Gorgeous cuties having lesbo joy softcore amateur

Gorgeous cuties having lesbo joy softcore amateur
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The World's First Futa Futa's Wild Day Chapter One: Futa's First Teacher By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 April 17th, 2047 My young wife, only twenty-three years old compared to my forty-eight, sucked on my futa-dick with such hunger.

Her blue eyes stared up at me with such love in them. Her strawberry-blonde hair fell about her fair cheeks, rosy with her excitement.

She wiggled her ass, clad in her tight skirt and pointed at the watching studio audience. I could feel the excitement bursting through the audience. I couldn't see them thanks to the studio lights shining down on me, but I could sense them, hear them murmur. My breasts rose and fell in my blouse and blazer.

I whimpered, pleasure escaping my lips as my wife relieved the tension telling my life story gave. I was the world's first futa. Nearly thirty years ago, when I was eighteen, my clit grew into a dick. It changed my life. It capitulated me to such heights of fame that the entire world was watching this talk show streamed over the internet that celebrated my forty-eighth birthday.

It was so intoxicating. "Sharron," I whimpered, stroking my pregnant wife's hair. I loved her so much. It took me so long to finally find a woman to love, but I did.

I stared into those blue, familiar eyes, so lost in them as they sparkled up at me. "I'm going to cum." "Yes," Adelia Tash, the gorgeous talk show host, moaned beside me. Her caramel-hued thighs rubbing together, her nipples poking at her bra. "I never get tired of watching you cum, Becky." I grinned at her, my eyes fluttering. I needed this so badly. Telling my life story was such a turn on, recounting all my sexual exploits.

We were in the two minute commercial break, giving me a chance to relieve my tension. My pussy clenched as Sharron rammed two of her fingers into my depths, stirring them up to a hot froth. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart pounding in my chest as I enjoyed this so much. The pleasure rippled through me, making me squirm and moan. My ovaries tightened and tensed as my naughty wife sucked as hard as she could. "Sharron! Yes!" I gasped as my orgasm exploded through me.

The studio audience whooped in delight. I heard women and my futa-daughters cheering in delight. Drunken euphoria washed through me as I pumped blast after blast of jizz into my wife's hungry mouth.

She gulped them down, her eyes sparkling as she stared up at me. "Isn't that a lovely sight?" Adelia asked the studio audience. "Such love in President Woodward's eyes." "Such love!" a woman screamed. "I would love you so hard, Madam President!" Other women whooped and cheered. "Thirty seconds," the male producer said. Every member of the crew was a man. Women had trouble controlling themselves around me unless they'd been exposed to me and my futa-cum enough.

I'd enjoyed Adelia many times over the years as she interviewed me, letting her adjust, mostly, to my presence. We even had a daughter together named Topenga who was starting her first year at college in the fall. My breasts heaved in my top as Sharron pulled her mouth, full of my cum, off my dick. She moved up my body and planted a salty kiss on my lips. Her tongue shoveled my own spunk into my mouth. I whimpered, enjoying every moment. So did the audience as they ooooohhhhheeeed and clapped.

Sharron broke the kiss, her small breasts rising in her blouse. "You're doing amazing honey." "Thanks," I breathed. "Fifteen seconds," the producer said, his hands motioning to my wife to get off stage. She gave a quick wave to the studio audience, who cheered and clapped for her, then a friendly smile to me before she sauntered off the stage to watch from the side.

I couldn't help but watch the sway of her ass in her skirt. Shivering, I smoothed my own skirt as I collected myself. Adelia landed over and licked at my chin up to my lips. "Just a little cum," she purred as she leaned back.

"Got it. Now you're perfect." I smiled at her as the producer said, "And we're live in five, four, three." Then he mouthed: two, one.

The red lights on the three cameras filming us came on. "Well, I am sure you are all still stewing in delight after hearing President Woodward talk about that first night when she became a futa. It was so interesting hearing the shock of growing a dick after losing her virginity to her then-boyfriend Kurt Albertson. And let's not forget that naughty fun that happened afterward with his mother and step-sister." I smiled, remembering my first threesome with a mother and her step-daughter.

It definitely wasn't the last. "But it left Becky reeling from the shock. She was the world's first futa. Before, they existed only in the imagination of Japanese hentai artist and those inspired by their wicked works." Adelia looked at me.

"So you walked home, had sex with a random stranger—" "Melany Atkinson," I nodded, my clit tingling. "And now and were trying to process what happened to you? What went through your mind when you got home?" "I was just so confused," I said, my cock chubbing again in my skirt. I didn't have my panties any longer to constrain it. My wife had walked off with those, naughty minx. "I couldn't understand how this happened, or why Janice, Mrs.

