Snow Bunny Taking Sum Dick

Snow Bunny Taking Sum Dick
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A brief outline: Fiona was twelve weeks into her new position as Business Direction Analogist at a very large third party distributer who had lucrative storing and despatching contracts with huge companies throughout the Uk and Europe. It was Fiona's job to make sure the company were always aiming to pick up new contracts with clients that would further enhance their position as the leading retail distributer; she was also tasked with getting the best deal at all times from these very demanding customers.

For her trouble she was paid very well indeed enjoying a minimum salary of £60k rising to £90k if she hit certain targets and secured top contracts. She had a good relationship with the three directors who had been impressed by her CV and they didn't interrogate her to much as to why she left her last position. Telling them she was the office whore probably wouldn't have sealed her wonderful position in the company so she was happy to skirt around them details.

She'd been interviewed by all three at the same time and passed with flying colours by them all. Mr. Donald Symons was the most senior partner and at the age of 64 was vastly experienced and very wealthy. Mr. Gary Tebbutt was also in his sixties but a couple of years younger and had been with the company from the beginning and knew everything there was to know about his business. Mr. Graham Butterworth was the youngest director at 55 and had joined the company ten years ago when he'd of been slightly older than Fiona is now.

He was probably the most arrogant and hard to please out of the directors. Fiona's office was situated on the second of three floors in the office section of the vast warehouse facility.

The top floor was home to the director's individual offices and a huge conference room. The ground floor was a canteen area for office based staff, receptionists and security staff. The office staff had requested a canteen of their own a few years back so that they didn't have to mingle with the warehouse staff and huge numbers of agency workers from a host of different countries.

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Fiona's office was in the far corner of floor two next to the drinks machines and overlooking the rear of the lorry park. Also on floor two were the thirty or so admin assistants split into three groups of ten and split between the three contracts currently in operation on site.

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The footwear contract was managed down on the floor by Steve Lomax and his teamleader Adam Gorski a polish lad. Fiona had heard things about Steve Lomax that she didn't particularly like, apparently he thought he was a ladies' man and was god's gift to women. He regularly sleazed round the women and it was rumoured he'd made sexual advances on lots of occasions but was never found guilty of any wrong doing.

He was a rough looking stocky bloke of about 35 years and he had the attitude of someone that didn't give a shit, Fiona hated dealing directly with Steve but it was unavoidable at times. The clothing contract was headed up by another man in his thirties Neal Daniels he too had a chip on his shoulder for some reason and was a real pain to work with and he really grated on Fiona; she thought maybe he was suffering from small man syndrome as he was very small at five foot three.

He too had a foreign team leader called Paval Crnic, he was in his twenties and really creeped Fiona out just by the way he always crept about looking at her. The largest contract was the furniture and was managed very well by a guy in his forties around Fiona's age; he was called Shaun O'Hanlon and was a funny bloke and was easy to get on with.

He too had a reputation as a ladies' man but was nowhere near as sleazy as Steve Lomax. Shaun had a Iraqi lteam leader called Hemmen Mohammad who spoke little English but was always polite when asked to deal with one of Fiona's many queries. The two security guards often seen walking around the whole site or searching staff on their way out were Gerald Parker and Trevor Newman.

Both were lovely old chaps in there sixties and both ex-forces; this easy job was just a hobby for them both really as both were divorced and often said they'd be bored stupid at home. Things start to go wrong: Fiona had just finished her twelve week probation period and been given the thumbs of approval by the three directors and had now signed her full employment contract stating her huge salary and exceptional bonus opportunities.

When she came in at night and looked less than happy considering she'd just signed such a great contract I asked why. She thrust a brown envelope in my hand and said take a look. I pulled out three blown up A4 colour photos and a folded note; I looked at each photo first. The first picture showed Fiona standing in the showers naked with two of my football team mates standing either side of her. Both were naked and sporting big erections that Fiona had a grip off with each hand.

My friend's hands were also on her tits and between her legs. The second snap shown Fiona still gripping the cocks but she was now bent over forward her mouth impaled by another cock owned by another of my team mates. Her huge tits were hanging beneath her as the water cascaded down from the showers. Picture three had captured Fiona and Alice knelt down surround by nine of my team mates, all of their cocks were pointing in their direction and I had no doubt that had there been another snap in the envelope it would show spunk flying down onto my whores bodies and faces.

