Valuable baby gives a head hardcore and massage

Valuable baby gives a head hardcore and massage
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I would suggest you all to read the first two parts then go through this one.Please,comment.I like to read your suggestions and your views. Josh lifted his face and saw Rachael still had her eyes closed.He wiped the juices off his face and removed his pants and underwear.When Rachael came down from her very first orgasm she opened her eyes only to find Josh standing naked right in front of her.His uncircumcised dick stood erect and he made no efforts to hide it.Tony and Jon were feeling jealous of Josh but they decided to wait for their turn and just watch how far they go.Rachael was too mesmerized to speak anything.Josh without wasting a moment,sat between her legs and spread them even wider.Josh saw Rachael's pussy and he thought it looked even more beautiful now that it was wet with her own juices.He placed his manhood in front of her entrance and pushed it inside.Rachael being a virgin was extremely tight and Josh had to stop for a breathe only after getting the head of his dick inside ."Ugggghh."Rachael cried in pain as she felt her pussy being stretched like never before.The only intrusion her pussy ever had were by her own tiny fingers during her fingering sessions.Now that she was being stretched by Josh's tool she realised how tiny her fingers really were.Josh grunted "ggghhh." and pushed his dick completely inside her.Rachael was now in excruciating pain and she felt like pulling his dick out but the mix of pleasure involved in the pain stopped her from doing anything stupid like that.

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Jon and Tony had been closely observing them and their dicks were now threatening to tear apart their pants.Tony not wanting to sit idle and let Josh have all the fun unzipped his pants.He took out his erect member and put Rachael's left hand on it.Tony felt as if he was going to erupt by the mere touch of Rachael's soft hand on his dick but thankfully he didn't.Rachael was too occupied to notice where her hands were but when she did,she realised she was not only holding Tony's dick ,he was also guiding her to stroke it.It appeared to her that Tony wanted a handjob and thus was showing her how to accomplish it.Rachael followed suit and kept on stroking Tony.Josh had now gotten over the initial feeling of cumming and had started giving powerful strokes .Tony while still holding Rachael's hand on his dick and stroking himself lowered his mouth and engulfed one of her pink nipples inside his mouth.He licked the nipple making it wet with his saliva and then sucked it.Rachael moaned at the touch of a warm,wet tongue on her sensitive nipples.She had recovered from the initial pain of being stretched out and was starting to like the feeling of being'filled' with her eyes closed when she felt something warm,hard and wet touch her lips.

She opened her eyes to realise,it was Jon's dick asking for permission to enter her mouth.Rachael was not in a condition to deny anything right now,she had become a slave to her sexual desires.Rachael opened her mouth and Jon,in an instant put it inside.

Jon was on the wrong side so she couldn't really deep throat him but she still licked the head of his dick.Rachael had never given a blowjob before but she tried her best to replicate what she had seen in her dad's porn collections.Jon was trying his best to hold it a little longer but having Rachael's tongue on his dick was too much for him.Jon felt his cock twitch and he shot ropes of cumm inside her mouth.Rachael felt a wave of warm liquid gushing down her throat.She didn't really liked it's taste and wanted to spit it out but with her mouth being stuffed with Jon's dick,she had no other option than to swallow it.Jon pulled out his dick after dumping his load in her mouth.

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Josh was still thrusting his dick inside Rachael's pussy with all his might when his balls twitched and he shot his load inside her.Rachael felt a jet of warm liquid hit her insides,she thought he would never stop but he did and he pulled out his dick.Rachael ached her back and readied herself for something which was by now a familiar sensation.As the second orgasm hit her young and sexy body, Rachael felt as if she had passed out from ecstasy.Rachael was brought back to the real world when she felt something warm on her boobs.

She opened her eyes to see it was Tony blowing his load after her handjob.Another rope of cumm flew in the air and landed straight on her chest.Apparently,the sight of Rachael having an orgasm was far too much for him.Rachael saw Josh still had an erection but his dick was smeared in blood.She had watched quite a few Defloration videos to know that her broken hymen must have caused it.She turned her head and realised all three of her friends still sported an erection.She was both amazed and impressed by the guys but she dreaded that her friends were not planning another round of mind blowing sex, cause she was not sure her body can go through another orgasm.

