2 or3 minutes xxx storys mp4 download

2 or3 minutes xxx storys mp4 download
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Missy Brother and Dad (9-10) It was Sunday. Dad was up and thinking about the hot sounds her heard from his wife's bedroom last night. He grinned to himself. Sunday night is when he usually went and snuck into Missy room and they fucked good, but now since mom had her own room, she could come to his room and have the big bed to play on. Missy was up next, she came in and hugged her dad, and kissed his chest.


She felt his dick and smiled. She whispered: ("&hellip.daddy, I'm gonna get you tonight, I wanna be licked"…) Dad smiled and said back: ("you do?…well I think I have just the tongue to do that for you, little girl.") She hugged him and squeezed his dick and said she was off to Jen's house. Dad left to go golfing for the day. Josh finally woke up and smiled to himself about the thrill of last night. Fucking his mom was the best, hottest thing he's ever done.

God!&hellip. she fucked awesome! Her pussy was like a glove around his dick. Her hands so warm on his butt cheeks, as she squirmed and pulled on them to bring him in tight to her deep pussy.

He shook his head to snap himself out of it. He got dressed and went in and peeked at mom. She lay naked all sprawled out with a content smile on her face. He looked at her hot smooth body and just had to tip toe in and kiss her pussy. Mom smiled and put her hands on his head and moaned a long moan.

She pulled him on top of her and squirmed, feeling his rising dick laying across her pussy. She whispered: ("where's dad") Josh said he's gone golfing for the day, and Missy's at Jen's I think.

Mom smiled and said: (".let's take a shower together…") Josh was all for that, and they proceeded to the shower. Josh loved seeing his mom naked. He use to try and picture her naked when he was little, and now he could see the real thing.

Mom smiled knowing his eyes were feasting her body. Mom grabbed a robe and Josh put his on. She came in his room just to watch him undress and put his robe on. She was already starting to get wet in her pussy. She led him by the hand and into the bathroom. She sat him down and he watched he slowly take the robe off, teasing him with a slow strip show. She stood him up and took his robe off and fondled his hard dick. In they went. The warm water was a turn on to both of them as they soaped each other up.

She teased him a little. "Oh&hellip.can you reach my back Josh?… Josh, can you soap my legs in the very back…" Poor Josh has the jitters in his dick doing all this touching of his mom. She stood in front of him and smiled as she let the soap suds run down her tits and across her big bush.

She soaped Josh up all over and then she pulled him into her wet soapy pussy, and started rubbing her pussy on his dick. Josh was a very happy 17yr old about now. Mom rubbed her whole body all over him&hellip.teasing him, just to watch his eyes feast on her wet soapy body. Mom was enjoy this as much at him. She had never done this with him ever, and it was turning her on more and more by the second.

She rinsed them off and they got out to dry off. "Oh Josh, can you dry mommys back off baby?" Josh's hands trembled as he did it. "Josh, mommy can't reach way back there, can you dry mommy between her legs Joshie?" Josh thought: 'and I thought Missy was a sexy tease, mom's driving me crazy, god…look at those fucking beautiful big tits! I'm gonna suck on them today, one way or another.' -------------------- Missy went over to Jen's house and Jen immediately took her in her room and closed the door.

Her dad was gone shopping.

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Jen told her all that happened last night except the final part. Missy was so excited to hear it, and the story got her hot, and a wet pussy. &hellip.Jen continued with the final part&hellip."daddy finally put his tongue deep in me and he licked me so hot, I got mega tingles.(she and Missy giggled )…he wanted to get my pussy wet before we were finally going to fuck. (Missy starts rubbing her pussy)…he licked me so good my pussy got bigger inside.

He then got up on me, and pulled my legs up on his shoulders and eased his dick slowly inside me…whew…he was so big.but it felt awesome. I put my arms around him and started fucking with him. I moaned and he moaned as we fucked a little faster.

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I took his finger and put it on my clittie, and showed him how to rub it around while we fucked more…I got so hot and so did he, I started losing my breath from the feelings in my pussy, something was cuming and it felt good…we fucked faster as I had to yell&hellip."Daddy…I'm think I'm gonna cum…daddy your making me cum daddy…oh daddy, oh daddy oh, Oh, OH Daddy…fuck me good Daddy…ohhh.I&hellip.Oh DADDY!, and I yelled something and just about blacked out as I felt his hot cum go in and fill my pussy, over and over again, leaking down my butt crack and onto the bed too.