What the pictures were showing was our last game of the season victory celebration, I'd agreed to let Fiona and Alice join us in our showers after the game if we won by more than three goals. The lads were exceptional and went all out for the win and ran away with the game 5-0 forcing me to keep my half of the bargain and making my whores join us. What was puzzling me was how someone came to have these snaps as it was my understanding the door was locked.

"Read the note" Fiona said, now fully undressed as per my house rules of her being naked at all times. I opened the note and read it aloud. "Nice pictures WHORE Bottom of the car park Monday at 18:30 Don't be late WHORE" "You're going to have to meet him or her and find out what they want Fiona, was this posted to your work?" "That's the problem it was left on my desk, hand delivered meaning the bastard works with me so what the fuck do I do now?

Leave? It's the best job I've ever had and look at the bloody pay!!! Oh fuck what do I do?" She was quite clearly distressed but what could I do.

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"What can I do, your obviously being blackmailed Fiona if I was you I'd pay up whatever it takes if you want to keep your job". Fiona was a nervous wreck pretty much all weekend so she was no fun and I had to drain my balls in Alice instead of her mother.

I told Fiona as she left for work that id be expecting full details of any goings on every time she was at work from now on; I elaborated on that and told her to keep a diary from now on. As she left I smiled and secretly hoped she was being blackmailed but for sex and not money, the thought of reading about it in her own words really turned me on let alone the thought of transferring it into stories for all the xnxx readers.

Monday: the first meeting: All day Fiona had kept herself to herself in the office as she didn't feel as though she could look people in the eye properly in case it was them that had the photos.

She even sent one of the office girls to the canteen to fetch her lunch and only left to scurry to the toilet. She agonisingly watched the clock tick round until it struck 18:20 the time in which she had to leave if she was to make it to the end of the car park on time; the last thing she wanted to do was be late. As she left via the office staff side entrance the last of the cars were speeding out of the main gates, the warehouse staff had finished work at six o clock and they were always in a hurry to leave.

Gerald and Trevor had been especially quick in the security room to get everyone through so quick tonight she thought as she opened the gate into the fenced off car park. As she turned left through the gate she saw a lone dark blue ford focus at the far end of the car park. As she walked towards the car her heart was racing and her stomach was in knots, she was just hoping it was someone that would be willing to accept a load of cash and the matter could be swept away.

That thought became a distant dream as the window buzzed down and Steve Lomax smiled back at her.

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"A least you're not late whore". He said opening his door and slamming it behind him as he positioned himself in Fiona's personal space. Fiona knew that this situation would probably not go away as easy as she thought. Of all the people in her new company to have dirt on her Steve Lomax would have been her last choice, he was a cocky, arrogant sleazy bastard at the best of times.

"What do you want Steve? Money?" "I think your underestimating the extent of your problem Fiona, were not just talking about three naughty photos here that can be bought for money! And you know me Fiona I'm sure you've heard the rumours. Here let me show you something". He walked round to his boot and opened it up motioning Fiona round to have a look. Inside the boot were three tall stacks of envelopes neat tied together with string; each pile had a name written on the top envelope.



Steve Lomax 2. Neal Daniels 3. Shaun O'Hanlon There was then another smaller stack which had office girls written across the top envelope. Then at the front of the boot were six loose envelopes with the following names scrawled across the front. 1. Mr. Donald Symons 2. Mr. Gary Tebbutt 3. Mr. Graham Butterworth 4. Gerald Parker 5. Trevor Newman 6.

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Reception staff "What we have here Fiona is an envelope for each and every employee and each envelope contains a full set of twenty photos not just the three that you have seen. Now these are ready to be distributed all I gotta do is drop them stacks on Neal and Shaun's desk and they can hand them to their staff.

The others I'll have a little walk round myself and dish them out" Fiona was now very panicked and offered Steve a thousand pounds. "Ha ha ha ha ha" Steve laughed for about twenty seconds right in Fiona's face adding to her humiliation and panic. "You're obviously not as clever as I thought you dumb whore, do I seem like the kind of bloke that'll sell these for money?

I'm gonna have some fun with you first Fiona and make you earn these envelopes back." He slammed his boot back down and jumped in the driver's seat before speeding off leaving Fiona standing there like an idiot.

