Cock used as pin cushion

Cock used as pin cushion
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The silky stockings feel so smooth and soft as I slide them up my legs. I love the look and feel of the black nylon. As I reach my thighs, the wide lace looks so sexy as I attach the garter straps. I'm already getting a wet spot in my panties as I think about what I'm going to be doing soon.

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I slip on my little bra. It isn't a big sexy bra that I sometimes wear stuffed with panties to make it stand out. It's more for someone who is flat chested, like me I guess. It looks sexy and has a little lace and the cups are so soft. I got it at a Fredrick's store a couple of years ago. The clerk helped me pick it out That was such an exciting shopping trip.

It cost me a hundred bucks but it was well worth it. I was just browsing, hoping to find some panties, when this pretty little brunette asked if she could help me. I was the only one in the store at the time and I thought, "What the hell." and told her I was looking for some panties that would fit me. I wanted to see what her reaction would be - would she laugh, sneer, think I was a pervert, or what? Well, she just smiled warmly and said, "Sure, what style do you like to wear?" Well, that's another story but pretty soon I was picking out everything from panties to stockings and nighties, including the bra.

I can't decide if I should wear a slip but I decide not to. I wish I was able to pass as a girl so I could dress up completely and go out in public, but knowing I have on sexy lingerie under my male clothes is about all I can do. Still, I love to dress in sexy underware and fantasize about someone seeing me. I wear panties all the time and often bend over where people can see them.

Only a couple of times has someone noticed but nothing exciting happened.


Arriving at my hotel tonight I saw an adult bookstore just across the street so I decided I would go there tonight. I like browsing around, looking at the videos and magazines full of people having sex. When I'm horny, like I am tonight, I wish I could be like that, fucking and sucking and enjoying sex with total abandon, but It just isn't possible.

Still it's fun to fantasize. I'm a closet pantie boy. I've never been with another man but I love to dress in lingerie and imagine what it would be like. Rubbing my nylon covered body against him, kissing him, kneeling in front of him as I lower his zipper and slide my lips over his nice, hard cock.

Mmmmm to suck a cock would be a dream come true. So I put on my panties and stockings and bra and go to the video store to look through the movies and perhaps buy a movie to bring back to the hotel and fantasize while I watch the actors having so much fun.

I walk across the street to the store and start to look around. I wonder what the other people in the store would think if they knew I'm wearing panties, stockings and a bra.

I'm sure if they looked closely they could see the outline of my bra under my t-shirt. It turns me on to think someone might know. I wander over to the section with the videos. I get very turned on as I browse through the videos looking at the pictures of the hot guys with their hard cocks. I wish I could find a video of guys dressing up in lingerie but there aren't any. I like to peruse the Internet looking at pictures of guys in panties.

A hard cock in a pair of panties is such a turn on. Rubbing my face against a pantie covered cock would be so mmmm. I feel my hardon growing as I browse the videos, looking at the guys with their big, hard cocks and the sexy girls licking them, I squat down to look at the lower shelves so my t-shirt will ride up and my panties will show.

Maybe someone will see them and.

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mmmm more fantasy. But sadly, nobody seems to notice. I see this place has video booths. I've never been in one but I've heard and read enough stories to know what goes on in there.

It's kind of exciting and I am feeling very horny so I think maybe I'll try watching a video and see what happens. What if someone comes in? What if they see me in my panties? It excites me. I know I shouldn't be doing this but I'm kind of in a fog. I select a video and head down the dark hallway. I pick a booth at the end of the hall and go in.

It is about what I imagined, a small room with a big tv screen and a fold up chair. There is a place to put in a dollar and a pad to pick the number of the film I want. It's dark in the room. I can see a paper towel holder on the wall and on the other wall there are two holes, one about five feet off the floor and another lower.

I know what these are for and I wonder what will happen if someone comes into the booth beside me. Will they watch me?

What if they stick their cock through the hole? What will I do? Well, there is nobody in the next room and there probably won't be so I put my dollar in and start the movie. I watch as the people in the movie begin to kiss and fondle each other. The idea of where I am and what I'm doing is such a turn-on and before I know it I'm taking off my shoes and pants and shirt and I find myself sitting there in nothing but my panties, bra and stockings imagining someone coming into the next booth and seeing me.

