Sunny leone sexy blue film sex stories downlond

Sunny leone sexy blue film sex stories downlond
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I was playing some basketball down at the gym the other day with a bunch of my buddies. We had a great game, strenuous, but fun. Afterword, instead of hitting the showers, Cody and I just stayed in our gym trunks and t-shirts and I went out for a couple of beers. Cody's a great guy.

A 31 year old divorced stock broker, 6'4" tall and chiseled out of granite. We'd been work out buddies on occasion and the one time I'd actually seen him with his shirt off, I thought he looked like a fuckin' marine, very lean muscular build.

Anyways, we punched a couple of brews, had a few laughs and I took him back to his house to drop him off. He seemed to want the good times to keep rolling when he asked me in for another beer. It sounded good to me, so I followed him into his house.


He said to make my self at home while he grabbed us a couple more beers. He had a pretty nice house. I was checking out his living room.nice large flat screen television and what looked like a couple of hundred DVDs. He had a couple of large couches and recliners positioned perfectly for watching TV. I was perusing his movie collection, when I noticed a sizable collection of porn. No real problem there, I have been known to rent a porno or two occasionally for myself and my wife.

We'd watch them together and have a little fun afterword, or maybe sometimes during the movie. Cody came in with a couple of opened beers in his hand and handed me one. I said that he had a nice place, perfect for a bachelor, and that he probably has thrown a few wild parties. "Yeah," He chuckled, "a few." "I was looking at your collection of porn. Dude, that's quite a bit." He laughed again, "Yeah, what can I say.It's a bit lonely sometimes.

You know?" "What do you mean? Aren't you dating Beth from down at the gym?" "Oh yeah, She's great, but she has her life, and I have mine." We sat down and started drinking our beers and discussing different yada.

I drank the rest of my beer and another and excused myself for a bathroom break. When I came back, I noticed Cody had put a movie in and was kicked back on the couch, sipping his beer and watching. It was the beginning of an old western, one that I'd seen more than a few times. "I love this one," I said, "It's got one of the best gunfight scenes I've ever seen," "Yeah, no doubt, Robert Duvall kicks it in this one." We watched it for awhile, but I think Cody got a little bored, because he fast forwarded it to the final gun battle, while we polished off another beer.

I was feeling a bit sloshed when the movie ended and we just sat there in silence and watched the credits scroll down the screen. "What now?" Cody finally asked.

"I dunno.pop in a porno." I told him. "Cool.Which one?" "Fuck, I don't know.Surprise me." He got up and rummaged through a few DVDs when he finally came up with one.

"Ah, this is one of my favorites." He popped it in and hit play. Soon a title came on the screen."Big Assed Movie"Oh fuck", I chuckled." I like it already". I cracked open probably my eighth or ninth beer and settled in for a little action. "This has got some great looking bitches in it," Cody said. We watched a few minutes of the opening credits before the movie went straight to some hot action. This naked buxom blond was kissing this dude very deeply. She then went down and began to kiss and lick his semi erect cock.

He was moaning how good this felt, and funny enough, I was thinking the same thing. Pretty soon he was fully erect and pushed her back on the bed a crawled between her knees and began to work his large dick into her hairless pussy.

She immediately began to moan and praise him for his expert use of his big member. "Yeah, I see what you mean," I said. "I've only seen a few minutes of it, and it's already one of my favorite movies too." Cody laughed, "Hell, the good part hasn't even come up yet." The guy on the screen continued to fuck her with his big dick and the girl began to get a little more worked up.

"Fuck yes&hellip. Yes push it in farther&hellip.yeah&hellip.yeah&hellip.oh……fuck." I watched as the stud ravaged her vagina and began to get a little worked up myself. I could feel my cock trying to harden within the confines of my jockstrap. I shifted a little to reposition it so that it wasn't so uncomfortable. I glanced over at Cody sitting on the other sofa. He was just kicking back sipping on his beer.

