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Gay men having sex amsterdam Once Marco has gotten Zaden super nasty
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Writers thought's: I know the last chapter made some confused and wondering. And I am sorry for that, but it was part of the story. Yes it was a twist in the story and like a few did comment love gets tested. And for those that hoped I would explain why in the next few chapters I will. This is the Chapter that explains from two point's of view, but has a third that well ill let the that point of view explain itself haha.

As to those that understand thank for your patience and support. So to the chapter that some have been wanting for. I give you Chapter 5 of A Family At Odds Tessa's POV: It's been a week since Gray and My son Nick left to go on the road to clear his head and rethink things. He came home last Saturday after test riding his trike that Gray traded for Nicks old bike. Nick told us he had to leave and get away. We asked why and all he said was he saw something he didn't want to talk about.

Gray made sure Nick had enough to help until he could get odd jobs while away. We gave him our best wishes and love and he finally called me mom. I had a warm motherly feeling when he did. I think of all this as Gray and I are out on the town. He took me to a movie and now we are at a restaurant. We just got done eating our food and now we are just relaxing and sipping on our wine. Gray treats me out once or twice a month depends on my work schedule and his business with the club.

Gray and I have been married for so many years and every year it just gets better. Gray is telling me how much he loves me and I respond telling him. Gray leans down a little and places his lips on mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and return the passionate kiss. Its about 2 minutes later we hear some loud laughter coming from another table. Gray and I break the kiss and look around and a few tables from us we see Savannah, Rick, Kera and a young guy.

Gray and I have met them a few times over the past years. Nick would need a ride to their home to spend time with Savannah since Karl and Gail would be off somewhere or Sasha and Lucy were to busy. So Nick would call and ask for a ride when others couldn't. But we didn't know the young guy seated next to Savannah.

I look at Gray and tell him if he sees what I do. He looks over and notices what I did the guy had his hand on Savannah's. Gray tells me he does and that is when my motherly senses come out. Gray can see my eyes and says to not start a fight. I tell him when it comes to my family I will if I have too. I get up and go over as friendly as I can be.

Putting on a fake smile until they notice me. " Oh hi Tessa this is a unexpected surprise, where is the family at?" Kera asks me being friendly " Gray is over at the booth over there." I tell Kera pointing over at my husband Her and Rick wave at Gray who just nods then stares at me and gives me a wink.

I notice Savannah looking at me as she slips her hand out of the man's hand that is sitting next to her. I guess Rick noticed me looking and he introduces the guy as Gavin Upton. I just nod as he tries to shake my hand in which I don't. Kera starts talking to me again. " Wheres the rest of the family?" She asks me again as I just can't get how Savannah is avoiding me " Oh Shelby and Lisa are with their boyfriends." I reply to her question with a small grin " Wheres Nick figured he be with you both." Rick comes out and asks being curious I stand there trying to think of how to answer his question.

I know the family promised not to tell anyone, but what I see with my own eyes has me in momma bear mode. I let out a sigh and speak. " He left a week ago on the road said he couldn't take the bullshit that broke his heart." I say slipping out the truth then added" He said he saw something that really hit him the day he was test driving his new ride.

That day he came home packed and left." They all just look at me with wide eyes except Gavin he just looks at me with a grin. It's Savannah that comes out and speaks. " What.what do you mean he left." She asks with a bit of confusion " It's like I said he came home saying he couldn't take the bullshit that broke his heart seems he saw something that triggered him leaving." I state telling the truth sternly " You mean that was him on the trike Dwight and Yvonne saw?" She asks in a sad sounding voice " Yes it was and now I see why he left.

If it was me I would of left too." I state with coldness Savannah looks into my eyes shocked at what I said. Rick and Kera I guess couldn't believe my words.

Gavin is the one to stand and speak. " I take it your Nick's mother. Well I must say your side of the family has the great looks which he didn't inherit." He says trying to compliment me " You saying my son isn't handsome young man." I ask him with a bit of disgust " I'm just saying he could look as good as me if he wanted to.

If he had a job and money he could still be in this lovely woman's arms." He says with a rather snobby tone " Gavin stop it now quit putting Nick down." Savannah says at Gavin in a disgusted voice " I am just stating the obvious dear, if he just stood up and had a job he still be in your arms." He keeps on insulting my son I notice Rick and Kera not saying a thing. They are just sitting there listening and sipping on their drinks.

