Goth hoe gets big tits cummed on

Goth hoe gets big tits cummed on
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Fbailey story number 327 Teaching My Daughter To Drive When my daughter was six months from becoming sixteen and getting her learner's permit I started her automobile education. I not only quizzed her on the rules of the road printed in the learner's manual but I taught her things that I felt she should know.

I took her to an old back road and taught her how to drive a standard shift car, I taught her how to change a tire, and I taught her how to check all of the engine fluids. It actually took a few weeks to accomplish everything and do them more than once. Now believe it or not she chose to do all of these in her micro miniskirt with a little half shirt.

Teaching her how and when to shift a standard transmission made her short skirts ride up high enough to expose her panty-covered pussy to me every single time that we went out driving. It was not hard for me to stare at her crotch but it certainly had its affect on my crotch, that's for sure.

She never seemed to wear a bra so I got to see her stiff little nipples constantly too.

Again her stiffness seemed to enhance my stiffness. I think she was teasing me. Changing a tire was quite interesting.


She would bend over at the waist and let me see where that string in her panties actually went. She spread her knees so wide when she squatted down that her panties would usually allow me a full view of one of her big puffy pussy lips that managed to fall out of her panties. I always enjoyed watching her bend over into the hood of the car to check the fluids especially the break fluid, which was way in the back in the middle so that it was almost impossible for her to reach.

I had to laugh when her tits rubbed against the hot manifold and burned just a little to let her know that it was still hot. Her white half shirt got greasy too. I sure wasn't laughing when she took it off and started trying to get the grease off of it with one of my shop rags. Eventually I suggested the Dawn dish soap in the corner by the sink. It's the best grease cutter that I had found.

As she washed out her white top I watched her very full breasts swing and bounce around as she scrubbed that top.

For the next five or six minutes she didn't seem to know that I was even there or that she was standing topless in my garage. Her breasts had a great shape to them, they defied gravity, and her areolas were the right shade of pink to match her nipples.

Eventually she put her wet white half shirt back on but it hardly changed the view any. The last thing I taught her was how to change the oil filter. It was on the bottom of the engine toward the rear.

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It required her to jack up the car and get on my mechanic's dolly. That day when she got on her back and rolled under the car I realized that she hadn't worn her panties that day even though she knew what was required. As she lay under the car she lifted her knees up high placing the sole of her feet flat on the floor and then she opened her knees up until they were practically flat against the dolly.

Her love mound puffed up nicely, her outer lips opened up, and her pink inner lips glistened. Her pussy was inviting me to it. I was mesmerized as I got down on the concrete floor on my hands and knees and put my face in her crotch. My daughter said, "With that kind of help this could take a while." I tickled her clit with my tongue and replied, "I'm in no hurry." My daughter said, "Maybe you're not but after all these weeks of teasing you, I sure am." I blew cool air onto her moist lips causing her to shiver a little and then I asked, "What would you like me to do?" She said, "Fuck me.

Fuck me right here and right now with me changing the oil filter." I smiled into her pussy and said, "But you don't have any tools or even the new filter." She replied, "That's okay maybe we can try to do it every day this week if you like." I asked, "Fuck or change the oil filter?" All I heard was a weak 'fuck' as she trembled during her orgasm.

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I hadn't even stuck my tongue in her yet. I pulled down my zipper, pulled out my cock, and then I pulled my daughter's pussy onto my cock. It was easy with her on that dolly with casters. I rolled her too and from over and over again until I started to squirt inside her.

I pumped a lot of cum in her, even more than I had pumped into her mother the night before. As I pulled my cock out, her pussy lips closed up keeping all of my cum inside her, unlike her mother. For the next two weeks I fucked my daughter on the hood, on the roof, in the back seat, and even in the trunk.

We tried to have sex in every place conceivable in my car like up against the fenders, behind the steering wheel, and with the seats down as far as they would go.

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The grand finale was when she fucked the stick shift on the floor between the seats. I told her that her mother had done that once and she really wanted to accomplish it too.

Everyday for the two months before she turned sixteen I took her out on that old country road and taught her how to drive.

Then the day of her sixteenth birthday I took the day off from work and got her out of school so that we could be the first in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. She passed the written test with flying colors and went right out to take the road test.

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When she came back she had passed that too. We then went right back in to get her driver's license. They said it was highly irregular but they couldn't do anything about it. They took her picture and gave her a paper temporary card until her permanent one arrived in the mail in the next couple of weeks.


My daughter was a licensed driver. From that day on she started charging me to fuck her. It was just ten dollars each time and I put the money in a jar for her first used car. It gave us both some added excitement, me for having a prostitute for a daughter, and her for selling her body for a car. Then a week later after I had just finished fucking my wife she held out her hand and demanded ten dollars too.

She said that if I could pay my daughter for sex then I could pay my wife for sex too. Okay!

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I must say that my sex life increased substantially. The End Teaching My Daughter To Drive 327