Licking her scoops and cunt

Licking her scoops and cunt
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We walked out of the theater calmly. I glanced back just before we lost sight of them. The first usher was standing by the seat I had fucked Bella in. Smiling and pointing at it for the second guy to come look. We walked out the exit door and light glared in our faces.

Bella turned to me and put her head against my chest. "I'm sure my friends have left me by now," she said. "I doubt mine waited 10 minutes much less an hour and a half," I replied. "I'll walk you home if, you want?" "Thanks Joe." We walked and talked.


After a few minutes she grabbed my hand. We held hands all the way to her house. I walked her right up to the front door. "Cynthia's really sick," she said. "My parents' car isn't here either." She was hinting I could come in. "I'm not sure that's a good idea," I replied reluctantly. She pulled my head down to her mouth and kissed me.

She kept kissing. I lifted her a little and put her back against one of the pillars. Her legs instinctively wrapped around me. My mouth had said I'm leaving but my body was saying not yet. My rod was hot and hard for this little girl. My girlfriend was inside this very house, sick. I set her down intending to go. She unbuttoned my pants pulled out my erection and turned around to lean against the pillar.

I automatically lifted the back of her skirt and positioned my self at her wet hole. I hesitated only a second, we're right out front. With only rose bushes to hide behind. If her parents pulled up the driveway they would see everything.

And with that in mind, I thrust into Bella's desirable slot. She moaned softly, and I pumped her hard from behind. She gripped the pillar as I rammed her. I could see her little heart shaped ass bounce with every thrust. I could feel her squirting me with each pop. I grabbed her hips and pulled her onto my sex staff. "Ooo! Ooh! Mhmm," escaped her each time my cock beat at her cervix. Some cars passed the front of her house. I didn't even slow down.

"I'm going to cum," I warned. She looked back at me. "Ok, wait," she asked as she got up and turned around. She knelt in front of me. Grabbed my burning pipe and sucked half of it into her mouth. "Oh, fuck!" She was using her hands too. One rubbing my shaft that didn't fit in her tiny teen mouth, the other tugging my sack down.

A car pulled up two houses down. I grabbed her head and pulled her back so she only had my mushroom top in her pretty little mouth. "Hhmmmm," she hummed with my cock in her mouth. "Ayhhh," I squealed as I sprayed her throat with my white hot cream. "Ggrrl," as she coughed up some of my jism.

She swallowed the the rest and kept me in her mouth to slurp my tip dry. The neighbors were taking bags out of the trunk of their car and glancing our way. I looked down at those amazing hazel eyes. Fuck her mouth looked great around my cock. She pulled her mouth back off my softening meat. I saw my spunk drip off her chin and onto her black skirt. She stood up and wiped her face. "I better get going," I said. Too late, a car pulled into the driveway.

I looked at her, wiped her face one more time, fastened my pants and stayed right there. "Fuck" I whispered. "Who's this?" Her dad asked in a deeper than normal voice. All I could manage was, "uh, Mr. T" My young accomplice came to the rescue, sort of, "this is Joe, you know him dad, Aida's brother." Her dad seemed to recognize me and relax a little, but just a little.

"Oh hi there Joe," Mrs. T said, very friendly. "How is Aida?" "She's very good thank you," I said then looked at Mr. T. I could tell he was not yet satisfied. "That's all great, what are you doing here?" He asked, the gruffness still in his voice. "He came to see how Cynthia was doing. They are all friends you know and concerned, dad." Again saved. Oh I owed Bella another good fuck after this. Since it was starting to look like there would be an after this for me.

"Why didn't he just call, then," her dad pressed. "We did," I risked. I'm sure the caller id would show at least one call from my sister. I was hoping it did anyway. "She must have been asleep then," Bella's mom said. "Oh calm down Hun he's just a friend. Cynthia is really sick." He looked at his daughter then his wife, "alright fine, make yourself useful and bring in these groceries." He indicated the car then walked inside with his own bags.

I reached in the trunk and looked around, one of the neighbors was still emptying his car. He didn't look over but I'm sure he knew exactly what Bella and I were doing just moments before. I quickly grabbed a bunch of bags and rushed inside.

As we finished unloading groceries I noticed Bella's skirt had a donut shaped white sperm stain right below her perfect pussy. If the dark area in the middle was any indication that stain would be very notable when it dried. "Well, I better get going. I was going to." I said as I turned and looked Bella right in the eyes, "change. I like to run a mile a day and I haven't been able to, so far." I turned to her parents as I finished.

