Yummy teen gal takes off clothes to get her cookie screwed

Yummy teen gal takes off clothes to get her cookie screwed
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__Daddy would be real unhappy if he knew I was telling this story. None of my friends would believe me anyway, so what the hell&hellip.

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My daddy was having an affair with the lady down the street. Mom was having an affair with a guy at her work. They didn't hide it much and I found out real easy. "Lynn, go to the park or something for a while." mom or dad would say. I could see our house from the park and a guy or lady go in, stay for a while and then come out and leave. The lady down the street's daughter and I were best friends. Trina liked my daddy and we did a lot of talking about how she wanted to 'make out' with him.

She told me how my daddy would come in the back door and her mom would lock her out of the house to play in the back yard. She could go in the garage though, and that's when she heard the noises. "What kind of noises?" I ask.

("…sex noises.") she said. Her moms bedroom was right above the garage and close to the vent duct she could hear my daddy and her mom having (sex). I didn't believe her until she called me and said to 'come over quick' to the side gate. She took me in the garage to listen. She was right. I'd never heard my daddy groan- talk like that. I noticed Trina rubbing her pussy slightly as she listened. I was breathing hard my self. I had seen my daddy naked before and I pictured him naked and on top of Trina's mom.

Now I wanted to rub my pussy too.


I was to embarrassed until Trina reached over and whispered: (".rub right here.") She took my hand and put it on my own pussy. She took mine and her one finger and rubbed it right on my clit. That&hellip.felt real good. I liked her rubbing me.

She took my other hand and put it over her clit. Now we were rubbing each other.

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This was so exciting for me, I had never done this before. We kept going. We both had on our school uniforms with skirts. She went under my skirt and rubbed me over my panties.


I did the same. Next she went down my panties and her finger was rubbing my bare pussy and clit. I followed and felt her wet pussy. We turned and faced each other with our eyes closed. We listened to my daddy and her mom make hot sexy noises, above us. Every thing was changing in my life. I was having new feelings that were awesome.

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To hear my daddy and her mom have sex was effecting me in a new way, all over my body. Trina had heard them before, but for me…oh my god…this was so sexy, and now with her fingering me for the first time, I was trembling inside in an exciting way I never knew about.

I found I too would love to be her mom and having my daddy have sex with me. I had only ever thought about that once before, and quickly stopped thinking about it, being so taboo and all.

He warm body against mine was my first time to have a girl touch me, and I liked it. To feel her all turned on as I felt her wet pussy was all new.

Her breathing in my ear was even sexy. Then she whispered out of breath: ("…I wish your finger was your daddy rubbing on me. Put your finger inside me and rub your thumb on my clit."…) I got a wave of good feelings when she said that. Both our fingers went inside us She held my finger and guided it in and out of my pussy.

I did the same to her very wet pussy. Our thumbs rubbed our clits a little faster. I imagined it was my daddy doing it. Something was building up inside of me as we both panted in our ears. Wow…I was excited with sneaking a mutual fingering of us. We could hear them over us moaning and groaning. Our hips started to rock together and them it happened. We orgasmed together. We both let out a tiny moans of our own. We squirmed and this new feeling took me over and I pressed my tits up against hers.

Everything felt good and exciting. We just kept slow rubbing and savored the thrill we just had&hellip. We later both planed a sleepover. Our thoughts were to have all night to play with our pussy's and this was making us fantasize all kind of new things.

Our naked bodies under the covers. Touching and feeling each other as our fingers repeated our mutual orgasms. I could hardly sleep that night. I fingered myself and imagined it was her and then my daddy doing it. Friday night finally came and our sleepover.

Mom was gone for the weekend, but daddy was home. When I told Trina that my daddy would be home tonight,&hellip.she gasp on the phone. She paused…… she whispered that she had a 'plan' she would tell me later in person. I had a feeling what she had in mind.


My mind was racing with all the thing that 'could' happen with her and my daddy. She was bold and aggressive and my daddy already liked her a lot. I had seen Trina rub up against daddy before when she thought no one was looking. I could tell he liked it too. I now had mixed feelings about her and my daddy getting together.

Just maybe&hellip.if daddy made out with me&hellip.he wouldn't need to go over to Trina's mom and stay home with me. I felt my pussy getting wet with all the thoughts I was having, it felt good to rub it a little. I thought &hellip.wouldn't it be cool if my daddy made a sexual move on me. I would let him. We could make out when mom was not home. As I thought I put my hand inside my panties and I was really wet. I closed my eyes and leaned against my bedroom wall.

I relived Trina's finger in me and then on to my daddy doing it instead. I felt an orgasm building up in my pussy. I took my thoughts further. My daddy's finger was now his hardon going in and out of my pussy.

Now the orgasm increased and was about to happen. I went for it and moaned out a little as I felt my daddy's hard on in me. My hips jolted as my orgasm hit. It was the best one yet and took my breath away.

