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Super katharyn in webcams in norwegen einfach auf kim mit groß
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THE BLUE TERROR (Warning: contains rape, snuff, demonic cannibalism) I carried the unconscious girl down the last few stairs that led to my basement, glad that she was probably no more than 110lbs.

I placed her on the makeshift altar I had built and took a moment to catch my breath. I had abducted her from a coffee stand after weeks of observation. Her name was Amber, and she was young and beautiful. I had only talked to her once, so I didn't really know much about her. It was easier for me that way.

I didn't really know what was going to happen that night, but I had a feeling it was going to end badly for her. The chloroform would wear off soon, so I had to get to work. I handcuffed her slender wrists to the head of the altar and then began to unbutton her blouse. Placing one hand on her ribcage, I whimsically used the other to trace the contours of her smooth belly. Then I unclasped her bra, exposing the firm brown globes of her breasts.

She was of Indian or possibly Asian descent, with lovely, flawless brown skin. I allowed myself to caress her breasts for a moment, even pinching her nipple. Although I felt aroused, I didn't have a hard-on.

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I sighed. I slipped off her shoes and then unbuttoned her jeans, which were impossibly tight. Giving them a great tug to get them past her full hips, I then pulled them down to her ankles. Although she was fairly short, somewhere around 5'5", she had long, graceful limbs. A dancer's body, I thought to myself. "What are you doing?" asked a groggy voice, startling me. The chloroform had worn off and she was starting to struggle.

I quickly pulled her jeans past her ankles and threw them to the side. "Don't," she protested weakly, still under the influence of the drug. I took advantage of the remaining moments of her disorientation to rip her panties away, revealing a shaved pubic mound. "No!" she screamed, the drug having fully worn off, "don't do that!" I stepped back and just looked at her for a moment.

She curled her legs up, concealing her pussy, and eyed me suspiciously. I fished the incantation, which I had jotted down on a piece of scrap paper, from my pocket along with a Swiss-army knife. "What is this?" asked the girl, panic rising in her voice. "Oh, God! Please don't rape me!" I wanted to. I wanted to fuck her right there, but unfortunately I was completely impotent.

Despite trying every male enhancement product on the market, both legitimate and otherwise, I hadn't been able to achieve an erection in over 10 years. You can imagine how desperate I had become. Opening a small blade from the Swiss-army knife, I approached the altar. The girl cringed. "Stay back!" she cried, trying to pull away, "stay back!" To her surprise, I ran the blade across my own upturned palm.

I then squeezed the blood onto her bare stomach.

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She looked at me with terror and disgust. The book called for an "offering". Or a "sacrifice," depending on your translation. This was to be in the form of a comely young woman. The book didn't say what would happen to the woman. I began to read the ancient words in as steady a voice as I could manage. I was frightened and excited, skeptical and hopeful. "Jesus, you're crazy!" cried the girl. I continued until the incantation was finished, then waited.


Nothing. The room was silent save for the girl's breathing. My heart sank.

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Then she screamed. It startled me, and I jumped back. "What the fuck was that?" I thought. I walked closer to her but she didn't look at me. She was staring at the back of the room. Slowly I turned around and my blood froze. There was something like a man standing there.

It was naked, completely black as if it had been covered in tar. Its features were similar to those of a human man, but exaggerated; a parody of humanity. It stared at the girl. After a moment it walked forward, moving past me without a glance. It stopped at the girl and licked its lips. It was only then that I realized it had an erection. So this was the demon.

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As my initial shock wore off, I became quite curious. It was different than I had imagined; less frightening, more vulgar. It didn't pay the slightest attention to me, intent as it was on the girl. It grabbed her by the neck, cutting off her screams, and with its other hand it reached between her legs and slipped its talons into her vagina.

She squirmed and fought, but was ultimately helpless to escape. As it continued to play with her a strange feeling came over me, as if electricity were running through my arm. I looked at my hand and felt as if it belonged to someone else.

I could feel sensations that my brain couldn't translate. Warmth… softness… dampness… Suddenly I realized what was happening: I was feeling what the demon was feeling. I concentrated harder, and could feel the girl's thighs clenched about my wrist, my fingers probing the meat of her uterus.


My other hand was wrapped around her delicate throat, powerful enough to crush it in an instant but holding back. I wondered what other sensations the demon and I would share.

As if on cue, the beast used both hands to turn the girl's head to the side. A wave of pleasure shot through me as it touched the tip of its cock to her protesting lips. I could feel it all as if I were the demon. Its cock pried her lips apart, then tickled against her teeth, and finally wormed its way into her mouth.

I could feel her tongue slipping over its cock despite her best efforts to avoid it. For ten minutes this went on unabated, without my ever feeling like I had to come. Showing that it had a sadistic side, the beast finally pinched the girl's nose closed so that she couldn't breathe.

At first she didn't seem to notice, stunned as she was by the rape. Then she started shaking her head back and forth.