Savannah looks up at me with sad eyes. I look at Gavin and decide it was enough with the bullshit as Nick called it. " Gavin how much you have in the bank or how much you make a year?" I ask him with a stern curious voice " Oh I have around 400,000 in the bank and I make 65,000 a year why are you interested also." He says to me asking a idiotic disgusting question " First off I am a happily married successful lawyer.

Second I hat to burst your bubble, but my son has more then you have in a trust fund. Since he was born his father and I have been contributing to it. By now with interest and investments it is in the millions.

So yeah you aren't shit compared to my son." I spit out with venom " Your.your lieing he couldn't have that much." Gavin exclaims with a shocked tone At that moment I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned to see Gray standing behind me. He gave me a wink and looked at everyone there. " I beg to differ young man my wife isn't lieing. Ever since Nick was born we have been putting money in a trust fund in his name for the day he decides to settle day.

He will be able to have a good start if he chooses." Gray explained to them all which caused some shocked expressions Rick and Kera turned to Savannah with wide eyes.

" Why didn't you tell us Nick could support you Savannah?" Rick asked with a bit of uneasiness " I didn't know he never told me Dad." She exclaimed telling him truthfully " That's because he didn't know. We didn't want him to turn into a stuck up kid as you have one at the table." I told them with a bit of anger " But why he would still be with Savannah if you did." Gavin chimed in putting his two cents in " No he would still be with me if my parents didn't split us up.

And I told you once already don't put Nick down again." Savannah spoke up defending my son again I looked at Rick and Kera with such malice. " You both are the reason for my son's heart being broken. And here he thought a lot of you both." I told them with coldness and anger " We just wanted the best for Savannah that's all." Kera stated to me trying to me nice " And they do have the best for their" Gavin again spoke up with a ego that stunk " Gavin shut up I am tired of your mouth.

You are not all that and you are not anywhere better then Nick in bed either." Savannah spoke raising her voice " Savannah you need to keep your mouth shut. I am way better then that los." Gavin didn't get to finish his comment for Savannah slapped him across his face Rick and Kera watched as their daughter stood up and came over by Gray and I.

She looked back at her parents and spoke to them. " Dad, mom I love you both, but I can't be with someone that doesn't know how to love except himself and money.

I am sorry, but Nick is and always will be the one I want and need." Savannah said to them with a sad expression Rick looked at Savannah then at Gavin who was rubbing his face.

He looked at his wife and she had a expression that was of one scared of losing her daughter. He stood up and stepped over to Savannah who took a step back. He stopped and made a sigh. " Ok look Savannah we misunderstood a lot of things. And we were wrong about splitting you and Nick up. I am sorry for the past week and a half.

I guess I forgot what really mattered. What is it you want Savannah your 21 and can make your own decisions." He stated trying to apologize " Dad you want to know what I want. I want the man that owns my heart, the man that loved me for me and not money, I want the man that you sent away from me.

I want my man back that I so deeply love." She explained with tears starting down her cheeks " Honey we don't know where he is, and if we knew how do you know if he take you back." Kera said chiming in at that moment " Mom I just know we have been through so much the past years.

And he knows me better then anyone here." She told her parents straight out Rick and Kera both looked at her and then it was Rick that stepped a bit closer to her. Savannah stayed in her spot next to me. He placed his hands on her shoulders and stared in her eyes. " Nick was right by knowing you better he even said he did.

Savannah I have been a fool what is it you want to do baby girl?" He asked his daughter with a smile " Dad if it is ok with you and Mom I would like to ask Nick's parents if I can stay with them until the day Nick returns.

I want to be as close to him as I can. Even if it is a empty bed at least I will be that close to him." She explained to her father with a firm expression Rick looked at Savannah then over at Gray and I. He let Savannah go and stepped back over to his wife and asked her. She was hesitant at first then nodded with a smile. Gavin spoke asking what were they thinking. Rick told him to shut up and leave.

Gavin tried to protest until Savannah spoke up at him. " Gavin just leave your never going to have me anyway. My heart and body belong to Nick always has and always will." She said to him sternly He stood up and came towards her with a expression that could cut ice.

" You will be back crawling to be with me. Your precious Nick couldn't stand up to a gorilla if he had to.