The girl on the screen was still getting her pussy plowed, still moaning and telling the guy how much she loved his cock. "Fuck yeah baby&hellip.Fuck yeah&hellip.Oooohh Baby&hellip. Fuck my ass baby…I want it in my ass, Baby&hellip.stick your big dick in my ass baby." He then pulled his cock out of her and the camera zoomed in to focus on his large member. It looked to be about 10" and was still glistening with the juices of the girl's vagina. My cock lurched a little, thinking how much she was enjoying being filled with his giant penis.

She was lying back on her bed, with her legs spread wide. The guy put a hand under each knee and lifted her ass off of the bed a little. The girl guided his dick to the entrance of her ass.

She rubbed the large head up and down a couple of times over her brown pucker and you could hear her breathing heavier. Finally he began to push into her and she really began to go wild. "FUCK YEAH…&hellip.FUCK YEAH…MORE BABY&hellip.MORE……OOOOOOOHHH&hellip.FUCK YEAH!" My dick was now hard as nails and I was hoping Cody couldn't notice from across the room.

The girl on screen was screaming in ecstasy while the stud pounded his dick into her asshole. "This bitch really actually seems to enjoy getting ass fucked," Cody commented. "Not like any girl I've ever been with." "Yeah," I said, "No prostate." "Say what?" "Prostate gland; women don't have one& do.

It's up inside, near the anus. When it's caressed it can be very arousing&hellip. I guess&hellip.That's probably why gays love it in the ass".

"You seem to know a lot about the subject," Cody laughed. I just grinned lamely. I felt a little embarrassed even though I knew he was only joking. It's just that in the back of my mind, I was thinking about how my wife Ashley would occasionally run a finger up my butt, while giving me head. The sensation was wild and it usually put me over the top.

Cody continued," Hell, I'd love it if she could just take the whole thing." Now it was my turn to laugh. "The whole thing, huh? What? Are you swingin' a baseball bat between your legs down there, or something?" Cody's hands went up and he swung an invisible baseball bat…"Yeah…Or something." "Well, I bet Beth really loves it," I said, with a little bit more than envy in my voice.

I was watching the woman on screen and picturing Beth, all 5' of her, taking on a big cock. She was probably loving it, being totally filled with cock and cumming and then be able to please that cock and make it cum in her little hole.

Cody said nothing. He was intent on watching the movie, obviously this was the part that he liked best. I was a little curious though, so I casually glanced over at Him. His gym trunks did have a large bulge in them, but I couldn't really see as he was across the room and at about the same level I was. What I really needed was to go to the bathroom again. That way I could get up, walk right by him and walk down the hallway which was just behind his right shoulder.

Jeez, I thought, what's the fascination with Cody's dick. I'm not gay or anything. I think it's just the thought of having a huge dick that could fill any vagina and make it orgasm.

I don't know. Finally, I got up the nerve. I stood up. My 7 inch cock obvious in my gym shorts, and walked across the room to the hallway. I was a little too self conscious to actually look at Cody's groin as I walked by. Apparently, Cody was not so self conscious about looking at my groin.

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I guess actually, it was probably the fact that I walked right in front of him on my way. "Enjoying the movie, I see," he laughed. "Fuck, what's not to like, a beautiful girl getting fucked in the ass like that and actually enjoying it." "I told you it was a good one." He said. I walked down the hallway and into the bathroom. There was absolutely no way, I was going to be able to take a piss with a diamond hard dick like this. I pulled down the front of my shorts and admired my cock in the bathroom mirror.

It was especially hard right now, harder than it'd been in awhile. I waited for a couple of minutes to see if it would soften, but the thought of the whole scene out there was too fucking hot, the porno, the thought of seeing Cody's big erect dick.

Fuck, there was no way this fucking cock was going down. Finally, I snuck back down the hallway, hoping to come up behind Cody and be able to watch him for a minute&hellip.unnoticed. I quietly walked up to the doorway and looked in. I was right. I looked over Cody's right shoulder and got a clear view of his groin.