Albertson, and Melany all acted like such, well, sluts for me. Just coming near me turned them into such horny vixens they had to fuck me." "You screwed Melany right there against her car on the evening street," Adelia added. I nodded my head.

"I don't know if anyone saw us, but I was freaked out afterward. You have to remember, I was a virgin that finally had sex with her high school boyfriend. I had waited three years of dating before I surrendered to him.

And then. then it happened. I became a futa. Suddenly, I had sex with three women and loved it. I fled to my parent's house nearby, glad they were out of town for the weekend, just so I could try to understand it." "I supposed you did a lot of thinking," Adelia said, giving me a supportive grin with those lush lips. Her mixed race heritage gave her such an exotic look. "Yeah," I said. "And a lot of masturbation." Adelia's laugh was rich and melodic, the studio audience joining her.

"I bet." "But through it all, I was dreading Monday. My first day back to Seattle University. I had broken up with my boyfriend, grown a dick, and was afraid I'd start an orgy just by showing up. None of my panties felt comfortable to wear, but I forced my cock into them anyways.

Then I wore the baggiest clothes I had. I wanted to be as unsexy as possible." I shivered, remembering that trepidation I felt nearly thirty years ago like it just happened. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ October 1st, 2017 I hoped so badly that my gray, baggy sweatpants and my loose, dark-blue sweatshirt would keep anyone from noticing my new futa-cock as I approached my college. I had my blonde hair tied back in the simplest ponytail possible.

I looked like I spent the weekend binging Netflix. Which I had when I wasn't masturbating my dick to every cute girl that appeared on screen. Guys did nothing for me now. My stomach twisted as I faced the University of Washington. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart screaming in my chest as I joined the other students streaming in.

I tried not to get to close to any girls, holding back, clutching my bookbag before me as a protective shield while almost holding it like a child clutching a favorite stuffed animal. A talisman against driving women wild with. whatever had happened to me. I felt everyone kept looking at me as I walked. Girls had these strange, almost considering looks when they noticed me. Some would suddenly turn around, their nostrils flaring, their bodies shuddering.

They were just so cute and adorable. I wanted to spring at them. Instead, I would bolt off the path, cutting over the lawn to a different walkway, getting away from the girl before she lost all control and tried to have sex with me right there on the spot. What if she tried to fuck me with all the students around me? I would die of embarrassment. My clit-dick, however, seemed to find it hot. It chubbed up so hard in my panties, throbbing and pulsing as I hurried along.

My snatch grew juicier and juicier, aching to be filled by one of Janice's toys again. It was so hot when she used the dildo and anal beads on me last Friday while I fucked her step-mom up the ass. That made my dick throb harder. It ached in my panties so badly.

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"Hey, Becky," a male voice said. I stiffened. Kurt, my now ex-boyfriend, sauntered up to me. The tension racked my body as I stared at his strong form striding to me across the grass lawn, the morning sunlight painting orange highlights in his short, red hair. His blue eyes focused on me like a laser beam. And then I saw his mouth. He had that friendly smile he usually did and all the stress melted out of me. He didn't hate me. I never wanted to hurt him.

And it looked like he had no idea I screwed his married mother. "Hey, Kurt." "So." he said, glancing at my attire. "Still a. futa.?" "Still a futa," I said. It was nice to talk to someone. "And before you ask, I still don't know why this happened. I have an appointment with Dr. Senior today." Mirth danced in his sapphire eyes. "Dr. Senior. There's a terrible Saturday Night Live sketch found in that name." "Yeah," I said.

It felt wonderful to smile again. My dick grew soft as I walked beside him. "But he's a great doctor." "Well, I hope he figures it out," he said a little too casual. "Kurt." A strain entered my voice. "I know, I know. Don't get my hopes up." He sucked in a deep breath. "Well, we're still friends." "Always," I nodded to him. I chewed on my lip. "So, uh, peeing standing up is certainly interesting." "Yeah. Have you made a mess on the toilet bowl yet?" "It's.

more complicated than I thought," I said, cheeks pinking. "But that's no excuse for a guy not wiping up afterward." I gave him a hard look. He just kept smiling. Then he glanced behind us and blinked. "Did you know we're being followed?" I glanced and saw a group of girls trailing after us. They looked a little dazed, maybe even a little confused, like they had no idea what was going on, why they were stumbling in this direction.

They almost looked like zombies. Sexy zombies. "Too much to hope it was my manly presence that caught their attention?" he asked.

"You know, considering how Janice acted with you on Friday night." "Yeah, and your. this woman I bumped into walking home." I couldn't let Kurt know that I fucked his mom.