Bella's face was bright red. So she got my hint. She made a comment about checking on Cynthia and she left towards her room. I did go home to change and went for a run. What was going on with me and Bella? It felt like more than just fuck buddies. What was going to happen when Cynthia started feeling better. [Joe chapter 8] .The next day. My mom was planted in front of the tv.

Dad was at work tonight. Aida, my sister, had gone over to visit Cynthia.

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Not wanting to watch my mom's chick tv marathon, I was in my room. I had a lot of pent up energy today so I pulled out my old Dumbbells and started working out. Halfway through my normal workout there was a tap at the window. I went to look, Bella was standing there smiling. I could see someone hiding by the bushes.

"Well, hello," I greeted Bella neutrally. "Hey can we hang out with you tonight?" She asked. "Who's we?" "Come here," she motioned her friend. "This is Amber, her older brother got us a bottle of rum." "And what are we going to do with that?" "I don't know, mix it with coke?" Bella said. As she let herself into my room. She gave me a nice view of her breasts as she climbed into my window.


She rolled-fell off the window seal and I got a peek up her skirt. As I'd hoped, no panties. Her friend climbed up and tried to turn while sitting on the window. Her skirt went up too! Hot red panties. These little girls were dressed for a night out and they were going to just 'hang out' with me? A mental alarm went off but the whole part of Bella wearing no panties had me interested. I sure felt underdressed in my sweats. "Let me get some glasses and coke then," I said leaving. Bella followed me out.

I stopped in the hall, "my mom is here." "So," she pushed me into the living room. I walked casually into the living room. My mom wasn't there. I could hear her on the phone in her room. My heart began beating again. Holy crap Bella was trying to kill me. What would we have said if my mom had still be on the couch? I went into the kitchen and got the cups while Bella dug out some cans of soda from the bottom of the fridge. Her skirt barely hiding her pink treasure. I stood behind her and reached up her skirt to rub her bare ass.

She stopped and backed into my crotch. Grinding her exposed pussy on my sweat pants. I dug my dick out of my sweats and slipped it between her legs.

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"Mhmm," she moaned as I forced it in her. She hung onto the fridge door as I pumped her from behind. All the stuff on the door was jiggling with each thrust. "Oh fuck, I'm glad you're here tonight," I grunted. "Yeah, prove it.

Show me how much you want me!" She taunted me. I responded by grabbing her waist and pulling her into each thrust. The result a sloppy squishy cry from her cunt as my cock impaled her. My balls were slapping against her as I rammed her. "I'm getting close," I warned.

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She reached up between her legs and gently tugged at my swinging sac. I felt my balls try to rise as she pulled down.

She pressed herself back hard, driving me into her cervix. "Ugh, Ahhhh" I moaned as I loaded her with my cream. She got up and sighed, "wow, you missed me that much since yesterday!" I shrugged.

"Let me get the cokes you take the cups." She just giggled. We creeped back to my room with drinks, Bella grabbed a bag of chips too. Smart girl. "Already?" Amber asked Bella. Bella turned red, "what did I tell you." "I know but I was sure he could have waited more then the first five minutes you walked in!" Amber replied.

I guess Bella had told her friend about us.

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We drank and laughed and played some games in my room for hours. When they went to the restroom I scouted out first to make sure it was clear. After a while Bella and Amber whispered to each other and Bella came and sat on my lap.

We all joked and talked some more. It was nice holding her on my lap. She smelled vanilla and something cake or cookie like. "I'm bored of this card game. Do you know any others?" Amber asked after a few minutes. Bella asked, "do you know how to play poker?" She twisted around to look me in the eyes.

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She had a mischievous twinkle in her beautiful hazel eyes. Another alarm began but for this 13 year old I'd do anything. I was already cheating on her sister for her. Well for myself too. "Yeah, I know how to play. Would you like me to teach you?" I offered.

"Yes." They echoed. Oh, that was too fast. We played a few rounds and the girls swore they understood. Bella climbed off my lap and moved so Amber and I couldn't 'cheat.' I laughed as I won the first hand, "well that's a nice start." In fact I won most of the hands. It started to get boring winning so much. "Ok why don't we bet something on these? I'd be rich." "I don't know," Amber said, "I don't have any money to bet." I dealt the next hand.

Bella smiled big and said, "I bet my shirt!" I laughed but, she won the round and Amber slowly took off her shirt. So, Off came my shirt too then. Now I couldn't help but glance at Ambers breast. They looked big in her teen bra, especially for her small figure. The next round Bella and I both lost.

She removed her shirt and I lost my sweat pants. Good thing I actually had boxers on tonight. I won the next two hands!

