Perfect small girl gets her spread vagina and slender ass hole nailed

Perfect small girl gets her spread vagina and slender ass hole nailed
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The one I met on the internet part 1 She stepped off the train, she had travelled to meet someone who she had spoken to over time on the internet and she had been told that she was going to have a great time.

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She headed to the ticket barrier and gave her ticket to the collector. her phone bleeped, the txt message beeped and she looked at her phone "Go the pub opposite the station" it read. She crossed the road and entered the little dingy pub that stunk of cigarette smoke and went to the bar and ordered a drink waiting for him.

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She noticed that the bar was filled with men. her phone beeped again, it read "There is a bar stool to your left, climb on it and open your legs a little, let me see your panties" She went to the stool and got on, she parted her legs and she knew that all the men were looking up her skirt.

Her phone beeped again, it read" a little more" She then knew that he must be in the bar watching her, she could not see him. The barman leaned across and said, "Can I help you ". She replied "No thank you". Her phone beeped yet again, she wondered what he was going to ask her to do now. It read "Now go to the ladies, take off your panties, then when you come out, I want you to drop them on the floor, bend over without bending the knees and pick them up, then leave, I will be waiting in a black car outside.

Are you brave enough?" she got down off the stool and went to the ladies, she removed her panties, She left the ladies and went back to the bar, she dropped the cloth onto the floor and bent down and picked them up giving all the men in the bar a brief look at her smooth pussy.

She practically ran out of the pub door and got into the black car waiting at the kerbside. There he was, at last she could see him in the flesh. "did you do as I asked?" he said.

"yes" she replied. He leant over and delved his hand between her legs feeling her wet cunt. "I knew that you would and I knew that it would turn you on". He started the engine and pulled out into the traffic.

He drove in silence until they pulled up outside a hotel. They got out and headed into the hotel, he guided her towards the lift as he had already registered them. They got into the lift and the lift attendant pressed the button for the fourth floor.

He stood slightly behind her and to her left and she felt her skirt being lifted and then a probing finger in her ass hole. He turned to the lift attendant and said "This is the lady I was telling you about Mike. The one that I met on the internet" "Right" Mike said. The lift doors opened and they walked along the corridor, still with his finger inside her ass with her skirt around her waist at the back giving Mike a great view.

They reached the room door and he gave her the key. "Open it" he commanded and she did as she was told. As soon as the door openedhe pushed her inside. "get on your knees" he said. She did as she was told and he unzipped his trousers and with no foreplay, he put his cock to her lips and forced open her mouth with his cock.

he drove it deep until he could feel the back of her throat and grabbing the back of her head, he drove it deeper and deeper, with each thrust making him closer and closer to cumming.

He could see tears in her eyes as he went deeper he just wanted to fuck her mouth. His orgasm was building and he was about to explode, he quickly withdrew and his cum spurted all over her face, it dribbled down her chin onto her blouse, the thick creamy substance covering her.

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He stepped away from her, He said "Stay there until I am ready for you" and he moved to the bathroom and cleaned himself.

When he returned, there she still knelt obediently waiting for him to tell her what he required next. "Stand up " he said. And she got from her knees "Good" he said "now unbutton your blouse", she undid the five buttons and let it hang open.

he took the waistband of her skirt between his hands and lowered it to the ground, he took it from her feet and threw it across the room. he then took the blouse from her shoulders and it followed the path of the skirt. She stood semi naked in her bra. Now he needed to see her tits. the fastening was behind her and he was impatient, so he took the knife out of his pocket and using the cold blade, he cut through first one strap and then the second, her tits bounced our of their restraints, well for the rest of the time, they would not be put back into it, he wanted them free at all times for his use.

He grabbed her tits, he pulled them and pushed them feeling their weight, kneading them like a piece of dough, he heard a gasp escape from her lips, she was enjoying it, he played and played, the size of the tits in his hand, more than a handful, he had seen them so many times on camera and here they were now in his hands. He watched as her nipples hardened and become erect, taking each nipple between his finger and thumb, he grabbed them eager to pull on them, she squirmed.

he watched her squirm, he pulled harder, he could see the look of agony on her face, but she had wanted this and now he was giving her what she had wanted, he pulled harder, making her stoop to try to escape the tugging. he released the pressure a little and she stood again straight. Keeping his right nipple in his fingers he had now full sight of her naked, he could see that he had shaved as he had ordered, he brushed his hand against her pubic mound, noting it smoothness, he pushed her mound causing her to take a step back, he had not told her to move, he dug his hand between her legs forcing her legs apart, he drove three fingers into her cunt hole, she was so wet and then he inserted the fingers i her cunt and hooked them around her pubic bone pulling her back towards him.

he drove his fingers higher forcing her onto her toes He pulled harder and started walking back towards the bed leading her by the right nipple and his fingers in her cunt, she having to walk on her toes because of the height he was leading her.