Oh my gosh, what am I doing? I'd love to know someone was watching me play in my panties. I am so turned on and I watch as a girl on the screen begins to suck the guy's hard cock. Mmmm that looks so good. I wish I was her. I'd love to suck that beautiful cock.

I'm in a dream world when I hear the door to the next booth open.

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Oh my! What should I do? What if he sees me! Oh no! Oh yes! Oh yes, I want him to see me. I want him to see me dressed in my panties and stockings. I want him to watch me as I rub my cock through my panties. I hear him close the door and I can hear him moving around. I'm so excited. Will he look through the hole?


Will he like seeing me in panties? I turn and look at the hole and see him looking through. Oh yes! He's watching me. Do you like it? I turn on my chairso I'm facing the wall with the holes. What am I doing? Am I crazy? Oh it feels so good!

Oh yes! Look at me in my panties and stockings. I'm so scared. I'm so turned on! I see him looking through the hole. Then he moves away from the hole and I hear some shuffling and then I see it. His cock comes through the lower hole. It's so big! And it looks so nice. I want to touch it. I'm staring at it. I can't think straight. I know I shouldn't but I want to touch that hard cock.

Maybe he would like it if I rub it with my panties. I can't help myself! I slide my panties off. I find myself getting up from the chair and kneeling on the floor in front of his pulsing cock. I wrap my panties around his cock and begin to rub and stroke it.

It feels good to touch it. I streach the panties tightly around it and can see its outline through the soft nylon. The shape of the head and the veins of the underside.

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Mmmm it looks so nice. Then I see a small wet spot beginning to soak through the panties. I can see the little hole as the panties become transparent through the wet spot and there's a drop of precum soaking through the panties.

I stick my tongue out to taste it. No! You shouldn't!

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Yes! I want to! Thoughts run through my head but I can't stop myself and my tongue touches the wet panties. I taste his precum.

It tastes like mine. I lick some more. Soon I find my lips sliding down over the panties, sliding his cock into my mouth. Am I really doing this? Do I really have a stranger's cock in my mouth. I realize what I'm doing. I'm dressed in girls stockings and a bra, kneeling on a cum-stained floor with a stranger's pantie covered cock in my mouth.

I'm so nasty! I'm such a slut! I'm a horny, nasty slut!


I'm a cocksucking slut! Oh yes, I'm sucking a cock! I rip the panties off his cock and cram it into my mouth! I suck it in as deep as I can. I slide my lips up and down his shaft. Oh yes! It feels so good and it tastes so good. The skin is so soft and yet the cock is so hard. It slides in and out of my mouth. I can't seem to suck it hard enough or deep enough. I'm loving this! Oh yes! I feel his cock give a pulse and all of a sudden my mouth is filled with cum.

He's cumming in my mouth! I swallow and it keeps coming. Oh yes! I'm swallowing cum! It's slippery. I'm such a cocksucking slut! All of a sudden I feel myself cumming. I haven't even touched myself but I'm shooting cum all over the floor. I love it! I lick and suck and want more but he pulls his cock from my mouth and out of the hole. I sit back with my ass on my knees, tasting the cum in my mouth. It's sticky and kind of sweet. It tastes like mine. I use the panties to wipe off my lips and cheeks.

I seem to have gotten cum all over my face.

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I guess I couldn't swallow it all. I feel so, I don't know, so relieved, so free, so naughty. I get up to put my panties on and step in something wet on the floor. I can feel it through my stockings. It's my own cum. Someone else can kneel in it now.

I hear the door open and close in the other booth as I put my panties on and get dressed.

When I leave the booth there will be people out there and at least one of the will know what I've done. I don't feel embarrassed though, I feel kind of proud of myself.

They don't know me and it kind of turns me on thinking they probalby know I just sucked a cock. I rub myself through my panties before I zip up my jeans. It feels good and I'm already almost hard again. I open the booth and step out into the hallway. It's empty. As I walk through the store nobody looks at me except one guy over by the video shelves. He's not bad looking, which is kind of a relief, and he kind of smiles and nods at me. He must be the guy I just gave a blow job to so I give him a sly smile and lick my lips as I leave the store.

As I head back to my motel I can't believe what I've just done. I fulfilled one of my biggest fantasies and it really, really felt good. I can't wait to get back to my room, put on some fresh panties, and relive the experience.