Sexy TS Venus fucks Kates tight pussy

Sexy TS Venus fucks Kates tight pussy
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Carla was a tall, blonde, full breasted, long legged nineteen year old who attended the local university in her hometown. Her experiences with sex thus far had been the usual petting, groping in the backseats of cars, and inexperienced college boys who would cum in three minutes or less leaving her totally unsatisfied.

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She knew that there was more to it than this and her body hungered for those earth shattering orgasms she read about in all the romance novels. Dr. Swanson was a psychology professor at the university, forty years old, deep brown eyes and black hair slightly graying at the temples.

He wasn't what you would call handsome, but he had nice chiseled features and his body was a testament to his hours of working out at the gym every week. Carla was in Dr. Swanson's class and was struggling through the course. She knew that if she were going to pass, she was going to need some additional help, so she went to Dr. Swanson's office one day after class. She knocked on his door and explained her situation to him, and he told her he would be more than happy to work some extra hours with her.

As Carla sat in front of Dr. Swanson, he noticed her beautiful wavy hair, her full lips, and her long, silky tanned legs barely hidden by her mini skirt. He wondered if she were wearing any underwear under that skirt, and a smile came to his face as a slight bulge started appearing in his pants. He asked her if she would like to meet him later that evening to start her tutoring, and she agreed to meet him at his house after dinner. Carla arrived at Dr.

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Swanson's house dressed in jeans and a little red midriff sweater that strained against her large breasts. As they sat and discussed what extra work she might need, she was very aware of his muscular body sitting next to her and the scent of his after shave.

When his arm brushed against hers, she felt little electrifying shock waves flood her body and her breathing quickened. She looked up at him and saw his coffee brown eyes penetrating hers and a smile forming on his lips, and she knew at that moment that she wanted more from him than just help with his class.

Her cheeks flushed because she wanted his eyes on her body, she wanted to feel the pressure of his lips on her mouth, her throat, her whole body and she knew that he wanted it, too. Dr. Swanson took Carla's hand in his and without any hesitation on her part, led her upstairs to his bedroom. He took her in his arms and started kissing her forehead, her eyebrows, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her ears and her neck. He parted her beautiful red lips with his tongue and kissed her deeply, flicking his tongue in and out of her mouth while his hands massaged her back slowly.

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He released her and looked deep into her eyes as his hands expertly unbuttoned her sweater and removed it from her body. Her breasts were flowing out the top of her bra and he kissed each one as his hands cupped them. His fingers moved to her back and within a second her breasts were released from their bondage. He slowly massaged each breast, taking each nipple in between his fingers and squeezing it gently, then lowering his head to kiss it.

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He unzipped her jeans, putting his hand onto her stomach softly caressing it and then very slowly moved his hand downward where he could feel her pubic hair through her bikini panties.

He gently pulled her jeans and bikinis down and helped her step out of them, taking in her whole body with his eyes. His hands moved down her neck, her shoulders, her breasts, her stomach, her hips, then down to her young pussy where he could feel her moistness dampen his fingertips.

He guided her to the bed and whispered to her to lie down as he removed his shirt and his jeans in front of her, exposing his stiff large cock. She grabbed at it, but he moved away and told her to be patient, that he was going to teach her things about sex that night.

He hovered over her, again taking her mouth into his, probing with his tongue, teasing her with it, daring her to do the same, while his hand massaged her breasts. He trailed his tongue down her neck to the area between her breasts, then took each one into his mouth, nibbling lightly at her erect nipples. His tongue moved down to her stomach and he licked across it, into her navel, to her hips and then down one thigh to the area under her knee, and then back up again across her stomach and down the other thigh.

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This time when his tongue reached the top of her leg, he paused and kissed her moist pussy, opening up her outer lips with his tongue and licking back and forth. Her hips were moving under his mouth as he moved inside her inner lips and he kissed her hard little clit. His tongue moved around it in slow circles, then flicked it lightly, while his fingers played with the entrance to her love tunnel.

As he applied more pressure with his tongue on her clit, he slid two fingers into her, feeling her love juices.

Her hips and body started moving furiously as he licked and sucked faster, and just as her body started to shudder in orgasm, he replaced his fingers with his tongue and plunged it deep inside of her. He let her rest for a minute, leaned above her and took her hand and put it on his dick, showing her how to stroke it lightly with her fingertips, making circles on the head with just the right amount of pressure. He moved his hard rod between her breasts and showed her how to move it back and forth slowly between them.

He moved it up to her lips and told her to lick the tip and make circles around it with her tongue and lick up and down the shaft. He told her to open her mouth and take it slowly between her lips, all the way down the shaft then back up again, while moving her tongue back and forth. Carla marveled at the taste of his dick, tasting for the first time his pre cum, and her lips and mouth spread it over his entire shaft, licking and sucking expertly.

She felt his staff as it throbbed and pulsated in her mouth and she took it deeper and deeper down her throat, then back up again to suck and lick the head.


Dr. Swanson removed his cock from her mouth, spread her legs and positioned it above her pussy, rubbing it on her clit slowly. He took her hand and put it on his shaft and helped her guide it into her wetness until it was fully inside of her. He moved slowly on top of her, almost completely withdrawing from her and then plunging deep into her dark and dripping tunnel.

He moved in and out of her slowly, circling his hips, until her own hips matched his rhythm.


He completely withdrew from inside of her and moved her body so that she was now on top of him, and this time she knew what to do. Carla sat on top of Dr. Swanson and slid his throbbing dick inside of her. She moved on top of him slowly, taking him all the way in just as he had showed her, then almost completely withdrawing it. She leaned back and matched the rhythm of his hips, feeling him go in and out of her. He took his hand and pressed his fingers against her rock hard clit and rubbed it as their hips crashed together faster and faster.

Her body was on fire as his fingers worked on her clit and his cock moved in and out of her. As her body started to spasm in orgasm after orgasm, she felt his body arch under her and shoot his hot cum deep inside of her. Carla's body was limp with total sexual satisfaction and she laid in Dr. Swanson's arms and slept. The next morning she knew that even though she may not pass pscyhology, she was certainly going to get an "A" in sex education.