Friends shouldn't do that to each other. I think there was some sort of guy code about it. And if I had a cock, maybe I should respect some of that. "Well, that's every guy's dream right there," Kurt said. "You could. have some fun." "I have class," I said, my cheeks burning. "Looking to get some action?

After you and Janice." He groaned.

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"Janice wouldn't speak to me all weekend. I think she's so embarrassed that she fucked me. Which is a shame, because screwing her was hot." It was hot watching him fuck his step-sister. "Well, if you need to get to class, I'll run some interference," he said, nodding to the approaching doors.

"There's a bottleneck. I'll stop them, you dart around the corner and into the girl's bathroom. Hide out in a stall for a few minutes. They should wander off by then." "Thanks," I said. "Wingman's job," he nodded. "Guess if I can't be your boyfriend, I can be that." "Isn't it the wingman's job to also make sure the friend is distracted so I can enjoy the girl I want?" He grinned at me.

I took a deep breath as we approached the doors. I dashed ahead of him. The girls behind us let out a gasp. I darted through the door and, throwing a look behind me, I caught a quick glimpse through the glass of Kurt standing like a wall before the horny coeds, arms thrown out to stop them from immediately following.

Then I was around the corner, racing for the girl's restroom. It lay just ahead. I set my shoulder and barreled through the door that swung inward. I took two steps and— Collided with a black-haired girl.

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She gasped as I almost planted my face into her cleavage, still hunched over from my football-like maneuver. I squeaked in shock, feeling her breasts through her top before I bounced backward. I stumbled to stay upright. "Oh, my god," she gasped, her brown eyes widening as she bumped into the trashcan.

It wobbled and creaked as she shook her head. She glared at me. "Excuse me, you." Her words trailed off as lust blossomed across her face. "Oh, no," I groaned right before she threw herself at me. Her arms went around my neck, pulling me tight to her.

Her mouth locked on mine, her lips so hot. A shudder ran through me. My futa-dick went hard in a flash while molten passion seethed in my cunt, leaking out to stain my panties. My underwear constricted about my poor girl-cock. It ached and throbbed as I kissed the girl with such ignited need. I had to stop this. But I couldn't. She tasted so sweet. Her body felt so nice against mine. Her hands squeezed my rump through my sweatpants, massaging them. Her fingernails bit into them as we shuddered together.

"Bathroom stall," I panted when I managed to pry my lips off of hers. "Yes, yes, yes," she gasped, her face flushed. "Oh, my god, you're just so sexy! Who are you?" "Becky," I groaned. "I think I'm the world's only futa." "Fuuuutaaaa" She said the Japanese word slowly, like she savored the taste of it rolling off her tongue. "Awesome." She kissed me again and dragged me towards the nearest stall, arms locked about my neck.

Her tongue darted into my mouth, fencing with mine as we crashed into the stall door. It flung inward, not locked, and we entered the isolated area. I reached behind me, closing it hard. My fingers fumbled along the smooth, cool surface until I found the latch. I twisted it, locking it closed while the girl just moaned into my kiss. Like with the woman last Friday night, I didn't know her name.

Another stranger. This time a young, nubile coed like me. "Oh, my god," the girl moaned, breaking the kiss. "I have never gotten so wet so fast. Just. Just looking at you turned me on." "You didn't even noticed my cock, did you?" I asked as she stepped back from me and hiked up her jean skirt. "Cock?" she asked, blinking.

Then she stared at my sweatpants. "You have a cock? You're a guy?" "No!" I shivered. "I have a pussy, too." "No fucking way!" She yanked up her skirt, revealing a skimpy, red thong.

"Good, because I'm so wet. I thought you'd eat my pussy or something, but a dick. I need it in me so badly. What did you do to me?" "I wish I knew," I gasped as she pulled her thong to the side exposing the shaved lips of her pussy. A gold ring pierced her labia. My eyes widened at the sight of it. My poor clit-dick, trapped in my tortuous panties, throbbed, half-bent in the constraining garment. My mouth salivated. Her labia looked so pretty, glistening with her juices.

"Get that dick out and fuck me, futa!" She shuddered. "I need your cum in me so badly! Just flood my cunt with it! Oh, god, I need it. What did you do to me?" "Sorry," I moaned, shoving down my sweatpants and revealed my purple panties hugging my girl-dick. "You look huge!" the girl moaned. Her hand right hand shot out, her left busy holding her thong to the side, and squeezed me. "I need this in me." "Just, what's your name?" I panties as she tried to pull down my panties, my dick's tip rubbing against the cotton material.

"Katharyn," she groaned. She tugged harder. My girl-cock spilled out of my panties and smacked against her wrist. She let out a wanton moan, her brown eyes staring at it. She gasped my dick and slid her hand down my girth to the blonde thatch of hair adoring my pubic mound.