He stopped just short of the bed and he sat down still not releasing his grasp, he wriggled his fingers in her cunt moving his hands that she had to open her legs further and he tightened his grip on her nipple, she was wincing, more of her precum dripped onto his hand.

"hands on your head" he said. he bent his head to her left nipple and took it into his mouth, he started to lick it, suck it and bite it, she was manoeuvring herself trying to ease away from his teeth on her left nipple and as she did he increased the pressure on his right and as she squirmed away from his nipple attention, he increased the pressure in her cunt, she was losing no matter what she tried.

he decided to save the nipple torture for later and he removed his fingers from her cunt, She seemed to sag with relief but groaned with not having cum.

he put two of his fingers in his mouth and tasted her cum and then put his third finger in her mouth and watched as she licked it clean He got up from the bed and walked around to the back of her, "bend over" he said and she complied, she placed her hands on the bed and then he could see the ass, with a hint of the hole that he had explored earlier.

The ass that he was going to fuck later but for now, he wanted to see it red. "think of a number between six and twelve" he said. "eleven" she answered. he took the belt from his trousers and snapped it in the air. "Right" he said "That is how many times you are going to cum but as a reward for allowing you to come that often, I am going to double it and that is how many strikes that you are going to have right now".

He swiped the belt through the air, it caught her left cheek, he saw her tense as the pain registered, again, this time her right cheek. he watched as the cheeks reddened and the welts appear from the edge of the leather. Left cheek again, she tensed anticipating the next blow but he caught her unawares and swiped her left cheek again. She had not expected that.

The right cheek next, then again the left. This time she climbed onto her tiptoe and slipped further forward. "I did not tell you to move, if you move again without me telling you to, whatever we are doing, we will start all over again". she returned to the bent over position.

She had taken six without a whimper. Again he swiped the right cheek and then again quickly following, he heard her take in a deep breath but she did not cry out. So far she had not spoken as he had ordered in the txt the day previously when he had told her not to speak and to wear the slightly see through blouse, white bra, a reasonable short skirt and white panties and of course as high heels as she could comfortably travel to meet him in.

Now all she wore were the heels and he would have destroyed the clothes but he knew that he was taking her to eat later and have some outdoor fun and she needed to wear clothes for that.

He struck her left again. That was nine, her cheeks of her ass were getting redder and he could see them glowing, he did hope that the video cam that he had set up earlier was recording it all.

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Three more followed alternating the cheeks and again she was lifted onto tip toe with the effect but she did not fall forward. She was thinking if only she had said six, then it would be finished, the pain searing her ass, he leaned forward and touched her right cheek, the skin was quivering and it was glowing hot., "Open your legs wider" he ordered and she moved her feet to spread her legs.

he could now see her ass hole. he moved around her and struck from the other side, this time four, two on each cheek, she gave an audible cry.

Her knees were shaking which made her dangling tits move, he could not wait to get his hands on them again but now he meant to be true to his word. Only six more. He struck her right cheek, then swung again against her left, she was breathing hard, he stepped forward and the pain slut was soaking wet as he drove his fingers deep into her cunt.

his other hand he grabbed her left tit and pulled it until he could see her wince, but she held firm. "We can stop this now if you want but I will add more to what I have in mind later" he said. "No" she said " I will take it". he stepped back and swung the last four against each buttock, harder than he had swung before, she climbed onto her tiptoes, unable to stop herself falling forward because of the severity, her ass was glowing.

She had moved, he swung again against her left buttock, she was not expecting it, and then again against her right, she let out a cry. "you did move" he said. She lay on the bed breathing deeply, he swung again, catching her right cheek.

"I told you not to move" His words registered in her brain and she pulled herself back to the bent over position. Again her right cheek was swatted but this time she did not move. he put down the belt and took up his camera, he started to photograph the red ass, putting his hands on her feeling its heat as he took picture after picture, he photographed her tits dangling and then he lay on the floor and got between her legs and took them of her cunt.

"open your cunt for me" he told her and she reached down and opened her lips of her cunt, exposing her hole and the wetness that was nestled there.

