Trans beauty pleasuring her hard cock

Trans beauty pleasuring her hard cock
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Highacre Dragon Breeders part 4 - Mimi's dragon Mimi sat quietly on her bed. She had received a package that morning from her parents. The box was plain, wrapped in brown packaging paper and secured with brown twine. Her parents sent her one of these packages each month; normally they were made up of her favourite chocolate and new clothes but something felt different about this box, it was slightly heavier than the last she had received.

Mimi gently untied the twine before removing the paper. There was a letter taped to the top of the box; she opened the envelope and scanned the letter quickly, a smile spreading across her young innocent face. Putting the letter back in the envelope she put it in the draw by her bed where she kept all the letters from home; she would write back later when all her work was done.


Mimi opened the box and as usual there were her favourite chocolates but there was something else. A present wrapped in golden glitter covered paper. She giggled in excitement and tore the paper open, glitter going everywhere. Mimi screamed in delight at what she held in her hands.

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At the sound of her scream Viktoria came running into the room with a look of worry and concern on her beautiful face. Mimi bounced up and down on the spot in joy and excitement; the look on her face banished all Viktoria's worries and she smiled at seeing the pure joy that filled the young girl.

Mimi stopped bouncing when she saw Viktoria and held out the present her parents had sent her. Viktoria smiled and took the present, her smile matching Mimi's. Her parents had sent her favourite stuffed dragon; a toy she had held onto for years. She had called it 'Mr Scaly' as a child and the name had stuck. Viktoria passed the dragon back and waved Mimi to follow, "I have something for you" Mimi put Mr Scaly on her pillow and followed Viktoria out of the room; wondering what she could possibly have for her.

Viktoria led Mimi to her office; there was something about her that Mimi couldn't quite put her finger on. A sense of excitement filled the air and Viktoria was more animated than normal. As they entered the office Mimi noticed a crate in the corner; that hadn't been there earlier. Mimi began looking around the room to see what else was different but everything else seemed the same. Viktoria sat at her desk before waving Mimi into the seat opposite her. She studied the girl for a few seconds; watching her scanning the room.

After a minute Viktoria smiled and stood; walked over to the crate before lifting off the lid. From inside the crate Mimi heard a gentle purring. Very gently Viktoria reached into the box and lifted out a small baby dragon. Mimi's eyes lit up at the sight of it; its scales were a vibrant purple and its eyes a deep green.

She gently placed the baby dragon on her desk and sat once more; watching Mimi as she stared at the dragon in awe. "Melody, this dragon needs you to raise it and train it, are you up to the task?" Mimi nodded, her eyes never leaving the baby dragon in front of her.

She barely registered what Viktoria had said. She lifted the dragon carefully and left it get itself comfortable in her arms before she stood. It rested its head on her shoulder and began purring quietly. Viktoria smiled before waving at the crate, Mimi looked inside and saw a fluffy blanket on top of a bed of straw and ash. Gently lowering the dragon she put him back in the crate before turning to Viktoria and giving her a hug that convinced all her thanks and gratitude.

They spoke for a while, every so often interrupted by squeaks from the baby dragon. They both smiled as Mimi lifted the crate; it wasn't overly heavy but Mimi was glad her room wasn't far. As Mimi set the crate down she cooed affectionately, "Let's get you settled in Apollo" The baby dragon clicked and squeaked happily in the crate. Mimi gently lifted Apollo from the crate before moving over to the bed and sitting down.

The dragon curled up on her lap, its tongue flicking lazily as it scented the air and took in its new surroundings. Mimi gently stroked Apollo and was amazed how soft his scales were, even at such a young age some hatchlings had rough scales. Viktoria gave Mimi the rest of the day off from her duties in the nursery so she could bond with Apollo. Just seeing the look of utter joy on the girls face had made her smile.