She released my dick to explore my vulva. Shivers ran through my body. My girl-dick ached and throbbed as she felt my pussy lips through my silky bush.

She caressed me, making me whimper and groan. Such delight surged through me. Then she groaned, her fingers sliding through my folds to grasp the base of my dick. She pulled me towards her, guiding the tip of my girl-cock to her wet pussy lips.

She rubbed it up and down her snatch, brushing the gold ring. It sent a shiver through her body. A moan that echoed through the bathroom stall. I felt the entrances to her pussy. My own cunt clenched. I groaned, my lusts racing through me. I thrust hard. "Holy shit, futa!" she gasped as I sank into her, pushing her down onto the toilet seat in the process.

I shuddered, moving down with her, my girl-cock spearing into the depths of her pussy. The toilet seat creaked beneath her as her thighs wrapped around my hips. Her face twisted with rapture, her back arching her cunt clamped down on my shaft.

"So good. You're huge. You're filling me up!" "Uh-huh," I moaned, my hips pumping away all on their own. Pussy felt incredible. I had almost forgot after the last two days of using my hand. Masturbating held nothing on this silky, wet grip about my dick. So hot. So tight. So wonderful. I drove my dick into her, my snatch clenching every time I buried into her girth. I shuddered at the friction as I pumped away at her wet depths. I thrust so hard, pressing her against the toilet.

She whimpered and groaned, undulating beneath me, loving my girl-dick plunging over and over into her cunt. Her moans sang in my ears as she bucked up into my thrusts. "Oh, my god, futa, oh my fucking god, this dick! This dick is awesome!" "Uh-huh," I panted, unable to say more as the delight of pumping in and out of her pussy washed over me. "Just keep ramming that cock into me. Oh, my pussy needs this." She gripped my ass, her fingers squeezing so hard into my rump.

"You can cum, right? You're going to flood my pussy with your spunk, right?" "Yes!" I moaned, thrusting away. "You're on the pill, right?" "The new one!" she moaned. "Yeah, me, too," I groaned, pumping faster and faster.

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I couldn't get her pregnant. But. what a shame. Wasn't that the point of spurting my cum into a woman's pussy. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head as I thrust away so hard and fast. "Just cum in me!" she begged over and over. "I need your cum to spurt into me so hard!" "Yes!" I gasped, my hands squeezing her tits through her t-shirt.

They felt so nice even through her bra. Round like mine. I hammered her, the pleasure coursing through my body. That ache built and built in the depths of my ovaries. That tightness that threatened to consume me. I groaned, the pleasure boiling through me as I thrust away as hard as I could. Such wondrous delight filled me. This aching need to spill into her pussy. To cream her with every ounce of spunk I had washed through me. I had to baste her pussy with my cum.

My ovaries grew tighter. My hips hammered as fast as I could. I kissed her hard on the mouth, squeezing her tits as I plunged over and over into her juicy depths. She moaned into my mouth. Her pussy spasmed about my dick.

Katharyn came on my cock. Her cunt writhed. That hungry hole sucked at my ovaries. I could feel her need as her orgasm surged through her body. And I answered it. "Katharyn!" I screamed, breaking her kiss as I buried into her. My futa-cum pumped out of me. "Yes, yes, yes, futa!" she moaned. "Spill that wondrous seed in me!" Her pussy writhed about me. The feel of my cum pumping into her depths seemed to have set her off.

It increased the pleasure shooting down my dick as her cunt milked my cunt. Her hot flesh massaged my spurting girl-dick, ecstasy surging through me. It felt so amazing to cum into a girl. It felt so right. Pleasure buzzed through my body as I groaned through my clenched teeth. The toilet seat creaked as she writhed beneath me. Her thighs locked tight about my hips as we both moaned out our desire through the classroom. "Futa!" she whimpered.

"Oh, I needed that! Your seed. Your seed is in me!" "Uh-huh," I gasped as my pleasure peaked. My eyes fluttered, the final spurt of my cum flooding her pussy. My own cunt stopped spasming.

Juices flooded down my thighs. "Wow." "Uh-huh," she groaned. "That was incredible. I loved it!" "Me, too," I nodded, my body buzzing from the rapture of my orgasm. It had me trembling and groaning.

Her thighs relaxed and I pulled out of her molten depths. She sat there panting, my cum slowly trickling out of her snatch, coating her labia and her piercing. I shuddered, my dick still aching. But I pulled up my panties, trapping my wet shaft against my stomach. The waistband only came up to my mid shaft, pinning my dick in place. It wasn't terribly uncomfortable so I pulled up my sweatpants high enough to cover my dick, my tip rubbing against the fluffy cloth. That sent tingles down to my juicy pussy.

