Fiery shemale asshole rammed real hard

Fiery shemale asshole rammed real hard
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Part XV I got up relatively early the next day and had breakfast with the kids. I made coffee and was enjoying my second cup when Judy emerged from the bedroom. She still had her pajama pants on under her robe and went right for the coffee.


She seemed to be walking a little stiffly and I asked her how she felt this morning. She said "just fine" with a gesture like everything was A OK and normal as could be. Later that day, I was once again super horny after having thought of nothing else all day but her being fucked all night by 3 guys and eaten clean by Lola.


I knew she wouldn't be up for more today but I just needed to get off a quick load. With the kids playing outside, I spied Judy lying on the couch reading a fashion magazine. I pulled out my dick while looking at her and thinking about last night.

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I could tell I wouldn't last long, so I walked over to Judy still spanking my cock. She turned her head and just looked at me. I stroked even faster and let load of stream of cum that landed right on her face, chin and shirt. I then took my cock and stuck it into her mouth and wiped off the rest of my cum on her tongue. She swallowed it and then scooped the cum off of her face and shirt and ate that as well.


I put my dick back in my pants and she just kept reading her magazine. Later that evening with the kids in bed, Judy was on the phone with her sister. I got horny again and really liked the idea of being able to blow a load on her whenever I felt like it. As she was just yammering on the phone about who knows what, I started beating my cock.

She glanced over in my direction every once in while but didn't seem to care what I was doing. I walked over to where she was sitting and started playing with her tits. When she didn't seem to mind, I pulled up her shirt and then had her change hands with the phone as I got her top off. She kept talking with her sister about some actress's marital problems and I stood above her playing with her tits and jacking my cock. When her sister was talking, I stuck my dick in Judy's mouth and she swirled her tongue around the tip.

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I took it out and kept stroking it in front of her. I then opened her legs and was able to get access to her pussy by sliding off her shorts and panties. I tried to rub it lightly, but she looked at me and shook her head and then went back to her conversation. I went into our bedroom and dug around in my dresser and found an old butt plug that some long ago girlfriend had bought. I then got Judy's KY Jelly and returned to where she was sitting. I again stood in front of her while she was talking and stroked my cock.

She seemed to think that I was going to cum on her again and turned so I could unload on her tits. But then, I showed her the butt plug and her crinkled up nose and confused expression told me that she didn't even know what it was.

I let go of my dick and picked up the KY and showed her that as well. She looked on wondering what I was up to. I gave the plug a good lube and then got between her legs.

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She spread them apart slightly for me but put her hand over her pussy. I positioned her hips a little higher and got the plug a little higher.

She was still talking to her sister and I waited for a pause on her side. When I heard her sister's voice, I jammed the plug right up her ass and she looked down at me with a startled expression, and then a pleasant gaze.

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I worked it around a little bit to make sure it was in tight and then stood up and started spanking my dick again. Judy squirmed around a little bit as she could feel the large presence of the plug in her ass and her nipples were hard. She started to breath a little deeper and had a little trouble keeping her end of the conversation up.

I reached down and played with her tits and right as I was about to blow, I put my dick in front of her mouth. I could hear her sister talking and I let my cum hit right on her parted lips. She used her free hand to scoop it up and licked everything clean. I heard her sister say, "what was that?" Judy said, "oh, nothing, I'm just having a snack.

Sorry about that." I put my dick away and went over to the couch and flipped on the TV. Judy put her shirt back on while she was still talking on the phone. Her bottoms were still off and and plug stayed in place the whole time. I heard her saying her goodbyes to her sister and I looked up as she put down the phone. She reached down with that same hand and touched the tip of the butt plug and then started to move it around. She started moaning and then moved it around more and more.

After a few minutes of fucking her ass with the butt plug, she gasped and had a small orgasm.

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She took it out and got up and I could hear her in the bathroom so I went in to investigate. She was washing off the plug and as well as her ass that was sticky with KY Jelly. When the plug was clean, she glanced up at me with a smile and the walked into the bedroom and put it back into the same drawer all the way at the back where I had found it. She said, "I'm beat, I think I'll head to bed" and I did the same.

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