood. Her body shook, more convulsed, shaking violently atop Donna's face, as a stream of fluid escaped her cunt, and ran down the sides of Donna's face.

I was turned on, Jessica was hot to go, so I told her to suck me while we watched the rest. She got on the floor and stared sucking my dick like the secret to life was inside. She was moaning and breathing heavy almost immediately. As Abby's orgasm passed, her and Donna moved, Donna sat on the edge of the couch, her black stocking cuffs just off the edge.

She was watching me get sucked as she spread her legs very wide, and signaled Abby to go to work. Abby dove at her, and soon both of them were moaning loudly, along with Jessica. All three were breathing heavy, Donna wouldn't last long, she was too horny and had too much foreplay. Abby returned the favor, and had put 2 fingers in Donna's cunt, and 2 more in her ass, and Donna loved it.

Donna started talking dirty to Abby, "Eat my pussy little girl, eat it good, suck my clit. Yes baby, lick me and you'll get a prize." It turned me on alot. Next thing I saw, Donna had ahold of the hair on top of Abby's head, pulling her hard in to her cunt, her nylon covered ankels locked behind her neck, Abby couldn't hardly move.

When Donna comes, she often squirts, and this was one of those times. A hot jet of liquid shot out of her, as Donna pushed Abby's mouth down from her clit to in front of the stream, Abby opened to accept it. The salty fluid rushed in to her mouth, she tried to swallow, but it came to fast, and most ran down her cheeks and chin, all while Donna let out a series of high-pitched squeals, face turning a bright red.

I pulled my cock from Jessica rather abruptly, and layed down on the floor. I patted my hips and said "my turn sweetie." to Abby. "you should come help your baby lose her virginity." I told Jessica, although her cherry was busted by her mom a while back, she has never had a dick in her. Jessica joined us on the floor. Abby crawled on top of me. She smelled like well used pussy.

I brought her face down and kissed her, and could taste Donna in her mouth. She sat up, and her mom helped position her opening around the tip of my dick.

She was very wet, so all her mom did was massage around her pussy to try and ease it in. Abby would let her weight down on me, but her tightness was still too much, her light weight not enough to push it in. "Why wont it go in mommy?" she asked.

"just try harder baby." her mother answered. She did, she gave it a good effort, but her small body was just too light to provide enough force to open her wide enough.

She was getting frustrated, and we both were getting horny.


"Try this baby," her mom said, and sat her more upright. She knelt behind her, and with her hands on her upper armsbounced her in short careful strokes. Then in one motion, her mom pushed hard down on her shoulders, and Abby's beautiful pink pussy engulfed my cock completely, Abby gasped, and Jessica let out a vicarious moan of pleasure. Jessica's hand reached under Abby's ass, and felt around her pussy.

Feeling her labia stretched tight around around my cock, Jessica moaned again, and began rubbing her pussy. There seemed to be no pain, as Abby said "that feels amazing." and almost instantly started pulling out.

She got half way up, and started back down, but again her tiny cunt betrayed her, and all her weight wouldn't cause her to drop. "mommy, help me please."she asked. Jessica again put her hands on Abbys shoulders, and pushed down hard, Abby seemed to settle down on my member with a thud.

She again let out an erotic gasp, followed by a moan. She raised up, and couldn't get further down again, Jessica helped. "Let's try this baby." she bent her daughter over toward me, her white silk covered knees resting wide on the floor. Jessica then grabbed Abby between her corset and her stockings, just below her hips. She started by lifting her up about an inch, and pushed her down hard. "Oh fuck yes." Abby said.

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"more please. " "You want mommy to help you fuck Mr.

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Fletch?" Jessica asked. She knew the answer, but like me, wanted to hear it. Abby knew too. "Yes mommy, you two took my virginity, now fuck my pussy hard on his big cock, I want to scream and I want his cum in me." Abby said. Talking dirty was never part of the programing, but it was going to be, it's very hot.

Jessica began lifting her daughter up about 2 inches, before slamming her down hard on me. Abby's eyes would roll back, and she would gasp and moan at the same time. Then Jessica would repeat it. After about 20 times she started going higher, till only the tip of my dick was left in her, and then a forceful, slam all the way down.

Having a mother help me fuck her daughter was amazing. But I could feel a load coming. "Lay down on the floor Jessica." I said. "up for a second Abby." she lifted and my dick came out with a subtle pop. Abby got on her hands and knees, her pussy directly above her mother's face, her white legs as close together as possible.

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I straddled her mom's chest, having my legs wide as I could to bring me down to her. I began fucking my little prize. She lunged forward the first time I trusted into her, so I grabbed her hips and pulled her back as I plunged myself in to her. No more than 10 hard pumps later and I was cuming. I wanted to cum deep in her, but pulled out half way out instead. When I was spent, I pulled out fast, and had Abby stand and then squat down over her mom's face.

Soon my cum began flowing from her, dripping slowly at first. Donna came and knelt in front of Abby, and kissed her passionately. She broke the kiss and told Abby, "Squeeze it from your pussy, feed it to your mommy." she squeezed and a large glob came out. "Tell her to eat it." Donna whispered. "Eat the cum from your babys pussy mommy. Eat me clean." Abby was good at that dirty talk.

Jessica did as she was told, first letting the droppings fall in her mouth and swallowing them, then licking and cleaning her daughters cunt thoroughly.

She cleaned it inside as far as her tounge would reach, then began fingering her and licking her fingers clean. A sticky stream of mucus connected mothers mouth to daughters pussy as Abby stood on shaky legs. Donna helped Jessica to her feet, and mother and daughter kissed passionately.