Naked guys Drake Mitchell is a physical therapist with wandering arms

Naked guys Drake Mitchell is a physical therapist with wandering arms
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The Hit By Juli NBabe A tall man in silk pajamas sits on his couch speaking into a cassette recorder. He is 50'ish and graying at the temples of his brown mane. His face shows some signs of his age around the corners of the eyes, but still maintains its rugged and roguish look that had won many a woman's heart.

In some cases, won it and then cut it out.

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He is Dalton Frederick, the most accomplished spy killer in the hire of the US government. Born of the fears of the cold war, he has done well in the post cold war era by taking out old enemies of the government and others deamed in need of his special "extreme prejudice" technique to send the right messages to their leaders.

He has been contemplating retirement lately, and has been transcribing his adventures to tape for a possible book on his life and times.

He flicks the tape on and takes a draw on his cigar. The smile on his face, shows this was an especially self satisfying case he is about to talk about. Let's see, tape 6 or is it 7.

Well it doesn't matter i guess, because it is about Sun Lieu aka Sunni and her elimination. I think of all the agents i have retired, she was the most challenging and difficult to get. I guess i had been following her for about 6 months when i heard that she had been spotted in Hong Kong.

I had gotten close in Zurich and something seemed to alert her. I swear this woman has the lives and senses of a cat. I almost caught up to her in Montevideo and Bogita also, but then like the whisp of the wind, she was gone. In Capetown, I was close enough to catch the mesmeizing scent of her Jasmine perfume and then, poof, she just disappeared.

It has been six weeks now since she was last seen. I have my flight booked on KLM to Hong Kong. When I got there, I had to get some rest, it was a long 17 hour flight and with the international dateline and all, i was missing a day.

I checked into the Metropolis-Hong Kong and went to my room. The local embassy had sent a fruit basket and a surprise.

The surprise was Ming Lee.

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She was an american from San Francisco of Chinese heritage. Cute as a button, about 5'2, 105 pounds and with those lovely dark Almond shape eyes and long black hair reaching down to her small but nicely shaped boobs.

She was quite delicious looking. She had introduced herself and told me she would enjoy serving under me. I was tired, but not that tired, so i decided to give her the opportunity.

I placed my hand on her elbow and found out just how willing this girl was. She wrapped her arm around me and was nearly sucking my tongue out of my mouth in seconds.

My hands went straight for the goodies, those luscious and perky looking tits. I reached under her hair and unzipped her dress and let it fall, not surprisingly, she was wearing nothing under it. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the kingsize bed.

Soon i was undressed and in the bed with her as she had pulled down the covers. My hands and mouth couldn't wait to get to those tits. My hands also moved down her flat belly to her wet and very hot crotch to massage her swollen labia as on finger spread her slit and rubbed over her clit. She was on top of me in seconds sliding my hot throbbing cock into her pussy and riding it like there was no tomorrow.

Little did we know there would not be. Ming was bouncing up and down on me, as my cock slid deep into her slippery inner chamber. My hands grabbing her hips to pull her down hard as i tried to send my cock clear to her chest. Suddenly, i heard a noise like glass breaking. I remember three separate sounds and the slow motion actions that followed each of them.

After the first, Ming had a surprised look on her face which turned to a pained one. Then I noticed, her left nipple had disappeared in a black hole from which, blood was bubbling out. I could see the spray of blood from her back, when the second sound was made. It was followed by a second hole in the same tit and more blood pouring down her belly onto me. I reached to her unruined tit to hold her when the third sound was followed by a black hole in the middle of her forehead.

Ming's eyes rolled up toward her forehead and dilated as she took one last sighing breath and fell forward onto me. I couldn't help myself, i began to cum inside her as she fell dead onto me, my hot sticky cum coating the inside of her pussy as her bloody body landed on me. I rolled her onto her back on the bed pulling out of her and grabbing my gun i crawled to the window.


The shooter was gone by now, i could see their vantage point across the street though. Damn good shooting. I called the embassy and had them send a team to clean up and remove Ming's body.

I dressed and went to inspect the place the shots had come from. All i found was three .223 shell casings. This was Sunni's M.O. all the way, her favorite weapon as she liked to kill from a distance.

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Clearly, she knew i was here, and why, and wanted to leave a message. I knew she had no way of knowing what I looked like. I had the advantage there, i had a picture. She was a beauty, 5'5, large tits and flat belly and a great ass. Her hair reached mid back and she had the kind of legs that should be bare at all times just for their looks.

From the vantage point I can see the room where Ming and I had our final encounter. A man had entered the room where Ming's naked body was still sprawed on the bed.

"Must be the clean up expert." I thought to my self as the man examined the room, but when he came to Ming's body instead of processing the scene he began to touch her breasts and inserted his fingers into her pussy. With drawing his hands he marveled at the juices sticking to his fingers (I came hard into Ming), he then began to remove his pants and began to fuck Ming's dead body.

At first I was taken aback by this, but eventually I decided to give the guy a break. It was a thankless job to clean up after the agents, so I will let him have his fun. After all, Ming was dead and her fine body would be wasted soon. Why not allow other hard working logistical workers have their fun. I decided to go down stairs and have some coffee before returning to the room. By the time I returned Ming's body was covered on top of a sheet of plastic and the man was patching up bullet holes.