It was like those that brought them closer together. She decided to check in on them later to see how they were doing; but for now had her own duties to attend too. Mimi watched Apollo as he began thoroughly exploring her room and his new home. He wandered around quite happily on her wooden floor, his little nails clicking and tapping with every step making Mimi giggle. He snuffled the corners, he investigated the open cupboards and he even tried squeezing himself underneath Mimi's bed.

When she dragged him out by his chunky back legs he complained bitterly and scampered off; diving head first into the dirty laundry pile. Mimi could hear him sniffing and burying himself deeper into the mountain of clothing; mostly underwear and odd pieces of leather. Suddenly he ran out from the bottom of the pile, slightly panicked and with a pair of panties draped over his snout.

In his haste he ran straight into Mimi's leg as she sat on the bed watching him. Carefully she picked him up, panties and all, and put him on the bed beside her. He was panting heavily and tossing his head around though he sat still.

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Mimi petted him slowly, from between his budding horns to the base of his tail until he began to calm down. He took big sniffs of the fabric in front of his face and started breathing heavily again, although not in panic this time. Mimi could recognize the sound of an aroused dragon and her senses told her that her little Apollo quite liked the hormones he could smell.

She cooed at him again as she removed the worn panties from his head and threw them back in the pile; his snout followed them for as long as possible without him having to leave his new mother. Mimi resumed petting him with a new passion. She wanted to keep his arousal going as long as possible; maybe he'd be able to play like the bigger dragons.

When Apollo lay on his side, belly towards her, she noticed that he was indeed reacting as his larger counterparts would.

His cloaca had swollen and the tip of his penis had emerged. Mimi continued her petting, rubbing the base of his cloaca and whispering to him in a soothing voice. Apollo responded with clicks and squeaks of joy and pleasure; a gentle purr building in his throat.

Slowly his penis emerged fully, it was only three inches long; but he was only a baby. Mimi gently tickled his chin as she slid her other hand into her shorts and rubbed her fingers over her wet slit. She ran her hand down his body and down to his cloaca once more; pulling her hand from her shorts and holding her fingers in front of his snout. Apollo sniffed eagerly and licked at her fingers, his cloaca pulsed as his arousal grew.

With her own arousal rising and heat building in her crotch Mimi stripped off her shorts, leaving her naked from the waist down. She sat on the bed with her legs spread; Apollo scented the air, his tongue flicking in and out of his mouth. He looked around to find the source of the scent; again Mimi ran her fingers over her wet pussy and held them to his snout.

Mimi led him with her fingers, his tongue flicking over them. Inch by inch he moved closer to her; his tongue flicking with greater speed as the scent grew stronger. With her free hand she gently rubbed down his spine and tail, Apollo's snout was now only a couple of inches from her dripping pussy. He flicked his tongue to scent the air once more, the tip of his tongue caressed down her slit; his little body shook with glee at the taste.

Mimi cooed at him 'Good boy, my good little boy', Apollo squeaked in joy. She slowly spread her legs a little wider and lay back slightly, pulling his head closer to her so his snout was now pressed against her pussy. His tongue flicked out and ran over her clit; a wave of pleasure coursed through her body at the touch. A new wave of fluid leaked from Mimi's pussy which Apollo eagerly lapped up. Mimi could feel her orgasm building but didn't want the experience to end. She gently pushed her legs closed; Apollo kept trying to get his snout back between her legs.

Mimi giggled at his eagerness and opened her legs again; Apollo took his chance and went straight for her pussy, but in his haste and excitement didn't stop in time. Mimi gasped as the tip of his snout sunk an inch into her pussy. Apollo panicked a little and pulled back panting for breath. Mimi gently stroked his sides to show him everything was ok now he was free. Slowly his breathing returned to normal but his penis had lost some of its hardness during the time he was stuck.

Mimi dropped her hand back to the sheath and began gently rubbing and squeezing.