Savannah when you do come back you will be beg." Again he didn't get to finish Savannah brought her knee up into his crotch making him go down to the floor on his knees. Savannah kneeled down and spoke to him in a angry voice. " I told you twice to never insult the man I love. Gavin there is no way in hell I would come crawling back to you. Nick is much more of a man then you. And to let you know your just a little dick I don't know why your holding yourself anyway." She stood back up and looked at Gray and I We all just looked at the scene in front of us and realized she wasn't as fragile as some would think.

Savannah stepped in front of us with a big smile and spoke. " So is it ok if I can move in so I can be as close to Nick that I can?" Savannah asked in her sweet voice I turned to look up at Gray who I guess was still shocked at what he just seen.

He shook it off and nodded to me. We liked Savannah because she was good for Nick. I turned to look at Savannah and told her it was fine with us. She stepped forward and gave us a hug that we both returned.

She went to her parents stepping over Gavin who was still on the floor gasping for breath. She hugged her parents and told them she loved them.

They returned the hug saying the same back to her. She told them she be over in a few days to get her clothes and a few other things.

They responded by saying ok and they would help also. They break the embrace as a waiter comes over finally and sees Gavin on the floor. He asks what happened and Rick comes out saying it was something he ate.

That gets a chuckle out of Gray and a giggle out of Kera, Savannah and I. The waiter asks if Gavin is ok and all he does is nod. He is helped up and escorted to the door and out to his car. Rick steps over to Gray and apologizes for everything as does Kera to me.

Gray tells them it's not us they need to apologize to. They reply telling us we are right. Savannah asks if we can go as she is tired because of the evenings events. Gray and I nod our heads as we start for the door.

Once outside we all share a hug as Savannah comes with us to my SUV. She gets in the back and lets out a sigh of relief. Gray drives us home as Savannah and I talk with my husband just listening. She cheers up and gets comfortable around us as we accept who she is and tell her we will help her anyway we can.

Once home we all relax in the living room as it's 8:30 p.m. Shelby and Lisa are there saying they were tired from a exciting day at the river.

They talk to Savannah explaining about their brother and how he felt. Savannah says she knows and just wants to be close to him as best she can be. They say awww at her comment saying that is so romantic. Savannah exclaims she is tired and that makes the girls take Savannah up to get her some bed clothes for the night. Once they all three are out of ear shot Gray asks me if we were doing the right thing.

I tell him yes that Savannah being her shows that her love for Nick is strong to also help this family stay connected to Nick. Gray looks in my eyes and sees I am right. He kisses my forehead then breaks our hug. He takes my hand and leads me up the stairs. I stare at what is in front of me and lick my lips. My husband for 76 still looks good to me in my eyes. He always has all these long wonderful years. We get to our room and I shut the bedroom door behind me. Gray turns to me and shows that smile that just lures me to him every time.

He comes up to me and replaces his arms around me. I replaces mine around him.

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My husband starts kissing my lips working our passion up again. He works his lips to my neck and then to my left ear. But what gets me even hotter and wetter between my legs is that his right hand is between them.

He is working me up by rubbing my pussy through my shorts. The material is thin and it feels so wonderful. My husband knows exactly what gets me to the point I lose myself to his touches.

" Oh shit.Baby.I'm." I moan softly in his ear saying " Yes my beautiful Tessa let it go." He tells me going faster between my legs " Oh god.GRAYYYYYY." I moan saying his name He picks me up in his arms and kisses my lips as he walks us over to the bed.

He places me down on the bed slowly then breaks the kiss to go turn the light off. He returns to the bed and lays down next to me. I get up on top of him straddling his waist and leaning down to lay on top of him. He kisses my forehead and speaks.

" Tessa I love you so very much my love." My loving man tells me deeply " Gray my darling, I love you deeper everyday." I tell him placing a kiss over his heart I lay there feeling his arms around me. My breathing slows as our love feels our hearts.

This man is all I need besides the love of my son that is starting to make a place in my heart and growing more everyday. Sleep takes me and I dream of a love and its our family coming together that completes my heart.

Savannah's POV I have been staying with Nick's family for a week now. They have been great to me making sure I feel right at home. Shelby and Lisa make sure that I stay active by hanging out with them and going to the movies with them and their boyfriends.

Caleb and Simon are cool and the right and left hand for Gray. Caleb is the V.P as Simon is the Sargent of Arms of Gray's biker club. They have considered me as a little sister and have told me if there anything I need to let them know. I told them I just wish Nick was here with me. Caleb said if he could they would go on a search for him, but it would be like finding a needle in a hay stack.

