Girl satisfied by her guy hardcore and blowjob

Girl satisfied by her guy hardcore and blowjob
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This tale was written by a friend at Literotica, enjoy ! Slippery Susie by RedHairedandFriendly© The sound of the shower running told Mike that his wife was up and readying herself for work.

He glanced at the clock, noting the time was fast approaching eight p.m. and Susie would be in a hurry to get herself ready as well as grab a bite to eat. He got up from the couch and made a quick trip to the kitchen where he fixed her a bowl of chili and a cold glass of tea.

By the time he was setting her supper on the table, his wife was walking into the dining room, looking fabulous in her work uniform. "You'll have a hard time keeping the guys off of you tonight," Mike joked as he watched his wife take a seat and a long draw from her beverage. "I doubt that," Susie answered, winking at her husband before crushing several crackers into her chili.

"I am glad the company finally relented and issued us new Summer uniforms. It gets so hot up in the Bullpen and those slacks we had to wear, didn't help matters much." Mike took a seat across from her, nursing his own drink as he watched his wife eat.

"Well, the shorts only enhance those legs of yours and we won't even discuss the way they hug your ass, or how your shirt outlines your tits so well that I can see your nipples." He snickered as he watched her face grow warm and her nipples, do exactly what he wanted them to do.

The thick beads of her breasts grew and puckered under her bra and shirt. He felt his cock jerk in response as he reached over and pinched one of the hard points. Her tongue came out, moistening her lips and then her teeth pulled at the soft petal of flesh.

"Mike," she whimpered, leaning in and forgetting her meal as her husband toyed with the gumdrop pearl. "Hey mom." The voice entering the room had Susie shifting back to her meal and Mike's hand falling to the table and then sliding over to his drink. They both glanced at their daughter and watched her take a seat with them.

Inwardly they chuckled, knowing the nipple play would be all they got that evening. Eventually, Mike was at the door, kissing his wife goodbye and locking up the house for the night.

He thought of Susie and her new work clothes as he got ready to retire for the evening. All ready he could imagine the looks she'd be getting from her co-workers, especially Kerry and Jake. The image of the two men popped into his mind as did the way they ogled his wife at last year's Christmas party. He was surprised by how much attention she'd received, though he really shouldn't have been.

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She was still as beautiful at forty-five as she had been as a teenager, more so really, now that being a mom had filled her out in all the right places. Her breasts were larger, her hips more full, her legs. . .they still were as delicious as before. Age had only enhanced his wife's natural beauty and when the young studs at her work pulled her in various directions that night, he'd been turned on. He closed his eyes, imagining his wife and how her body had moved to the music at the party that night, and how close the two men had come to practically fucking her right there on the dance floor.

His hand traveled to his cock; soon he was picturing his Susie spread eagle on the pool table at work. Kerry and Jake's rock hard members were out and one of them allowed Susie to suck him off. The other pounded into her slippery flesh. His hand moved in time to the thoughts of his fantasy. What would Susie say if she knew he jacked off to the idea of her cheating on him? He felt his seed spray onto his stomach as he pictured himself lazily watching his wife do the two young men in as many positions imaginable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Susie yawned. She wasn't tired really, just bored.

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The night-shift dispatcher job wasn't the most thrilling and often she found herself growing bored and lonely. She pushed herself away from her desk, knowing there would probably be little if any calls for her to deal with. The hour was late and it was highly unlikely that either she, Jake, or Kerry would have to make any emergency deliveries to the area hospitals and nursing homes.

The job of a medical courier was not something to write home about and brag, but the benefits were good and her position in the company stable. Rarely did she go out on calls anymore; she'd become the supervisor for the night shift, but without the title that went with it. She didn't mind really. She enjoyed the freedom of the job; she had her own office, or at least her own cubicle and she even got to play boss over the two studs of the facility.

With the thought of Jake and Kerry, came a sliver of excitement that skated through her spine. They hadn't seen her in the new uniform yet. They'd walked in, waved to her and then made a beeline for the employee lounge. She'd been sitting at her desk reviewing the day shift's runs and trying to gauge if there would be much, if anything for her and the other two employees to do. Susie stood up and smoothed her hands down the front of her shirt. Her palms rested on her nipples and she thought back to Mike and what he'd said about her clothes.

She stepped out into the hall and then headed to the women's locker room. Once there she stood in front of a long mirror and studied herself. Her gaze focused on her stomach, something she worked hard at keeping in good proportion with the rest of her body.