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Apollo clicked and squeaked in excited pleasure at Mimi's touch. With her spare hand she gently stroked from his head to tail and his little body shuddered beneath her fingers. Mimi smiled at his display of pleasure. She couldn't hold herself any longer and leant down, his bright green eyes followed her every move. She gently extended her tongue and ran it along the length of his young penis. Apollo rolled onto his back and spread his hind legs wider; his young penis now fully out of its sheath once more.

Mimi began licking the length of Apollo's penis, running from the ring of his cloaca to the tip. Her hunger for cock grew to undeniable heights; all she wanted was to suck and taste cum, she didn't care if it was from a man or dragon.

As her tongue ran around the pointed spade shape tip; her mouth watered. Mimi opened her mouth and gently took the tip between her teen lips. Apollo jerked his hips at the new sensation, making his penis slip fully into her mouth.

The taste of his young penis was like nothing Mimi had never experienced before. It was so sweet; she had expected it to be salty or at least fleshy so the nice taste took her by surprise.

Gently and with care that she hadn't shown with the other dragons Mimi sucked Apollo's penis fully in her mouth. The little dragon squealed and writhed, pushing his penis deeper into her wet inviting mouth. Being so young Apollo didn't know what was happening but the instinct he was born with had cut in and told him to fuck.

His hips thrust with a mind of their own as his brain was swamped with pleasure. Mimi let Apollo enjoy himself; the feel and taste of his small penis only fuelling her own enjoyment. Mimi gently stroked the young dragon's sides as she slowly rolled onto her back; lifting him as she moved.

Apollo now straddled her head, his little legs either side of Mimi's neck with his tail slowly moving over her pert teen breasts. Apollo's base instinct now took over, his hips bucked faster and harder; driving his penis deep into her mouth.

Mimi moaned in pleasure as the little dragon fucked her face, his penis pushing into the roof of her mouth as it was thrust to the rim of his cloaca. Mimi moved her right hand down her body while her left continued to stroke Apollo. As her hand reached her pussy she felt her own warm, sticky fluids flowing. She started to rub and tease her clit with her index and middle finger, squeezing her throbbing engorged clit between them before sliding her fingers deep into her dripping pussy.

Apollo now thrust hard and fast into her mouth, his base instinct telling him to fuck as hard as possible. The little dragon grunted with every thrust, his penis dripping precum into Mimi's willing mouth. The taste was so sweet Mimi sucked harder to get more of Apollo's nectar. As Mimi assaulted her pussy with her fingers she felt the little dragon tense; a ripple ran under his scales as the pleasure over came him.

With a squeal of delight he thrust his penis as deep as he could into Mimi's mouth. She moaned as she felt his semen burst from his penis and flood her throat. She tried to swallow as much as she could but some leaked from the corners of her mouth.

With a click and squeak of contentment the little dragon climbed off Mimi's face; his little claws leaving tiny scratches on her chest and neck. He happily waddled over to her pillows where he curled up and watched her lazily as she continued to pound her pussy with three fingers. Because Mimi had lost herself in the pleasure of playing with her dripping pussy she didn't hear the door to her bedroom creak open.

One of the stable girls, Kaela, a young girl only a year older than Melody stood in the doorway. Her straight strawberry blonde hair usually fell down to her waist but for work she wore her hair in long pigtail plaits, each tied with a brightly coloured ribbon. Kaela watched in awe as the younger girl pounded her tight little pussy with three fingers and groped her breasts with the other hand.

She took a silent step into the room; the scent intoxicating her and sound of masturbation ringing in her innocent ears. Kaela barely even noticed Apollo almost asleep on Mimi's pillow. Slowly Kaela crept towards the bed because Melody's eyes were still firmly shut in the heat of her pleasure. She moved closer to the foot of the bed holding her breath. Her eyes darted nervously between Melody and the young dragon on the pillow.

Melody was only now within reach; gently she reached out and began to caress Melody's breast while she leant forward and began to kiss the younger girl on her trembling lips. Melody's eyes shot open but didn't push Kaela away. She opened her mouth a little wider before pushing her tongue into the older girls willing mouth. Kaela slowly moved her hand down the younger girls body; gently caressing her soft teen flesh.