He was right as no one even knew where Nick was. Tessa told me the other day that Nick text her saying he was fine and safe. I told her at least he is alive and staying in touch. I think she heard the hint of sadness in my voice for she didn't respond to my comment.The past week has been nice, but I was still miserable without Nick being in my arms. It's Friday and the morning started with out any big event. Gray said he had business to take care of, Shelby and Lisa exclaimed they had a busy day at work and left to get a early start.

Tessa was the one that had the serious look in her eyes. After Gray, Shelby, and Lisa left Tessa started speaking to me at the kitchen table.

" Savannah have you thought of what you want to do with your life?" She asked me with a curious tone " What exactly do you mean Tessa?" I asked taking a sip of my sprite " Well you don't need to sit around the house all day waiting.

I understand believe me, but you need to do something to preoccupy your time instead of waiting around here." Tessa tells me being concerned I just stared at her and thought of all that she said to me. I knew she was right, but part of me didn't want to leave the house. It was just in case Nick showed up I would already be here to welcome him home in my loving arms.

But then again I sat there thinking it might help if I did get a job. I just didn't want to go back to my dad's law firm I felt a change of scenery was needed. I looked into her face and spoke. " So what do you have in mind Tessa?" I asked her with curiosity " Well I could use a assistant. You would do some of the things you did at your dad's law firm, but a little more. And you would not have to worry about working for the other partners at mine." Tessa tells me with a sincere expression I sit there and think of her idea.

It would be nice to work for her. She is so successful at being a lawyer and I would be able to go to work with her. I took a sip of my Sprite and gave her a nod then spoke. " You sure it would be alright for me to work for you. I am sure there others that would be better then me to do the job." I tell her with a bit of uneasiness " Savannah you would be the best I could have.

And besides the work would help you save up for a future when Nick comes back." She tells me with a good look at the conversation " I suppose you are right so when would I start if I said yes?" I asked her curious " Monday morning you will ride with me and I will help you get started.

This weekend we will go shopping and get you the right office attire. Slacks, blouse's, and the right shoes." Tessa states to me with a smile " Wow sounds like you have already planned ahead." I say with a some what shocked expression " I have sweetie, You are going to be the best assistant I will have.

And your a hard worker from what I know." She tells me with again a smile " I only try Tessa. I am not the best I just try to keep others going." I tell her truthfully " Then are you willing to take the job.

It mean a lot to me to have you. And give us a chance to spend time together outside of the house." Tessa states to me with a grin I think about it of how it would be nice to get to know hopefully my future Mother-n-law.

I give her a nod saying 'yes'.

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Tessa gets a big smile on her face. We talk for a bit longer until it's just about 9:30 a.m. and says she has to go. I watch as she grabs her brief case and heads to the door.

I follow her as she turns and asks what I am going to do for the day. I tell her maybe so laundry and help clean around here. She gave me a hug and thanked me for what all I do today for her. I told her she was welcome with a laugh. She broke the hug and went out the door. I watched as she got in her SUV and drove off. I shut the door and stood thinking of all I wanted to do.

First I thought was clean the kitchen and then laundry. So I went back in the kitchen and started. It felt nice doing something like this. I let out a giggle thinking that this just might be my duty to being a wife one day. That thought put a kick in my step as the kitchen was done in 15 minutes.

I worked the rest of the day cleaning, doing some laundry then around 1 p.m. I decided to just relax. I thought maybe a nice swim would be nice so I went up to my bedroom which was Nick's.

I looked through the drawer where I had my panties and bra's. I found the swimsuit that he always loved seeing me in. The bottoms was a thong type that showed the cheeks of my ass. The top was tight against my breast and when my nipples were hard they would show. I stripped down in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My body seemed to glow as my skin was caramel.

My breast were firm as I cupped them with my hands. I slid my right hand down to my belly which was starting to pooch out maybe from all the food Tessa was cooking.

Since I have been staying with them my eating habits have altered and I was eating more. One would think I was pregnant although my period would let me know in a few days.

And if it didn't come will right now wasn't the moment to think of what if. I slid my hand down further and traced my slit with my index finger. I started to feel wet from the touches I was giving myself. I spread my legs a bit apart and traced my labia lips a little feeling how swollen they were getting. It's been awhile since I have had any attention to them. The night of the date with Gavin was the last time.

