Busty blonde milf vicky vette uses sex toy on lucky cock

Busty blonde milf vicky vette uses sex toy on lucky cock
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It was the chance of a lifetime, and one she simply could not afford to pass up. All she had to do was read a news report on live TV, something she had done a million times already, while a few men jerked off on her.

If she could make it through the entire report without quitting, while making a passable job of the information, she would get a huge cash prize. Since she was currently single she had no one who would even object. She told her agent that she would take the gig.

When the night came she dressed up in one of her top outfits, complete with matching bra and panties, and headed to the location that her agent had given her. Once she arrived she looked around the parking lot at the rather squalid but otherwise unremarkable broadcasting station. The only thing worth noticing was how many cars were parked in the parking lot, something that filled her with an odd amount of dread. She gathered up her things and headed inside. The station was like any other that she had been to, cramped and falling apart, except for the set, which in the end was the only thing that mattered.

"Are you the talent?" a voice from behind her asked. She jumped in surprise, nervous despite herself.

A rather seedy looking older man in a to tight suit stood behind her, giving her a look that made her skin crawl. "Yes, my name is Maria." she said. She did her best to sound as professional as possible, hiding her disquiet behind a mask of neutrality as she returned the other man's leer. "You sure you want to wear that?" he asked, a smirk hiding at the edge of his face.

"It might get. ruined." he said. Her stomach did a somersault at his choice of words, but she pushed the feeling down. "I will be fine" she said firmly determined not to let him see how uncomfortable she was. "Well, let's get this show on the road then." he said he turned and headed towards the set, gesturing for her to follow him. He indicated the teleprompter and told her that they would be going on live in about ten minutes, at which point the contest would start. If she could make it through the entire half hour without giving up or saying the safeword, then the cash would be hers.

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The smirk on his face told her that he didn't think she could do it, but she was determined to prove him wrong. As she familiarized herself with the set and prepared to go on the air a group of men started to gather in the wings, they were in various states of undress, with most opting for complete nudity.

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She felt her heart jump again when she saw how many man there were, but she gripped the edge of the desk and renewed her resolve. The newscast started. "This is a special report from bukkake central" she said. She read along with the teleprompter, keeping perfect time like she always did. She shuddered as the first of the men approached her. A pair of steps flanked both sides of her reporting table, so as to provide better access to her.

She did her best to maintain eye contact with the camera, reading the headlines in a calm and cheerful voice. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the naked man approach her, standing just to her side so that his cock was level with her face.

He started to stroke his cock vigorously and within moments a load of cum splashed onto her face. Her voice broke slightly despite her best efforts as she was taken by surprise. The load of cum dribbled down her face, dripping onto her shirt. She felt herself start to get turned on, something that shocked her. Every time before when her ex had subjected her to facials it had utterly revolted her, but for some reason having a perfect stranger beat off on her face on live television aroused her like never before.

Another man approached her as she continued to read from the prompter and he too emptied his load on her face, some of it mixing into her hair and leaving her covered in a sticky sheen of cum which the bright studio lights made crystal clear to everyone who was watching at home.

A line of men formed in either wing, taking their turns one at a time to approach her, empty their load onto her and then leaving. Although the favorite was clearly her face, some of them opted for her hair, or her breasts as well, leaving most of her upper body covered in cum. She hit the first major obstacle when one of the men hooked his thumb into her mouth, pulling her face towards him.

She had been warned that she was not to interfere with the men at all, except to say the safe word and quit, or she would lose her chance at the money.

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She obliged him and turned to face him, doing her best to continue reading the headlines, though her voice was now obstructed by his fingers. Unlike every man before him he was not content to merely beat off on her face, he proceeded to cum in her mouth, causing her to gag slightly in response, but she obediently swallowed his cum, turning to face the camera and making eye contact as she swallowed.

She saw the producer off to one side looking shocked, and she realized that he had likely expected her to call it off right there. She smiled widely and returned to reading the headlines as though nothing had happened. The unending line of men continued to cycle through, unloading their cum on her and then leaving. Her shirt was now stained beyond belief by the enormous amount of semen that now covered her and she realized that her shirt was now a complete loss.

Still, with the amount of money she would have if she was able to get through this she could by a hundred more shirts and then some. Out of the corner of her eye she saw men approaching from both side of the stage at once, she figured this was likely the next obstacle that stood in her way. One of the men grabbed her face and forced her to look up at him.

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He took his cock and rubbed it through the cum that already covered her face and then forced it into her mouth. She gagged as the mixed load of cum entered her mouth but quickly regained her composure and continued to read.

Not deterred the man came as their eyes met, holding her face so that the cum dripped down her face and into her mouth. He smirked sadistically, expecting her to be disgusted but she smiled at him, never breaking her reading for a second.

Her last big surprise came when a man approached her from behind, instead of taking the normal spot on the table to either side he stood behind her.

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His hands reached out and he grasped her breasts through the cum stained cloth of her shirt and bra. Her voice faltered in surprise but she resumed reading. He took his time, unbuttoning her shirt and revealing the purple silken bra beneath it. At last he worked his way down between her legs, fondling her aroused pussy through her pantyhoes before cruelly ripping them and exposing her pussy. He took a hold of her hips and thrust his cock inside of her.

She saw the sick grin of the producer and realized that he thought he had won, he didn't know how horny she was from all of these men getting off to her, he didn't know that she had been praying for a nice thick cock to fuck her, and now her prayers had been answered.


The force of his thrusts took some of the air out of her lungs, and made reading difficult, but she continued as he thrust inside of her. She had to fight back her own moans of pleasure as the thick cock stretched out the walls of her long neglected cunt and brought her to a quick orgasm.

She not only managed to keep her feet without difficulty, but she managed to continue to read almost uninterrupted, something which she was rather proud of. She felt him undo the back of her bra and she shrugged out of it, allowing her bare breasts to be broadcast to every tv that was tuned in.

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His hands groped and fondled her bare breasts and she bit back another cry as another orgasm rocked through her. The unending tide of men continued to approach her from either side, ignoring the fact that she was now being fucked on live TV, and emptied their cum onto her in wave after wave of molten semen.

At last she felt a splash of cum inside her pussy and the cock that was fucking her withdrew. The tide of men slowed and then finally ceased, leaving her sore, and covered in cum.

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She could feel the slow dribble of cum down her thigh as it mixed with the flow from her face and her breasts, leaving her sticky but satisfied. She read off the end of the broadcast and smiled into the camera as the light went off.

The producer looked sick as he approached her.


She realized that although this show had been running for awhile, she might be one of the first women to ever make it all the way through. She smiled smugly as he handed her a thick envelope, stuffed with cash. Although this was the first time she had ever done anything like this, she might consider a side business in porn, after all it paid a lot better than TV.