My heart was beating so fast, I loved the feeling. 'Ding dong', Trina was at the door. I watch from the top of the stairs as daddy answered it. She came in with her back pack. As soon as daddy shut the door, she was hugging him. He looked around to see if I was around. I stayed hidden. They both instantly started making out. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I didn't need too. They were feeling each others asses and he started kissing her.

Mom was due home any minute. They did a quick feel up of each other and I saw my daddy feeling her titties. She in turn felt the front of his pants. I was in sexual shock, having never seen this before.

I was jealous and excited all at the same time. My pussy pulsed as I watched. Oh how I wished that was me in daddy arms. Mom called and said she had to go out of town? &hellip.bullshit&hellip.we all knew better than that.

Trina and I fixed dinner as I watch her eyeball daddy. Later she ask me to go in my bedroom and stay there and not come out. She wanted to 'talk' with my daddy.

I said: "No, you guys 'talk' down stairs, I want to watch!" We giggled and she said 'ok'. She whispered: (".I want to make out with him so bad, he has big fingers too!…") I felt jealous but excited too. We now had on our night clothes and she pulled me close and felt my pussy. I felt hers too and said out of breath that tonight we were going to have so much fun in my bed.

She nodded her head as I felt her finger go inside me. For some strange reason&hellip.I felt like kissing her neck&hellip.so I did. She gasp and returned the kisses. This was a first for both of us and we just let it happen. Slowly we kissed our faces.

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Her warm breath was awesome. I loved it when she was all turned on. Our hands started feeling our bodies. I had never felt another girls titties before, but now I just went for it. We were bra- less and we started making out for the first time. She whispered: ("…later, I want to do a lot more, ok?.") My heart jumped a beat as I nodded my head.

We didn't want to stop, but she wanted to go down stairs to sit with my daddy. I was now going to watch a make out session with her and my daddy and then&hellip.I was going to make out with her that night. I think every thing on my body trembled. I got on my knees and got in my hidden spot at the top of the stairs and waited. She must have told him, I wouldn't be coming down so they wouldn't be disturbed. I watched them come and sit on the couch. I could see everything perfectly. Up stairs was all blacked out so they couldn't see me.

I felt my pussy wetness run down one leg. This was over the top in my body's sex department. My tittie nipples even tingled. Trina had on a shortie lavender robe. She turned and laid her head in daddy's lap. She put her hand under daddy's shirt and rubbed his chest. He played with her hair as she snuggled close to him. He started rubbing her back and soon his hand went to her front. I knew he was feeling her tits.

She moved up and started kissing him. I could see her tongue going in his mouth. They were making out real hot like. I watched him slowly lay down with her on her back. I so wished it was me. He started kissing down to her tits.

She was squirming slightly as she played with his hair. I saw him sucking and kissing her tits. My pussy was so wet watching, I began to rub it slightly. He opened her robe all the way and now was kissing his way down. Her knees came up and then put them wide open. I had never seen a man do this to a girl,… live. It was making me so hot to watch. I found my fingers were rubbing my slit, up and down.

I saw his head now between her legs and moving. I think he was licking her pussy. She was squirming more now and making these moaning sounds. I let one of my fingers slip inside my wet pussy. It felt so good to rub inside it. I was getting hot watching and had to take a quiet big breath. Daddy sat up. He was licking her, because her pussy was all shiny and wet. Guys must like doing that. I wondered what it was like. Daddy pulled down his shorts and out came his hardon, my first to see.

It was big and pink. Trina got on her knees and put her hand on it. She got closer as she began to stroke it. Daddy took her robe all the way off and felt her butt. She got real close and kissed his hardon. Daddy began to feel her titties. She began to lick his hardon all over. Daddy guided her head to put her mouth over the end of his hardon. He moved her head up and down on it.

He had her put both her hands on him and jack his hardon up and down. I got a hot flash in my pussy as my finger went in and out. I spread my knees wide apart and took my other hands fingers and rubbed my clit. I wanted another one of those orgasms. I found out how to make it return by rubbing myself.

As I watched Trina suck on daddy's hardon, my own orgasm was building up fast. I couldn't dare make any noise but I wanted to moan so bad.

I heard Trina moan real loud. Daddy now had his hand between her legs and fingering her pussy. She jumped. I saw white stuff coming out the sides of her mouth. She pull off as the white stuff was shooting out of my daddy's hardon. He put her mouth back on it as more came out of her mouth. Daddy groaned as his fingers were going in and out of Trina's pussy. She was fucking his fingers. I lost control as the best orgasm came to me and made me squirm and shake. My fingers kept it going longer.

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I had to lay down on the rug and catch my breath. My body trembled as I got up and quietly snuck back into my bedroom. I laid on my back and continued rubbing my warm wet pussy.

The pictures of what I had just seen played thru my mind over and over. I woke up to Trina crawling in bed with me&hellip.naked. --------------- Continued in part 2 .