She worked out several days a week, even took various dancing classes to keep her before-baby-body in shape. Only the widening of her hips and the swelling of her breasts were different than her younger years. Even Susie had to admit, those things were nothing she complained about. Her thoughts shifted to her breasts and she cupped them; her fingers moved over her areolas and she grinned as the nipples rose and perked up in retaliation of her teasing.

A flush of heat traveled to her pussy and she licked her lips, before dragging her hands away from her bosom and down her hips.

One of her hands moved to slide across an ass cheek. She turned and took in a side-view reflection of herself. Her palm rubbed up and down her round globe, smoothing the wrinkles of the shorts and then trailing down to tease the flesh of her thigh. Her other hand moved to her neck. She struck a pose, admiring her body and the color of her hair. She laughed when she thought of Mike's expression when she walked out of the bathroom with her new "do".

The red hair dye, in her opinion wasn't as natural looking as her best-friend's, but she still thought it accentuated her creamy complexion and her dark eyes.


Mike had agreed, pulling her to him and fucking her senseless. She felt a thickening of her juices and squeezed her inner muscles. "Down girl," she told herself. Susie tightened her ponytail and headed out to check on Kerry and Jake. She stood at the threshold of the lounge and watched the two men settling in for the night.

The television was set to some boxing channel and two black men with arms the size of tree trunks were battling for some amateur title. She stepped in, coughed and then watched them jump up. "Oh, it's just you," Jake said, reclaiming his seat and propping his feet up on the coffee table. Kerry snickered, noting Susie expression as Jake blew her off. He walked over, casually running his gaze over her figure.

"You look good enough to eat," Kerry told her, adding a wink to his already devilish good looks. Susie's annoyance melted and she smiled back at Kerry. "Thank you.

Why aren't you wearing the new shorts? I bet you'd look good enough to eat, too." She liked Kerry and Jake, though Jake had more of an attitude than Kerry, but all in all he was a good guy. "Real men don't wear shorts," Jake said, answering for Kerry. Susie laughed.

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"Maybe men with scrawny legs and small packages don't, but I bet Kerry would look hot in them." Jake and Kerry both laughed. She watched Jake rise from his seat and walk over to both her and Kerry. "My package is anything but small," he told her, raising a brow as if challenging her to doubt him. "Is it? Then why hide behind a pair of baggy work slacks.

You could be showing your 'impressive' meat in a pair of shorts. Letting the boys breath as they say." Kerry leaned against the pool table, listening to the exchange between supervisor and employee. Susie glanced at him and winked, then purposely walked over and settled herself between his legs. The three of them often flirted and poked fun at each other, but tonight she felt different. She wanted to tease Jake and see how far he'd go before he grew frustrated and walked out.

"Full of piss and vinegar tonight?" Kerry asked, his hands settling on her shoulders. "She's full of something," Jake answered as he walked over to stand in front of her. "My boys are just fine, as is my meat." "Prove it," Susie said, her smile widening as Jake's brows rose. "I hear Kerry, here is a big boy. ." Kerry laughed. "You've got the rumors mixed up there Susie. I'm an average fella, Jake's the one whose supposedly hung like a horse." Susie pushed back on her friend's crotch, letting her ass rub against his groin.

"You don't feel average," she said, tossing her head and winking at him. Kerry groaned and moved his hands to her hips, pulling her further into him. "If you keep doing that, you'll find out," he told her. She smiled, blushed and yet refused to give up her position.

Instead she turned back to Jake. "So are you 'hung like a horse'?" she asked. Jake chuckled. Without giving Susie time to ask him what he was doing or to tell him to stop, he undid his drawers, released the zipper, and dropped his pants and boxers all in one swoop. His cock was semi-hard and hung low, to the left. Susie's eyes grew wide as she stared at her co-workers cock. Her tongue came out and she moistened her lips.

She swallowed the saliva that had suddenly formed and then tried to stutter out something that would make sense. Jake's chuckle mingled with Kerry's. "Told ya he was hung," Kerry whispered in her ear. "But its only fair you have a chance to compare. Don't you think?" He pushed her gently to one side. She watched him pull his pants down and then his briefs. "Ummm. ." she whispered, not sure what to do now that she had two cocks in her face and both were growing harder and thicker the longer she stared at them.

Her fingers curled into fists at her sides and she tried to think of something, anything really, to say. The one thing she didn't want them to do was hide the two massive rods from her view.