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He used his charm to get me in his bed and from all the wine I drunk. He accomplished to get my panties off and get between my legs. That night showed me that Gavin was nothing like the love of my life Nick. Gavin didn't even go down on me saying it was disgusting all he did was finger me while sucking on my nipples. He tried to take the one thing that was Nick's when I stopped him saying save it for the next time. He said ok then slid into my pussy like it was his. I was never going to be his.

He didn't slow down all he did was hurt me making me sore until he came inside me and got off me. I wasn't satisfied with his little dick. His dick didn't even compare to Nick's. Nick the love that embraced my heart came to my mind. I stopped what I was doing and just stared into the eyes in my reflection. From my touches and feeling the love I had for Nick a swim wasn't going to happen. I needed relief from the desires I was craving. I looked into the bedroom with one thought that would help and decided why not.

I was in the house alone and a giggle came from me. I walked back into the bedroom and to the right side of the bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed I reached over into the draw of the night stand and pull out my 9 inch white vibrator. It's the same size as Nick's beautiful manhood. I started sliding it in my hands feeling the textures that were upon it.

The head was so life like that I place it against my lips and slide my tongue out and softly lick around it. The sensation to my tongue was unreal. I scooted up into the bed still giving my toy a little pleasure. Laying with my back on the bed and my legs spread apart. I started sucking on the toy in my hand. My right hand went down and found what needed attention my hard clit.

My index finger started to rub the hard nub that is my clit and it feels so nice. I moved the long toy little at a time in my mouth sucking it at first in and out of my wet warm mouth. The feeling makes me imagine it's connected to the love of my life Nick. I twirl my tongue around the head as I rub my clit a little more.

Feeling myself get lost in the moment pleasuring my womanhood. I worked as much as I could into my mouth of the toy and try to deep throat thinking of how Nick would moan to my pleasuring him.

Imagining his hands on my head making me take him deeper into my mouth to my throat. My own imagination takes it's hold and I take the vibrator from my mouth and slide the tip from my lips, to my breast tracing each of my nipples, down to my belly button and further down to my clit. I turn it on and feel it pulse against the one place I want Nick to be at this moment. My body starts to come more alive to the pleasuring I am giving to myself. I feel my body starting to tense up as I slowly slide the head to my entrance and imagine my love slide his beautiful cock into me.

I let out a moan that escapes into the air. I bring my knees up to my chest and start pounding my pussy with the toy picturing Nick above me. I am so lost in the moment that I feel hands on my legs and weight upon me. I look up and see Nick smiling down at me as I feel my body moving to his thrust.

His wonderful love stick thrusting in and out of me making me moan ever so much. " Yessss.Baby.fuck me.make me yours again.oh god." I say moaning loudly I look and see him nod down at me smiling so brightly. He is giving me all the love he has in this moment. He leans down and kisses my lips so passionately and loving.

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His pace quickens as I feel the sensations building up deep inside me. Oh god I want him to cum deep into my soul. I feel my orgasm coming to me. It's rising high so fast that I feel it come.

My love stays deep as he erupts his seed of love into my womb and my soul. I feel my climax come to me as I gush all over his beautiful cock and his kissable balls.

" OH FUCK.NICKKKKKKKK!" I yell moaning as my climax keeps me on a orgasmic high After a few minutes catching my breath I open my eyes and see I am alone. My legs are on the bed spread. My hands between my legs one on the vibrator and other on my clit. I pull the vibrator out and turn it off then place it under my pillow. I lay there thinking of what just happened. Was it a daydream, was it my imagination, or was it my heart and soul wanting it to be real.

I reach for the covers not caring about the wet spot on the sheets. I cover my body up and get in a comfortable position. My thoughts go back to what happened and wish it was real. I feel my tears come to me and words start to be spoken. " Nick my love where ever you are and whatever your doing." I say out loud then continue" Always remember and know I love you baby so very much." As I spoke those last words my tears started to fall more.

I cried so much that I fell asleep with only one thing on my mind. Just how much I needed my love Nick in my arms and me in his.

Later that night at a secluded warehouse: Karl's POV I am a nice good family man, church member, and business man, but deep down I am a cold, power hungry, money greedy tyrant. My family does what they are told. My wife Gail is sitting by me as we watch the entertainment that is being shown.

The fights that I arrange is another way to show my power upon those lower then myself. It's a way that I get my thrills watching the humiliation of others makes it a rush. As for Gail it makes her become the loyal wife she is. She was against my way of life until I showed her all that she could have and want. Since then she has been the submissive little housewife. She even gets a thrill watching what happens after the fights and to the winner if there is one.

