Sexy Deutsch blonde ficken Fremde in th Strand

Sexy Deutsch blonde ficken Fremde in th Strand
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I have always enjoyed watching my wife with other men. I am not a jealous person, and I have told her that it is her body and she can fuck whoever she wants. This arrangement has resulted in quite a few interesting times. Sometimes I am totally surprised by who she chooses. We have a friend named Jim that we have both known for years. He is a nice fellow, and reasonably good looking, but, in all those years, my wife had never mentioned that she was attracted to him in any way. He is an artist, and has, on several occasions, drawn her nude, even using her as a model in his art class.

Despite the fact that they had spent literally hours together with her naked, the two of them had never acted like there was anything sexual between them. Jim and his wife had been having some difficult times, so we decided to take him out to dinner. Things were bad enough that he was sleeping in his studio rather than at home, so we thought that he could use some company. At dinner he told us some about what was going on.

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His wife was being very mean at the time, fighting with him all the time. Worst of all, even though she acted like she hated him, she was also always acting jealous and accusing him of cheating with his models. This really pissed my wife off, as she had worked for him and knew that he always acted like a total professional. We tried to have fun, and had a few beers, but given the situation the dinner was kind of a bummer.

We decided to meet back at his studio- we didn't want him to be alone.

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We went by the liquor store to pick up a bottle of whisky. My wife was already pretty tipsy from the beers at dinner, so it was going to be a wild night.


In the car she was just furious- she had never liked Jim's wifeand the stories he told at dinner really set her off. She spent the whole trip back talking about what a bitch his wife was. I figured it would be a sorry night of drinking and complaining, but misery loves company and I was glad we could be there for him at least.

Back at the studio we sat around the table drinking shots and talking about stuff we did in college. All the sudden my wife said "draw a picture of me" and she pulled off her shirt and bra. She has a very nice set of 36 DDs, and I love seeing them, but I was a little bit surprised. He, on the other hand, took it in stride and picked up a pencil and drawing pad and started sketching.

He is a very good artist. We just went on with our conversation, no one really mentioning the fact that my wife's tits were hanging out. We talked for a while, and he was getting nearly done with his sketch- which looked very good, he has a talent for drawing tits. My wife looked at him and said, "So, would your wife be jealous if she knew you were looking at my tits right now?" He kept sketching and said "probably." She said "Well then, if she is going to be jealous anyway we should give her something to be jealous about." She stood up, walked to him, got down on her knees and started rubbing his dick through his pants.

I am not sure who was surprised more, him or me, but he didn't do anything to stop it. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was not all that large, maybe 5 51/2 inches, unshaved and uncircumcised. It was a nice enough dick, but I hadn't expected to see my friend's dick, so I just sort of stared dumbfounded. My wife gives the best head of any woman I have ever had- she just knows how to hit the right spots. I had never seen her suck one that wasn't circumcised before, and it was pretty hot to see.

Very quickly she had him moaning and squirming- I think it had been a while since a woman had sucked his dick. Knowing his wife, it might have been since before he was married! Any weirdness he may have had with me there seemed to pass pretty quickly as he was so enjoying the rocking blow job.

I thought he might come in her mouth, but before that could happen she stood up. She helped him pull his pants and underwear the rest of the way off.

She took him by the hand, and led him to the room in the back of his studio. We both knew he had a little bed back there- just a single mattress that he had been using since things were too rough to stay at home. I followed them, picking up her pants and panties which she dropped on the floor as they were walking to the bed.

When she got to the bed she lay down and spread her legs for him. He dropped down and started licking her like it was his job.


It was really fun how hot he was for her- he clearly hadn't gotten any in a while and she had him mad aroused. I love watching her, she is the most beautiful woman I know and watching her fuck is like the best porn. I took off my own clothes as I watched him eating her like crazy with her hand on the back of his head. Her nipples were rock hard, a sure sign that she was in full fuck mode. When she gets that way pretty much anything goes- he was going to have a good night!

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Finally I couldn't wait to join, so I moved over where she could suck me while he ate her. She took my whole length immediately. It as a very exciting scene, being sucked by her while he pleasured her with her tongue.

She looked at me and said "come for me lover, so that I can focus on him." That is about all it took, I jerked myself a couple of times and came on her bouncing tits.

With me out of the way she looked at him and said "You are really good at licking pussy, but I need for you to fuck me." He didn't need more than one invitation, he moved up and mounted her frontally.

They were pressed together, getting my come all over them both.

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He fucked her deeply, grunting as he pushed. She grabbed his head and kissed him withlong deep, wet kisses.

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She likes to suck your tongue as she gets fucked, and it is great to watch. She was really excited because she started coming very quickly. I saw her nails start to dig in his back as she said "Fuck, fuck I am going to come for you." Her quickly started coming too, and tried to pull out before he did, but she said "No!

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Fucking come inside me, I want to feel you coming in me." No man says no to that, so he jerked and bounced and he blew his load in her, that was enough to push her over the top and they came together. He lay on top of her for a while before rolling off. She said "She is such a fucking bitch to pass up getting fucked by you. " I figured we were probably done, but they were still kissing and touching. When he laid back, she leaned over and started sucking him again, licking him clean.

To both our surprises, he quickly got hard again. She said "you look like you could go again" he said "it has been a really long time. Since I came once I should be able to go for a long time now." That was enough to get me hard again.

We tag teamed for a while- she got on her hands and knees and sucked me while he fucked her from behind, and then we'd switch.

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I got tired though, I had too much to drink, so I went back to my chair and watched them. They had a good time- she is a yogi and she is very flexible.

They were creative with positions. When they ran out of ideas in bed, they stood up and he did her against the wall, squeezing her ass. Then they went out into the studio and started trying out the different tables and chairs. They were still going at it when I went to sleep. I woke up in the morning to the sound of her moaning, They were spooning and he was fucking her from behind. He came in her again before breakfast. I really have no idea how many times the guy came for my wife that night, but he had apparently been saving up for years.

There is a shower in the building where his studio is, and they headed down there wearing nothing but towels. I hoped that no one else was in the building yet, as they had to go through the lobby to get to the showers. From the looks on their faces when they came back I guessed they must have fucked again in the shower.


We got dressed and went to breakfast. On the drive home I said "well, that was unexpected" and all she said was "I really hate that bitch- he deserved a good fucking." The sex did not turn into a regular thing, but she gives him a blow job every time he comes over.

She says that his dick is just the right size to be very comfortable. He and his wife are now divorced, and I think he actually does fuck some of his models now.