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Lesbian latina domination and chubby lezdom bbw of south american amateur
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The Artist Jax_Teller©2016 By Jax_Teller Art "The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power " Or Emotional Power The Artist Artists often have more than one medium they prefer to work with.

I was different in that regard, I actually enjoyed using as many different mediums as possible. I was making a living as a Tattoo artist and had my own studio that I also did Energy healing, massages, Laser hair removal, Piercing and tattoo removal. At times I had technicians who used my machines and shop, but I was trained and owned everything as part of a diversified business model.

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I owned the building and parking lot, and had my private studio near the back and booths I rented in the front. There were times when I would sleep in my studio for convenience and had all the comforts of home. I had been doing Chinese fire cupping as well and as I was working on a woman with back problems it occurred to me to use the circles the cups leave on the body as a form of dot matrix type art. Cupping uses fire in side a glass cup to create a vacuum that draws the skin into the cup.

The result is blood pooling in the area to help in healing. The process leaves red circles on the body and can last for hours to days or even a week in some cases. I hatched the idea to make a living piece of art, possibly performance art, by using the different size cups and sliding them on the skin to make lines and eventually art.

The woman I was working on at the time was not the subject I was looking for but did leave me with the mental picture of the female form covered with line art from the base of the skull to the feet. My mind immediately went to a search for a model to work on and I called Lisa a tattoo client and friend of mine. She came over a couple days later and she said she would be happy to work with me but was not interested in being my public model. I worked with her body learning to use the cups to make art.

Those initial cupping sessions were strictly on her back placing the cups dragging them and the effects that I could make with the cups. One evening I was working on the drag effect from a circle around her belly button and she got silly giggling and then it turned to frisky. Lisa was a beautiful woman who I had met at a party and we had talked about tattooing and that night I slept with her.

She was very sexually naive but was finding her self. She wanted a lover that night and I made love with her. The next morning however she just wanted to move on, which I was good with. Months went by and she came by the shop and ended up getting a tattoo, and after I was done she blew me in my booth until I came in her face.

From that point on we were friends with benefits and it was rarely romantic or making love. She used me as a safety, to practice things she wanted to try but didn't trust to anyone else. Lisa mentioned to me that she had seen fire cupping before at a kink event, and that it had been part of a fire play work shop. I asked her where I might be able to see some of that type of fire play. She told me that if I was really interested, Friday night she would take me to a play party as her guest, and there was a good chance there would be a couple doing fire play.

She made a phone call and confirmed that Erik and Natasha were going to be there and that they would love to play with her. I had no appointments for Friday so I called one of my guys and asked him to cover for me.

Friday night at the shop was one of my busiest nights of the week with a lot of walk in business.

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Friday came along and I picked up Lisa and she directed me to the play party telling me how she had stumbled on to the kinky play parties and that this one was a very diverse fun group.

The house looked like many others in the rural area out side Indianapolis but there was a lot of cars outside. The gated driveway was paved and there was an actual parking lot, unusual for a private residence. Once we started getting closer to the door the sound of people and music could be heard. There was an announcement about consent and the rules of the party. And then the play began, the first pair on the main floor set up and the male secured the female, his sub, to a cross and used a set of floggers on her.


It was interesting to me, but not exciting, and we moved on to another section of the house which would normally be a living room. There was a table setup that was like my massage tables, and Lisa said there they are, so we went over to the couple. Lisa introduced me and they were very excited to meet me as the artist who did Lisa's tattoos. We talked for a few minutes and then Natasha asked if Lisa was ready for the play session. Lisa took her clothes off down to a G-string, and Erik helped her get comfortable on the table.

I noticed the cupping set next to the table and Natasha asked if she would like to do fire first and she agreed. Natasha took a metallic tube and sprayed a foam in a design onto Lisa's back, and then lit it on fire. The flames were controlled and followed the trail of foam around completing a heart design on Lisa's back.

She wiped the heart off as the flame went out with a moist hand towel, and then drew a different design on her back and lit it. The flame wound, twisted following the foam racing, splitting and meeting back up with itself. It went out and Natasha wiped her back clean again and applied a coating of mineral oil to her back and stepped aside.

