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Gay deep through movies He paddles the roped dude until his bootie is
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I walked into my room like I had won the lottery. In the morning my world was rocked by Lisa after we had the funniest time the night before. I had no idea what to expect until Christmas. I opened up my computer, and went to skype.

My boy Matt was on, I guess he got back from his basketball tourney. I called him. "Bro, dude. What's good?" I asked. He looked pissed.


"Not much is good now. I'm hurt." "What the hell happened? You break something?" "Fell and tore my meniscus. My career might be over." He was the star at my high school and was getting recruited from a few schools. His top choice was at the tourney and was talking about his offer. "Shit dude. You talk to the scout?" "He said call him when they got the results. You having a good break?" "The usual.

Smokin and chillin. Are you coming up?" "Tomorrow." "Sweet dude. I have to tell you something amazing once you get here." "Ight. Peace dude." "Peace." "I can't wait till he gets here.

What did his mom say?" "Traffic up the turnpike. 2 hours tops." "Sweet. I'm gonna go to sleep. The other bed is blown up." "Okay. I'll send him up." It's freezing upstairs. I grab my hoodie and put it on. I grab my phone, it's Lisa. They're two minutes away. I can't wait to see her either. I grab my second tin from my ps3 bag and put in a lip. Naw, I don't feel bad about it.

I get on ESPN, surf the news. I read my college emails. I look for emails from Cali schools, now that weed's legal there, those schools have been up there. I applied to all the big names because my grades were awesome and my scores were tight. Lisa walked in and sat on the bed and looked at the screen. "What's your first choice?" "I dunno yet.

My dad is kinda hesitant to any Cali school because they're so far away. Have you gotten any early ones yet?" "A couple. Right now it looks like UCLA is my fave." "I loved what I read. I wish I could go there." I guess I hid my lip well in the dark.

She didn't try to kiss me at least. "I gotta pee. Be right back." I jogged into the bathroom and spat the dip out. It was just about finished anyways, so I guess I did well. She definitely wasn't two minutes away, more like half an hour. I washed out my mouth, and walked back into my room. Lisa's on facebook.

"What, you don't have it for your iPhone?" "Too much data money. What, no high-speed wifi?" "My computer's just slow. It's not the wifi." I yawn, and crash onto the aero bed next to her mattress. She starts watching the Godfather on the TV, and I start fading over a couple of minutes. I wake up to Matt's backpack slammed onto my chest.

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"Uggh—dude. What the fuck… I was sleeping. Oh shit Matt! You good?" He had a knee brace thing on and was sorta hobbling over. We hug. "Worst trip up. My iPod saved me. Is that Lisa?" "Matt!


I haven't seen you since eight grade graduation! What's up?" "Basketball. First game partial tear, done for two weeks. Just got braced up. How's New York?" "Haha, it's good." "So what happened last night?" He asked me. "She tried a little bud, she was a pussy about it though. She laughed her ass off though. So funny." "Fuck you." She punches me awkwardly, and Matt takes off the same team hoodie, but its says 'basketball' on it instead.

"Oh dude, did you get your letter jacket yet?" "Yeah, coach Jack gave it to us on the plane there. It's in the car." "Got mine last day of class." "Sick. You get any football offers yet?" "Nah, I don't think I wanna play in college." We talked a bit, and went outside. "Be back before 12:30!" His mom yells. "Okay Ma!" We walked down to the boardwalk and grab milkshakes, walk into the sitting area of the shop, and talk a bit. Lisa basically forces me to open up about my depression to him, which he laughs about.

"You serious? What happened? Did she catch you try and kill yourself?" "He had dip, so basically yeah." She answers. "Says the stoner." I shoot back, and she punches again.

"Will you quit it?" "Asshole." "You hate me?" "Shut up, both of you. Making my knee hurt." I look at her, and she grins. She grabs my elbow, and kisses my cheek. "Little weird there, Lisa?" "Oh, uh, yeah.

You know, I'm his fro. Female bro." "Gotcha. Can we go back?


I'm in pain." "Sure yeah. Jump on my back." I said. "Right." He's pissy when he's in pain, I guess. We're walking back, and she asks Matt, "You partying enough?" "I do when I can. Basketball has a tough schedge.

Star shooting guard has no free time." "I see. So is Joe a party freak?" "He parties by himself." "Go fuck yourself." They both laugh hysterically as I pretend to be oversensitive.

We get back late, and sneak upstairs. Matt's mom is passed out, probably passed out from the drive. I take off my hoodie, throw it on the end of the aero bed, and hear giggling. "Come out guys." Kelly and Natalie come out out of room closet, on my computer, watching god knows what.

