Prince bangs his new hot gf August Ames from behind

Prince bangs his new hot gf August Ames from behind
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Rose and Ichiro have a commuter relationship, causing them to be apart a good deal of the time. At the time of the events, it has been a couple of months since they've been together. This story is told from both points of view, interweaving them.

It begins with Rose and alternates with Ichiro at the breaks. **************************** It's the night before Ichiro's birthday. Unbeknownst to him, I have arranged to take the week off. I have driven home and left the truck parked out of sight. He's out when I get there, around dusk. Perfect. I grab a small bag, lock the truck, walk to the house and let myself in. I step into the bathroom and leave my black silk hair bow laying on the sink.

I shake out my long, dark hair, check the mirror, smile, and head upstairs. I close the blinds and light the oil lamp, turning it down low. I hang my coat in the closet. I'm wearing a royal blue dress, made of soft knit fabric, with black heels and black stockings.

The neck has a sweetheart line which plunges rather low, so I have a rhinestone brooch in it, which I now remove. I smooth the bed and fold the covers at the bottom. I run a hand through my hair, which is curled and wavy, with nothing tying it down. I have a very narrow black velvet ribbon round my neck. The dress itself is simple; sleeves puffed on top, fitted just below the elbow where they stop, bodice fitt ed, very full skirt that hangs to mid-calf. A matching silk scarf is tied round my waist, with a bow in back.

I take a deep breath and smile. Suddenly, I hear his truck pull up outside. After a pause, the truck door closes. After a longer pause, I hear his key in the door.

I can tell he's very tired as the door swings shut. I hear him enter the bathroom. I hear him pick up the bow. I hear him come out. His steps on the stairs sound a little less tired and a lot more puzzled.

I turn up the lamp a bit just before he enters the room. As he enters, I'm standing in the middle of the floor, still dressed. I pull a single red rose from behind my back as he enters and stops in the door. "Happy birthday, husband," I coo, with a smile.

----------------------------- One more minute and I would have slept on the road, I think to myself as I fumble with the keys in the door. What I need is a good massage, I think, maybe some fun.but I guess I'll just read a book instead. A sulky grin passes over my face as I stumble to the bathroom for one last check before bedtime. I use the toilet, move over to wash my hands.what is this? I pick up a familiar black bow. Hmm? I could have sworn I put all of Rose's things away upstairs.

I slowly make my way to the stairs pondering the bow and taking off my sweaty shirt. I open the door to see light coming through and Rose in a.well, not that I noticed the dress of the flower.


I drop everything to hold her, to feel her warmth, to know that she is really here. She squeezes a shoulder only to hear a stifled whimper. "What have you been doing to yourself?" she asks. "Looks like I came back just in time." I'm about to protest, thinking of only holding her a while longer, but she is already ordering me to the bed and helping me off with my pants before I get a chance. 'Does it matter?' I ask myself. Her hands soaking the tension out of my back replies for me.

Her kiss to the small of my back sends shivers of delight up and down my spine. I don't know what she is doing back there, but I can tell I'm going to enjoy this evening. And I suddenly don't feel as tired anymore. ----------------------------- As my hands make contact with his back, I feel tension pouring in almost faster than I can deal with it.

This man needs help first, I think. I slide the rose into the vase I'd prepared, half expecting this, and order him into bed as I remove his pants and boots and socks. He flops down in his underwear. I quickly untie the bow, unzip the dress, and drop them. Then I kneel on the bed and kiss his back. We shudder simultaneously, he from excitement, me 'cause I felt the tension. Straddling his back with my stockinged legs, I reach for the rose oil, stop, change my mind, and start to get up.

He starts to protest and I tell him not to move. I pull a small plastic bottle out of my bag. I drop something on the floor, return to him, straddling him once again. I pour a bit into my hand, warm it up, and start to rub it in. He realizes it is massage oil by my actions, though it smells like vanilla. I rub over his entire back and neck with it, stopping occasionally to kiss here or there.

I hear a moan each time I kiss him. I'm noticing that as the stress drains out, it's being replaced with another kind of tension. I grin to myself as I finish and slip back a ways. I feel him start to turn and push him back. I place my hands on his thighs, lean down and tease his buttocks with my tongue, playing across the top and pushing between.

I hear him moan and feel him moving under me, half wanting to turn over and half wanting more of what he's getting. I work up to his back. A few licks here, a few bites there. I can feel him getting hot, still in the same dilemma of whether it's better to stay or roll over.