Erik stepped to Lisa's side and Natasha handed him what looked like a pair of drum sticks the ends on fire. I used a different method of lighting my cups but he went to light and place cups on Lisa's back in the same fashion as I would a client.

It was being done for amusement and control, and as I watched them perform I got the final picture of my performance. I wanted to do something similar but to leave a design. After the performance Lisa and I hung around the party but she could see my distraction given all the kinky sorts of things going on were not captivating me in any way.

On the way home she sucked my dick and I fingered her until she came, but I was too engrossed with the design in my head to come. I apologized for not being able to come as I dropped her off at her apartment and she said go draw it up lover and swayed her hips as she walked to her door. When I got back to the studio I began drawing out my idea, and then mid way through my design I realized it would completely expose the models genitals.

I thought about several other ways so as not to go near the vagina and asshole, but with out the connection the design seemed incomplete. I felt a certain limitation and decided that I would do the lesser of my design on willing women until the right model came along. I hoped the art would be more than a kink event spectacle and something spectacular. I also started looking at events to display my performance art and was thinking of doing a Burning Man event. I put out the word I was looking for a full nude model and went about practicing the lesser parts of my design on willing canvases.

A volunteer named Denise was so taken with the upper body portion of the design in the mirrors that she let me go ahead and do the lower half of my design. It was pivotal for me to have the positions worked out and the performance on a willing subject.

It was a shame that Denise could not get to the point of seeing the project through and letting me photograph her or doing the live performance.

Never the less I gained the experience I needed on her body. Over the next two months Lisa had come by the studio and I worked my designs on her before she went to play parties.

One Saturday afternoon she came by for a cupping session and I fucked her on the table with the cups on her back. I came deep and hard inside her and she came as I removed the cups. It was weird but interesting at the same time. The next morning she called me and told me about how she had been overly excited through the party knowing she was walking around being played with all the while my come was seeping from her wet pussy.

The levels of depravity that she was becoming involved with amazed me how she had grown in just a few months. She told me how interested people were on the designs and were interested in meeting me. I refused to meet them ahead of my performance piece not wanting to be influenced. The next week went by quickly and then on Thursday night Sheila came into the studio and looked over the flash art on the walls and picture books of my tattoo works.

She was dressed like she'd been out clubbing and moved with a certain sensuality as she looked over the Tattoo awards in the display case. When I finished with the tattoo I was doing, the client left the studio with care instructions in hand and Sheila came over.

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I asked her if she was interested in getting a tattoo, and she said no that she was interested in the modeling job. Fireworks went off in my head and I asked her to come with me to the back, and I asked David one of the other tattoo artists to watch the front. His booth had the best view of the front and he had rented the space from me for two years, so he was used to handling the front.

Sheila sat in my tattoo chair giving me a great view of her legs peaking out from her skirt and I explained what I wanted from her as a model. The fact that I would be using every part of her body as my canvas, and that I wanted pictures and video of my performance seemed to be of no concern to her. I asked her how she came to find out about the position and she told me she had seen one of my works at a party and she had asked Lisa.

We talked over the details including her compensation, and I had her sign a non disclosure agreement. She finely asked to see my sketch of the design and I pulled out the pad with the designs. The sketch of the vaginal section and how it was center to the design seemed to impress her.

She looked over the rest of them but came back to the first and asked if I had choreographed any particular display after my work was done.

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I told her I had not and she offered to work up a dance routine for my approval for after the cupping work was done to finalize the display of my work. We really seemed to hit it off from the first moment, and I asked her if she was available for a week of testing and training. She committed to the time frame I requested and then she asked me do a " normal" healing session with her so she could get the feeling of the cups.

I asked if she had any sore muscles or issues and she said her back was sore from a dance routine she had been practicing. She stood up stripped her clothes off without hesitation folding them neatly and placing them on the chair and then laid on the massage table.

Her body was tight, muscular, and her skin was very light, perfect to show off the cupping. As I worked on massaging her back, rubbing oil into her muscles, she told me she was a trained Ballerina but had been stripping to pay her bills.