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He took more of her ass hole, framing every part to build up a portfolio that he had promised to himself sending her a picture per day as a reminder of her humiliation in his hands but keeping a set for himself to wank over.

After taking pictures from every angle, he put down the camera, he removed his clothing and his cock was now fully erect again, he was not ready to cum but he wanted to feel it in her ass hole, he went up to her and nudged his cock against her opening. she did not feel him he knew that because she was concentrating on the pain on her ass cheeks, he nudged a little deeper he felt her start at what he was doing, the realisation of what was to come. He opened the crack of her ass wider, feeling the heat in his hands and then he reached round and grabbed sum juices from her cunt and smeared his cock with them and slowly inserted it into her, this time enjoying the tense tight hole slowly.

Savouring every moment of opening her up." relax" he said. he watched as she relaxed her anal muscles, a little further he pushed, she tensed and he stopped, not withdrawing but allowing her tightness to close around him. he pushed a little more and a little more until his cock was half in, he would have to open her up more to go deeper so he just stood there and let her feel him in her ass hole, he tensed his thigh muscles which made his cock quiver and she let out a pleasurable gasp this time.

"You are my slut for today and tonight and by the time that you leave me tomorrow, you are going to have my cum deep inside this hole because I am going to drive my cock deep inside whether u are able to take it or not" he said.

he felt her tense at his words but he knew that she would take it to please him. he again picked up his camera and started taking photographs of his cock inside her ass, the contrast of her still glowing ass cheeks against his milky white cock.

he withdrew slowly and he saw her relax as his cock pulled out he had not yet cunt fucked her but there was a great deal of time yet.

he went to his bag and took out two lengths of rope. They were long and ideal for what he had planned. "Lie on your back on the bed. "Please, I need to go to the bathroom" she said. "I thought I had told you not to speak" he said, "you will be punished" "but I need to pee" she pleaded.

he picked up his camera and indicated the bathroom and she walked to it, he enjoying the sight of her red ass cheeks as he followed her.

She lifted the lid of the loo and went to sit down. "no" he said "Squat on the seat, I am going to take pictures of you peeing" She climbed on the seat and balancing on the rim, she squatted and immediately her pee flowed from between her legs, it came quickly in steady stream and he took lots of pictures. he put down his camera and as it slowed to a trickle, he slipped two fingers into the droplets and said" Stick out your tongue" and he wiped his fingers on it.

he gave her some tissue and washed as she wiped herself, as she threw away the tissue, he reached under her and started to rub her clit and started rubbing it and flicked it and he could feel her orgasm building, what a sight, squatting over the toilet being clit fucked but he was enjoying the view as she gave herself abandon in receipt for an orgasm. He saw her judder with the approaching orgasm and he rubbed her harder, she came with a mighty gasp, balancing precariously over the loo and his fingers were covered in her cum, he drove two fingers deep into her cunt making her climax again.

Her cunt eating his fingers greedingly. "Now that was fun for me, and I know it was for you but now its more for me, go and lie on the bed" She left the bathroom and he washed his hands, he washed away the pee but he knew that she had tasted it on her tongue and she would not like it but he was in charge, she had said so.

he went back to the bedroom and she was lay on the bed, he took both ropes and attached them to the bed head, then wrapped first one around her left wrist, then grabbing her left tit in his hand, round and round her tit and finally round her left ankle and then retied it back to the bed head.

he repeated the whole process with her right side. The sight that greeted him as he stood at the end of the bed was unbelievable, she had her arms secured to the bed head, bent over double on her back, he ankles almost to the bed head but the most interesting part, he now could see her cunt hole although still slightly covered by her labia lips but her ass hole was fully exposed. he knew that she was unable to move and now he had many plans for his enjoyment.

he took six pegs from his bag clamping them to her lips evenly along the line, he taped them open to her thighs.

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Now he had he exposed her cunt fully, he could see her clit protruding outwards as if begging to be touched and her cunt hole inviting, although looking a little dry, he knew that would soon be rectified.

He picked up his camera and took pictures, zooming in close enjoying the sight he could see through his viewfinder. "you know slut" I should keep you like this all night, the view is wonderful and I have access all areas in the position, I might just do that" he said He climbed on the bed closer and put two fingers into her cunt, he delved into her cunt feeling her hole open up to gratefully receive him.