I shoved my sweatshirt over it, glancing down. It didn't look obvious that I had a dick. Not that it seemed to matter. It wasn't noticing my dick that set girls off. What was it? I hoped Dr. Senior would know. I backed out of the stall and darted out of the classroom.

The halls were emptier. The hour was about to start, morning classes beginning. I darted down the halls to my first class taught by Professor Rider. Even though I would be a few minutes late, I didn't mind. I floated on the euphoria of my classroom. I reached my psychology 101 classroom and slipped in. Professor Rider glanced at me as she spoke at the front of the classroom. Her blue eyes narrowed behind her glasses. A flush of heat washed through me as I felt her scrutiny.

She was an older woman, another MILF like Kurt's mother and the woman I fucked on my way home Friday night. Professor Rider possessed a curvy body, her thighs clad in pantyhose. I never noticed how lovely pantyhose were on a woman. How the nylon hugged her skin, giving them this lustrous quality bare legs lacked. I swallowed, hunching my shoulders and hurrying away from my professor before my. futaness affected her. I rushed to the seats in the back, mostly empty save for a few guys, and sat down between them.

I gave the quick smiles. They glanced at me then looked back at the classroom. In my mousy garb they didn't even look twice at me.

I let out a sigh of a relief hoping I was far enough away from the other girls in the classroom. "While some credit Freud with laying the foundation of modern psychoanalyst, he is not without his critics," Professor Rider said as she lectured.

"Many are not convinced by his psycho-sexual model of human development." My futa-dick's hardon subsided as I opened my laptop and begin taking my notes. I sucked in a deep breath, nodding my head, sinking into the lecture. I wanted to be a psychologist. I thought it would be so rewarding to help people overcome their emotional turmoil. I knew I could use someone right now to help straighten me out. So many conflicting impulses assailed me.

The desire to fuck every pretty girl I could combined with the guilt. It was almost like I was taking advantage of them. They got turned on so fast, I wondered if they really had any consent over their actions.

I mean, they initiated the sex every time, but. It was all so confusing. Dr. Senior would figure it out. He was an amazing doctor.

I had been seeing him all my life.


He would understand why this happened to me. Figure it out. Maybe even fix it. Did I want to fix it? I worried my lip, pondering that as I tried to focus on Professor Rider speaking, her auburn hair sweeping about that mature and lovely face. It was still gorgeous but had such experience. She was a woman that knew how to love a cock. A girl-cock. My dick throbbed as I found myself drinking in the lushness of her body, her breasts jiggling in her tight blouse.

They were big and soft, like Mrs. Albertson's or Janice's tits. My hands clenched, remembering the feel of those two women's boobs in my hands while imagining if Professor Rider's would feel the same. And those blue eyes. Every time I felt them fall on me as she scanned across the classroom, electricity sparked through me. My pussy would clench and my girl-dick would throb harder and harder. I understood why guys found glasses so sexy on a woman now. They. enhanced her, giving her this knowledgeable air that combined with her lush beauty to let you know there was a wild beast lurking beneath her exterior waiting to burst out and devour you.

I so wanted to be devoured by her. My heart thudded in my chest as I licked my lips. I bet she would do such naughty things to me.

She would make me whimper and groan. She would consume me. I shifted in my chair, my cock aching and throbbing in my skirt, demanding to explode out and fuck her right now. I licked my lips, smiling every time she glanced at me. "Why are all the girls looking at you?" Harry, the guy with shaggy-blond hair sitting beside me, asked. "Huh?" I asked, blinking my eyes. Then I realized that the other girls in the classroom were throwing looks over their shoulders.

They were staring at me with bright eyes, their youthful faces flushed, lips glistening. I shivered as they squirmed. I was affecting them.

Even sitting at the back of the class. They could. feel whatever it was about me that made me special. "I." I didn't know what to say to Harry. "It's." "Becky Woodward," Professor Rider said, her voice almost purring my name. "What is so interesting that you feel the need to interrupt my lecture?" I blushed, my cheeks burning as all the girls now had a reason to look at me. "N-nothing, Professor," I said, wanting to melt into my chair even as my dick ached and throbbed.

"Nothing?" She arched an eyebrow at me and pushed up her glasses with her long finger. "I don't think so. March up here right now and tell the class." My eyes bulged. "Professor." "I said right now!" Her voice rang with steel, so commanding. It made my girl-dick throb. "Y-yes, Professor," I squeaked and bolted to my chair. I was so painfully aware of my hardon throbbing against my panties' waistband and my sweatpants.