She'd fantasized too long to simply allow these two men to cover the objects of her dirty dreams. "She's speechless," Jake said, nudging his friend in the ribs. "It's like she's never seen a cock before." Susie rolled her eyes. "I'm married with kids you perv. Of course I've seen a cock before." She stuck out her tongue and stepped closer.

"But. .Kerry's right I should compare." Susie had no idea what she was doing, or at least why she was doing it. Mike and her had a great marriage and a great sex life, but here she was willingly looking at a pair of impressive cocks that were jerking toward her as if she were some goddess they needed to worship. She chewed on her lip as she studied both men's rods. The sound of one man clearing his throat brought Susie out of her trance-like state. "I shouldn't be doing this," she whispered as she slipped to her knees and reached out for both dicks.

One hand wrapped around its own prize and she slowly stroked her friends' dicks. "I mean, Mike's always talking about other men and me and I know he thinks about it, even if he doesn't tell me." She dragged her firm grip downward and then up, letting the skin grow loose, before she forced it tight again with each gentle stroke. "Damn, Susie," Jake hissed. Kerry repeated the words. Susie continued to stroke both men, alternating between quick and hard motions to gentle and slow ones.

A drop of pre cum slithered out of Jake's cock first and without thought Susie dipped her head down and swallowed the oily substance. She felt Jake's hand on her head and she allowed him to push into her mouth. A soft moan left her throat, blanketing the rod that was filling her.

She lifted her mouth up, then slipped it back down. Over and over she sucked Jake's cock, while stroking Kerry's. When she sensed Jake was about to come, she popped herself off and went off sampling Kerry's dick. Both men were treated to her slow and well-practiced torment. Sucking, pulling, dragging. Back and forth she moved. Swallowing steady streams of pre cum, examining the different flavors and the different texture of both men, even comparing those tastes and those feelings with the one man she had memorized, so many years ago.

She pushed her lips down to the base of Kerry's dick, knowing it would be easier for her to deep-throat him then it would Jake. A part of her wanted to try though and so she quickened her speed and found her throat full of Kerry's come.

He leaned against the pool table again, spent for the time being as Susie began to concentrate on Jake's longer and slightly darker shaft. Susie opened her mouth as wide as she could, angled her head one way and then the other until she found just the right position. She swallowed Jake's dick, pushing past the gag reflex and working her throat in a way that seemed to surround and tighten against the large tool. She held him there, breathed through her nose and used her hands to anchor herself to him.

Her nails bit into his flesh. The sounds of Jake's moans and words of encouragement made her heady with excitement. She moaned and hummed, sending vibrations up and down his sex. Soon she was rewarded with both his hands in her hair. He pushed her deeper and she was amazed she was able to accommodate his girth and length.

With her thoughts focused on making him come, she blocked out all reflections of guilt, doubt, and indecision. Jake's seed filled her and splashed against the narrow column of her throat. She swallowed all of his milk, burying her face into his pubic hairs, until she was sure she had all of his offering.

While pulling herself off him, she did so slowly, making sure to suckle and lick his cock, in hopes she cleansed it well. After she slipped her mouth from his dick, she looked up at him and grinned. "Hung like a horse is an understatement," she told him, before sitting back on her ass and taking a deep breath. Kerry and Jake finished undressing. Susie didn't stop them, or ask them not to. "Get up here Boss Lady," Kerry said, patting the pool table and winking at her.

"I bet you're as slick as syrup right now and just as sweet and sticky." He reached out and took her hand, helping her to rise. Susie pulled her shirt off and chuckled when she heard the two men's appreciative growls and low whistles. She shimmed slowly out of her shorts, kicking her shoes off in the process. She turned around, faced the pool table and purposely bent over to drag first one sock off and then the other, before rising up and sliding her fingers around the waistband of her panties and pulling them down.

Even that she did with the skill of a dancer, teasing her audience. Her bra was unsnapped and she turned to face Jake and Kerry, holding the lacy material against her chest. "This goes no further," she told them, suddenly serious. She knew though that if her husband pressed her, she'd confess. .something deep down in her gut, told her that he would want to watch. A thrill of excitement coursed through her as she imagined Mike sitting in the corner watching her get fucked by these two men.

"Maybe someday," she told herself. Both men agreed and Susie scooted herself onto the table. The green felt was a contrast to her pink, toned skin, now full of heat and desire. "We've always wondered if this table was strong enough for a good fucking," Jake said. He slid on, positioning himself behind Susie.