He inserted another and started to rub on her clit with his thumb, he could feel her cunt eating his fingers wanting them to go deeper. he inserted them up to where they met his hand, then a fourth, now only his thumb not inside her, it was slowly rubbing her clit, he could feel her gripping him, so he inserted the thumb, slowly he started thrusting all four fingers and his thumb with each thrust going deeper than the last, he wondered what it would be like to have his whole fist in there, she had said that he was in control and her body was for his use, so he drove his hand deeper and deeper until only the end knuckle on his thumb prevented his hand reaching all the way inside her, he could feel her wetness building and with one slow thrust, his hand popped into her, before he knew it her cunt had swallowed his whole hand up to his wrist and he quickly removed his watch so as not to damage her.

He could feel himself inside her and she closed around his wrist, he started to pump his hand, feeling her starting to climax, and he felt her orgasm as she shuddered, her muscles in her cunt contracting. She was moaning loudly with her pleasure. As she came down from her heights, he opened his hand slightly inside her and felt her cunt swell to accept the opening., he reached with his other hand and inserted this time two fingers in her ass hole, stretching her, then he put his third finger in and repeated what he was doing with his hand in her cunt and opened his fingers stretching her.

She was moaning louder and he did hope that the occupants next door would not come to investigate, he had other plans later for an audience. Slowly he withdrew his hand from her cunt, only leaving three fingers inside her again opening up and he peered down into the dark recesses.

there was her cum on his wrist. Then he leant forward and started to lick her clit, flicking his tongue over it, she jolting at each lick. he could feel her cunt and ass holes tense as another orgasm built, he continued playing with her clit with his tongue until she climaxed with another orgasm. he moved away from her and watched while she had several orgasms without her even being touched by him, she thrashing as far as her bondage allowed her.

He was enjoying the show that she was giving. her red ass cheeks now showing signs of slight bruising and her cunt hole opening and closing with her multi orgasms was a sight to be seen.

he could not resist any more, he had another aching erection and he need to cum inside her, he climbed above her and dug his cock into her cunt, he thrust and thrust and she had another orgasm, he could feel his cock getting the same treatment as his fingers had earlier, he could feel his own orgasm building and he spurted his cum deep inside her.


He continued thrusting until his cock went limp and could take no more, he fell away from exhaustion and he watched fascinated as she continued having orgasms. As she came down, he undid the ropes from the headboard from her ankles and he climbed on top of her with her tits just in front of his knees, he leaned forward so his cock was close to her lips.

"Lick it clean" he told her and her tongue started to wipe his and her cum from his cock. He took her tits in his hands and as she cleaned he played with her tits and nipples. When he was satisfied that she had cleaned him, he got off the bed, picked up his camera and took photographs of her bound tits and hands.

Her tits were turning purple with the lack of blood flow and he knew that he would have to release them soon so as not to damage them. he undid the ropes from her tits and hands and she lay resting on the bed, gasping for breath. he found his watch from where he had removed it and noted that it was time to go and eat, he went to the bathroom and washed and when he came back he picked up her skirt and blouse and placed it next to her.

"get dressed" he ordered. "We are going out". he dressed and watched as she slipped on her blouse, decent enough to cover her but if she stood in the light, he could see right through it and see her tits and erect nipples.

the skirt again decent but as she bent to put her shoes back on that he had removed when he had tied her ankles, he caught sight of her cunt and ass.

The outfit pleased him. They left the room and went down in the lift and got into his car, he drove to a Chinese restaurant, the waiter showed them to a slightly private booth after noting her cleavage and obvious lack of bra.

They ordered their meal, the waiters were very attentive, George leant across and unbuttoned her blouse by one more button, showing more of her cleavage for the waiters to see. While they were eating, he leaned across and said "Play with yourself until you cum", she slid her hand under the table and finger flicked her clitfeeling her orgasm building while George watched her with amusement on his face. She gasped as she came. "Good girl" he said and they continued eating.

When they had finished Linda rose from the table and noted the damp patch on her seat, she quickly shoved the chair under the table.

A waiter came over and asked" Did you enjoy your meal" George replied "yes thank you, I must apologise for this though, the lady got excited" and he pulled out the chair to reveal the damp seat. "No problem" said the waiter and they left the restaurant with the waiters talking excitedly in Chinese. "Pull your skirt down a little, I don't want a wet patch on my car seat" he said and she complied.