Fiona knew she was in the shit but what could she do, she was now at the mercy of the biggest prick at her work and she was very scared. A few days later; Friday: There had been no contact what so ever with Steve all week and Fiona had been a nervous wreck every night; she was so away with the fairies that she wasn't worth shagging so I spent the week in Alice's bed enjoying her holes.

But by the time she came home on Friday evening I knew that there had been a development as she looked very flustered and went to go straight upstairs. "What's up with you Fiona, has there been any more contact with Steve?" "Yes" she said before inching towards the door.

"Have you written about in your diary?" "Yes" she said turning for the door through to the hallway. "Well give it her then and then and I'll have a read whilst you strip off".

She passed me the thick journal which I called her diary and flipped to the page headed Friday and began to read her scrawled entry.

After a week of silence from Steve, Fiona had been getting ready to leave for the weekend at around five thirty at night when her phone rang, the light flashing next to reception was going wild so she pushed the loud speaker button as she continued gathering her things. It was Pauline the evening receptionist how told Fiona that she was wanted at the footwear department office urgently, and she was not to be later than five forty five.

As she clicked off she knew only too well that it was Steve setting her the deadline for another meeting. She gathered her bits and rushed off towards the footwear office on level two at the far end of the massive warehouse. She checked her watch and realised she would have to really dash to be there on time; it was no simple journey around the warehouse as she had a lift and flights of stairs to negotiate as well as other members of staff.

Fiona found herself running up the warehouse towards the final set of stairs which bought a lot of bemused looks from the workers as they headed to the security room. Her high heels clicked across the smooth concrete floor and her big 38ee breasts bounced in her blouse as she slammed through the doors into the foot of the stairwell.

She had two minutes to climb two thirteen step flights and cross the mezzanine floor if she was going to be on time. She didn't even knock on the office door when she arrived as she knew it was bang on five forty five and crashed through the door into the office. That race across the warehouse was embarrassing enough but if people knew she was making the mad dash to keep Steve Lomax happy her embarrassment would be even greater.


Steve was sat behind his desk with a huge grin on his face and clearly proud and pleased with himself that he'd made Fiona run all the way over just so she wouldn't be late. "You made it just in time whore there'll be no need for me to leave this stack on Neal's desk now" Steve taunted her by tapping the pile of brown envelopes with Neal Daniels's name on the top before putting them back in a filing cabinet and locking it.

"What I admire though Fiona is your willingness to please, it's not every day I get a woman running across the warehouse in high heels for a meeting! I just hope that willingness is set to continue?" Fiona hadn't even got her breath back after the mad dash she'd been forced to make when Steve got up from behind his desk. He wasn't wearing any trousers or boxer shorts and his flaccid cock was swinging between his legs; Fiona turned away but Steve told her to face him and not be so rude.

He was now leaning back on his desk his bare bottom perching on the edge. Fiona admitted in her diary that her eyes were drawn to his soft dick hanging between his slightly parted thighs she went on to describe it as quite thick and around six inches long.

"You like what you see whore?" she didn't respond at first as she didn't even want to engage Steve, she knew that she didn't want this and again asked Steve how much he'd want for all of the snaps. Fiona offered him ten thousand in a last ditch attempt to avert the blackmail from taking the sexual favour route. Fiona knew that once sexual activities began they were almost impossible to get out off, just look at her time at her old job where she spent over a year being used as the office whore; my fault entirely I must admit but well worth it in my position as a selfish sexual control freak.

"I've told you before Fiona I'm not in this for money what I'm going to want from you is pleasure; so I'll ask you again do you like what you see whore?" "No I don't" she snapped. "Good Fiona now I know where I stand and that maybe the willingness is not always so easy to come by. But I'm not worried about that Fiona; what I'm worried about at the moment is what sort of underwear a whore wears to work so we'll start by removing the blouse." She hesitated before telling Steve no.

"Ok maybe we'll have to help you along with that Fiona". He reached back and picked up the phone and hit a button. Hello Pauline its Steve Mr. Butterworth still on site?" Fiona's fingers found the buttons on her light blue blouse and began to open them up and a smile formed on Steve's face. "Cancel that Pauline he wanted be needed now the difficult problem seems to of sorted itself out.