"All right. Teens out. You know what's up." "Are you guys gonna drink?" "Oh yeah, I brought beer back with me," I say sarcastically, "No, Kelly. We have no alcohol on us. Now piss OFF." I whispered enthusiastically. I don't want to wake up the parents so we can chill. They sloth out of the room, and I close the door quickly. I can't stand our sisters sometimes. "You guys want a movie on in the background?" "I don't care. Whuddya got?" "Here's the case." "Not movies.

Weed dude. Pull it out, I'm hurting." I grab the shit, open a window, and hand it to Matt. He takes three HUGE hits, exhales out the window, and falls on his bed, ready to fall asleep. I pack some more, and give it to Lisa. We take turns, each taking three hits. I empty the charred bits out the window, close it, and sit on my bed. I put in a random movie, and play it. I get on my back, put my head on the pillow, and look at Lisa. She has a stupid look on her face, looking right at me.

She pulled a sheet over her back, as if she was inviting me on the bed. I obliged, and got up, and got in. "Hey." "Hey." I was really high, and it felt really good. I didn't want to move. She faced away, so I put my arm around her, in a spooning position. "Night." I said. I admired her long brown hair, straight with little curls shuffled throughout. Her body is amazing, and— "I love you." She said. Wait. Did she say the L word? "Really?" "No, kidding. Good night." "Love you too." I finished.

She reached back and touched my head in thanks. I kissed her shoulder. I was too high to function now, and I passed out. I woke up unphased by the sight of Lisa still under my arm, and Matt asleep in a position like he passed out from a party.

I had no reason to be depressed anymore. I had the coolest girl in bed and my bro asleep on the floor. I had a great idea that I had dreamt about before, with a bunch of other girls.

I took my sweats off, threw them, and beat off a little, just to get hard. Then, I eased down Lisa's pajamas until her ass was exposed completely. I shifted around, and opened her up a bit, and pushed in. I moved around into a comfortable position, and pushed. God, it felt awesome. I kept going until I made enough space to gain a good rhythm. She started to coo in delight, so I stopped. "Good morning." I said.


"Don't stop." She moved more onto her belly, not completely, but so I had more space. I kept going again. This was great!

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I slowed a bit so Matt didn't wake up, and enjoyed it a bit more. I watched as my dick disappear into her warm snatch, and nearly cried in joy. I watched her butt jiggle as my body collided with hers, ten times hotter than any porn I had ever watched.

I think I started to sweat a bit, and hadn't had the twitch to cum yet.

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I started kissing her neck as I put my arm in front of her, exploring her body, without being too touchy. I looked back at Matt who was in the same spot, and I shifted over into missionary position. I pulled the blanket up near my shoulders, re-aligned myself, and kept going. She looked at me, laughed, and closed her eyes, throwing her head back. "What?" I whispered. "I think I'm still high…" She said back. Before I could process what she said, I started feeling the effects again. My body started slowing down, reactive to the high.

"Ahaha! Me too." I said. I tried my best to cum, and did eventually. The high plus orgasm was greater than yesterday's orgasm. I had totally forgotten you can get high if you plus asleep fucked up. I collapsed still with my dick in her on her tits, and Matt says, "Oh my God.

You guys are faggots." "Sorry." I mumbled.

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I lay, enjoying the high, resting on Lisa and her marvelous boobies, for about fifteen more minutes. I got up afterwards, kissed Lisa on the cheek, and put sweats on to go for a run to run off the high. My phone said it was seven-thirty, so it was a reasonable time to run.

I got back later after fighting through the worst fucking winds ever while running. Matt was eating a donut in the kitchen while Lisa was taking a shower. "Where's Lisa?" I asked. "Shower. What, you gonna fuck her in the shower?" "Already did. I'm gonna sit this one out I think." "Good for you, douche." I grabbed a donut, took a seat, and pulled out my phone.

Did the usual, checked texts and sports scores, then I went looking for the parents. Both cars outside were gone, so I texted my mom and asked where she was. She wrote: 'Store, buying food for the week. I got your faves!' I texted her back: 'Never text me or say faves to me ever.

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Disturbing. Love you.' I went up the flight of stairs to see if the sisters were around. Both were passed out with a movie blaring in the background. I ran upstairs to see if Lisa was done. She was, walking through the hall in a towel. I froze. "Hey.


Where were you?" She asked. Still dumbfounded, I stumbled, "Uhh, d—out for a r—jog. Jog, yeah." "Sweet. Did it go well?" "Fuck, it did not. Winds." "You look exhausted. Take a seat." I followed her into the room, and fell onto my aero bed. She grabbed her clothes, and said, "Cover her eyes." "What the shit?! You're kidding, right?" She threw my sweatshirt over my face, and I groaned.

"Just say when." After a couple of minutes, "When." --- Comment, say what happens next. Rate well.