My sweatshirt had ridden up and I felt that every could could see my bulge. I shoved it down, my cheeks flaming hot as I walked up to the classroom. All dozen or so of the girls' eyes followed me, their heads swiveling as they practically drooled over me. I heard their desks squeaking and creaking as they squirmed. My heart pounded in my chest, the guys looking puzzled, noticing the girls' unusual behavior. A hungry smile grew on Professor Rider's lips as I stopped before her.

I swallowed as her gaze swept up and down my body. I could almost feel her stripping me naked. My body shook, my nipples so hard in my bra. "Well, Becky," she said, saying my name with such care. She stood close to me. I could smell her flowery perfume. "What were you telling Harry that was so important?" "He was just. just wondering why everyone is staring at me." "You mean the girls?" Professor Rider said, all dozen girls staring so intently at me, many leaning forward in their desks, licking their lips.

A horde of horny pussycats faced me. "Y-yes, Professor," I said, my futa-dick pulsing and throbbing. My hands clasped before me, trying to hide my hardon. "Well?" the MILF asked me as she stood even closer, just an inch separating us. Maybe it was my imagination, but I could feel heat radiating from her.

"Why are we all staring at you? It's not your outfit." She grabbed the hem of my sweatshirt, pulling it up. "Is it what's beneath?" "Professor," I gasped as she drew it up over my bulge before I could stop her. A wanton moan escaped her lips. "Ooh, what are you hiding in your pants, Becky?" "Please, Professor," I whined, everyone staring at me, boys and girls both.

"Is that a. a cock?" Chris, a nerdy looking guy in the front row asked. "You have a cock, Becky?" "Wow," the girl sitting next to him moaned. I think her name was Tiffany. "That's. That's so hot." "Yes," Professor Rider said and, too my embarrassing shock, she knelt before me and yanked down my sweatpants before I could stop her. Maybe I didn't want to stop her.

My lusts warred with my embarrassment. My girl-cock wanted to be played with while my mind wanted this to end. I glanced at the door, so aware of the top half of my clit-dick thrusting out the top of my panties, on display for anyone to see.

"Jesus," Chris groaned. "She's huge," another guy groaned in awe or envy. "Holy shit, I would to fuck that dick!" one of the girls moaned. I wasn't sure which. Mortification and horniness afflicted me. My cheeks burned as lust and shame warred across them. I trembled and buried my face in my hands. This couldn't be happening. My professor couldn't be pulling down my panties before everyone. She worked them off inch-by-inch, my cock leaning out forward more and more until it thrust straight ahead at the rest of the class, my blonde bush exposed and.

"Oh, my now this is interesting," Professor Rider said as her fingers stroked through my silky pubic hair and brushed my swollen labia. "She has a bush. It looks like her clit has turned into this amazing dick." "Futa," Chris groaned in awe, his eyes locked on it.

He licked his lips just like the girls were doing. "That's so hot." "Yes," Tiffany groaned beside him. "Wow, a cock and pussy. That must be so amazing." "Let's find out," Professor Rider said as she moved on her knees until she was right before me. Her hand seized my cock, her blue eyes sparkling behind her glasses. Then she leaned in and licked my pussy.

My eyes widened in shock as her tongue danced through my folds right before the class.

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The guys all groaned and the girls all moaned. Desks shuddered as everyone watched our sexy professor go down on my cunt. Her tongue parted my folds, stimulating them. Delight shot up to the tip of my dick, racing ahead of her tongue working towards my cunt. I whimpered, my entire body shaking. This couldn't be happening. I didn't want to believe it was possible, and yet. And yet she was feasting on my snatch. She was licking her tongue through my cunt and making me shudder in delight.

Then she reached my shaft and kept going. She drew her tongue up my dick, caressing the bottom of it, that tube that ran up to the tip my cum fired out of. Her eyes widened as she licked up my shaft until she reached the tip, flicking it. "Is that another girl's pussy I'm tasting on your cock, Becky?" she asked. "Yes, Professor," I moaned in mortification. "Cool," Chris groaned, his hand beneath his desk.

Was he squeezing his cock through his jeans? "Whose?" Tiffany asked while our professor danced her tongue across the crown of my dick, purring in delight as she gathered up my precum and the sticky pussy juices still drying on my shaft. "This girl named Katharyn," I groaned. "I fucked her in the bathroom." "You could fuck me in the bathroom," a girl moaned. "Yes," Chris panted. "That would be so hot to watch." His head craned to the side as he stared at Professor Rider's mouth engulf the tip of my dick.

I shuddered, our auburn-haired professor bobbed her mouth on my girl-dick. She went to town on it, sucking, slurping, making me shudder and groan as the pleasure shot through me. I sucked in such deep breaths as she worshiped my new cock. My pussy clenched. Juices flooded down my thighs. Everyone watched with such wide eyes. Girls were squirming, their hands reaching beneath their desks. Tiffany's legs spread wide. Her jean skirt rode up her thighs flashing a pair of bright-purple panties at me.

