Gay frat muscle porn naked male body amateur Fortunately for them

Gay frat muscle porn naked male body amateur Fortunately for them
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Sissy and Daniel: Sissy's story My mom and my dad were always on business trips. Going around the world, and when they do they leave me and my 16 year old brother Daniel alone. "Sissy, your 17 years old. We can trust you to guard the house. We have nothing to worry about." My mother would announce every departor.

Tho there are many, and I mean many, trips my parents go on there will always be one (hopefully more) I will never forget. My mom and dad were going to China, and wouldn't be home for another 3 weeks. Since I was the 'good one' my mom didn't bother to get a sitter (she normally does for extremely long trips).

Seizing this long opportunity to have as much fun as I wanted I began finding ways I could spy on my brother. Most of the time you hear the same stories of how the boy is fasinated by his gorgeous sister. Well, for me it's the other way around. As soon as he hit puberty I new I would be obessed with him for the rest of my life. He was 6'1" 150lbs.

tan, great abs, brown hair and hazel eyes. And from the glances I caught a huge dick. He showered every morning and because of the not to great construction, there was a window in the shower that went threw to the laundry room. One morning I heard Daniel get up, rustling around I heard him grab a towel and head into the bathroom. Knowing this was my time I ran to the laundry room to watch him shower. The shower curtain was back so I had the privilege to see him undress. He turned around so his back was towards me and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

I have a back fetish so this was almost heaven for me. I watched as his muscles moved as did his arms. He turned around and started to untie his pajama shorts. When he turned too the side I noticed her had a huge boner. He slipped off his shorts and I watched his cock catch the top of his trunks and be released with a flop. It was bigger than I have ever seen. He tilted his head back (apparently a pre-shower ritual) and wrapped his hand around his massive shaft and he began to rub slowly up and down.

But when I heard what he said next, I quikley ran from the laundry room. He began to whisper my name saying things like 'Oh, Sissy your pussy feels so good.' I never thought he would say something like that so I ran. Sissy and Daniel: Daniel's story One trip my mom and dad went on was to china. And ill be damned if I ever have a better time while they are away. It basicly all started when my sister became a 'woman'.

She grew these perfect tits (34C) and all these curves that can make a man go crazy. She was 5'5" 105lbs brown hair blue eyes tan nice tits and gorgeous pussy.

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And its like all those incest stories you hear, and boy is fasinated with his hot sister. And Sissy was hot and I was fasinated by her. Our bathroom has a window that leads to the laundry room and so a lot of time ill run and watch her shower or masturbate in the bathroom.

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But one time it was the other way around. I was in the bathroom one time and I just took off my shirt. When I glanced at the window and say my sister spying on me. I never knew she thought of me like that.

So to tease her I took off my clothes and start jackin' off my 10 inch cock, but when I did I started sayin' her name. And when I looked back at the window she was gone. So I got in the shower and soaped up my cock and started rubbin'. I had seen my sis' dildo fuck her self before and since then I haven't been able to get that picture off my mind. Seein' her with both hands tryin' to push that thing in as far as it could go, hearing her moan and say my name, watch as her tits were pushed together and bounced and played with.

All I had to do was think about that and I would blow my load. And I did a couple pumps and that thought, my was all over the shower curtain. When I got out the shower I saw my sister sitting in the den watching t.v. I thought id tease her some more so I wrapped the towel around my waist and sat down next to her. I was still a lil' wet from my shower and she deffinatley took notice tho she tried to hide it.

"Why aren't you dressed? Its weird to just sit around in a towel." She looked down at my dick and it was outlined by the towel as it hung between my legs.

She drew her eyes up to meet mine. "Whatcha lookin' at?" I said teasingly. She swallowed a spat, "nothing.

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Just…you." "Do you want to see it?" I said. "See what?!" "See my cock I know you do I saw you at the window." "Yeah I want to see it" My sister wasn't one to lie or procrastinate.

I took off the towel and sat there in all my glory. She was amazed at the sit of my hard dick. Then unexpectantly she ran her hands up my leg and rubbed her hand over my throbbing shaft. "Its better than I thought.

How big is it?" "wow…you think about me? Its 10 inches Sissy. Like it?" "Oh, man I love it!" "Put it in your mouth." "What?! I'm not going to give you a blowjob. Noway!" "Please? Sissy please suck me. Im begging you" I pleaded with her. With that she layed down on her stomach and kissed my erect cock.

She stuck out her tongue and licked it from head to base kissing it ever so slightly. Then she took the head and sucked really hard on the tip.

It hurt kinda I didn't know she could suck so hard. Feeling my flinch she moved her head all the way down until my entire organ was down her throat. I moaned slightly as I felt her tongue move over my cock every time she bobbed her head up and down. Soon she reached up and grabbed hold of my balls. She rubbed them lightly and squeezed them tenderly until and tiny bit of pre-cum oozed out. She took the cock out her mouth and suck the length of the side. She licked my balls sucking on the rolling them around in her mouth until I said hoarsely in going to cum.

She propped her mouth open in from of my cock and I blasted my hot cum all over her face. Needless to say that wasn't the only thing we did. Sissy and Daniel: Continuing Sissy A few nights after our parents left, and after that blow job I gave Daniel, I was always horny. I would walk into the room with Daniel on the cutch and I would have to turn around and masturbate because I was so wet and hot.

