Lewd Amateur Tranny Floozy Wearing Glasses

Lewd Amateur Tranny Floozy Wearing Glasses
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt5 After Mark had 'inspected' all of the girls I felt it was important that I have a little man to man talk with him. He had done the job exactly as I had asked him, but he needed to know some things about respect and courtesy that definitely applied to this situation.

We walked into his room and I closed the door, this was going to be the first really major talk I had with him so a little privacy was in order. I had already talked to him earlier this year about the birds and the bees when he had turned ten and I had found a girly magazine in his closet, but this was on a completely different level.

Immediately he went into his bathroom and closed the door. A little bit of cleanup was probably in order so I just sat on the edge of his bed and waited patiently.

A few minutes later he came out with a towel wrapped around his waist and an embarrassing look on his face. "Are you alright?" I asked as he went to his drawer to pull out a new pair of underwear and shorts. He just half way glanced at me before replying. "Yea. I had a little accident but I'm ok." "Shot your load in your pants, right?" I asked.

Instantly he got beet red and turned away from me. "I guess so." Was all he said. "It's ok buddy," I consoled him. "It has happened to me too." My admission apparently struck a chord with him because he quickly picked up his head and turned to me. "You have had an accident like this?" he asked with a degree of curiosity in his voice. "Sure I have," I told him. I then went on to tell him about the first time I had ever had the opportunity to touch a girl 'down there'.

It was back when I was 11 and it was the girl who lived next door. We had gone out in the back yard and were hiding behind my dad's work shed playing show and tell.

I had already shown her mine, and with a little convincing I got her to raise her skirt and drop her panties. I remember looking at the smooth skin of her hairless pussy and wondering just how anything like that would work. When she let me touch her I shot my load all in my shorts. Mark chuckled with a big grin on his face. I went on to tell Mark that his new 'job' did not mean that he was to treat his sister and cousins any differently.

This was a job he was doing for ME, and he was to treat them with the same courtesy and respect that he would at any other time or place.

This would be an event that happened in the house, and only in the girls' room. No one else was to know about it or participate. "That means you are not to tell Eric, or any of your friends about this. Do you understand?" I was very clear about that last part because I wanted it to sink in. "If you tell anyone anything about this, you will not be allowed to participate again. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes dad." He replied and shook his head yes. "Ok then," I said as I stood up and headed for the door.

"That was pretty cool though wasn't it?" I said as I stopped just inside his door. A big smile came across his face and he turned a little bit red again before he replied. "Yes it was." "I thought so," I responded as I opened the door. "Get some sleep. Goodnight." "Thanks dad," he spoke back. "Goodnight." Mark is a good kid, he really is. In the past, anytime I have been required to talk to him about anything important he has always got it on the first go around.

So I was secure in knowing that he would handle his new job well. As I walked down the hallway I saw Erin's door open a little so I stopped and stuck my head in. "Are you ok sweetie?" I asked from the open doorway. "Yea." She replied from her position on the bed with her blankets pulled up to her chin. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" "Sure sweetie," and I stepped into her room. "Close the door," she quickly blurted out before I could take another step.

I pushed the door almost all the way shut and then walked over to her bed. Sitting down beside her I then asked softly, "What is it honey?" She paused for a moment while twisting a lock of her hair. "Why did you bring Mark into the room and have him stick his fingers in us?" she asked in a rather flat tone. Her question told me she was upset with my decision and I immediately shifted into damage control. "Well," I said while shift my position a little, "It was to teach him some additional responsibility and to get him to interact with the three of you.

Why, did that upset you?" Her gaze shifted around a little before she responded. "A little bit at first. It's just that he has never seen me naked before. Especially like that." "I'm sorry honey," I said while rubbing her hip.

"I didn't think it would bother you." "No," she answered while looking into my eyes again. "It's ok. He just hurt me a little the first time he put his finger in me." "I am really sorry about that honey," I said while placing my hand on the blankets directly over her pussy.