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His big cock was straining at his shorts as he gently caressed the shaft through his gym trunks. I gently caressed my own groin the same as he did. After a minute, one of his hands pulled down the front of his trunks and revealed a huge cock&hellip.

I mean HUGE! This thing made the porno's 10 inch stud look like a schoolboy. My guess at that moment was that it was at least 14 inches long, and true to his comment, about as big around as a baseball bat. Hard as a rock, he gently stroked it.

I thought I'd better be careful, or I just might shoot in my gym trunks right there. I just stood for a moment, trying to get my composure before walking back into the room, but apparently I had not been as quiet as I thought I had been, because Cody said, "Like what you see?" I was totally embarrassed.

I had just been caught checking out another guys' cock& the guy himself! "Uh…oh Whaa? "Its okay man, I knew you'd want to see it. You can get a little closer and check it out, if you want." "Uh&hellip.Okay," I said lamely.

I walked into the room and up to his right shoulder and looked down at him. He pulled his hand away, so I could see it better, and it jumped a little&hellip.It was so fucking hot. "I gotta say man, that's impressive," "Yeah, thanks…&hellip.I'll bet you'd like to touch it? I mean, I'm not gay or anything, but anybody's who has ever seen it has been very curious, so…it'd be okay if you wanted to touch it a little." I didn't say a word as I walked around to the front of him and got to my knees in front of him.

I reached out and gently caressed the huge swollen cock. It lurched spasmodically under my touch. "Fuck man…it's so fucking huge&hellip.I bet Beth loves this thing." "Yeah, she REALLY fucking loves it, but, like I said, she can't take it all in her pussy, and she's afraid to let me do her in the ass.

I've never even been with a woman who could take the whole thing." I was getting very hot caressing his thick stick, but for some reason, when he mentioned Beth's pussy, I lost control a little and leaned forward and slurped the head of his thick penis into my mouth.

"Aaaahhhhhh……ooooh, Fuck man, that feels good." His eyes rolled back into his head as he leaned back into the cushion of the sofa. His swollen cock lurched in my hungry mouth.

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I could only take a small portion of his mass into my mouth. I could not believe that I was actually doing this. I think that it was just that I was so fucking hot at that moment, so totally filled with lust that I just lost control of myself. With each flick of my tongue over the head, I became more of a wonton slut, craving only the pleasure of his thick, hard tool. Cody watched me eagerly slurp his cock.

"Man…Have you done this before? I mean, you really gobble it up." Without letting his beautiful tool go from my lips, I mumbled a "Uh-uh." I really wanted his cock right then, I didn't even know how&hellip.exactly, but I wanted it to please me, and I wanted to please it……thoroughly. "Fuck, this is really good, but……would you like to do something else?"……"Maybe?" I let his dick slide from my mouth as I looked up into his eyes, and I knew what he meant&hellip.exactly what he meant.

Suddenly, it seemed as though I was out of my body and was hovering in the room above us. I heard myself say, "Yeah&hellip.Fuck yeah." I wanted him then, all of him. I wanted to please that massive tool. I wanted to make it throb with anticipation, and then lurch with orgasm. I wanted to make it shoot jet after gooey jet of white hot cum.

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I wanted to watch his face, the look in his eyes as his cock was spewing its seed. He reached into the drawer of his end table and pulled out a tube of sex lube. "I usually keep this here for when Beth and I are getting with it." As he twisted off the cap, I took off my gym trunks, jockstrap and shirt. I crawled up onto the couch next to him and lay my head back. He squeezed a dab of the clear lube onto his fingertips and I spread my legs slightly as he placed his hand between them.

