My girl givin me head

My girl givin me head
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Well my sister was 12 light brown her and blue eyes, she was small and skinny but not anerixic and was extremly cute and her names Sarah and i think she is bi. I was 15 Bleached blonde hair and brown eyes skinny but not anerixic and tanned my name is Kelly an im bi.


Anyways it was 6:00am on a school day and i was extremly horny becuase i had a dream about mirander Kerr and she fucked me. Anyways i woke up with only my bra and panties on.

I walked to my closet and got out my school uniform which consisted of Knee High socks, leather shoes (anycolour), Big skirts, knee skirts or 24 inch skiet (mini skirt), small buttoned shirt with a tie. I put them on and the 24 inch skirt. I was walking to get my bag an Sarah came into my room with her school uniform on and said "we look like twins now!!" she went off to school right after she said that.

It was my first day in grade 11 at the Tokyo High school. nervous and scared but i couldnt wait to see my Best Freind Nina. It was a long day at school and i went home at 11:00am becuase i wagged.

When i arrived home i noticed a note on the counter and it said ' Dear girls my boss rung me and said i need to leave tokyo for 2 days and i cant afford a babysitter so Kelly you are in charge Love Mumzy' I thought to my self YESSS so i took of all my clothes and got a beer and cigarette from my hidden stash in my room.

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I went out side (i put on only my skirt and tee shirt) to have my drink and smoke. At 4:00pm Sarah came in the door and put her bag down and stripped to her undies and bra.

I had on my bra and panties aswell. I told her about mum and she smiled and took off her bra and undies.


She walked to the kitchen and opene up the rum bottle. I said "and what are you doing??" i said "tasting it, mums gone and she will never no!" She turned to me and i saw her perfectly round tits and her bald pussy. She noticed i was wet abd she said "take off your clothes!!" I did and my pussy was more closed up then hers!

We sat on thr couch telling stories abd she said that on her friends Kawashi(friends name) birthday party, they all took of their clothes and touched eachother and Kawashis brother came in and penetrated her.

Turned on i got up went ti sarah and pashed her. She went with it and fingered my tight pussy. She then knelt down and licked me.

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Moaning softly i said "MORE, MORE, OH GOD MORE!!" then i cummed in her face. She layed on the floor in the spread eagle position and fingered her self. I went down and licked her. When she squirted it tasted like heaven!!

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I kissed all of her body and then kissed her we both then scizzored. It was so hot!! Whe then had hot shower sex, then went to the table then are mums room. We found a strap on and i put it on and penetrated Sarahs pussy. I feeled tge strap on with my juices and squirted them in her pussy and her arse. After that we were so tired we decided to call it a day and go to sleep.

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We both slept on are mums bed snuggling with are pussys touching. All night i was thrusting into her pussy. I woke up to a nice sensation becuase Sarah was 2 finger fingering me. The doorbell rang and Sarah put on her robe and answered the door.

It was Kawashi. She was a beautiful small japanese girl. Sarah let her in and closed and locked the wooden door. I went down stairs in my denim mini skirt and tank top.

When i was at the bottom i saw Sarah and Kawashi kissing an touching eacothers tits!! I was surprised and took all of my clothes off and stood there, "ohh hellloww Kelly what beautiful hot body.May i ?" "of course" i replied Kawashii came up to me and gave me a wet hot kiss all the was down to my breasts. She sucked them and sucked them good. She then went to my pussy and licked that like a proffesional.

Turned on Sarah joined us and it was my first lesbian threesome. Another knock on the door so we quickly all put on portions of are clothes and answered it. "hello nice young lady, are you wagging school?" said The Policewomen. " no i am sick" "who is looking after you?" I walked up and gretted her "i am i am kelly" I told her about are mum an she approved she entered are house on my premission "im Miah and *sniffs air* i smell young pussy in here" "we are.

We are just walking around nude i swear!!" i shouted But Officer miah went up to Sarah and toucher her boobs and kissed her.

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Officer Miah took off her clothes and grabbed Sarahs head and demanded that she eats all of her hairy drenched pussy. I and Kawashi was turned on that we just did are own thing like inserting bananas in are arses and pussys while Sarah was getting mouthfull off hair and cum wheather she liked it or not.

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Officer Miah exploded half a litter in Sarahs mouth and me and Kawashi were kissing and sticking wierd objects in are pussys. Officer Miah then grabbed Sarah and sucked her dry. We all then decided to make a Liking line and we all enjoyed it. After hours of fucking we all grew tied and had an orgy sleep. We all slept with are pussys touch and arse or pussy or mouth.

Waiting for the next day of pure hot fucking.