They arrived back at the hotel and again got into lift and went up to their room. As he opened the door and they stepped inside, "Strip" he said and she removed her blouse and skirt, he took it from her and threw it yet again in the corner.


he took her by the arm again and led her to the bed. "Lie down on the bed as if in the doggy position but on your back" he said. She did as he ordered and he went to his bag, he placed a blindfold over her eyes he pulled from it a ball of string, making a slip knot, he pulled on her right nipple until it was stretched and put on the knot and then he cut off a piece long enough to attach around her wrist, he repeated this with her left nipple and wrist.

he then reattached the clips to her labia lips and then he attached string to these and these were tied to her knees. He said in a low voice "now I know you are a pain slut, you love pain, and I know you often play with yourself for pleasure, well now you are going to give yourself pleasure by inflicting pain on yourself, I am going to do nothing, to please me you are going to do it to yourself" Just then there was a knock on the door.

George opened it, Linda was panicking who was at the door. "Come on in, she is ready for you to see her" he said. Linda did not know who had come in and what George had planned for her. She shivered with fear, George came to her and whispered, "Don't worry, he is only going to watch you pleasure yourself, no more, it is Mike from the lift" She relaxed a little but not much, she did not know where he was in the room but she knew that both sets of eyes were on her.

"Now Linda, you like pain don't you" George said. "yes" she whimpered. "And you want to have pain don't you, you are a pain slut aren't you" he said "Yes" she whispered. "So now you are to open your arms and your legs as wide as you can, this will make you stretch your nipples and your cunt lips and you will be in pain, but I know you want it and it pleases me, I want you to stretch yourself until you can take no more, Please me Linda" George said.

She slowly opened her arms and legs, she was stretching, the slip knots on her nipples tightened but still she opened her arms further. The men could see that as she opened her legs, her lips parted to reveal her clit and cunt to them. She stopped as her limit was reached.

George whispered" can you show me just a little more Linda, it would give me pleasure" She opened her limbs a little more, her face wincing with the pain from her nipples and cunt lips. Both men were watching the openness revealed to them. "just a little more, I know you can do it" George said. With all her strength, she pulled them open a little more. "Please. no more" she winced. "but now to really please me, you are going o give yourself even more pain, you are going to open wider because I am telling you too." he said with command in his voice.

"Open yourself wider now" She wanted to please him but she was in so much pain, but she complied. "Wider now" he commanded. She really pushed herself and opened father, the pain was searing through her nipples and cunt lips.

The two men who were sat at the end of the bed were watching her go through her pain, George reached down into his bag and took out a leather bootlace.

"Now Linda, I am going to give you even more pain pleasure and you will accept it without any complaint, do you understand?" "yes" she answered between gritted teeth. He took the lace and aimed it at her open cunt, the pinky flesh glistening, the first strike causing her to jolt putting more pressure on her nipples and cunt lips. His aim was true and it caught her right on her clit, "only five more of those for you to endure" he said.

Mike sat there not believing what he was seeing, this woman was laying there letting him doing it without objection. Over a short period of time, five more strikes were added to her tender area, both landing on her clit and in her cunt hole, making her wince and forcing her to pull tighter on her bonds.

After the sixth stroke, he lay the lace down and Linda was panting like a dog with short breaths. he took another clothes peg, pinched her clit between his fingers and put on the clip. He then picked up his camera and started taking pictures of the magnificent sight that was lay there. After he lay down his camera, he went up to Mike, "I do hope that you have enjoyed this Mike, a sight you will not often get to see, but now Linda and I need to get back to having a fucking session" "Of course" Mike answered, "Thank you for letting me see this, I will never forget it".

Mike got up and left, having a massive erection in his trousers and George shut and locked the door. "Relax now Linda" and he visibly watched as she relaxed, he took off the string from her nipples and removed the pegs from her cunt lips, just leaving the clit clip. She lay there exhausted. He leant over and took off the clip on her clit and as the blood rushed to the area, he watched her squirm. he got undressed and sat in the chair, his semi erection building.

"I am going to fuck your ass hole now Linda, you will come here and sit on my cock and fuck me, you are going to do the work and if you please me then I will allow you a little sleep before I start again.

She gingerly got off the bed and went to him, she turned around and with her arms on the chair, she lowered herself onto his cock, his cock peeped at her ass hole and she felt between her legs with her fingers for sum juices to lubricate her ass with.

She smeared her ass hole with the juices and then slowly impaled herself onto his cock, lower and lower she allowed herself to go. She started thrusting herself onto the cock, deeper and deeper with each thrust, he brought his hands round and started kneading her tits, enjoying having her fuck him instead of him fucking her.

Deeper and deeper she lowered herself until her ass cheeks were slapping against his midriff. He was getting really hard, the tightness of the ass exciting him, she was breathing heavily as was he. he could feel his orgasm building and he then he spurted his warm cum deep inside her ass. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto him, while he filled her, no movement just the cock deep inside her throbbing dispensing his load. When he was empty, and she felt no more movement from his cock, she went to get up.