On this night it was something that was going to be exciting in the least. As you see my daughters Sasha and Lucy were the champions in the fights. They always loved the carnage of taking their frustration out on the woman that are found on the streets or soup kitchens around town.

They were druggies, prostitutes, or just some low life that needed money. On this night the whole event was being viewed by those that had the money to watch. It's been two hours and the one that my daughters truly wanted was in the ring. I heard the announcer start to speak on the mic. "Welcome to the event of the evening friends, this broadcast is being distributed to a select audience and as you've seen over the past two hours the ladies have out done themselves.

Our current fighter in the cage has taken on three people tonight and is looking at the big money purse, let me present Caitlin. Caitlin is looking at a prize of 1000 dollars but she has to go through one of our champions, friends vote now for to see who she takes on." The announcer explains to the crowd and to those viewing Caitlin Edwards was not like the others.

She was attending the local college to become a teacher. She also went to school with Sasha and Lucy. She use to make fun of my daughters at that time. And tonight one of them was going to have their own right of revenge.

Gail started squeezing my arm and showing some love to me by rubbing me through my slacks. She really got into seeing the humiliation at these events I would arrange. It was five minutes later that the announcer came back on the mic. " Ladies and gentlemen the votes are in and have been tallied. The champion that Caitlin will be taking on is." She says as she opens the paper up and gives a big evil smile" Her opponent is none other then the champion with the most wins and votes in all the years she has been fighting.

It's my deepest wet honor to announce the one woman that makes every guy drool and gal wet.SASHA." The female announcer yells out Gail and I watch as Sasha comes out through the double doors.

She is dressed in a type of armor that makes her look so sexy. The top is something out of a medieval movie. Her bottoms were between bikini and shorts. Lucy followed her out to support her sister.

Gail noticed me looking and just squeezed my arm and moaned. Sasha went up to Caitlin to have a few words. I couldn't hear what was being said, but I looked at Caitlin's eyes and could see fear. She was just half a inch shorter then Sasha.

" If the two fighters would get to their spots the fight will begin." The announcer chimed in telling them both Sasha went to her rightful spot as did Caitlin. Lucy stood not far from her sister's corner. There was no ring, no mat for they fought on concrete and around metal. The crowd started counting down and then when they got to one they yelled KILL. At that moment Sasha took off after Caitlin. They both collided into one another.

Sasha planted a kick into Caitlin's stomach making her double over. Then she planted a elbow into Caitlin's back along the middle of her spine.

Sasha knew where to hit and kick. She was being brutle to her opponent. The carnage she was inflicting was beyond healing in a few days time.

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Sasha reached down between Caitlin's legs and looked like she was squeezing hard. It made Caitlin try to pull Sasha's hand away but to no avail. Sasha pulled onto Caitlin's hair and pulled her head back and bit her lip to what I could see. After a minute later I could see blood showing on Caitlin's face and neck.

Sasha let Caitlin go and stood back. She eyed Caitlin who at that moment had tears in her eyes. It looked like she asked Sasha why she was doing this. Sasha stood there looking at her old ex friend and did a kick to Caitlin's head making the young lady step back a bit. Sasha went up to her and rapidly hit Caitlin in the stomach hard and planted a kick again into the old friends head but on the right side this time.

Sasha grabbed her arm and positioned her herself against Caitlin and pulled hard on Caitlin's arm. It was just a few seconds later that everyone heard the young battered woman scream in pain as I heard a loud pop.

Sasha let go and everyone saw as Caitlin's arm just dangled as Sasha pulled Caitlin's arm out of socket. The crowd applauded and cheered their agreement. Sasha backed up to put some distance between her and her foe. Caitlin was standing holding her left arm with her right hand. She looked beat and frighten for her tears were falling more. At that moment I watched as Sasha took a run and placed a high round house kick to Caitlin.

The kick made Caitlin fall against the ground with a hard thud. The crowd went wild cheering their approval of the whole show. Sasha did her winning shout which was BITCH. Lucy went over to her sister and congratulated her with a hug and kiss.

The crowd wooed them both in which Sasha and Lucy gave them a bow after their hug. The two security guards went over to the spot Caitlin was laying and helped her up. They helped her to the side room to be how can I say it ' Attended to'.

Sasha and Lucy came to Gail and I and hugged us both. We told her congratulations on her win. Sasha gave us a smile and spoke.