Sensing this, I decide to keep it kind of short. Moving up, I run my hands up his sides and out onto his arms as I feel him shudder and hear him moan.

I kiss the back of his neck, first very softly then harder, finally turning into nibbles spilling over onto his shoulders and down his neck.

I feel him try to turn to catch my mouth and teasingly kiss the corner of his mouth before moving to the other side. I hear him mumble something that sounds vaguely like begging.

That finishes melting me and I drop down to lie on his back. A load moan escapes him, he tips to one side and I slide off. Quicker than I realize what's happening, he rolls over on me, and we're face to face. He mutters something about beauty and kisses me, first hard with desire, then tender with love. 'It's going to be a long and delicious night,' I think.

----------------------------- I taste her lips and sexy tongue. I lay down on her, feeling her warmth. Her skin is hot.

Her lips are sweet. I start licking her neck, nibbling. Her skin is sweet too. My lucky night. Hers too as I indulge in the sweetness of her skin, slowly moving down and sucking her hard nipples. She gasps. I nibble under her quivering breasts. As I make my way down to her bellybutton, I turn around, not knowing how much longer I can last. She responds, fondling me, kissing my stomach and greeting me to her lips as I sink my tongue into her. Her heat burns my lips.

She seems endlessly wet. Has it been that long? I feel her tongue playing with me. I can't hold back and feed, sinking my tongue deep. She gasps, trying to slow me down. When I don't slow for her, she takes over. Or should I say turns over. Before I get a chance to fight back she has me on my back, keeping her sweet dew just out of reach. She sucks and toys with me wildly.

I can't tell if she is after revenge or hungry. My tongue can just barely reach her to taste her honey. She says something about how amazingly hard I am. She reaches over for a little dressing, giving me a chance to eat her. I can tell she's right on the edge and holding tightly. She carefully dresses me, not wanting me to go off just yet. ----------------------------- As I feel his tongue plunge in to me, I know I can't take much more. This time I want him in me.

My body pleads with him to slow down. to no avail. I have a choice. Take over or be finished here. No contest. I feel his weight shift slightly and take full advantage of the moment, rolling us both over. Much better. Now I can get out of reach. I pick up a condom, and slide it onto him, sensing he is close, not wanting him to come yet. As I settle it into place I shudder, as much from the incredible sight of him full and throbbing as from his tongue.

Still straddling him, I move down until the tip of his hot penis touches me. We both gasp as he grabs my breasts. When I don't move, he slides his hand to my hips, first pulling then pushing, desperate to get me to let him in.

I laugh, gasping, then turn aro und to face him. Such a beautiful sight in the lamplight. His golden skin shines with the heat of our passion. His face pleads with me to continue our ecstasy.

Moving slowly, keeping just out of reach, I lean over to kiss him. His hands on my sides take full advantage of the opportunity and wrap around me, pulling me down on him. His kiss is hot and powerful, yet gentle. As one hand comes up into my hair, he pulls me closer, wrapping his hot lips around mine and twining his tongue with mine and exploring every inch of my mouth.

He's brought me beyond teasing so soon tonight! I lose any ability to think more of toying with him. Sliding my hands down his chest, I pause a moment to brush his nipples, then slide my hands under his shoulders pulling myself tight to him. I feel him hard, hot and straining under my belly. I slowly raise my hips as he guides himself into me. We gasp as our heat comes together, holding each other very close, pausing a moment to enjoy it. I turn and nibble his ear and neck as I lift up again, sliding down this time.

As I lower back down on him, he realizes he's in deeper than he's ever been before. ----------------------------- She is rubbing her clit hard against me as I realize just how deep I am, and how hot it is in there. I raise my hips. She looks confused until I put the pillow under my hips and she sets back down.

I can tell I'm hitting the right spot as she comes down hard. She sits straight up, gasping as her body lights up with heat. I take another taste as my finger plays with her to pick up some juices. Mmmmm, very sweet. I move to take a little more control but she pushes me down and starts sliding up and down on me, watching my every reaction. Is she teasing me or trying to come herself? I can't tell.

Her movements are slow. Her eyes are teasing. My hips start to move with her, my tongue inviting her to play. My hands reach up to support her, gently gripping each breast.

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Her hands meet mine, wanting more as my fingers begin teasi ng her hard nipples. Her wetness is drenching me. Her breathing gets heavier. I push harder and bring her breasts down to my mouth, my tongue aching for something to play with.