Her hand scratched at her crotch, pressing the fabric of her underwear into her hot flesh beneath. I shuddered, the excitement zipping through me. Everyone was watching me getting my girl-dick blown. Professor Rider loved it with such enthusiasm. Her mouth bobbed on it. She sucked and slurped, working her mouth with such skill. "Oh, god," I moaned, my cheeks burning. This was really happening.

My class was watching me getting my clit-dick sucked. "Go, Professor Rider," a guy called out. "I wish she'd suck my cock like that," groaned Harry in the back.

"Yeah," Chris said, his eyes locked on the blowjob while his arm pumped. Oh, god, he was masturbating his cock as he watched me. And Tiffany had her panties shoved to the side, her fingers buried into her cunt. She licked her lips, her silky, brown bush brushing her digits as she plunged them in and out of her juicy depths. Pants unzipped. Guys groaned as they jerked their smaller cocks. Girls fingered their pussies, their faces so flushed.

All those eyes were on me, watching me. My girl-dick throbbed in Professor Rider's sucking mouth, her lush lips sliding up and down my shaft as she stared up at me. "Professor Rider!" I gasped my orgasm exploding through me. My cum fired out of my girl-dick. It spurted into her mouth. I whimpered, my head thrown back as the pleasure shot out of my body. My pussy convulsed. Juices flooded out of me as I swayed and whimpered.

Such intense rapture surged through my body. I sucked in a deep breath. My heart thundered in my chest as the pleasure rippled through my body. I swayed back and forth. It was so amazing. Her cheeks bulged as my cum spilled into her mouth.

Then she gulped it down. She swallowed my cum with such eager delight. I sucked in deep breaths, loving the feel of her savoring my spunk. She swallowed it with such hungry greed. "Yes, yes, yes, cum down her throat, futa," Chris groaned, fisting his dick so hard. "Oh, that's so hot," Tiffany moaned beside him. "I want to swallow your cum, Becky!" another girl gasped.

"You're so amazing!" moaned a third girl. "Oh, my god, just so sexy!" Sexy. I was sexy. Professor Rider's mouth pulled off my dick. The MILF rose, her tits heaving in her blouse, cum staining her lips.

Before I could stop her, she kissed me hard and pushed me back. The back of my thighs bumped into her desk. My naked ass sat down, papers rustling. Her metallic coffee thermos hit the floor with a loud clang as she thrust my own futa-cum into my mouth. I shuddered, tasting my salt as she moaned into my mouth, her hands busy doing something. I didn't know what. I was too busy enjoying the flavor of my girl-spunk as we passed it back and forth.

Her lips were so hot. My hands grabbed her tits through her blouse and bra, squeezing those soft mounds. "Oh, damn, she's going to ride Becky," a guy groaned. "Fuck her hard, Professor," Harry shouted from the back of the classroom.

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"Oh, my god, I want that cock in me!" Tiffany howled in what sounded like orgasmic bliss. "This is the hottest thing ever," Chris groaned. I could her him fapping his dick so hard as Professor Rider straddled me on the desk, breaking our kiss. I panted, leaning back on her desk, and saw she'd hiked up her skirt and doffed her panties.

Her trimmed, fiery bush dripped with her excitement. She grabbed my dick with her left hand, guiding it to her pussy. "I need this dick in me, Becky!" she groaned. "You're just so sexy! Maybe Freud was right!" She slammed her MILF-cunt down my dick. The class erupted in cheers and moans and wolf-whistles. They applauded. They celebrated witnessing our professor's pussy engulf my dick to the hilt. My girl-cock throbbed in her tight, silky depths. Her wet folds massaged me as she rose back up it, her tits jiggling beneath my massaging grip.

Professor Rider rode me hard, her face twisting as she pumped that tight, juicy snatch up and down my girl-dick. I moaned, sinking back onto her desk. I knocked over papers and other objects, not caring as the pleasure thrashed through me.

This was incredible. And it was insane. This was the middle of the class. And here I was getting fucked, disrupting it. My dick loved it, my classmates cheered me on, masturbating as they lusted for me. I groaned, my hands squeezing Professor Rider's tits through her blouse.

"Yes, yes, free my tits, Becky," she moaned. "Oh, you naughty slut. You were just teasing me with this cock. You made me so wet while I was teaching, just sitting back there, begging for me to fuck you." "I wasn't," I protested, my fingers fumbling at the buttons of her blouse, driven to strip her naked.