"I should have talked to him first about how to do things." "It's ok dad, really," she reiterated with a little smile on her face. "I was just a bit nervous but I'm fine now." "So it's ok if he continues while I am gone?" I asked while rubbing her pussy through the blankets.

"Yes dad." And she smiled at me. "Great," I responded to her with new found confidence. "I'll speak to him again tomorrow and supervise in the morning. Ok?" "Ok dad." "Is there anything else I can do for you?" I asked as I was about to get up. "Yes there is," she replied while shifting her position in the bed to open up her legs. "I saw what Saki was doing to your finger while you were watching me and Mark.

Would you do that to me before you leave?" Her request was sincere, and I felt I owed her something since I had surprised her with Mark. "Sure honey," I replied with a big smile. "Anything for you." In a flash Erin threw the covers off of her to reveal her 12 year old naked body.

In the dim light of her desk lamp she looked good, the shadows of her A cup boobies only accentuated her minimal curves making her look more like a mature woman. She already had her legs opened, but without the confines of the covers she spread them out even wider. As I moved my hand down between her legs she reached in and pulled her pussy wide open with both hands, exposing her soft pink interior to the outside world.

I now had complete and unobstructed access to my daughter. I extended my middle finger and slowly pushed it into her, stopping only when my knuckles came to rest against her crotch. Erin let out a light sigh as my digit opened her up from opening to cervix. I paused for just a moment before I began sliding my finger in and out at a slow and steady speed, finger fucking her with long deep strokes.

Erin sighed and trembled as I worked my finger in her, relishing the new sensations of being 'fucked' for the first time. I will admit that it was starting to get to me a little bit. The beast in my robe began to stir as the aroma of fresh young pussy drifted up to my nose. "Daddy," she said in a quiet but quivering voice, "can you put in another one?" "I'll try," I said as I repositioned myself for a little better angle.

The next time I pulled back, I added my index finger alongside my middle finger and pressed them into her. She took in a deep breath as my two fingers opened her even wider, causing her to let out an even louder moan. "Are you ok?" I asked as I stopped pushing with my fingers when they were about halfway inside her. "It's just so big," she answered back while taking a few deep breaths. "Keep going. I'm ok." I think lube was a part of the issue here. Instead of trying to push in the rest of the way I pulled back out a little, dragging some of her juice out with my fingers.

When I started to push in again my fingers slid right in all the way down to my knuckles. Erin let out a quick gasp as I began sliding my fingers in and out at a nice slow pace. She was really enjoying all the new sensations she was experiencing and her body language proved it. She raised her knees up to her chest and her hands let go of her pussy so she could grab onto the top of her mattress and hold on, grasping two big handfuls of the sheets and mattress top.

Her mouth was open and her little nipples hardened into small erasers on top of her breasts. I was giving my darling little girl her first real sexual experience and she was thoroughly enjoying it. My fingers started to get really wet as I began to work them in and out a little faster and rub her hardened little clit with my thumb. Erin was now gasping for breath due to the long stroke of my fingers in her now loosening up gash. Then suddenly, without warning, Erin sucked in her breath, slammed her legs shut on my arm, and began shaking uncontrollably.

Her first real orgasm. I quickly began wiggling my fingers against her G spot and that sent her flying over the top. She bucked up really hard one time, arching her back to an almost unbelievable degree before she collapsed onto the bed. Only her chest was moving up and down as I pulled my juice covered fingers from inside her and licked them clean. "What was that!" she exclaimed in between gasps for air. "I got all tingly and it felt so good." I smiled down at my daughter and said, "You just had your first real orgasm." Instantly she sat up in bed and threw her arms around me and hugged me very hard.

"Thank you daddy," she said into my chest. "I love you so much! Oh, that was so good!" I hugged her back and gently stroked her hair. "You're welcome sweetie. Now get some sleep." 'Another satisfied customer,' I said to myself as I stood up and recovered her with her blankets. She looked so peaceful laying there.

