Esmeralda being solo masturbating on Give Me Pink with passion

Esmeralda being solo masturbating on Give Me Pink with passion
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In The Wake of a Nymphomaniac Part 5 By John Morrison The girl sat in the back of the dark theater. There was only around fifteen people in the there.

It was a boring Sunday afternoon.

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She looked around and saw a few pairs of boys and girls strewn about randomly. There was one guy only a few rows down from her sitting alone. The on screen couple started kissing and doing a little fondling.

The scene cut away, its one of those things were everyone knows what happens without showing it. She gave in to temptation. She rose silently from her seat and walked down the three rows. She came to his row and turned to walk down towards him. He looked to be around 18 or so.

She walked slowly toward him. He glanced over at her and quickly back to the screen. She sat down right next to him.

It was an almost empty theater and she sat right beside him. He looked over at her in the dark. "Do I know you?" He whispered. "Shhh" She leaned over and pushed her lips against his, he didn't resist. One brief kiss on the lips. She looked at his face now. He wasn't objecting. She purposefully reached into his crotch and unzipped his shorts. He leaned back in his chair, allowing her better access.

She got out of the chair and kneeled down directly in front of him. His legs split open, and she had gotten his limp cock out from its hideaway. Her face disappeared into his lap, lapping at his cock to excite it.


This it did very well. Her moist and warm mouth surrounded and engulfed him quickly taking in his rod. She milked him to his full six inch form.

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Her head descended onto his manhood, taking it all inside her mouth. She deepthroated him, taking it all down. He couldn't see a thing, but she didn't even have her eyes open, sucking quickly.

She bobbed up and down, pleasuring him and making some quiet wet noises that could be heard by some of the people in the theater. He was getting too close to fast, her pleasuring skills were more than anything he had ever experienced.

She seemed to be like a machine.

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Here he was, trying to control himself, breathing heavily and making strange faces, the whole time she was sucking him off mechanically, quickly, efficiently. The wet noises of her lips and tongue on his cock got a little louder, enough so that one of the moviegoers turned around to see what was going on.

All he saw was a guy sitting alone. Soon she had him orgasming. He couldn't warn her lest he announce it to the entire theater. So he held his words in, but at the moment of climax a loud groan of ecstasy escaped his lips, while his jizz went into her mouth and was quickly swallowed as she continued to suck him dry.

The load downed, she got back up and sat beside him, starting to watch the movie again. He stared at her in disbelief.

His cock was hanging limply out of his shorts. She watched the movie for a little bit, then looked over and saw he was still staring at her. "You can't possibly want another one?" she whispered. He looked down at his limp cock and then back at her. She giggled and leaned back in her chair.

Her delicate hand reached down to his cock and held it between her thumb and fingers. She gently stroked him for several minutes, reviving his manhood. When he was fully hard again she leaned forward and started sucking again. She blew him for several minutes, finally giving up and sitting back in her chair, her hand still wrapped around him.

"Too much work," she whispered, still stroking him lightly. Just then a thin fountain of white spunk shot against the back of the seat in front of him, his body jerking violently. "Or maybe I was wrong," She said. She licked a little jizz off her hand, while looking at him. After a few minutes the movie ended and the house lights came back on.

She stood up and walked away, he saw her in the light for the first time, walking away. -Greg June 23rd In The Wake of a Nymphomaniac Part 6 By John Morrison The girl strode into the gas station, swinging her hips and working it every sense of the word.


Her brown hair flowed as she walked. She came up to the counter where a man in his twenties was waiting for a customer. "Can I help you?" He asked. "I have a preposition for you," She said confidently. "Ok…" He said suspiciously. "How about I give you a blowjob, and you send something to this address," She said handing over a slip of paper.

"What do I have to send?" "Anything, just as long as it's UPS.


That's important you have to send it UPS," She said clearly. "What is the meaning of all this?" He asked, thinking it was a prank or something. "What do you care I am offering to give you a fucking blowjob," She said.

"Well, I can't say no to that." He conceded. She hopped over the counter and stood beside him now. He was several inches taller than she. "How old are you?" He inquired. "Twenty-Two," She said.

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"Whats your name?" He asked. "Jesus, you would think guys would shut up when I offer to suck their dicks," She exclaimed. "Okay, if you don't want to answer, I was just wondering." She dropped to her knees, stroking her fingers up and down against his jeans.

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It was pretty late at night and it wasn't too likely that anyone would come in, but even if they did, they still might not see her down there.

His cock was getting excited from the caress, and pressed back against the fabric. She licked her lips, then pulled his pants and underwear down, releasing his six inch cock. She pushed her wet lips against his cock, taking the hot thick shaft into her mouth. Her left hand plunged inside her pants to play with her moist slit. She quietly and slowly fingered herself, toying with her clit while she started to blow the clerk. "Do you do this often?" He asked, impressed at her talents.

"Are you calling me a whore?" She looked up and asked. "No I just mean that you seem quite talented," He clarified. She rolled her eyes and then closed them, focusing on the hard cock between her lips and the tingling between her legs. She stroked her mouth around his cock faster and faster, the saliva starting to drip from his cock onto her white t-shirt. Her breathing became quite rapid as did his as she was pleasuring the both of them.

About the time he felt his balls beginning to tighten, she started moaning into him, his cock into her throat absorbing the vibrations. She herself started to cum, pulling her mouth just far enough off his cock to scream out in pleasure as her hands stroked him. She was oblivious, her eyes closed, her hand still stroking out of habit, as he blasted a thick white load onto her face and in her exclaiming open wide mouth.

The result was a gargling screech of pleasure by a facialed nympho on her knees behind a gas station counter sucking off a total stranger. Her hand fell from his cock, her body unable to hold itself up, she fell back on the floor. The clerk grabbed his cock and continued to stroke, dripping white stuff onto her shirt as she laid there. After a moment of recuperation, she sat up. "You have to mail something to that address with UPS, otherwise im coming back in here unhappy." "It seems like a fair deal to me," He said.

"No a fair deal would be a hundred bucks," She said, starting to stand. "I don't get to at least return the favor?" He asked.

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"Not a chance," She said, hopping over the counter, jizz still on her face. She walked out more confidently than she had walked in. The clerk looked at the slip of paper. "Sarah Carter," He read aloud. He wondered why a girl would give him a blow job for the two bucks it would cost to send a ups package. But he moved on just as fast, who wouldn't make that trade in his shoes? -Dustin June 25th