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Melody moved her hand to the back of the other girls head, pulling her close and kissing her deeply. Melody moved her hand away from her dripping pussy; her fingers soaked in her fragrant juices. Kaela broke the kiss; she slid her hand between the teen's legs and began to tease her clit with the tip of her middle finger.

Melody gasped in pleasure and began to suck her own juices from her fingers. Kaela slid a finger into Melody's dripping hole and explored the depths of her; moving her finger in slow circles. Every movement drew a gasp of ecstasy from Melody. Kaela had played with some of the other girls at the Hatchery, but she had always watched Melody with Viktoria and envied the older woman's hold over the teen. Moving her lips down Melody's neck and towards her breast, Kaela gently slid another finger into Melody's pussy; making her gasp and moan in pleasure.

Kissing her sweet flesh sent flickers of pure joy down Kaela's spine. Melody gripped the sheets as the older girl explored her body; waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Kaela knew how to use her fingers; she pressed her thumb against Melody's clit and applied a gentle pressure while sliding a third finger into her dripping Pussy.

The wet hole gripped her fingers tight as she slowly drew them in and out; her one aim to make Melody scream in pleasure. The moans and cries of pleasure woke Apollo who turned his head to watch the two teen girls please each other; his tongue flicking out and tasting the air. The room smelt of sweat, pheromones and sex. The sweet tang of Melody's honey with the new aroma of Kaela's nectar. A shudder ran down the little dragon's spine as he watched, his scales rippling with excitement.

He moved up to the headboard of the bed for a better view. Melody tried to hold onto another orgasm as it wracked her body, she had lost count of how many times she had come since Kaela had begun exploring her body.

She tilted her head back in ecstasy as Kaela drove her fingers deep into her young body. She saw Apollo moving and smiled to herself, now it was her turn to explore the other girl. She slid her hand up under the other girl's loose shirt and was surprised when her hand met her naked breast; Kaela was not wearing a bra.

The other girl's breasts were not big but they were a perfect hand full, the flesh was soft while the breasts were firm. Melody kneaded the flesh of Kaela's breast drawing a moan of pleasure from the other girl. With her other hand she began undoing the buttons on Kaela shirt so she could strip her. Sliding her down between each button; her intent obvious.


As the last button was freed and her Shirt fell open Kaela met Melody's hungry mouth with a passionate kiss that surprised them both. Melody broke the kiss after a long hot minute and resumed removing Kaela's clothing. She moved her hands down the girls firm, toned stomach.

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Gripping the waist band of Kaela's work shorts, Melody pulled them over her slim hips and watched them drop to the floor. With an impish grin Kaela kicked her shorts into the washing pile across the room. Standing in front of Melody she waited as the teens eyes drank in every curve of her body. Kaela was a modern girl, she didn't like to have too much body hair, and her pubic region was a small trimmed triangle compared to Melody's trimmed bush.

Melody gently moved aside, making space on the bed for Kaela. Gingerly she climbed onto the bed. Melody moved down the bed, her mouth exploring the young delights of Kaela's body. She gently kissed and licked every inch of the other girl's body; her time with Viktoria had taught her many things and she used them now. Melody moved her hand between Kaela's legs and began to gently probe her dripping pussy with her fingers while her tongue worked on the older girl's clit.

Kaela moaned and gasped with pleasure as Melody explored her. Within minutes the young blonde was screaming in orgasm, her entire body trembling as the pleasure gripped her and drove her to new heights of ecstasy.


No boy had every made her feel this way. As Kaela's fragrant juices covered her fingers and mouth Melody sighed in pleasure; she loved the feeling of bring another girl to orgasm with just her fingers and tongue. The blondes' juices flowed from her dripping slit as Melody moves her head away. Slowly she kissed her way up Kaela's body until they were lying side by side.