"This isn't right" Amber said as she took off her bra. Leaving her only in a pair of hot pink string bikinis. "What about me?" Bella complained. She only had her skirt left, and we both knew nothing else.

Amber laughed when she saw Bella's skirt hit the floor. "That will teach you!" She said. I looked around at the two sexy girls with me. I was feeling pretty tipsy. "One last round winner takes all." I announced. They both nodded. "Three tens," Amber said smiling. "Damn, a pair of eights," I admitted. "I didn't have any pairs at all," Bella said "It's ok babe," I reassured her, "you're already nude anyway." "Yeah that's true" she said as she laid her cards out.

"Take it off, loser!" Amber demanded. "I've been waiting to see it all night." "Yeah, take it off hot stuff!" Bella said. I looked at the cards again and laughed. "Ok but you take yours off too!" "I didn't lose," Amber replied confidently.

"Yes you did," I pointed to Bella's cards, "she got a straight, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 all clubs!" Amber stood up right in front of me eyes looking directly into mine, challenging me then quickly she slid her panties off. I had front row seats to her pussy show. She had a small patch of hair that she didn't trim. It was thin enough that it didn't stop me from seeing her pussy lips. "Ok, ok you've looked enough. If you want to fuck her you'll need to take you underwear off first." Bella said.

I couldn't tell if she was kidding or serious. By the way she looked at me I knew one thing. I needed to take my clothes off. "Ok ok." Bella directed Amber to sit on the floor by my bed and she pulled me along too.

They both sat in front of me on the floor. My cock was trying to tear it's way out of my underwear. I took a deep breath. Before I could do anything else Bella grabbed my boxers and pulled them down. My dick flapped from the force and nearly slapped her in the face.

Bella reached up and grasped my shaft. She started stroking me. Amber looked at my face, then reached out and grabbed it too. "Feels hot," she said. Bella let go of my shaft so Amber could feel the whole length of my rod. Bella moved down to my nuts, massaging them. Amber wanted to try them too, she barely touched them. Shy or disgusted I'm not sure which. Bella put Amber's hand back on my shaft.

"They like it when you stroke it," Bella was saying. "Really," Amber asked. "Yeah, faster too" I prompted. She complied. Oh how nice, I was training material for a 13 year old. She still had too soft a grip. "And he really like this," Bella said.

I looked down again in time to see her open her little drunk teen mouth and swallow the first four inches of my pole. Her tongue was dancing around my dick inside her mouth!

"Oh yeah, that's so hot babe," I said. She pulled back to just the tip and sucked really hard. Still sucking me she pulled back more until my cock popped out of her mouth. She breathed heavily and said, "like that, think you can do it?" Amber leaned forward and imitated Bella's exact move.

Opened her mouth and took a bout three inches in her mouth. She looked down at my dick in her mouth. She sucked and pulled more of me in. 4 inches. 5 inches. She looked again her eyes getting wider.

Then she grabbed my waist and pulled me toward her face. I could feel the back of her throat already she started swallowing several times and managed to fit another half inch in. "Holy shit, Amber! You're deep throating him!" "Ugh, I can feel my dick in her throat swallowing me," I gasped. The feeling was incredible.

She pulled my staff out of her tiny mouth. Amber gasped for air then looked at my dick, and with a deep breath inhaled my hot rod into her mouth and down her throat. "Oh my god that's almost all of him!" Bella exclaimed. Amber pulled me out and coughed. "Come on you almost had it all, just one more inch Amber." Bella said.

I just stood watching. Holy crap that felt good. She caught her breath then tried again. Her head wiggled a little to work me down further. "Just this much more," Bella indicated with two fingers. "Surely you can fit it all, it's less then an inch now!" Amber coughed me out of her teen throat. "I can't she panted. It's too big." "But it's less then an inch," Bella said again. "No." Amber was still catching her breath, "it just won't fit in my throat any further.

I can't fit it in." Bella looked at my thick dick and she took a deep breath and tried too. She sucked me in, I could feel her tiny throat open for my big meat stick.

"Good Bella, now try to relax your throat more and pull him in." Amber coached. "You still have another two inches to swallow." Bella pulled me out gasping. "I see what you mean, he's too thick." She looked up at me, a look of determination in her eyes. "Let me try again." She repositioned herself in front of me. Again she took a deep breath and swallowed my staff. I felt her throat swallow three times! "Oh my god I can't believe it! You did it!" Amber practically shouted. Bella's mouth had opened up and sucked me whole.

It only lasted a second but it was amazing. She coughed me out and looked up at me. I was so proud of my little 13 year old. What were we again? I thought of this girl as my queen. my lover. my girlfriend. What about Cynthia?