One night I was in my room doing some writing when I thought about Daniel's huge dick. I felt a little dampness and 'slosh' when I would move around in my chair. So I moved over too the bed and stripped. I began running my hands on my chest and stomach. Paying close attention my tits I squeezed pinched rubbed and even licked my nipples.

I ran over to the drawer next my bed and got out my 8 inch dildo. I flopped down on the bed and spread my legs, running the dildo down my body getting closer and closer to my pussy I moaned(little did I know Daniel heard me). I rubbed the thick dildo over my clit, trying to lube it up as much as I could. Then slowly I pushed it in as far as I could, when I let out a little squeale I heard the door open.

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Snapping my legs shut I threw the dildo under the bed and gasped. "Are you having fun Sissy?" Daniel said looking at me trying to cover my crotch. "Get out Daniel please!" " I love it when you say my name and beg to me Sissy. Lay on the bed and spread your legs." I could see his shorts tenting from his erect cock.


"What are you going to do?" "You want me to eat you out?" "Would you?!" "Yes, lay down!" I sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned back.

I was breathing rapidly, I have never had my pussy eaten out before. Daniel walked over too me and got on his knees. I nearly cummed as soon as I felt his tongue lap from my ass hole to my clit in on lick. My pussy juices must have been working over time. I was wetter than ever and my cunt was starving for something to be in it. My prayers must have been answered because while he was concentrating on sucking my clit he slipped two fingers inside me.

I screamed and sighed as I put my heels on the edge of the bed. I pushed up my pelvis and made it a little difficult to do his thing. He reached his free hand up and placed it on my stomach and pushed me down as he worked his magic down below. With the mix of hot pussy juices and saliva, licking and fingering my body went into orgasmo drive.

I screamed and grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into my pussy. I never cummed so much in my life. All of it streamed out of my cunt and onto my brothers face. He licked my pussy clean then I told him to look at me.

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He layed on top of me with his cum covered face above mine. "I'll clean you up baby its okay." I said as I cupped his checks and brought his face to mine.

I licked and kissed his face until there was nothing left. Sissy and Daniel: Daniel sat in his room thinking about yesterday and his sister perfectly smooth pussy. He thought her juices tasted so good. He knew next time they had a sexual session his dick will be in her. The bulge in his pants was beginning to grow and he was going to reach for it when he heard a knock at the door. Sissy came in wearing nothing but a silk silk, cut off high above the knees, and she didn't bother to close it.

Her perfect body showed threw, and Daniel noticed a shining from her pussy. "I want you now Daniel. But I don't want to suck you. And I don't want you to eat me out… now." Daniel was shocked. His beautiful sister was coming to him begging for sex. "Come here baby, what do you want me to do then?" Daniel coaxed as he held out his arms.

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"Take off your pants before I come over there." "Okay." "Then lay on the bed." "Okay." Daniel took of his pants and boxers and layed on the bed. Just then he felt Sissy stratel his body placing her wet pussy on his balls, and cum dripped down onto them. She leaned forward and kissed him slowly inching her tongue in his mouth. Easily she situated her self above his cock and slowly lowered her self onto it.

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He moaned as his 10 inches filled her completely. Sissy sat up and looked at her handsome brother and move up and down on his cock. He was in heaven and so was she. She flipped her hair back and pushed her tits out, as he arched his back and grabbed both her tits moving them to the motion of her fucking. She braced her self by placing to her hands on his sweaty chest. She cried and moaned as his huge cock popped her cherry.

He didn't know she was a virgin and was flattered she chose him. "Are you okay? Baby…Sissy, does it hurt?" "Yeah a little…not anymore tho. It feels soooo good. You fuck me. Daniel fuck me." He layed her down and got in front of her.


He got on his knees and propped her legs upon his. Scooting her forward he pushed his huge cock into her tight cunt. She moaned and tears fell once again as he pumped her in and out. Grabbing on tit and fuck her softly Daniel reached his hand between them and rubbed Sissy's clit.

She cried to him " Oh yes, faster Daniel. Fuck me faster harder, faster harder!! Kiss me Daniel please kiss me. Oooohhh yes fuck! Kiss me kiss me!" Daniel leaned down and braced himself by putting his hands by her head. He kissed her lips and face slightly. Until she stuck out her tongue and met his. Daniel collapsed on Sissy as she wrapped her legs around him. They held each other as he humped her as fast as he could. Sissy found it hard to breath as her cunt clenched her brothers cock.

She cummed, tho it blocked by his dick. He whispered to her ear (he too finding it hard to breath) "I'm going to cum. Sissy, baby where do you want it? Where do you want me to cum?" "Keep it in me. Fuck me till you cum in my cunt." Tears came from both their eyes as Daniel unload his cum into her. For neither of them had felt anything so passionate let alone from on another. Slowly Daniel took his cock out of Sissy and layed beside her.

She rolled over to him and put one leg on him. He put his arm around her and reached down and slowly fingered her. She cam again but not as much this time. He brought is messed fingers to her mouth and she slowly licked them clean. As they layed there they promised each other it would happen again and they both agreed to tell no one.