I stroked her cheek and gave her a kiss before heading out of her room and closed the door behind me. I knew she was going to sleep well. Kayko was waiting for me when I walked into the master bedroom.

She was standing at the foot of the bed in the same position the girls were in when Mark and I had gone in to check on them. She was standing straight legged, feet apart, and bent over at the waist with her pussy pulled wide open. "This is a pleasant surprise," I said as I walked into the room. "Do you want me to check you out little girl." "I'm ready," she replied without even looking back at me.

I already had a stiffy from playing with my daughters' pussy, now I was going to put it to good use. As I stepped up behind my wife I untied my robe, allowing my steel hard shaft to spring free. With virtually no effort at all I stepped forward and walked straight into my wife, plunging all 8 inches of my shaft into her until I bottomed out at the top of her pussy.

Kayko let out a very audible sigh as she was quickly filled with her husband's magic wand. I didn't waste any time and began pumping in and out of her with long powerful strokes. Kayko had to let go of her ass to brace herself on the bed as I drove into her. "I just finger fucked Erin to her first orgasm," I said as I drove into my wife. "I know," she replied while gripping my dick with her pussy, "I was watching from the door." Her admission to having watched the whole ordeal only increased my desire for her and I began pumping my dick into her really hard and fast.

"Do you thing she enjoyed it?" I asked without missing a stroke. "Yes," Kayko replied between gasps for air as my pumping made her rock back and forth. "But nowhere near as much as I am enjoying this." I pressed in deep into Kayko and held my ground, holding my dick firmly against the top of her pussy.

I then reached around her and cupped both of her breasts before pulling her up till she was upright. Kayko reached up over her head with her arms and encircled my head before turning her face up to one side and kissed me very deeply. Her warm body was pressed up against my chest as I held her close to me while squeezing her breasts.

When I straightened my legs out I moved one hand down to her pussy and crossed her chest with the other and lifted her feet clean off the floor, her ass and crotch were mashed against me supporting her weight. "Oh yes," she moaned as my dick was forced just a little farther into her.

Moving around, while hold up Kayko, is pretty easy for me, especially since she loves everything that I do to her. I carried her over to the bed and tossed her down. She flew straight off my dick and bounced once or twice before rolling over onto her back. Immediately she spread her legs wide open while bringing her knees up to her chest. "Fuck a hole through me Mike," she said as she again pulled her pussy lips wide open with both hands. Would you need a better invitation than that?

I dove on top of Kayko and rammed my dick as far into her as I possibly could which caused her to let out a bit of a yelp. But I was a machine with a singular purpose. With two handfuls of sheet I began pummeling her pussy like a pile driver.

Kayko moaned and thrashed her head back and forth as I quite literally tried to destroy my wife. She squeezed and released with her pussy at the same pace I was driving into her, making herself feel like a virgin to me on each in stroke.

I was in heaven and Kayko was loving every minute of it. I think if she had been able, she would have had me crawl up inside her and just live there. She moaned, she groaned, she squeezed her own breasts like they were play dough while I hammered into her. After she had already had 3 or 4 orgasms I slowed my pace and started with long deep strokes, pulling almost all the way out before smashing the head of my dick into her cervix. Kayko quickly clasp her legs around my back and drew me in tight to her.

She pulled me down by my neck and kissed me passionately before pulling back and looking me in the eye. "Cum in me lover," she said in a longing and sexy voice while her pussy shifted into hyper drive, sucking me from base to tip. "Please baby, cum inside me." KABOOM!! I emptied my nuts. It's that simple. Kayko let out a little whine when the first hot shot blasted through her cervix and straight into her womb. It was very satisfying to watch her reactions as I filled her up with baby juice.

She began kissing me again with all of the passion that there could possibly be while we remained locked in place. It seemed like forever that I shot into her, but it was very good. When my spasms finally subsided she unlocked her legs and let me roll off to the side, breathing heavily. Kayko closed her legs together and let out a loud sigh. "Mmmm, that was so good." She hummed while rubbing the pit of her stomach.