I announced that I was starting and proceeded to light and place cups on her back. When I was done placing them, I started moving them around, one by one and she giggled. I had mirrors all around my work space so clients could watch me tattoo if they wished, and when I pulled the first cup from her back, Sheila said oh Wow. She commented on how dark the ring was and asked how long it would last.

I told her that this would be a good test, that some lasted hours, some days and on some people they lasted a week. When I was done removing the cups I finished the massage and she turned over.

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Her breasts were the perfect size and shape for the design I had in mind and then I saw the patch of hair over her vagina. I asked her if she would mind loosing the landing strip of hair. She said no problem, that she would shave it off. I suggested that if she was OK with it, I would like to use the laser hair removal system to more permanently remove the hair.

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She said sure that would be great, and ran her fingers through the landing strip of hair over her pussy letting a finger slide down into the slit before pulling it to her mouth. I realized I was sporting wood and turned away.

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We were getting along so well I was beginning to feel like she had a real contribution to the project beside being my canvas. I asked her turn sideways and put her feet up on the edge of the table. Sheila said now? And I said sure if you want. She was moving into position before I answered here.

I pulled the cart with the laser over and I sat on my rolling stool. I slid up between her legs, put on a pair of nitrite gloves, trimmed the hair using battery operated clippers from the cart and began using the laser.

Sheila shuddered for a second and giggled that it tickled. I pulled the lip to her vagina to one side to use the laser and noted how wet she was. Most people are tolerant of the laser procedures but some require a pain reducing gel that numbs the area similar to creams used in Europe for tattooing.

Sheila was the first person in my experience that was being sexually pleasured by the sensation. He musky aroma and very slight movements of her hips led me to think she was really enjoying the procedure. As I looked up to her face to gauge her reaction I noticed her nipples were standing at attention and the pupils of her eyes were wide open.

I worked the area all around her vagina and then asked her to get on her hands and knees so I could do around her asshole.

She seemed shy about spreading her ass cheeks but complied.


I removed the hair around her anus and I finished up by wiping the skin and applying a light coat of mineral oil. As I rubbed the oil in I found myself knuckle deep in her asshole before realizing it, and I immediately turned away, and moved the cart. Sheila turned back over and sat on the edge of the table again, and asked me if there was anything else I'd like to do to her body? She looked like she was in heat and the question was loaded with expectations as she smiled at me.

I said not tonight and that I would like to go get diner and I invited her along. She asked at 1 am? To which I said, to me it is diner time, and the Olympic diner is open 24/7. Sheila said Greek is cool and as we walked to the front door, I asked Johnson to lock up when he was done.

Sheila followed me to the Olympic and we continued talking about the project throughout diner. I paid for diner and outside she asked me if I would like company tonight. The sun was just starting to come up on the horizon, and I said follow me. I drove to my house on the north side of Indy and I opened the gate with my remote and waited until she followed me in and the gate closed behind her. When we got tot he house she parked and came over and asked so this is your place? I said yeah bought and paid for with ink.

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Sheila said ink can only do so much, it's your talent and business sense that got you here. I thanked her for her kind words and led her into the house.

I told her that I was tired and that if she didn't mind I would skip the tour, for bed. She said that's what she wanted to hear, and I led her to my bed room. I started shedding clothes and She came over to me and assisted me in taking my clothes off rubbing her hands over my chest and down to my belt as I finished removing my shirt. I wasn't used to be undressed like this but she was enjoying herself, and my pants along with my underwear dropped to the floor, my cock sprang free of it's confines.

Sheila looked my cock over all most drooling and said I would have never guessed you were uncut, as she pulled the foreskin back and took my cock in her mouth. She floated as she moved to her knees and her mouth was velvety and worked with experience and deliberate actions. Her tongue hit the glands on the underside of my cock and my knees buckled for a second and a shiver went through me.

I sat back on the edge of the bed and Sheila pulled my pants and underwear off my legs. As she slithered up to my cock she pushed her breasts still in her blouse together and then released them as I looked at them. She took my cock in her mouth with out touching it with her hands. She really seemed to know her way around a cock.

She worked my cock like no woman had before and it wasn't long before I felt the twinge of orgasm in my balls. Sheila must have sensed it as well because she let go of my cock and dragged herself up to kiss me on the mouth, her breasts dragging over my cock as she did. As we broke the kiss she sat back on her heels and pulled her blouse over her head and off.