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Finally she began to thrash about desperately and eventually passed out from lack of oxygen. When the demon realized this it removed itself from her mouth to give her time to recover. It wasn't ready to let her die yet. Raising her still leg to its mouth, the beast used its rough tongue to caress her small foot. I could feel the coarse taste buds exploring the soft flesh of her arch, then past her sole to her toes. Then it slowly licked her shapely calves and we both enjoyed the texture of her young muscles, as well as the saltiness of her flesh.

I was beginning to feel another sensation lurking behind the lust when the girl finally woke up. She looked at the beast and began to cry. Perhaps she had dreamed that her ordeal was just a dream. It was all too real, though, as the demon demonstrated by grabbing her inner thighs with its claws and violently spreading her legs as wide as it could.

Its supernatural arms were easily more powerful than her toned but human legs, and it was able to control her quite easily. Placing its gnarled cock against the slit of her womanhood, it suddenly plunged into her with a violent grunt. I felt it all, of course: The penetration of flesh, the muscles of the girl's vagina contracting against my throbbing cock, the slap of my pelvis against hers. Even before my affliction had overcome me I had never experienced such great sex.

As the demon fucked her, continually grinding itself deep into her womb, it again began to lick her. It started with her breasts, its long forked tongue exploring each globe thoroughly. The saltiness of her skin was not only arousing, but also surprisingly tasty through the tongue of a demon.

Perhaps it was my imagination, but I almost thought I could taste her milk through the fat of her breasts.

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My pleasure was unimaginable. It was as if I were fucking not just her pussy, but her entire body. Each thrust of the demon's hips brought me to the edge of bliss, and yet I didn't come. The beast had supernatural stamina. I am convinced that no human male could have enjoyed the girl a tenth as much as we did. But, alas, the time finally came for release. I felt the beast's unnatural cock, lodged deep within the woman's body, explode with sadistic joy. The orgasm went on for what felt like five minutes.

The beast must have had a massive reserve of semen, because it shot load after load of its foul seed into the girl's ruined womb. Finally I experienced the last few contractions of pleasure and the beast extracted itself. I thought the experience was over. After all, of what further use could the girl be to us now? As it turned out, the demon wasn't done with her yet. As its erection was subsiding it grabbed her by the ankle.

The girl protested weakly, no doubt anticipating another rape, but she was in shock and her resistance was feeble. The beast surprised us both by ignoring her loins. Instead, it lowered its head and sunk its teeth into her firm young calf. She screamed, I suppose. I didn't really notice because I was engulfed in sensation. I could feel my teeth popping through her brown skin and into the muscle below.

I could taste her salty blood flooding into my mouth. Then I felt my head give three violent tugs as I tore away a large morsel of tender, delicious girlmeat. The full nature of my bond to the creature became apparent in that moment. I would share ALL of its sensations, not just those of a sexual nature.

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Our relationship was symbiotic. I would be able to enjoy sexually any woman I could lure to my lair in exchange for providing the monster with meat. And that was what the girl was now; fresh, living meat. She had satisfied my need for sex, now it was the demon's turn to take her flesh.

It was in no hurry to finish her off, though. A lion goes for the throat, killing its prey quickly and efficiently, but the demon did not. The girl had no chance for escape, secured and weakened as she was, so the beast enjoyed her at its leisure.

Perhaps it took sadistic pleasure in her suffering, or perhaps it was indifferent to her plight. Either way, it made no effort to expedite her end.

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After it finished with her calf, leaving a few ragged strips of flesh hanging from the visible bone, it moved on to her upper leg. Once again I felt a wave of pleasure pass over me as it bit deep into her quivering inner thigh, then lapped at the wound, savoring the blood, and bit again. This time I felt my teeth scrape against her femur. I enjoyed the lean, flavorful meat of her thigh muscle and then the fattier, richer flesh of her buttocks. It only occurred to me later, when I had had time to reflect, that I would have been disgusted by such behavior had I not been experiencing it exactly as the demon did.

I felt every carnal, ancient hunger exactly as it did. This was living vicariously at its best. By the time the monster moved to the girl's breasts she was fading fast. She had lost not only a lot of blood, but probably 30lbs of flesh. Her eyes were unfocused, starting to go glassy. Still, I could tell from the way her body reacted as my mouth closed down over her breast that she was still alive.

I bit down around her nipple and jerked my head back, trying to rend the sweetmeat from her body.


But the girl was so light that my teeth merely lifted her torso a few inches off the altar. Annoyed, I let her drop back to the altar and then planted a hand against her chest, holding her down.

Once her breast was again firmly between my teeth I slowly pulled the flesh to its breaking point. The girl moaned softly. There was a small spurt of blood as the breastmeat finally tore away. I chewed greedily, enjoying how the rubbery, octopus-like texture of her nipple complimented the soft, marbled breast fat.

It took us (I say "us," although really the demon did all the work) a little over an hour to skeletonize the girl. I'm not quite sure if she was still alive when the beast finally bit into her throat, but I suspect she was. At any rate, she did not go to waste. When it finished her prime cuts, it moved on to her innards. After that it cracked open her skull and feasted on her brain. When finally I walked to my car to go home it followed me. I let it into the backseat.

The only sound on the drive home was the beast chewing on one of the girl's femurs, which it had taken as a toy.