Schlampe Oma Cumming mit ihren großen Gurke

Schlampe Oma Cumming mit ihren großen Gurke
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He sees her out the corner of his eye. She was wearing a long sundress that seemed to cling to her body. "That's a nice touch, although I didn't think she'd show up here at the airport" he thinks to himself. He then checks his phone and starts the timer he prepared. "Looks like the time starts now though, "he said to himself as he thinks about what is supposed to come as per their agreement. His cock hardened at the thought. She finally sees him at the checkout counter of the vehicle rental center.

It was Friday and he just got into town; he would be there for the rest of the week so he was renting a car. She makes her way to him. "Hey, I didn't think you'd come," he states. "Of course I came. I told you I would." "I know, it's just so far from where you live, I just thought you'd wait until I got to your area. How'd you get here?" "I took the bus. It didn't take too long." "You could have waited until I got in to your city, but it's cool. I'm glad to see you." "I'm glad I was able to make it here too." The receptionist hands him the keys and tells him where to go.

He looks at the timer. Seven minutes have passed he notices. They find their way to the car, loaded up, and headed out. "Well, now what did you want to do. I have the whole weekend open." "Oh? I am going to head to the beach.


What about your boyfriend? " "What about him?" "He knows I'm in town, right? I mean, I wouldn't think he'd like you being here by yourself with me the whole weekend." "Oh, he doesn't think you'll be in town until Monday. He thinks I'm with Clara.

And Clara knows why I'm here and she'll cover for me." She adds as she saw the next question form in his mind. "We're good. She understands." "Looks like you got your bases covered. I'm surprised you haven't started yet though," he said as his sick hardened once more in his pants. "Time has been ticking." "You weren't serious about the time limit were you?" He shows her the timer on his phone.

A total of fourteen minutes have passed. "Of course I was. Why would I be joking?" "It just doesn't give us much time to get anywhere.

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How much time until we get to the beach?" "Around thirty more minutes. We won't make it in time." "You want to stop somewhere beforehand?" "Why would I want to do that? That just wastes time on the beach." "Well, you are in the middle of driving. Someone might see." "You agreed to the terms.

I don't care if anyone sees.


Do you care? I mean, you'll never see them again, but I understand." In response, she reaches for his zipper.

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"Good, choice." He replied. It took her a bit of time, but she was able to work his cock out of his fly. He checked his phone again.

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"I'm afraid you only have around twelve minutes left, you think you'll be able to make me come before thirty minutes is up?" Her only response was to remove her seat belt, grab his dick and forcibly shove it into her mouth and down her throat. Her dress drew up a bit to where he was able to see her panties. He definitely enjoyed the view of her bending over in the carpanties showing, and a cock in her mouth.

"That is a good answer," he replied as he felt her mouth engulf his shaft. He felt her tongue swirl around his cock. "Mmmmmmmhhhh," was her only answer as she knew she didn't have much time left. She licked up and down the shaft hungrily. She forced his cock down her throat and didn't even gag. All while he was driving, in the middle of traffic. "You like sucking cock, don't you? I wonder what your boyfriend would think about your mouth around my cock… You think he'd like seeing me shoving my dick in your mouth while the people in the other cars watched?

It looks the car next to is liking the show."?" With one hand on the steering wheel, he reached for her hair with the other. He grabbed a handful of her hair and started to force fuck her mouth by helping her lift her head with her hair.

Each time he brought her head up she forced herself back onto his dick. She acted as if she couldn't get enough. She was able to bring one hand down to her panties and forced them to the side.

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She then started fingering herself to no abandon. Working his cock and her clit she shivered with pleasure and started moaning. "You've been waiting for this quite awhile, haven't you? Having my dick in your mouth again?" "MMMMHHMMM," She replied loudly.

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She then stopped briefly to exclaim "I fucking love your cock. I can't wait until it's inside my pussy." He pulled her hair up and stopped her from bobbing. She whined because she wanted his cock in her mouth, but she was able to still use her tongue on the tip. "I'm sure you would like my hard cock in your little pussy, however you haven't made me cum yet. You don't get my dick in you unless you made me cum before the time runs out.

And if the time runs out, you'll only have a ton of my cum in your mouth all weekend. It's not looking very good for you though. Time is running out." It usually didn't take her as long to make him cum, when she puts her mind to itbut he was distracted a bit by driving.

He finally let go of her hair. She doubled her efforts to make him cum. She took him deep in her throat, swallowing his cock, and when she came up for air, would swirl her tongue around the shaft.

His cock throbbed with the need to cum. He wanted to be able to use her mouth as a cum dump, so he tried to prevent cumming by concentrating on driving, but her ministrations with her tongue and throat was too much for him to handle. His cock pulsed, and simultaneously thrusted up and came down her throat without giving her any warning. Shot after shot he came and she milked his cock for all it was worth. She misses not one drop, except for when she brought her head up to make sure. She saw a bit of cum drip slowly down as she was slowly squeezing and pumping his shaft.

She couldn't waste any, that wasn't in her nature so she bent back over and licked up the rest. Since she was still there she decided that she wanted more of his dick. She started licking again.

His rod has softened a bit, but she knew she'd be able to make it hard once more. "I am not sure that's a good idea right now," he said as he checked the time. "You were able to complete you're task with a minute and a half to spare.

" "Mmmmmmm," she responded with her mouth on his dick again. She pulled off just short of an inch so she can say "I just love your cock so much. It's perfect. It's as if it was made specifically to be inside me.

Either my mouth or pussy. I want it inside me all the time, I don't care where." She continued playing with his shaft as he ran his fingers through her hair.

Her fingers were still working on her wet pussy and she finally shuddered with an incredible orgasm.

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She hasn't been able to make herself cum like that for awhile, but she felt so naughty sucking on another man's dick that wasn't her boyfriend. "Relax, my little cocksucker. You have all weekend with me. I'm glad you came early, it means we're going to have a lot of fun," he said as he used her hair and pulled her head away. He wanted her to keep going, as she was the best cock sucker he has ever encountered, but a deal was a deal and he was going to make her beg for him to keep fucking her.

She thought about what he said and eventually sighed in resignation, knowing she would have to wait a bit longer to get fucked. " Of course I came early," she explained, "I wasn't sure if you were serious about making you cum within thirty minutes of seeing me. I didn't want to explain to my boyfriend where I was and why I suddenly have cock mouth," she said with a hint of humor in her voice.

"Besides, if I succeeded, which I would have," she said pointedly, "I didn't want to wait until he was gone for you to fuck me." "Hmm. You think you would have succeeded, even with your boyfriend around? Where would we have gone?" "I would have told you to meet me in the bathroom, wherever we were.

Or around back. Trust me, I would have found a way." "Haha.


This coming from the woman who just didn't want to suck my dick in the car because there were people around. Yet you think you'd would have done it anyway? Interesting theory. I think we may have to test that." He then shifted his weight so he could put his cock away. "Do you think your boyfriend would enjoy seeing you with a cock other than his own?" He asked. "I doubt it, he doesn't enjoy the thought of sharing me," she replied, "and don't you doubt me.

I will see to it that I get a mouthful of your cum every time you come and see me." "Haha. I do love the sound of you talking naughty. I think I may have to think of even naughtier things for you to do. I'm willing to share you, even if your boyfriend isn't." "I'm not sure I want to do that. Unless it's with my boyfriend." "Oh don't worry, we still have a bit of time before anything like that happens.

I'm sure we can think of a way to pursuade him. Don't you worry." She smiled contentedly as his fingers ran across her body. Feeling safe in his presence for some reason. She knew it would be a good time while he was here.