She then looked over at me with a twinkle in her eye and a very naughty smile. At that moment she appeared to me to be more beautiful than I had ever seen her.

Her face was radiant, her eyes were sparkling, and she had the most beautiful sexy smile I have ever seen. I am the luckiest guy in the world!

We snuggled up together and fell asleep on top of the blankets like two spoons in a drawer. It had been a long day and we both were tired. Tomorrow would be just as interesting. A note to my readers: I know it seems like all I do is fuck my wife over and over. But to be completely honest, that is exactly how it is. I am away from home, on average, 300 days out of the year. So when I get home, you can bet your ass that I am going to spend as much time inside my wife as possible, and cum in her as many times as my body will allow.

A typical 3 days at home will result in me and Kayko making love or screwing each other's brains out at least 10 times. I know it's not in my stories but I do use Viagra. It works. TRUST ME! ………………………………&hellip. Sunday. The second full day with the twins. When I woke up it was already light outside and Kayko was gone.

She had thrown a robe over me so I put it on and headed down the hallway to the girls room. When I got there Mark was in the middle of his inspection with his finger stuck deep inside his sister. But Kayko was at the far end of the line in the same position as the rest of the girls. As I walked in he looked over at me with his finger still digging around inside Erin.

"Mom said it was ok," he said as he pulled his finger out and stuck it in his mouth. "If she's good with it," I responded while stepping up behind Shiori and sticking my finger into her, "then it's fine with me." In tandem we worked our way down the line, checking each girl out thoroughly.

I used two fingers on Erin when I got to her and she responded well. When Mark got to his mother he paused for just a second as I pressed my finger into Saki's super tight little box. "What's the matter buddy," I said as I twisted my finger back and forth, making Saki giggle. "It's mom," he said with a somewhat lost look on his face.

I didn't get the chance to respond before Kayko spoke up. "It's ok honey," she said as she stuck her ass out a little farther. "I'm a girl too." That little bit of reassurance was all he needed. He raised his hand, extended his index finger, and buried it inside his mother until his knuckles rested against her crotch.

Kayko let out a reassuring sigh as he began twisting his finger back and forth. On the second turn his eyes got really wide and he stopped twisting his finger. "She's squeezing my finger!" he exclaimed with the most surprised look on his face.

"I know what you're talking about buddy," I said as I poked my finger in and out of Saki a few times. I just smiled along with Kayko, knowing fully well that she was just teasing him. He began twisting his finger again, digging deep into his mother. I was starting to get another boner as I watched the events going on just a few feet away from me, wishing it was my dick inside my wife and not my sons' finger.

After a few more twists he pulled his finger out. It was covered with Kaykos' juice. When he stuck it in his mouth a big smile came across his face. "She tastes sweet," he said before reinserting his finger into his mouth. I pulled my finger out of Saki so quickly it made a loud pop, bringing about laughter from everyone and a nice crimson blush from Saki.


I stuck my finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. "She sure does," I said as I stepped up to Kayko. "I'll check you out later," I said as I gave her a nice little pat on the ass. Kayko stood up and said something in Japanese which sent everyone scurrying in all directions. Mark and Erin headed out the door and down the hall, Saki and Shiori went straight for their closets and began their clothes selection, and Kayko put on her robe, looped her arm over mine and lead me toward the door.

As we walked out into the hallway Kayko spoke up. "I know its Sunday and you have things to do, but the girls really do need another bed." "Let me guess," I said as I reached into her robe and buried two fingers inside her. "They were in the same bed together sleeping like I am holding you now." "Yes," she said with a smile on her face as I tugged her down the hall to our room.

"I don't think they open until 12." I said as I pulled my fingers out of my wife and licked them clean right in front of her face.

"I'll go and see what I can do." "Thanks honey." And she kissed me. Shopping for a bed is a real pain in the ass. It was almost a 45 minute drive one way, and they didn't open until 1. I sat in the parking lot with the air conditioner running on full blast so I wouldn't melt while I waited.