I shuddered, my heart thudding in my chest as she worked that hot cunt faster and faster up and down my dick. "I can't control this." "Ooh, you wanted my cunt fucking your cock, you little slut!" she moaned, her face wild. Her hands seized mine unbuttoning her blouse. She pressed them into her open garment to her tits. I felt her bra, shoved it up and over her boobs.

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"You want me so badly! You want this!" "I guess," I groaned, so confused by the pleasure and emotions swirling through me. Her pussy. Her pussy felt amazing and her naked tits. I squeezed them. I massaged them. I kneaded them. She worked her girl-dick up and down my cock. She moaned and gasped, her delight bursting through the room. I sucked in a deep breath, her cunt clenching down on my shaft as she rose up. Then she slammed her silky delight back down my girth, engulfing me all over again.

The pleasure surged through me. My pussy grew juicier and juicier. The pleasure built and built in me. My ovaries grew tighter, aching to spill my cum out into her cunt.

I wanted to flood her. I wanted to pump so much of my futa-seed in her. Her big boobs jiggled in my groping hands. I thumbed her dark-red nipples as she loved my girl-dick. She had me groaning and shuddering. My body twitched and shuddered beneath her as she undulated her hips.

She stirred herself around, driving me wild, making me groan and gasp. Such rapture surged through me.

She felt incredible. "Professor Rider!" I moaned. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, I'm going to cum in your pussy!" "Do it!" the MILF moaned, her glasses slipping on her nose. Such a wild gleam twinkled across her sapphire eyes. "Yes!" "Oh, god, cum in me next," Tiffany howled, orgasming again. Girls and guys moaned and groaned and grunted.

I heard their pleasure spilling through the room. My eyes swam.


I gasped, seeing some of the girls sucking on the guy's dicks. Others were getting their pussies eaten. Tiffany had her hand on Chris's dick, his fingers pumping in and out of her snatch. I couldn't believe it. I kicked off an orgy. This wasn't right. This couldn't be happening. But it was. I shuddered and spasmed on the desk. My girl-dick throbbed in the depths of Professor Rider's cunt. She slammed her cunt down my dick her back arching. She screamed out in rapture as her orgasm surged through her.

Her pussy spasmed about my cock, milking it. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, cum in me, Becky!" she hissed, her voice so throaty. "Spill all that yummy jizz into my cunt!" I couldn't resist the spasming flesh about my girl-dick. I shuddered and thrust up into her cunt as she slammed down. Our flesh slapped together as her cunt took every inch of my girth. My pussy clenched so tight. My cum boiled out of my ovaries.

The jets of spunk surged up my cock and erupted into her convulsing snatch. The MILF's face transformed into rapture as my spunk spurted over and over into her. "Yes!" she moaned. "Oh, Becky, yes, yes, yes! I needed that." I whimpered, my body trembling. My toes curled in my shoes. My entire body shook and shuddered. I let out such whimpering moans as the pleasure groaned my mind.

It washed across the guilt, the shame, the confusion that gripped me. For one moment, there was only accepting rapture. My toes curled. My body shook. My cock erupted into the professor's spasming pussy. And then it passed.

My pleasure peaked and died. I spurted the last blast of cum into my professor's pussy. My own snatch stopped convulsing. I sucked in a deep breath, hearing the moans and gasps of my classmates.

"Oh, my god, just fuck me, Chris!" Tiffany moaned, lost to her lust and letting the nerdy boy pound her on the desk.

"Harry! Oh, fuck, Harry, pump away!" "Damn, yes, such a tight cunt!" I stared at the orgy as Professor Rider slipped off of me, the MILF dazed. Cum stained her fiery bush and ran white down her thighs as she shook her head. I shuddered, bolting upright. Look what I caused. None of these people would be having sex if it wasn't for me.


What if the girls regretted this? What if one of them became pregnant? I shuddered, I couldn't go to my next class. Not if I caused such a disruption. I hopped off the desk, and hauled up my panties and sweatpants. I bolted from the room before any of the girls could grab me and fuck me next.

I ran down the hallway. My appointment with Dr. Senior couldn't come soon enough. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ April 17th, 2047 "Wow, that sounds so different than how you would later act," Adelia said. "You actually fled an orgy." "I know," I said, grinning. "But I was just so young and confused. I didn't understand about the pheromones my body produced and how they affected women. If I had known that after fucking me they would gain some of their self-control back, I wouldn't have been so panicked.

But I was young and didn't know any better." "So did you hide for the rest of the day?" I nodded my head. "I locked myself in my dorm until my doctor's appointment." A smile crossed my lips as I remembered that. My cock tingled beneath my skirt, already needing my wife to suck me off again. "I put all my hope into Dr. Senior 'saving' me. But there were these two nurses." Adelia grinned, leaning forward to hear my next part of my life. To be continued.