She turned and crawled over him as he lay down. She smoothed her pussy over his half-masted rod, knowing it wouldn't take long and he'd be as hard as a rock again. She felt a pair of strong hands on her hips and she moaned softly as Kerry began to knead her derriere. She pushed back into his caress and hissed when he dragged a finger down her ass cheeks and then up the crack. "I've imagined fucking you so many times, Susie," Kerry told her.

He bent down and kissed each round globe, then spread her cheeks apart to run his tongue along the dark flesh. He paused at her ass; her whimper, his answer. His tongue pushed at the dark entrance and then slipped inside. She growled and shifted hungrily on Jake's stiffened tool. Jake's hands cupped her large tits, squeezed them and pushed them into each other.

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Her nipples touched; the hard peaks made love to each other. Jake manipulated them and Susie begged for more. She felt a cock slide into her pussy and knew Kerry was lubing himself up for her ass. A wave of lust rippled through her and she moaned. One of Jake's hands left her breast and pushed between them. She felt his fingers tease her pussy and then his cock head was pushed against her clit.

Another shudder and another whimper filled the room. Susie lifted her hips, felt Kerry's dick slide out and then Jake's push back to claim the free hole. "Mmm. ." she moaned, settling herself on his thick rod. Once more Kerry's hands were on her ass, spreading her cheeks apart. The tip of his cock pressed against her anus and she closed her eyes, relaxed herself as best she could, waiting for the pending invasion.

The spongy head pushed its way into the puckered entrance, bringing a hush to the room as Susie welcomed him into her ass. Kerry's hands moved to her hips; he held her still as he pushed further into her. Susie felt the length of him and his thickness. Her muscles tightened. When she moaned, she knew she was going to be fucking her two co-workers every night they were together. Jake moved his hips, thrusting into her and Susie answered back with a grinding motion of her very own.

Her clit puckered out and she rubbed it against the coarse hairs of Jake's sex. Her bald mound tingled as she slowly rolled her hips and began to ride her new lover. The feeling of her ass being full and her pussy as well, drove Susie mad.

In time she was grunting, begging, crying out for more cock. Jake pounded into her. Kerry plundered her. Both men moved together, quickly finding a comfortable speed in which to fuck Susie.

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She was grateful. Her tits rubbed against Jake's chest. She felt Kerry's hands moving from her ass, to her hips, to her shoulders, even in her hair. His fingers found a home and pulled her red ponytail back, forcing her to arch and swallow him up in her tight cavern. Minutes passed, each person lost in lust and need.


Susie flexed and released her muscles, milking two cocks and wanting to feel their come jettison over her. She jerked her head free of Kerry's grasp and turned to glare back at him.

"Come in my ass " she demanded, pushing herself back. She then looked down at Jake, giving him an order to fill her cunt with his cream.

Her jaw grew slack as she focused on the ricocheting emotions that were slamming into her from all sides.

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She fucked her co-workers until she was gasping for breath. Soon her come was shooting free and blanketing Jake. Seconds later she was feeling hot lava in her ass and steamy milk mingling with her honey. She squealed as her climax carried her through several spurts of both mens balls emptying themselves deep inside her.

When she felt Kerry's palms slide slowly down her back, she knew he was done and ready to leave her ass. She moaned, but pulled her ass upwards, while he dragged his limped tool free. He kissed both her cheeks.

She wiggled her butt and lifted her pussy from Jake's shaft. Smiling down at him, she rolled to her back and settled herself onto the green velvet of the table. The material drank up the sweat on her body and the come that dripped lazily from her holes. Jake moved, rolling to one side and nuzzling her tits, before licking his way to first the right and then the left.

He rose from the table, shaking his head in amazement, before gathering his clothes and heading to the mens locker room. Kerry ran his fingers down Susie's body, pausing at her pussy and sliding a finger into the hot core. "We'll be doing this again," he said, before twirling the digit and leaving her alone in the room.

Susie rolled to her stomach and watched Kerry leave the room; he too gathered his clothes and she knew he was going to shower off the evidence of their mating. She ran her fingers down her body, cupped her come-soaked pussy and toyed with the slippery juices. "A shower sounds good," she whispered to herself and slipped from the table.

Ignoring her clothes, she made her way to the mens locker room, to see if Jake and Kerry needed someone to wash their backs. Slippery Susie by RedHairedandFriendly© Interested parties are always welcome to pen new adventures for Susie to enjoy !