I told him I will collect my things and leave him to finish up.


Before I left I wanted to say my goodbyes I uncovered Ming's face, the bullet hole in her forehead was still raw and her eyes are still rolled upwards with her mouth opened. I thought of kissing her one lase time but noticed thick clear liquid on the edges of her lips. Not doubt left by the man cleaning up on the other side of the room.

I simply covered her back up and left. A couple of her cohorts had been captured by our allies in Bahrain. They had managed to "convince" them to cooperate in giving us where Sunni could be found in Hong Kong. I waited til the clean-up was complete and checked out of the hotel. I went to stay at a dive i knew down on the water front near the docks. The embassy had a man matching my deion leave using my return ticket home.

We hoped Sunni would think I had left and come out of hiding more readily. I went to a bar she was known to frequent using the guise of Col. Vladimir Doshenko, a russian military attache. I spoke perfect russian from my time spent there over the last 15 years. I was about to leave, when "she" came in. The picture did not do her justice.

Those legs made me hard in that mini skirt and those tits, wow how they bounced as she walked. She had a crooked smile of self satisfaction, probably thinking she had scared off the cowardly American agent. I saw the bartender whisper to her and look in my direction. She walks over and stands in front of me hands on shapely hips. She tells me she has heard i'm russian and that she liked russians and from my looks could see i liked her too.

Well, i have to confess, at least part of me was very happy to see her. We talked and drank vodka for hours. About closing time, we were both drunk, she more than me.

She invited me to her place for a "nightcap". When we got to her place just outside the city, she pointed to the bar for me to fix us each a drink.

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She went to change. Well change isn't exactly correct, she came back naked and stood in the doorway while my eyes nearly popped from looking at her perfect skin and those round tits and smooth sleek legs. She reached and turned out the lights and crossed the room. There was plenty of light entering from outside and it reflected from her smooth skin. I could see her tits bounce as she walked and my cock was like steel. She walked to me and pressed her body against me before unbuttoning my shirt and then my pants which made a thud on the floor as they landed.

Before i knew it, i was standing there in my briefs my cock straining to get out. I embraced her and slowly dropped to the floor. My hands roamed her body, and several fingers found their way up into her slippery channel driving in and out as she moaned and her hips moved to their touch. My mouth covered her tit and sucked in as much as i could then as i pulled away, i took her nipple between my teeth and licked across it pulling and stretching skin of her tit.

My fingers drove faster and faster into her becoming soaked in her juices. I gradually covered her body with mine. Her large tits squashed to my chest as my mouth found hers and we tried to suck each other's tongues out.

Her legs spread wide and my fingers slipped from her as i arched and replaced them with my hot throbbing cock. It slid its full length into her easily.

She was so wet and slippery inside my cock was totally soaked in seconds as my arms wrapped around her holding her close as i used my hips to drive her sweet round ass into the floor. She began to moan and told me how much she enjoyed being fucked by a russian.

She would arch and raise her hips with my outward thrust and then my downward thrust would almost drive her ass through the floor into what ever was on the other side. In the next 20 minutes she must have had at least 5 orgasms. She was panting and so was i as she reached to grab my balls and squeeze them gently.

That was all it took for me to flood her slippery wet vagina with my hot sticky cum. I spewed so much into her that it seaped out around my cock and along both out legs. I reached back on the floor and fumbled around my clothes. In the pocket of my pants was a small .22 caliber semiautomatic with 7 shots. The shots alternated between hard point and bird shot. The first being a regular .22 long rifle hard point. I kissed her lips and raised up my cock still in her and fired a shot into the middle of her navel.

Her navel now had a dark nearly quarter inch hole in the middle from which, blood began to trickle. Her eyes told the story as her face contorted in pain she had this look of disbelief and shock.

I looked in her eyes as i said, you've been fucked by Dalton Frederich and laughed. I told her this shot was for Ming and fired a round of bird shot into her left tit. About a dozen small holes appear and each trickles blood down her tit. She squirms under me as i fire a third shot into her belly halfway between her navel and sternum.

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Her legs begin to twitch and tremble as i pull out of her. As i pull out of her, my cock spews cum over her belly and pubes up to the blood coming from her half gone navel. I reached down a spread her labia with the barrel of the gun, smilingi told her this one was for Ming. I fired and the gun spews a cum of birdshot and hot buring gunpowder into the cum covered walls of her vagina. Blood begins to flow from her pussy. I stand over her, cum dripping on her tits, chest, neck and face as i fire three more shots into her body.

Her right tit jiggles as it is pierced, some birdshot for her pubic region and another bullet shattering the center of her sternum and piercing her heart. Blood spurts out of that hole quickly covering her chest.

Her back arches and then slowly drops with a gurgling sigh, her eyes dialate to black pools and she lays quiet. Her once fantastic body now a bloody mess a dozen holes in her left tit and pubes from the birdshot and the other holes leaking their blood like a spring of life.

I dress and leave her home and go back to town and the embassy to get a new ticket home. I wanted to tell Ming's family she had been avenged, but i knew that wasn't possible. So now she will be a new name in the memoirs of a retired government agent. Maybe if they read it they will know. Dalton shuts off the tape and heads off to bed. He sleeps peacefully feeling no remorse for removing the enemies of his country from this life.

After all, he was the best and there were so many he can hardly remember them all.