The whole time I was wondering what was going on at the house. When they finally did open it took me all of ten minutes to pick out a bed for the girls. It's a queen size with a pillow top mattress and fitted comforter.


The headboard is cherry with large round turnings and big round balls on their tops. I set the delivery up for Monday afternoon. That was the best I could do. Kayko would just have to oversee the delivery because I was going to be gone. I stopped at a linen store and bought 3 sets of queen sized sheets for the girls before heading home.

At least now I could get my stuff done. When I got home the house was strangely quiet. As I walked through I check all the rooms.

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Empty, including all of the bedrooms. Kayko must have the girls doing something I thought as I walked in to my office and fired up my computer. This trip to Germany was going to be difficult so I needed the time alone for some extra preparation.

As my desktop came up the little camera icon was flashing in the upper right hand corner. Kayko was in her exercise room. I clicked on the icon and got out my briefcase while the images loaded.

Kayko had the girls in her building. She was walking back and forth while the three girls were sitting on the floor naked.

They had the bottoms of their feet pressed together, almost like they were sitting Indian style, their hands were gripping their toes and they were using their elbows to push their knees down. In turn Kayko went to each girl and pushed their feet in closer to their bodies, helping them to stretch the inner muscles of their legs. When she had visited all three she sat down in front of them and assumed the same position, feet pads together, hands gripping toes, elbows pushing down on her knees, but Kayko was able to bring her heels all the way in until they were pressed against her pussy.

"Yoga class," I said semi out loud as I pulled the massive file for Germany out and flopped it down on my desk. "Oh boy." It was almost 4:30 the next time I looked at the clock and my brain was a little tired. I had managed to get almost all of my work done and decided to look in on the girls. The little camera icon was still blinking so I clicked on it and waited for the images to load.

Erin and the twins were attempting to do the splits while Kayko went from girl to girl. She would place her hands under the insides of their thighs and rub the muscles vigorously before letting go and then pressing down on their hips. Back and forth she went from one end of the line to the other, each time getting the perspective girl down a little farther toward the floor.

After several trips back and forth Kayko walked around in front of them and did a perfect Chinese split. That's where her legs go straight out to the side, her heels are on the floor, and her feet are pointing straight up with her pussy firmly on the ground.

Kayko had done this with me on countless occasions so it was nothing new for me to see. But as soon as she reached the floor she began speaking to the girls and pointing out places on her legs. I am going to have to put in cameras with sound! While Kayko continued with the girls I carried all of the Fed-Ex boxes up stairs to the girls' room. There were a lot of them but I only counted 13.

Two were missing. I double checked the invoice and counted 15 that I signed for. Then I remembered the two that Kayko picked up. She must have put them away already so I thought nothing of it and put it out of my mind.

As I was coming back down the stairs all of the girls came piling into the kitchen from the patio wearing their robes. All of them except for Kayko were walking funny. "Mike," Kayko said as she pulled the French doors shut. "There are two boxes in the gym that I need you to put together for me. Can you do it really quick while I make dinner?" Who am I to say no to my wife?

"Sure thing honey, I'll get right on it." I walked across the yard in the blazing heat thanking God for air conditioning. It turned out to be a really good move to put AC in Kaykos building because the thermometer just outside her door read 105. I stepped into the cool air and found the two boxes that had been missing sitting on the chair.

I opened the first one to find two long wood beams with five holes down the center, and 4 holes on the opposite side at the ends. There were also 8 shorter wooden legs in there. I screwed the legs into the bottom holes and found that I had made two 4 foot long and 2 foot high saw horses. In the other box there were 10 wooden pegs and a bag with 10 round stones. 5 of the pegs were all the same height, about an inch shorter than the shortest phallus on Kaykos horse, but different diameters.

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The other five were all the same diameter but different heights, ranging from 2 inches tall to the same length as the largest diameter peg on the other horse.

