Naked straight teens hazed in gay college fraternity

Naked straight teens hazed in gay college fraternity
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The first time was just luck. Jake, Billy, and I (Mike) were hiking around in the hills behind our housing development. It was cool to get away from the home and be able to goof off without having someone watching everything we did. Jake noticed an opening leading into some dense greenery and crawled in to see where it went. We waited a bit and then followed him in. There was someone laying on the ground and Jake shushed us and waved us over. It was an older girl laying on her back.

There were empty beer bottles around her and it was pretty clear she had sneaked in here to drink and had passed out. I whispered to Jake that we should get out of here but he said no. Then he reached down and shook her arm. I wondered what the heck he was doing but he just shook her again and said "Hey, wake up!".

She didn't respond and I figured he would just give up and we would leave. Instead Jake moved his hand from her arm onto her chest and put it on her breast! I was freaked. He held his hand there and then started feeling her tit. I told him to stop or we would get caught but he said she wasn't going to wake and we could have some fun. I looked to Billy to see if he would agree with me but he just reached out and put his hand on her other tit.

I was clearly out voted and as I watched them touch her I convinced myself we wouldn't get caught and if she did wake up we would just run before she could see us. I sure wanted to try touching her boobs but Jake and Billy didn't seem ready to give them up so I reached out and touched her leg.

She was wearing shorts so at least I was touching skin while they were only feeling her up through a T shirt and bra. I stroked my hand up and down the smooth skin of her leg while nervously looking at her face for any sign she might be waking up. Again Jake took the initiative and started pulling her shirt up from her waist.

Billy helped him and they pulled it up above her bra.

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We all took a minute to gaze at her bra covered mounds and then they again started feeling her up. Jake tried to work her tit out of the bra but Billy said lets just unhook it so they rolled her to her side and Billy unhooked the back. When they rolled her back the bra was loose and Jake pulled it and the shirt to her neck.

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I looked at the first set of live breasts I had ever seen and thought they were perfect. I lusted to reach out and touch them but they each began touching and playing with a tit. I decided to focus on what was available and slid my fingers up to her crotch. I explored how she felt through the material of her shorts and then slipped my fingers up one leg and tried to touch her pussy. I couldn't feel much and decided to get past those shorts.

I unzipped and then unhooked her pants and started working them down her hips. Billy and Jake seemed to forget they had boobs in their hands as they watched me undress her. Her panties came into view and I pulled them down with the shorts. Her hips and belly were so sexy I think we all didn't breath for a few seconds.

Then I saw the top of her patch of hair and I said wow and the others both nodded their heads. Once the pants were past her hips they just slid down and there was her pussy right in front of us.

I pulled her shoe through the one leg of her pants so I could spread her legs. Kneeling between her spread legs I placed a hand on each knee and then slid them up the inside of her thighs until my fingers touched hair. Rubbing gently I could feel the stiff hairs and then pressed inward to the softness of her sex.

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I had always wondered what a pussy was really like so I spread the lips and got a good look. The pink inside was so sexy and down below I could see her opening gape as I pulled her wide. I'd like to say she smelled sexy but frankly she stunk of beer and piss. I ignored that and slipped a finger into her opening. It was warm and slippery and I was so horny I couldn't stand it.

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Was she a virgin? Would I be able to feel her cherry? My finger went in to the knuckle so I guess not. I added a second finger so I could get even deeper and imagined how my cock would feel sliding in to that warm wet softness. The others must have been having the same idea because Billy said "lets fuck her" and Jake replied "oh yea".

"Does anyone have any protection?" I asked. "I'm not winding up with the clap or knocking her up." "But dude" Jake said, "Just look at that pussy. Your not going to get some?" I stood up, dropped my pants, and stepped out of them. "I didn't say I wouldn't have some fun. I always wanted to feel up a girl and wank off on her." I began poking my left two fingers in and out of her snatch while I gently stroked my cock.

This was fun but I wanted to try her boobs. "Hey guys, you've got to feel this pussy. It is so great". As expected they both moved to get some leaving her upper half free. I took their place and reached out with both hands to feel her tits. They were wonderful and I held and jiggled them enjoying their soft warmth. Jake was already stroking two fingers in and out of her hole while Billy slid his hand over and round her thigh. Billy's other hand unzipped and freed his pole which he started to stroke.

Jake followed his example and then moved to stroke her butt so Billy could feel her slit. None of us had any thought of making it last. We were so horny it wasn't long before we were in a circle around her stroking away.


Billy was the first to cum and shot his load on her belly. I aimed for her tits and managed to creme both of them. Jake kept stroking a bit longer and also aimed for her tits. Suddenly Jake and Billy were pulling their pants back on and saying we better get out of here. I told them we needed to clean her up and redress her but they were already heading out.


"You do it" Jake said as he and Billy almost ran away. I took off my shirt and started using it to wipe the cum off of her breasts and her belly trying to avoid getting any of their cum on my hands. There was a little beer left in one of the bottles and I used it to help wash the cum off. She was clean enough and it was time to redress her but there was a problem. The sight and feel of her had me hard again. My left hand went to cup her pussy as my right hand stroked her chest.

I groped each boob feeling their weight and how they would jiggle when I pushed on them. Straddling her I sat on her belly and put my cock between her breasts.

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Holding on to both breasts I slid my penis forward and back. I had to spit several times to we the area so my shaft would slide between her tits but once I had it wet enough the feeling was delicious. Holding her tits together I stroked away amazed at how good it felt.

I had to spit more to keep her tits slippery but I lasted quite a while. I kept the same steady stroke as I came and for a few seconds afterwards. I sat there enjoying the feeling between her breasts and moving them this way and that.

While cleaning up the new mess between her tits and around her neck I wondered if she would come here again. If she did then I wanted to cum again. Dressing her was actually fun.

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I spent more time straightening her bra than was necessary. After I spent a minute feeling her boobs through her shirt, something I didn't get to do before.

On the way home I rinsed my shirt in the creek. It was soaked but at least it didn't smell of cum and beer. The next morning I woke up hard and wanked off remembering her.