"No" he said, "Stay where you are" and she sat on his lap with his now limp cock still inside her ass. he played with her tits, he took a nipple in his fingers. "Please no, they are so sore she begged. Maybe he could let her ask for this so he let it go. They sat there for about five minutes and then he moved her hips and lifted her from him.

"You may go and lie down now". He went to the bathroom and went to the toilet and when he came back she was lying on the bed face down getting her breath back to its normal rhythm. "You may now sleep, I am going to set the alarm for two hours, when it goes off, I want you to get off the bed and come and stand on my side of the bed with your hands on yor head and legs spread, I am going to play with you and then I will allow you some more sleep, this will happen throughout the night but if you do not please me, then I will insist that you stay awake all the rest of the night, do you understand" "Yes" she said.

he lay down next to her and took a breast in his hand and they fell asleep from exhaustion. The alarm went off and he felt her jump out of bed and as he opened his eyes, there she was stood as instructed, he pushed his hand between her legs and fingered her clit and dug three fingers into her cunt hole.

"ok, that was good, now get back into bed and wank me until I fall asleep, she did as he had said, he was enjoying the movement of her fingers on his cock and he slipped into a dreamy sleep. Again the alarm rang two hours late, she took a little longer getting into the position but when he opened his eyes, there she was arms on her head, legs wide. This time he said" Get back into bed" And he shut his eyes and went back to sleep, he was enjoying the power that he had over her.

The alarm went off again, she, jumped out of bed and assumed the position. This time he said "Ok, as you have been so good, I will allow you to put my cock in your mouth but I want you to masturbate yourself as you did in the restaurant and make yourself cum before you go back to sleep" She lay next to him and took his cock in her mouth and started to run her tongue up and down its length, he could see her with her fingers playing with her clit, and he lay with his eyes closed half asleep enjoying the sensations she was giving, then he felt her judder, he opened her eyes and he could see her orgasming.

"Good" he said, he did not reset the alarm, he needed sum sleep. He woke early and Linda was lay beside him, "Up now" he shouted in her ear and she jumped out of the bed but she did not assume the position, so he climbed out of the bed and went to his belt, she suddenly realised what she had not done and she spread her legs and put her hands on her head.

But it was too late, he swiped her across her ass cheeks with the belt, he gave her many not counting this time until her ass cheeks were beginning to glow again. She stood and took her punishment as she knew that she had done wrong. he then took the two pieces of rope but this time he took her right tit and bound it round and round with rope and gave her the end to hold, then he repeated the same with her left tit again giving her the end to hold, "Now stretch your arms above you" he said.

This movement had the effect of lifting her tits upwards and her erect nipples to be pointing forwards. He picked up the belt, "now for your wish" and he swung the belt, she flinched as it caught the flesh, again and again he swatted at her tits, catching her nipples, she was buckling but he did not relent.

He gave her at least twenty strokes, she was crying with tears running down her face and then he knew that she had enough. he took the ropes from her fingers and led her to the bed, "Get on your hands and knees"she did as she was told.

He took the ropes and tied them to the bed head capturing her tits, "lean back on your haunches". This had the effect of pulling her tits up as before. he was erect as usual in the morning and he knelt between her legs and dug his erection deep into her cunt, he fucked and fucked her until he came. He just used her for his own pleasure. He untied her tits and led her to the bathroom, "Sit under the shower he said and proceeded to pee all over her, the warm piss covering her body. he finished and then he washed his hands and cock and left her sat in the cold shower covered in his pee, he packed his bag and returned to the bathroom where she was still sat, "ok, dry it off and then you can dress, I have finished with you now and I will drive you back to the station to get your train home" he said callously.

She did as she told and walked back into the bedroom to find her clothes, she slipped on the blouse and skirt aware of the smell emanating from her body, she could smell urine, sweat and his and her cum mingled. "Are you ready" he said and he took her arm and led her from the room, they headed down to the lobby and he left the key at the desk and they walked to his car.

They got in and he drove to the station, as they pulled up, she got her bag and got out of the car, as she did, he shoved something into her hand, "that's from Mike, he left it for you as payment for the show you gave him last night" and he pulled the car away from the kerb and drove away. She boarded her train aware of her lack of underwear and stinging ass and tits, her smell, she opened her hand and there was a twenty pound note. She smiled to herself, she was a whore, she had been paid for sex, a cheap whore but a whore.