The stones were all as big around as the largest diameter peg and all were polished to an almost flawless shine. I immediately knew who these were for when I saw the pegs and the stones.

I screwed the pegs into the holes and aligned the two horses out in the room so they would be visible from at least 3 of the cameras in the room. I conveniently found a small hook on the end of the horse with the different diameter pegs on it and I hung the bag of rocks there. When I was done I headed back into the house. All of the girls were sitting at the table eating when I came in. "I'm done," I said as I walked up to Kayko and cupped both of her breasts from behind.

"Thanks honey," she replied, and then she nuzzled my face from the side. "I have the two horses set in a good place," I told her as I squeezed her breasts. "Maybe you can give me a demo later." "It will be a little while before we get to that," she said as she finished loading my plate with enough food for two people.

"We still have a lot of stretching to do." I was not about to argue with my wife when this was clearly her realm of expertise. She knows what she is doing. After all, she does have over 20 years of experience. I took my plate and gave her a kiss on the cheek before going over and sitting down between Erin and Saki (I think). "So how is everyone," I said as I dug into my food. "A little sore," responded Erin as she shifted around in her seat.

"Yea," replied Saki and Shiori.

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"But I was able to make it all the way to the floor doing the splits," said the twin sitting next to me. "And which one are you?" I asked while smiling down at her. "I'm Saki," she said with a huge smile on her face. "Good job sweetie," I said. Kayko then interjected, "Ok girls, finish up and head back over to the gym." The girls quickly scarfed down the rest of their food before putting their plates into the dishwasher and heading out the door.

"Is that what you are calling it now?" I asked Kayko in reference to her building. "Just a matter of practicality," she said as she headed for the door. "If you get the chance," she said as she paused while half way out the door, "I need some poster board and a few different colored markers." "Sure thing honey, I'll bring them by in just a few.

By the way," I continued, "The new bed will be here tomorrow sometime around 3. Let the delivery guys do all the work, that's why I paid them." Kayko smiled at me and blew me a kiss before heading off across the yard after the girls.

She certainly is dedicated to us. I finished my food and grabbed the poster board and the pens from my office before setting off across the yard. For just a moment I thought I was going to burst into flames it was so hot. Damn it was miserable. At Kaykos' gym I was welcomed by a nice cool whoosh of AC as I swung the door open. AAH YES! Wonderful air conditioning!

As I walked in the girls were all sitting on the floor in their robes with their feet tucked under them and their hands resting on their knees. Kayko was sitting completely nude in the chair directly in front of them with her legs spread wide apart. She had two fingers from each hand stuck inside her pussy and had it pulled wide open while speaking in Japanese to the girls.

The hole in between her legs that lead up into her was almost the same diameter as my dick. The girls occasionally bobbed their heads from side to side in an effort to see up inside her. I watched intently as she explained something to the girls, occasionally moving her hands up and down the muscle groups that make up the inside of your thighs before sticking her fingers back inside and pulling herself open again. The girls never even bothered to look at me, they were completely focused on Kayko.

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After a few more words Kayko pulled her fingers from inside her, clapped her hands and barked out some kind of command. Immediately the girls stood up, pulled their robes off, and then sat back down on the floor with their legs spread wide apart and their backs straight. Kayko barked out another command and all three rolled forward at the waist until their chests were almost touching the floor, forcing their legs to stretch wide open. Kayko went to each girl while barking out commands and pressed down on their backs.

I didn't realize my wife had it in her to sound like a really pissed off school teacher, but there she was. Erin grunted a little as her mother pressed down on her back, pressing her little A cup cones all the way down onto the carpeting.

After holding her there for almost 10 seconds she let her go and proceeded to the next girl. Again she got the same kind of result from the same action. From my stand point I think I had the greatest view that money could buy. I had 3 lightly tanned asses looking back at me with 3 pink little pussies winking at me from underneath where their asses almost touched the floor. When each girl was pressed down, more of her sweet gash came into view as she rocked forward.