Cheers anyway love, bye". His smile became a big wide grin showing his wonky teeth as her blouse fell completely open revealing her white bra and smooth cleavage. She placed her arms by her side and let Steve ogle her breasts.

"Take off the blouse and throw it over there". She did this without protest. "You have got great tits Fiona honestly they are fantastic, now take off your trousers I want to see what knickers a whore wears, you seem like the sort of woman that'll be in matching knickers". Steve wasn't disappointed and whistled his approval as Fiona revealed her matching white French knickers.

He then made her put her high heels back on before asking her to turn around for him so he could see her arse. Steve was also very pleased with the shape and smoothness of Fiona's size 14 arse and told her as much. "You know what Fiona for a woman of your age you are in fine condition your arse is just perfect and your legs are still smooth.

Turn back around and stand with your legs about a foot apart". Again Fiona did this without protest in the hope that if she obeyed Steve's requests he'd maybe not get so demanding. "Mmmm beautiful lips Fiona and if I'm not mistaken they look shaven or trimmed, I suppose that's how all the young lads like it is it?" She didn't answer Steve's leading question as she didn't to make him think she was beginning to engage in his game playing, she believed it would only encourage him into thinking she was enjoying this.

Fiona had also noticed that Steve's dick had grown considerably and was now pointing up away from his shaven groin area; his purple helmet had almost fully pushed its way beyond the foreskin and his big shaven balls were now clearly visible hanging between his thighs. Steve caught Fiona looking and smirked before asking her again if she liked what she saw.

"No Steve I don't". He laughed and pushed himself away from the desk towards Fiona he walked towards her his cock pointing in the direction of its prey. "Maybe you need a closer look Fiona to fully appreciate it".

He walked up directly in front of her and stopped only when his cock stabbed into her stomach just above the elastic on her knickers Steve then walked around her in a circle leaving his cock against her skin so that it rubbed against the small of her back; once he'd been round he stepped away and circled her again this time he stopped behind her and Fiona wrote that she felt uncomfortable with Steve standing behind her.

She felt fingers on her bra straps and she tensed her body and attempted to pull away. "Ah Ah, where you going whore." Steve said pulling her back by her bra strap. She felt his finger rub along the inside of her strap and flick what she presumed was the label out.

"38 double E's" Steve said before making a whistling sound and placing another hand on her clasp. She gasped as she felt Steve's fingers adjust her clasp and the tension created by her bra was gone as the clasp parted springing open behind her.

Steve came and stood in front of her just under arms length away and stared at her before looking down at her breasts; the straps had slipped down her shoulders a little as the clasp sprung and this in turn had made the cups slip down her boobs so that some of her dark areole was showing and only her large nipples were helping support the bra.

Steve reached out and tapped his forefinger on the stronger piece of material that forged a gap between the two large cups of Fiona's ample bra and within a second it was laying on the floor between them and Fiona's charms were fully exposed. "Fucking hell Steve you've struck gold her son" which Fiona noted she thought was very strange as if congratulating himself for getting Fiona in this position. Steve bent down and picked her bra up placing on the desk behind him before leaning back against it like he'd been doing previsouly.

Fiona again couldn't help but notice his cock that had grown again and was standing almost upright. It was easily eight and a half inches and pretty thick; Fiona had obeyed my request of all the details all too well as she even remembered to note down than pre-come was forming around the tip of his helmet and had started to dangle.

After admiring her breasts for a few minutes he again walked towards her then around behind her before stopping. Again Fiona felt extremely uncomfortable with Steve lurking behind her.

The next thing she felt were fingers at the side of her thighs getting inside her knicker elastic. "NO. much do you want?" "You really are a dumb whore aint you Fiona?

How many more times have I got to tell you.I don't want fucking money because I don't need fucking money!

Now if you mention fucking money or say NO again then the envelopes go out" And with that he yanked her French knickers right down to her ankles and she admitted that at this point tears rolled down her face.

In her diary Fiona wrote that it wasn't the thought of being naked or having to have sex with Steve that made her cry; it was the fact that she knew her life was now in the control of two men. One was me the other was Steve and it was Steve that made her as upset and nervous as she really had no idea what her future would hold.

Steve walked back to the desk and lent on it again his cock still big and swollen with a string of gooey pre-come hanging an inch from his japs eye.

