Big soft dick gay twink solo Then he munches and kisses it off before

Big soft dick gay twink solo Then he munches and kisses it off before
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Initiating Carol: The New Sorority girl is in for a surprise He stepped into the room, closing the door carefully behind him. The new girl, Carol, lay on her back, stripped down to her panties, arms and legs tied out in an 'X' on the king size bed.

Carol had just recently joined the sorority, and had been suddenly and without warning introduced to their initiation process. A little drunk, she had been ill-suited to combat her friends grabbing and carrying her into the bedroom, stripping her nude, tying her up.

Now she lay there helpless, blindfolded and gagged with a vibrator in her vagina humming along quite steadily. Occasionally she would whimper or struggle with the ropes, but for the most part she had accepted her predicament and was awaiting her release.

Moving silently he crept up to her, his cock hardening with every step he took. Carol was tall and slender with an athletic body, that was one reason he had chosen her.

Across the hall Erica was going through a similar experience, but she was about fifty pounds over weight.

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No, Carol was by far a turn on, he had seen her around campus earlier in the week, and when he had heard what sorority she was joining, he couldn't resist helping her out. The sorority thought it was just their little secret, but another girl had confessed her experience to him last year, and had made swear to keep it a secret. He planned to. Carol was lying quietly, her dark hair spread under her, though some of it had found its way onto her face.

Her nipples had begun to harden with the sustained contact of the vibrator tucked into her panties, though it had fallen somewhat from where it needed to be. The cord ran out of her panties and between her legs to the battery operated controller.

Blindfolded, she remained unaware of his presence until he sat down on the edge of the bed. "Mmm!" She exclaimed into the fabric that had been wound through her mouth and knotted behind her head. "Mmm!" He smiled and caressed her side with the tip of one finger.

She trembled and shook her head emphatically, but he stroked her again, watching her long, lean body shiver with each contact. She gasped when he gently took hold of a nipple, but after a second decided to ignore the attention. She thinks I'm one of the girls, he decided, so much the better. He palmed the handful, massaging it between his fingers, his other hand stroking its way down her trembling torso to the edge of her panties.

Lifting the vibrator by its cord he maneuvered it back to where it belonged. Carol whimpered and almost purred, then regained her composure and was silent again.

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Pretend you aren't enjoying that thing all you want, little girl. I know the truth of the matter. He reached for a pillow and slid it under the small of her back, bowing her over so that her pelvis and torso were tilted at a provocative angle.

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He toyed with her breasts some more, occasionally stroking the delicate lace of her panties. From time to time she would tremble or sigh, but she was doing a valiant job of appearing nonplussed by the attention. He turned up the vibrator slightly and watched her pelvis buck and her breasts heave with surprise and delight. The tremors lasted several long seconds and he turned it up again, ever so slightly.

Cupping her left breast he began to suck on the stiff nipple slowly, passionately, alternating between slow and fast licks and strokes of his tongue. Her hips would quiver occasionally, but her entire body had begun to tremble with surprising speed.

He decided that having been restrained as she was with only that vibrator to think about for the last few hours had probably left her closer to orgasm than even she would have thought. He ignored her other breast entirely, watching the nipple swell, but deliberately leaving it untouched.

He turned up the vibrator again, then immediately turned it up again. This time it was too much for her and she began to saw her pelvis against the toy, trying to work it deeper.

"Mmm!" Convinced that she was ready for some oral stimulation he untied her gag and bent down to kiss her before she could say a word.

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He timed it perfectly with another increase of the vibrators setting and she began to kiss him passionately, holding her head up to keep her lips against his. She still thinks that I'm a girl, that she's having a lesbian experience that she wasn't expecting.


Time to change her mind about that. Breaking the kiss he increased the vibrators setting one more time and shucked his pants, climbing onto the bed while she trembled and whimpered. "Please, please kiss me." She asked her unseen, silent benefactor. He did, leaning over her nude body as he climbed between her legs.


"I've never done this before, with a girl." She admitted when he pulled away. He smiled and pulled her panties aside, removing the vibrator entirely. She gasped, a hurt expression coloring her face. Pressing the head of his penis against her vagina he began to stroke it up and down against her tender, young flesh. "Ohhh, is that a dildo? It feels soo real." He kissed her again, rubbing the vibrator against her already stimulated breast, feeling her tremble under him.

He thrust gently, slowly into her very aroused vagina, feeling her stir under him, feeling her strain against her bonds in an attempt to break free and pull him close.

"Oh, God it feels so real!" "That's because it is." He whispered in her ear, startling her yet again. "You're a guy?" She whispered back. "Yes." "Oh, my God, then fuck me." He did the exact opposite. Pulling out he untied first one and then the other of her legs, removing her panties and then straddled her once more.

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"Now, hang on to me freshman, your little pussy is in for the ride of its life." "Yes." And ride her he did. Slowly at first, then faster and harder, pulling out occasionally just to drive her wild while she waited for him to return.

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He could feel his balls swell, tighten with sperm and knew he didn't have long. Then, after he paced himself and worked her good and long, he touched the vibrator to her previously un-teased breast and watch her light up like a Christmas tree. Body jerking after only a few seconds sustained contact, he watched his deliberate neglect of that nipple send her over the edge and they orgasm-ed together in a rocking, clutching tangle of arms and legs. She gasped for breath as he pulled out and climbed off of her, confused by the fact that he began retying her legs.

"What are you doing?" She asked, uncertain. "You initiation isn't over." He replied quietly, tying her other leg. Picking up the vibrator he pressed it against her vagina and slid is smoothly inside, turning the setting down to a steady rate.


"Not over? Who are you? What's your name? You have the biggest cock I have ever felt, tell me." He pressed the thick cloth into her mouth and wound it back around her head, silencing whatever else she might have said. "I think its better this way. You'll spend the next four years wondering if its me every time a guy smiles at you, every time someone whistles." He whispered and tiptoed from the room, leaving her alone and confused, and tingling toward another orgasm.

"Sweet dreams princess." "Did one of the other girls take her panties off?" The sorority girl asked, already in her junior year.

"No. Not that I know of." It was the next morning and Carol had gone through at least three more powerful orgasms since the night before, albeit alone. "Oh, my God that guy you sent in here was so fucking hot!" She exclaimed when they pulled the gag away. "Guy?" The two sorority girls who had come to free her exchanged a confused glance.

"What guy?"