Kayko went back and forth as I headed back across the room toward the door. I figured I had better leave before she made me do that and crippled me for life. Kayko knew what she was doing, and her actions proved it. As I sat behind my desk, finishing up my work, I looked up many times to see her giving instructions to the girls.

Sometimes the girls were sitting or standing while she talked. At other times they were on the floor in a variety of positions with her pacing back and forth and barking out commands. It was rather impressive. I stuck my nose back into my work to finish things up. My trip in the morning would arrive too soon. I was just typing the last part of a presentation when the phone rang. "Hello," I said into my cell phone, not sure of whom it was.

"Sweetie can you come out here please?" the familiar voice said. It was Kayko. I looked at the monitor to see her standing with her phone and the girls all lined up in a row. "On my way," I replied as I stood up. I was wondering what this was all about as I walked across the back yard and entered the gym.

When I entered I asked, "What's the matter?" "Nothing," Kayko replied. "We just need an impartial judge." "Ok," I responded at a bit of a loss. Kayko motioned for me to sit in the chair which had been placed right at the edge of the largest open area of the floor. I sat down and looked at the three girls lined up. "Ok, what am I judging?" I asked as I smacked my hands on my knees. Kayko walked around the three naked girls and stepped up right beside me. She was still naked too but firmly in command of the trio.

"I am looking for posture, form, and closest to the ground," she said as she handed me a piece of paper and one of the pens I had given her.

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The three girl's names were written on it in the apparent order in which she wanted them to go. So I called out the first name. "Saki, you're up." Saki was the twin on the left end of the line. She carefully stepped forward and stood straight up with her feet together and froze in place. Her back was straight, her arms were at her sides, and she had the nicest little gap just below her pussy. She kept wiggling her toes against the carpet so I deducted a point. "Am I using a 1 to 10 scale?" I asked Kayko as I prepared to write.

"Yes," she responded from her standing position. "Ok," I said as I wrote down a 9 next to her name. "Next," I said. Saki then squatted down with her knees together, placed her hands on the floor in front of her feet, and then stretched her legs straight out to the side before sitting all the way down to the floor. Her pussy was resting squarely against the carpet.

She then placed her hands on the top of her thighs and just sat motionless. I heard a little whisper come from the two behind her, but so did Kayko. In a flash she barked out something in Japanese and the two just nodded yes before standing motionless. I looked at Saki who was looking back at me squarely in the eye with a nice smile on her face. I gave her an 8 on her form because I think she should have squatted down with her knees spread apart.

But for closest to the floor, she got a 10 for a total of 27. I made a little note next to the 8 about her knees and then said, "Ok, good job." Saki leaned back, swung her legs together and then stood up. She gave a polite bow before turning and resuming her place in line. "Shiori, you're next." I said as I looked carefully at the next twin. Shiori stepped up into the middle of the clear area and stopped with her feet together.

She stood up straight, just as Saki had done, and her hands hung down at her sides. But she was fidgeting a little so she lost a point. She had the same size of gap below her pussy with the same pink pussy lips.

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I wrote down a 9 next to her name as well. So far it was a tie in category one. "Ok," I said, looking back up at her, "Next." Shiori then squatted down with her knees going out to the sides. Exposing her pink pussy more and more the farther she went down.

She placed her hands on the floor in front of her feet and spread her legs straight out to the sides. She teetered back and forth a little before stopping with her pussy almost 2 inches above the carpet. She straightened out her back, but had to keep one hand on the floor for balance since she was not all the way down.

I wrote down a 7 for her form and made a little note, sighting what I had seen. And as for closest to the ground I gave her an 8 for a total of 24. When I finished writing I looked back up at the smiling girl. "Good job." Shiori 'dismounted' in the same fashion as Saki, leaning back, swinging her legs together, and then standing up.

She also gave a nice bow before returning to her place in line. "Ok Erin," I said as I looked at my daughter, "You're up." Erin smiled at me and stepped forward with a nice little saunter to her steps, making her ass wink back and forth just a tiny little bit.