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Steve saw tears rolling down Fiona's face and walked towards her he bent down and grabbed her knickers on the floor making Fiona quickly step out of them before she was unbalanced. Her thin knickers were hanging over the tip of his forefinger which he bought up to her face and wiped the tears from her cheeks. "Now now Fiona it's not that bad and it's nothing that you've not done before is it?" he dropped her knickers at her feet and returned to the leaning position on his desk.

"Now Fiona I want you to step forward a couple of paces.that's it stop. Turn around for me.good that's perfect. Now I want you to open your legs about a shoulder a width apart.lovely Fiona. Now I want you to bend down and pick up your knickers with your thumb and forefinger and dangle them until I say otherwise ok. Do it nice and slowly Fiona" Fiona slowly bent forward and she could hear Steve behind her making lewd and vulgar comments, she pinched the elastic on her knickers and lifted them about two inches off the ground and held her bent over position.

"Oh my god, that is one nice pussy. Oh my hold that pose your fucking whore". Steve was now looking at one of the most perfect sights he could wish to see; here was a senior employee bent double in front of him with her legs apart showing off her pussy and arsehole in all its naked glory. And the way she was dangling her knickers like that almost made it look as though she had willingly assumed the position and was teasing Steve. Fiona wasn't too ashamed to admit in her own scrawled handwriting that her pussy had began to moisten, she couldn't help it and she expressed that it wasn't something that she wished to happen.

But being bent over like that and exposing herself to yet another man other than me or her pathetic husband always got her juices flowing. She began to wonder whether Steve had noticed her arousal and the more she thought about it the more she could feel the heat in her lips burn.

She was adamant that her juice would be running down her thighs if she stayed in that position any longer but a noise from behind bought her back to reality. The noise behind her continued; CLICK.CLICK.CLICK.CLICK; she was sure it was a camera and spun to have a look. "Fucking turn back round" Steve shouted jumping up and pushing her head back down. She had seen the big camera in his hand and knew she was now totally fucked.

Steve Lomax the biggest prick in the world now had pictures of her naked at work. She couldn't of been in a worse position is she'd of wanted to of been. "Close your legs together a bit you stupid whore.just there stop". As she closed her legs she felt her hot lips compress and her wetness became even more apparent to her as she felt a trickle along one of her now rapidly swelling cunt lips.

Steve must be seeing this she thought as the camera clicked on, 1,2,3,4,5 times before Steve again told her to close her legs right together. Her hot swelling pussy lips squeezed as her thighs closed tight and juice seeped from her hole and ran across her lips and on to her thighs, if Steve hadn't noticed that her inflamed lips were now glistening with juice then the unmistakable squelch of a wet pussy confirmed the fact.

"Oh my god you fucking whore your wet, fucking wet" he was loving this and he came close with the camera for some real close ups of her wet pussy and puckered brown hole. "I've not even touched you and your soaked Fiona". He took about ten close ups of her holes and then came round to her font where he snapped her holding her knickers and made sure her huge swinging tits were in the shots. Steve then walked back to his desk and she heard him slump down into his swivel chair behind his desk and she wondered what was coming next; he left her standing there for what she thought was around ten minutes and she was getting very uncomfortable and began to shuffle about.

"Oh shit I forgot about you Fiona I was just uploading your latest snaps.


What the fuck are you still doing here? Get the fuck up and get out of my office you stupid whore I've got to get these new snaps ready for the envelopes" Fiona stood up and turned to face Steve, "Steve." "Don't Fiona your predicament has already worsened tenfold do you want to make it any worse? So get dressed and fuck off" Fiona went to step into her knickers but Steve stopped her and told her to leave them behind along with her bra, she dressed without underwear and left the footwear office totally disillusioned and ashamed.

Ashamed because her cunt was leaking, ashamed because she'd secretly been hoping Steve would slam his massive cock deep in her cunt. Fiona quickened her pace and managed to make it to the car without anybody noticing her hard nipples through her thin blouse or the damp patch she could feel forming in her trousers as her pussy betrayed her and leaked uncontrollably.

Fiona finished her entry in her diary like this Again I was sent to spend another weekend at home, nervous but secretly excited about whatever Steve would demand of me next.I was certain now that money wasn't what Steve was after.