The other girl was breathing heavily after her orgasm and lay with her eyes closed as she thought about what Melody had done to her. For a few minutes the two girls lay in each other's arms and enjoyed the closeness that only intimacy could bring. With a gentle kiss to the forehead Melody moved back slightly; enough to reach into her under bed draw.

Grasping around blindly she found what she was looking for; a present from Viktoria. She lifted the toy and showed it to Kaela before saying, "Guess what's coming next" Kaela eyed the toy held before her, seven inches of formed Perspex; the length was covered with small bumps while the end was formed as a ball.

The blonde licked her lips in anticipation as she spread her legs wide. Melody moved between Kaela's legs once again and began rubbing the tip of the dildo over the other girls glistening pussy lips. When the toy shone with Kaela's juices, Melody lifted it to her lips and greedily licked the fragrant cum from its length.

The young teen placed the tip of the dildo at the opening of Kaela's pussy before gently sliding the first couple of inches into the older girl. Kaela Gasped as the first bumps slipped into her.

The sensation was something she had never experience before. No cock she had ever taken had made her insides flutter with pure desire like that. Melody gently pushed the toy deeper inch by bumpy inch. Every inch drew a gasp of pleasure from the blonde. She pushed it in until the ball that she was holding pressed against the older girls soaked lips. She held it in that deep as Kaela writhed in pleasure and uttered passionate moans.

With a grin that was both devious and lust filled Melody turned the toy slowly. Kaela moaned and whimpered with every turn as the bumps of the toy stretched her insides. Juices ran freely from the blonde, the sheets beneath them were saturated with their cum. Kaela screamed in uncontrollable ecstasy as the Melody filled her pussy with the dildo. The young teen smiled at the reaction she had caused in Kaela; she enjoyed the toy daily and had squirted more than once.

She slowly moved the dildo in an out of her new companion, gently twisting and turning with every motion. Kaela moaned and wailed in pure delight as her dripping hole was stretched and teased by the toy.

Apollo watched, transfixed by the show in front of him. The hormones and pheromones filling the air teased his young senses. His tongue licked at the air as he savoured the scent carnal act taking place. Kaela moved her legs so her knees were pressed against her chest; her hands gripping the back of her legs to hold them in place.

The movement caused her pussy to open fully to Melody's questing toy. The blonde screamed as the younger teen increased the pace of her thrusting; driving the dildo ball deep into her companion. The room was soon filled with the sound of a soaked pussy being fucked hard and fast. Kaela could feel another orgasm brewing but this one felt different, her muscles trembled and tightened; she suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to urinate.

Screaming in pleasure and thrashing her head trying to hold back the feeling she began to cum. Melody watched every reaction on Kaela's face as she pounded her pussy, she knew by the sound the older girl would squirt any second. As Kaela screamed and moaned in orgasm Melody pulled the toy from her pussy hard and fast.

The motion of the dildo being removed was more than the blonde could take and her body released an orgasm more powerful than she had ever experienced. A jet of girl cum sprayed from her pussy soaking the sheets and Melody. Kaela shook the violence of her orgasm, breathing hard and trembling. Melody dropped the toy onto the floor with an audible thumb and moved to hold the older girl.

Tears streamed down her face and a sheen of sweat covered her body. Unable to speak she moved into Melody's arms and let the waves of pleasure slowly diminish. The two girls lay in each other's arms until they began to feel the first pangs of hunger.

The sun was now descending towards the Horizon but neither cared how long they had stayed in each other's embrace. Slowly they dressed and cleaned up the mess of the day, they both needed to shower but that could wait until they had eaten. With linked arms the girls left Melody's room and headed for the kitchen to see what was on offer. Apollo watched as the two girls left and moved back to the pillow on the bed; curling up and squeaking quietly he drifted off to sleep.

It had been an unusual day for Melody, but one she would not have changed for the world. She had her own dragon to train and a new companion to play with. She just hoped Viktoria didn't mind her playing with Kaela; she would need to talk with her about play partners at the hatchery.