She undid her very pretty lacy expensive looking bra and put it to the side with the blouse. She stood up although to be fair it seemed more like she rose up off the floor just as the Genie's carpet did for Aladdin. She released an internal belt to her skirt and it glided to the floor, captivating in that it too seem to float to the floor like a feather.

She pushed me ever so gently back on to my bed and glided up, onto the bed with me. She grasped my balls and slid over me to my other side twisting my balls as she moved over me. It was uncomfortable but my cock liked it as it grew harder at her administrations. Sheila was in control but everything she did seemed to serve me, and my needs.

It was unusual in that the balance of controlling while serving seemed so natural to her so inviting to me to control her by allowing her the control over me. Before I could think much more about it she straddled me, facing me and looked down at her breasts first getting my full attention on them. Then she hovered raising herself up and guided my cock into the folds of her pussy, looking down drawing my attention to the view before me.

As my gaze focused on my cock and her maneuvering, she impaled herself with my cock. She drew her hands up her sides and grasped my hands pulling them to her breasts.

Holding my hands on her breasts she pinched her nipples, and then harder, harder than I would have and I felt her pussy moisten as she pinched even harder. She began wiggling her hips and making tiny circles on my cock never raising or lowering, just circling.

She seemed to understand just how much pleasure this was bringing me because she smiled and then she started sliding front to back, still never raising or lowering herself. Her movements weren't fast but were deliberate and almost forceful.

She began to rock back and forth and picked up her speed a little, still pushing back almost to the point of my cock popping out of her and then to the opposite direction. Sheila was totally in control as far as I was concerned but once again she gauged and reacted to every movement to make sure it was having the pleasuring effect she wanted me to feel.

The experience was unlike I had ever experienced before and I was enjoying it so much that I didn't want to come right then, but felt my orgasm building. Sheila seemed to read me perfectly and begged me to come.

It wasn't like I wasn't going to come, even if she'd stopped moving all together, but she begged me to please fill her with my precious hot seed. She was so sweet and yet vulgar at the same time, fuck me, fill me, and then she shook and I felt her pussy muscles clamp and release my cock several times and it was as if a dam inside her had broke and she cried as she squirted and her pussy repeatedly clenched my cock.

I couldn't hold back any more, although why I was trying was crazy, and as the first spurt of come blasted into her it was if some one had shoved a hot coal inside her pussy, she screamed and cried and road my cock fiercely. It was almost concerning how hard she was coming and her body clamping onto mine, and then she collapsed on top of me.

My cock twitching trying to expel every last drop of come inside her as she lay motionless, breathing heavily, and then our mouths just seemed to have come together in a kiss. A kiss that lasted, each of us needing more from each other, one more second and then one more, I rolled her onto her back my cock still buried inside her. I held her hands up and out to the sides and kept kissing her.

From the moment we met she seemed to know exactly what I wanted, what I needed. As I rolled her over it was as if Karma itself had told me that this is what she needed.

As we parted I looked deep into her eyes and let go of her hand and ran it along side of her face and pulled her into another kiss. I broke the kiss and we adjusted to a spooning position and I hugged her close to me and I whispered into her ear thank you.

It was 6 hours later when she woke me to tell me she had to go, but that she would call when she was finished. I was still in a sleep induced haze and thanked her for last night and she was gone, I wasn't sure she heard me or if she was even real as I drifted back to sleep. My phone rang at 6 pm and Jerry at the shop said that there was a customer who wanted to have a tattoo done that was more my skill level.

I told him to pass along that I would be there in an hour, and I heard the customer in the back ground say she would just get a bite to eat and be back. The voice sounded familiar but in my state I couldn't place it. As I put my feet on the floor I looked for my clothes and then I saw them folded neatly on the chair. I went over to pick the pants up and noticed a note. Sheila had written her number on the note and said thank you for a wonderful morning.

So the dream was real and she was real and for once in a long time I wasn't focused on the design or the shop, or the business, all I could think of is how wonderful she made me feel.

Sex was sex, and that part was great but I felt a real connection with her, as if she had been made just for me. The End Chapter 1 Jax_Teller©2016