Her deep thrusts are getting faster, but she doesn't want to come alone. Her hand reaches down to play with my balls. I react, getting hotter, trying to hold on but not able to control myself.

I can't keep up with her thrusts as I move as fast as I can, sweat pouring off both of us. Her groans are getting louder as I reach my peak. We both come at once, I can tell instantly.

She is wrapped tightly against me and throbbing as I come. She holds me tightly, her nails imprinting my skin with the full force of our coming. I'm holding on to her cheeks, imbedding myself into her until the last. We both don't have the energy to even say a word as we drift off. ----------------------------- I begin to drift, realize where he still is, and roll off to avoid "glitches" in our future. This stirs him to remove the condom and dry off.

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Having been quite comfy where I was and knowing I've got an insert in, I crawl back up on him, only slightly lower. I feel his arms wrap around me. The heat feels as though it should be unbearable, yet I find it lulling me to sleep. I hear his breathing slow and deepen, as I begin to drift again.

So comfortable. His hot skin. his sm ell. his breath .in .my .hair . Sometime later, I begin to come to, realizing just how used to getting up at 6 I've gotten. I'm now lying on my side with him molded to my every curve. I enjoy it for a few moments, then roll over to face him and he rolls onto his back, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

As I lay looking up at him, admiring him in the dark and enjoying his heat, I feel his fingers begin to play with my hair. Awake? Maybe. I kiss his chest. There's no reaction. I shift slightly and lick his nipple.

He moans. Bi-i-ingo-o-o! I lay my head back down and run my hand over his smooth stomach, enjoying the soft texture of his skin. He stirs and his other hand comes up to rub my back and side. We lie there for a long time just running our hands over each other's skin and enjoying being together again.

He turns and, bringing our hands to each other's hair and faces, we kiss. Very soft, like velvet. Pouring our love and passion into it, this kiss comforts and stirs us both.

The kisses get deeper, but stay soft. Soon our hands are moving again. Slowly, the kisses begin to take on a hint of desire and need but still they remain soft. I move to crawl on top of him, but he stops me, moving his hand down my side, laying me back, and kissing me deeply, softly. --------------------- I know she'll try to stop me, but I also know she'll like it.

I nibble her neck with firm passion, waiting for her wanting gasps. Carefully I lower myself onto her, pushing my hard stiffness down onto her clit without entering. I am very careful about that, but she squirms. "Careful." she whispers as I start to rub on her clit. I'm holding on nicely, but my heat sinks into her, warming her and exciting her.

She tries to reach for a little dressing but I stop her. She begins to resist but my tongue stops her whispers. This one is for her, but I don't want her to know it yet.

I rub in circles and feel her wetness massaging into me. The wetter she is, he more pressure I add. The heavier she breathes, the faster I go. Wetter and faster. I'm at my peak of hardness and starting to get too hot, but she is about to come, I can feel it.

My hands shift to massaging her tight breasts and hard nipples. She's moving to the rhythm, wanting to come whether for her pleasure or her fear of my coming, I'm not sure. Her knees are up, giving her leverage for each push. I am swollen to the point of near pain, but it feels great. I'll definitely need her hot lips around me when I'm through, but I don't know if she'll grant this wish or if she'll choose t o try to punish me for this little trick.

Her back is arched. I grab her butt and push her clit hard against me for the last few pushes. Her wetness drips over me. She comes hard. Her breath stops.

I don't torture her with added teasing as I usually do. I'm too hard to wait. I let her come back down and wait for her response. While I wait, I'm wondering what other naughty things I can do.what punishments would she do to me.where do we go from here? ----------------------------- While thinking, I ran my hands over his body, massaging balls, nipples and penis along the way.

I kept my mouth busy on his ear, neck and shoulder. After a few minutes of this, he was regaining his former dimensions and I made my decision. I mewl softly in his ear, to be rewarded with a low moan. His hand comes up to my shoulder and rubs my back.


I begin to lick his neck, taking pains to ensure I leave no spot dry. I move down to his shoulder and nibble down his arm, mewling along the way. He rewards me with moans and shudders. I move to his chest, starting on his shoulder and working down to his nipple. I take it in my mouth suckle it, as he wraps both arms around me and pulls me tighter, moaning.