Jon took the initiative and stood between her legs.He sat on the floor and lifted Rachael by her hips.Rachael had never realised how strong Jon was until now,she's about 110lbs but he lifted her like a piece of cake.

Jon made her sit and Rachael guided his dick inside her pussy.Her own juices and Josh's cumm helped her to penetrate easily this time.Only a few seconds ago Rachael had her pussy filled with Josh's dick but Jon's dick stretched her further.He must be thicker than Josh,Rachael thought.

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Jon lowered her upper body giving him access to her boobs.Rachael started riding Jon and she now understood,why most girls liked this position.They get to maneuver the speed,comparatively deeper penetration and they can also get their boobs squeezed/nipples licked.Rachael was lost in the pleasure of getting her nipples sucked while riding when Jon got hold of her buttcheeks and spread them apart. Josh and Tony were watching the show when Jon did that,Tony realised he didn't really had to stand there and watch.Rachael was busy enjoying herself when she felt something poke at the entrance of her asshole.Rachael looked back to find Tony with his dick in his hand trying to insert it in her asshole.


Jon noticed that and in order to help his friend,he spread her cheeks.Tony got a better view of Rachael's asshole and he couldn't help but acknowledge how beautiful it looked but it was so tiny he doubted if anything thicker than his little finger can get inside it .Tony gave a hard push and he now had the head of his cock inside her asshole."nnnnggghhh."Rachael cried in pain.Rachael was in excruciating pain and there was nothing she could do to get over it.She had come way too far to quit now.

Tony saw Rachael's condition and he was scared that she might call the whole thing off at any moment.So,he got hold of her hips with both hands and gave another powerful push.Now,he was completely inside her.Tony was in pain too,getting his thick cock inside her tiny asshole was no child's play.He felt as if the foreskin of his penis is going to be peeled off but once he was inside her,it felt heavenly.Rachael cried out again "uuggghh.gawd ",it appeared to her that someone had inserted a hot iron rod in her ass.

Rachael was in so much pain that for a moment,she had forgotten that there was another dick in her pussy.Jon had stopped and was eagerly watching his friend violate Rachael's asshole,he was amazed how the expressions of pain on Rachael's face was turning him on.He felt as if his dick was still growing inside her pussy.Jon realised Rachael was in too much pain to ride him so he started thrusting into her pussy again while squeezing her right boob.Tony didn't wanted to wait anymore so he started thrusting his dick in and out of her asshole too.

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Josh was standing there and watching his friends make and enjoy Rachael's sandwich when he realised Rachael still had one hole to offer.Josh moved towards Jon's head and now he could see Rachael's face.Josh held her jaw and asked her open her mouth.Rachael wanted to scream 'NO' but the word never came out of her mouth.She opened her mouth without uttering a single word and Josh didn't waste any time.He pushed his dick into her waiting mouth.Rachael engulfed her lips around his dick and sucked it.Rachael could taste her own juices,her blood and Josh's cumm on his dick.Josh felt as if he was in heaven,Rachael's warm mouth was too much for him and he was ready to blow his load.He held her head and thrusted harder into her mouth.Josh shot his load in Rachael's mouth and she swallowed most of it.Only a few drops of cumm leaked from the side of her lips.

As Josh sticked out his dick,he shot another load of cumm right on Rachael's face.Rachael closed her eyes just in time to save her eyes but she couldn't avoid getting it all over her face.Rachael was about to clean her face with her hand when she felt a hand on her clit.Rachael turned her head to see it was Tony who alongwith fucking her ass was also stroking her clit.Josh was still groping her boobs,squeezing and nibbling her nipples.Rachael felt her body getting ready for another orgasm but she was scared that she might just pass out.

Rachael cried out "uggghhh." as the third orgasm for the night hit her.Both Jon and Tony felt their dicks being squeezed really hard as Rachael had her orgasm.First Tony and then Jon shot their load inside Rachael as she collapsed over Jon.