My cock was still rock hard and throbbed,,hard, as he first touched his fingers to my anus. "Fuck, that feels soooo gooood," I whimpered. My voice had suddenly changed. It sounded more like a meek whimper than my normal tone. In truth, I felt meek. I felt totally submissive at that moment. Like a blushing-virgin bride, waiting and wanting to finally feel what I'd been craving for my whole life. I'd have done anything he asked at that moment&hellip.anything. All I wanted was the pleasure of his touch, the feel of his aggressive fingers as they swabbed my asshole with lubricant.

I moaned like a woman when he pushed a finger into me. My cock throbbed and I arched my back as he moved it in and out of my hole. Finally, he pushed me back, placed a hand under each knee and lifted my ass slightly off of the couch.

His gigantic cock throbbing slightly, as it stood at attention. At that moment, I looked up at his muscular torso, chiseled sinew, his pecs flexing. I reached down, grabbed his massive phallus and rubbed the head over my well lubed anus. Up and down……several times, as I attempted to relax as to accept him into me. My cock was streaming clear pre-cum onto my belly. I was wishing it were his.

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I was afraid of the pain of his penis plunging into my, as of yet, virgin ass, but the fear was overcome by the shear lust of pleasing him. I wanted him,&hellip.all of him…badly. He slowly pushed the head, the size of a child's fist into my begging anus. My anus stretched……man it hurt&hellip.stretched&hellip.Oh fuck maybe this wasn't……streeeetched&hellip.I felt a pop, it was in.

I squealed a little at this. Again sounding like a young girl crying over a skinned knee. I tried to relax as Cody began to slowly work his massive penis into my little hole. It was no use, I was too lost in the moment&hellip.into uncontrolled lust.

His thick cock hurt, but I found myself actually rising with each thrust to meet him. After a couple of minutes, he was sliding his entire fourteen inch cock into my ass. Cody, abs chiseled, flexing as he thrust into me. His breathing became shallow, his voice horse.

Each thrust became progressively more and more aggressive, sliding his horse sized cock into my eager ass. My hips rose and met each thrust. I grabbed his ass and pulled& his balls slapped my anus, I pulled him even further into me. I was whimpering incoherently, his sweat dripping from his face, splashing onto me, into my mouth. I licked my lips&hellip.ooooohhh, his taste. I wanted him, all of him. I now had him……all of him. I had both hands on his ass pulling him into me, his hands under each knee holding my legs up.

Suddenly my cock lurched&hellip.shooting a ribbon of cum up onto my face, dripping from my nose as the second jet spurted from my ejaculating penis onto my chest. A third, then a fourth jet followed covering my upper torso.

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It continued to throb and ooze as I pulled his girth into my stretched hole. Cody groaned as he thrust…&hellip. hard……deep. His scrotum making a audible slap against my anus. He ground his giant penis into me. It hurt&hellip.badly&hellip.I could feel the head of his cock in my stomach&hellip.He groaned again as he withdrew the entire length of cock from my gaping hole and slapped it onto my belly, simultaneously spewing a massive sized stream of cum across my face, chest and belly.

I was frantic. I wanted to taste him&hellip.I needed to taste his pungent seed. I quickly slithered down, grabbing his spasming, lube covered penis and sucked the head into my mouth as the second stream of white hot jizm flooded into my hungry mouth. I used both hands to pump his cock, now covered also in my cum. Jet after thick, hot jet of sperm shot into my mouth as I tried to gobble it down. I began to gag at the sheer amount of sperm shooting into my throat. After several more jets of his hot seed filling my mouth and several more guttural groans from Cody, he fell back onto the couch and lay panting as his cock continued to ooze the final remnants of his ejaculate.

"Jeez, I never had anyone that could take the whole thing before. That was fucking great." As I lay at the opposing end of his couch, unwinding after the most explosive orgasm I had ever encountered, I contemplated what I had just done with another man.

As I was sure that I would not be able to walk normally for probably a week or so I realized with great clarity that I would want to be Cody's slut again.


My previous fascination with a large phallus had been had just been forever altered to an unadulterated obsession.