I nibble with my teeth and he starts begging "please.please." Grinning, I move down to his stomach, teasing his belly button as he tries to push me lower. Having trouble keeping his hands under control, I remember his fascination with tying and decide to limit his range. With my toes I fish up the silk scarf I'd had around my waist. Keeping him intent on other things, I work the scarf under him and gently tie each wrist, allowing him only enough movement to bring his hands within a few inches of each other over his belly.

He looks startled as I pause and look up to check my work and his reaction.

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As I continue licking his hip, I detect no disturbance of a negative nature, so I continue on. I work down his let leg, licking, nibbling and mewling. He's getting very hot, moaning and begging when he can find the breath, quivering under my tongue.

Reaching his toes, I take each one into my mouth, enjoying the feel of it as he squirms. When I've finished all five, I lick in one streak from ankle to hip. As my head comes within reach, he tries to get hold of it. Instead, I catch his fingers and suckle them, one by one.

Having rendered him momentarily helpless, I straddle him, just low enough so he can stoke my hips, but not go playing deeper. As I star t on the other side, I feel him clutching my hips, then stroking and teasing, hoping to convince me to let him out of his suspense.

I suckle his nipple and feel him squirming beneath me, trying to get some part of me, any part of me to just touch him! I only briefly go over his arm, sensing I'll be cleaning up a cold mess soon if I don't "get to the point." He starts begging in earnest, realizing that I seem to be cooperating.

I get to the hip and play a bit, to his consternation. I then nudge his legs apart and settle between them, placing a hand on each hip, massaging and pulling them. I turn my tongue loose in his playground, flitting over his balls, down his thighs, between his legs, down to his butt and back to suck his balls in and roll them in my mouth. So cool and sexy! I'm really enjoying the feel of it all, when he suddenly reaches down, grabs my face and pulls himself down to put his penis in my mouth.

What the.? So much for gentle knots. Guess I tied them too loose. He's escaped and taken control! ----------------------------- She's got me hot and boiling over. I've dripped enough to coat my hard penis like icing. I enjoyed being tied up, but my arms pulled too hard out of desperation. Too late now. I reach down to move her hot tongue closer.

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Time for her to get a taste of her meal. I can tell this is going to be a lot. She looks shocked by my grab, but knows how to get me to release and grab for the bed. She breathes hard with her warm breath on my wet penis as she takes her first lick. I should have known she'd do tha t.

I grab for the sheets, my muscles tightening, wanting to come but not quite ready. A tease enough to keep me going, a stroke to make me want more. If she just asked me to come for her I probably would, she has so much control over me. My hips are raised high to greet her. My right hand caresses her face as she slowly starts to kiss, lick and suck me into a frenzy. When am I going to come? I am at a fever pitch and still am getting hotter.

"Maybe I should just dress you instead of eating you.?" She pauses, a grin on her face. I know what would happen and so does she. I'd come before she'd finish dressing me. "NO!" I plead. She plays with her toy, fingering the icing and letting her fingertips glide over the slick surface while she watches my every quake and quiver. I grab for her head again, "Eat me, please." She backs away out of reach, holding her balance by grabbing me. I jump up, sitting upright until she pushes me back down and starts her feast.

She plays with my balls and the inside of my thighs. It doesn't take much longer as she tries to gulp down every drop. She comes back around to kiss me deeply, giving me a taste of my own warmth and come in her hot lips. She is not letting me forget the work she had done. I can't forget. All of my muscles start to undo themselves as I fade off. ----------------------------- He's done it again.

He's gotten me highly aroused and gone comatose. Oh well. I smile to myself, curling up to his side, hooking my leg over his hip so as to exert a bit of pressure to relieve the tension I'm experiencing. Propped on my elbow, I look at him in the faint light.

Playing with his hair, I consider how lucky I am to have such a spectacular man for my husband. He is an incredible lover, empathetic listener, best friend, source of encouragement and inspiration, yet still vulnerable enough to need me. I run my other hand lightly over his cheek and he snuggles into it, smiling softly.

I continue my contemplation and stroking until I get cooled down enough to start feeling tired. So I lay down and snuggle into his side. He smiles and pulls me close, snuggling little closer. I fall sleep basking in the warmth of his love and his arms. ----------------------------- She awakens slowly and softly knowing that she feels pleasure but unsure of where she is getting it from. She's waking up hot and wet. She feels a playful finger toying with that wetness in her.

She starts to notice the gentle lips and tongue toying with her nipples, back and forth slowly. She starts to mew quietly to all of this attention. "What can I do to repay my lover?" I ask in a light voice.