She stopped in the middle of the floor with her feet together, arms at her sides, her back straight, and her chest out with her little nipples standing at attention. Damn she looked good! Just like her mother. She has a nice 1 ½ inch wide gap just below her pussy leading down to some really nice legs. And the tiny bit of peach fuzz making up the slightest hint of a patch was shaped just like her mothers. She stood still with her chin up and a smile on her face.

I had to give her a 10. "Ok, next." I said as I wrote down her score. Unfortunately Erin did the same as Saki when she squatted down, she kept her knees together.

Saki had lost 2 points so Erin lost the same. She placed her hands on the floor and spread her legs out to the sides and lowered herself down.

She didn't make it all the way to the floor, she was about an inch shy, and her back was bowed. She did bring her hands up and place them on her legs, but her posture was bad. I gave her a 7 for her form and a 9 for closest to the ground for a total of 26. "Ok sweetie," I said as I jotted down a few things. Erin plopped backward on her butt, brought her feet together and stood up.

Instead of bowing she looked at me and said, "Thanks dad." She then turned around and resumed her place in line. "Kayko," I called out while jotting her name down on the piece of paper. My wife looked at me and said, "Yes, what is it?" "You're next." I replied while looking up at her with a grin.

Kayko got this half smile half mischievous look on her face before she stepped out into the middle of the floor. When she turned around she placed her feet together and stood up straight. My god she is gorgeous!

Her long black hair hung from a single pony tail at the back of her head stopping just above her butt. Her firm round breasts stood up proudly with two hard little nipples sticking straight out at me. Then there are her legs, wow! Her nicely tanned stems came up to the nice 2 inch wide gap right below her pussy leaving a hole shaped just like a heart.

With her neatly trimmed patch and nice slender curves it's no wonder I make love to her so often. She smiled at me with a very seductive look on her face as I checked out every inch of her from head to toe. I wrote down a 10 next to her name. "Ok, next," I said as I carefully observed her technique. Kayko then squatted down with her knees spread as wide apart as possible.

Before she placed her hands on the floor she reached between her legs and pulled her pussy lips open, leaving her inner gash completely exposed.

She placed her hands on the floor, spread her legs out to either side and lowered herself down until her splayed open cunt rested firmly on the carpet. As soon as she was down she straightened out her back, threw her chest out to display her hardened nipples, rested her hands on the top of her thighs right at the crease of her hips, and smiled a very pleasant and seductive smile at me.

Two more 10's! I was impressed even though I had seen her do that on top of me many times. The three girls were watching very closely as Kayko performed the assigned task.

"Excellent," I said as I totaled up her score of 30. "Excellent job everyone," I said while clapping my hands, "you guys have done very well." As Kayko stood up she spoke to the girls again in Japanese which made all of them put their robes on and head for the door.

As the last one exited Kayko looked at me with an extremely lustful gleam in her eye. She didn't say another word; she just came over to me, unzipped my pants and pulled my hard as titanium cock out.

Spreading her feet apart she straddled me and the chair and ever so calmly impaled herself on my engorged member. A very pleasant sigh came from her as she slid all the way down until her ass rested firmly in my lap. Her well trained pussy began milking me as soon as she was firmly in place.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and hugged herself to me very tightly while kissing me like we were newlyweds. "What was that for?" I asked when she finally came up for air. She looked into my eyes and very quietly said, "I love you." That works for me! I stood up with Kayko still hanging on to me and mounted firmly on my dick. She wrapped her legs around my back and I headed for the door, pausing only long enough for her to grab her robe.

As I walked across the yard the girls were in the pool swimming laps across the shallow end. Kayko looked at the girls and then at me. "We've got some time," she said as she squeezed my dick really hard and then began my favorite rippling motion. "Want to make your wife happy?" I just smiled at her before planting a hot opened mouth kiss on her sweet lips. What do you think? End Pt5