" How did you find her dad and get her here?" Sasha asked me with a devilish smile " It was easy honey all I had was to have a someone tell her about money and to where to be.

She showed up here and was made to start fighting." I exclaimed to her explaining " Well I just have to say thank you it was so nice kicking her ass." Sasha told me with a big smile " Your welcome honey, so what are you going to do right now?" I ask her with a smile " Well, Lucy and I are going to celebrate. I'm going to fuck her in the ass and let her eat me out after." Sasha says getting a wide smile from her sister " Mmmm that sounds yummy sweetie." Gail says to our oldest daughter " Yes it does, now go have your fun and celebrate.

Your mom and I have a party to get to." I tell them with a wicked grin " Oh it will be very much." Lucy says with a big smile on her face They both leave us hand in hand. I watch as they walk away their ass's swaying so sexy.

I notice Gail watching also with a evil grin. I stand up and Gail does also. I take her hand in mine as we walk to the exit and out of the building. Our limousine is just outside the door and the door is already open. Gail gets in first and then me. The driver shuts the door then hurries to get in front to drive us to our party.


On the way I think of a year ago how things could of been. Buy now my daughters could of had a baby by that bastard Nick. He rejected my offer with something that was legal. He left town after that and took his bitch of a girlfriend. My attempt to get her back here was shot down by him. My second attempt was manipulating her parents into breaking them up. To make him pay and hurt. That part worked but it didn't make him come back to me no.

He went to Gray and Tessa of all people. And now no one has seen him. The few eyes and ears I have mixed in a few places tell me he stays in his room at Gray and Tessa's. As for Gavin doing as he was told he failed the little wimp. He even quit keeping in touch for some odd ball reason. Between him and Cal the P.I. my attempts have failed.

So I wait until there is another time to try and make Nick suffer. There are options I could try, but for now I wait for him to show his face. I was going to show him you never say no to me. As the driver was going down the street to the party Gail was ready. My mind went back to Nick and how he would get his one day. Ideas came to my head and a evil smile to my face. The car stopped as we were at our destination. The driver got out and came to the door to let us out.

Once the both of us stepped out of the limousine I looked at Gail and spoke. " You ready my beautiful darlin?" I asked her with a grin " Yes I am baby are you my love?" Gail asked being excited of what was to come " Yes I am sexy, I wonder what fun we can have with the ladies and gents?" I asked her smiling " Mmmm, I can't wait to find out my sexy husband." She told me with a look of excitement " I can see that just don't get to wore out, remember our pact." I told her with a smile " Oh I remember you get me after in every way possible." She tells me with a evil grin She smiled and promised me.

I took hold of her hand and led her up to the front door. We were greeted my a woman licking her lips looking at my wife with a look of lust for Gail. As we walked in my thoughts were on this night as it was just getting started. At that moment a few state's north: Its been two weeks since I left on the road again. It's Friday night and not a cloud in the sky. Laying on my sleeping bag looking at the stars my mind wonders of how many there are.

The camp fire is nice as there is a little chill in the air. I have cleared my head quite a bit, but the one person that always comes back to me is Savannah. My heart aches for her, but at the same time it breaks remembering the way she acted with that douche Gavin. She never dressed like she was before. And when she laughed like she did made me think she did move on. I reach for my phone and turn it on and slide the screen. I notice the time showing 11:30 p.m. Savannahs picture is the background and I see her beautiful smile and eyes.

Looking at her picture reminds me of better days of us hand in hand. Her kisses would melt my heart and even my soul. I lay my phone down over my heart with her picture up looking up at the stars. At that moment I speak out talking to the sky. " Savannah I still feel you in my heart, but you are with another. I can't stop feeling hurt as to how things happened my love." I say as if she was here with me then continued" You were always my love, my heart, and my soul.

I can only hope that he is taking care of you and treats you right. I hope one day I can find a love like we had at one time, but if not I will always remember the love we shared." I take the phone back in my right hand and look back in her eyes of the picture. They are so beautiful I get lost in them. I let out a sigh and just stare in her eyes as I speak again to her.

" Savannah darlin whatever you are doing right now always remember." I say with my eyes starting to water." Always remember I love you my beautiful ebony love always and forever." I look at her picture one last time before turning my cell phone off and laying it on my jacket next to me.

I feel my tears start as I look straight up at the stars and wonder if this hurt I feel will ever leave. I close my eyes and the last thing I see is Savannahs face and the smile I will always cherish forever.