"What would you like in return for such a powerful come?" ----------------------------- "Mmmmmmm. Let me see." A variety of wondering excited looks pass over my face as I consider the possibilities.

What do I want? He's just opened the whole proverbial candy store. "I want you to start by oiling me down with this," handing him the bottle of flavored heating oil I brought with me. "Eat it back off without letting me come. Then I want you to rub it on your penis and sit against the wall. After I've finished indulging, I want you to let me dress you and then come in." I smile, seeing the desire and hunger in his eyes.

and his manhood. ----------------------------- I roll her over to start on her back. I can tell she's looking forward to this. She quivers with each drop and every touch. I warm up the oil for her and massage it in. It feels hot to the touch. I lick it slowly off her back, making sure not to miss a spot.

I make my way down her rear and send my tongue probing inward. She squirms and gasps. She tastes incredibly sweet. I feast on her oiled legs, adding nibbles along the inside of her thighs. She pants, trying to keep control. Her feet come up to greet me as I make my way down. I nibble, lick, and suck each toe. She's far too hot to tickle. I turn her over. Her nipples are hard and there is a wet sheen between her legs.

I start with an oil rub to the neck.and immediately I nibble it all off. Each arm is done the same way. I'm cooling her down and heating her up with each area of her body. I spend an extra long time on her breasts, massaging in an extra amount of oil and taking an extra long time eating it off. Slowly I make my way down. She's so hot she's dripping! I make sure to spend extra time around her waist and between her legs. I try to get her to beg, but she won't give. Every time I look up she grins, knowing what I want.

I finish her legs as I did before, with nibbles and licks all the way down and extra sucking on the toes. I do as she asks and oil myself for her pleasure and wait. She slowly gets up, stiff from the heat, and licks off the oil. She takes her time, waiting for me to beg.

I bite my lip. She comes up and removes it with her tongue. "I told you only I'm allowed to bite that lip," she says with a grin. She reaches over to the nightstand and grabs some dressing. "Time to get dressed." ----------------------------- He's got me so hot I can hardly think straight! I can still feel his oil slicked hands massaging me, his hot tongue washing me, teasing me. His subtle changes calculated to bring me to the edge and back over and over.

I can still see his eyes watching me as his sexy hands worked gently over his manhood, preparing it for me. I can still taste the oil and him, and feel the velvet of his skin on my tongue and lips. I can still feel his heat, throbbing as I brought him to the bri nk and let him down. I reach eagerly for the dressing, putting it on him quickly but gently. He moans as I run my hands down, unrolling the condom. I pull him down eagerly, begging him to quickly enter and consummate this tortuous ecstasy.

He lowers, seemingly complying. As I begin with a quick pace, he suddenly stops me and takes control. "This won't yield a worthy repayment." he moans. "Let me repay you." he begs softly. I can tell he's at his limit too, so I nod and kiss him deeply, running my fingers in his hair and pulling him tightly to me.

----------------------------- I come down to her, carefully, slowly moving in and out. I'm in as far as she will allow, making sure to try for her G-spot. Out, teasingly, almost all the way before entering again deeper and deeper. I can tell she wants more. She grabs my butt and pulls up with each thrust, helping me push into her.

I watch carefully how I respond. I don't want to come just yet. Not until she is more than ready. I reach down to have a taste. She seems to keep getting sweeter and sweeter tonight. I notice she's dripping all over me. I take one of her hands and move it down over my wet balls to show her.

She only grins and nods in reply, breathing heavily. This is the third time I've come close to coming. I can't tell if I'm doing something wrong or she's just playing with me again.until suddenly she turns us over. I've never seen her this hot! She sits up, the tip of my penis caressing her G-spot as she rides me up and down. I massage her breasts as her heavy breaths start turning to moans.

She moves faster. I follow her rhythm, barely able to hold back.

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I can't believe it! We are coming to the brink together! She comes with me. Her exhausted body slumps down into mine, hot and wet. When I'm able to move again, I cover us with a sheet, kiss her lightly on the cheek, and fall asleep with her, greatly satisfied.

She wakes me to get me to clean up. I wipe off all of it and as I come back into bed I kiss her clit, a thank you for an explosive night.

I snuggle up to her just as she starts to get up. She goes down and gives me a light suck, a return thank you. We snuggle together and fall deeply asleep. The last thing I see is her grin.