He got so red in the face, then growled, he about blacked out too. Something in my pussy squeezed his dick, over and over again&hellip.it was so hot and wonderful, I'll never forget it Missy. Missy got lost in the story and her fingers were now dripping wet. She stared into space quiet, then shivered and smiled she just had a orgasm in her pussy.


Jen asked: "Are you ok?"…Missy sighed and nodded her head. "Wow, Jen, that was so hot, isn't it fun to fuck your own dad…dad's are wonderful." Jen smiled and nodded her head.

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Missy looked at Jen and asked, if someday her dad might fuck her too? Jen nodded her head and said: "I can make him want to fuck you too, if I want." Missy and Jen stood up, hugged and felt their pussy's and kissed hot.

---------------- Josh put on his robe and sat in the living room for a while. Mom walked around slow and sexy in front of him, smiling feeling herself up standing in the doorway.

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Josh was thinking about chasing her around he house&hellip.so&hellip.he said: "Mom…I'm com'in to get you, and when I catch you&hellip." Mom smiled big and started backing up into the hall way…she flashed her open robe at him. The chase was on! Josh took off chasing his mom, mom yelled in a high voice…"eeeeee" and ran and hid in dad’s closet.

Josh pulled on the sliding door, as she held it shut. Mom was all excited, her heart beating fast. It had been years since she played any games with guys, and it was making her horny, like when she was a young teenager and a boy would chase her and try to feel her up. Josh forced open the sliding door and mom ran out, but he caught her by the arm as they both laughed and she giggled like a little school girl. He pulled her to him tight and her pussy and his dick rubbed together.

Josh pulled her into her bedroom and locked her door. Mom sat on the bed and giggled and said: "You've been a bad little boy, chasing your mom around the house. Come over here, mommy has to spank you. Josh looked at his beautiful mom, her hot body, her big wonderful tits, and said: "First I want to feel and suck on your hot tits,&hellip.then maybe&hellip. I'll let you spank me." Mom said: "No, you nasty little boy, it's not nice to feel and suck on your mommy's tits.

That two spankings you get,&hellip. now come to mommy…come here…come on… Josh smiled and jumped on his mom pushing her down on her back laughing. He put his face in her tits and licked them and sucked them as she started moaning.

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She reached around and spanked his ass once, then started feeling his butt cheeks. Josh got out of his robe and took hers off too. She moaned louder as he squeezed her tits and sucked her nipples, she fingered his hair and started losing her breath.

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--------- She thought……&hellip. 'oh my god, he can get me so hot so fast, my son is a hot lover, and he's got the hots for me&hellip.his mom.


I just want to lock him away and keep him for ever. I want him all the time now, I get hot just looking at him. Oh god, come to mommy Josh…make mommy feel good like nobody ever has before…I love his big dick in me, I just want it to stay there and fuck me all night long.

I want his cum in me now! ----------- She pulled Josh to her lips and tongue kissed him until Josh moaned, out of breath, She whispered: ("cum in me joshie, cum big in mom, I want your cum in me now…do it…now please!") Josh quick slid down and licked his mom's pussy, getting it more wet and then moved up started putting his dick in her…She had waited long enough and started fucking fast and moaning &hellip.'fuck me joshie baby, fuck mom and cum big in me.I want it bad&hellip.I&hellip.oh god…I ohhhhh, Josh, go deep and shoot your cum in me hard…There!…I'm…oh god…I'm gonna cum so good&hellip.

Then Josh yelled and shot a mega load in his mom she would never forget. It filled her pussy instantly and came out the sides as she fucked him fast and …Screamed …"OH YES!!!"…that's it baby!, cum in mommy …oh my god&hellip.and she started shaking all over and locked her body up and climaxed the best one of her whole life.

She sobbed her moans over and over, trying to breathe…her whole body felt like was on fire with the heat&hellip.She let her pussy squeeze down on him&hellip.and then collapsed with him. They had little jolts&hellip.come along and make them both jump and gasp!…then…all quiet as they passed out with Josh's dick still in her and drifted onto slumber. -------------------- Missy watched Jen's dad as he hugged Jen. "Well, I'm all done for the day…ahhh., Oh hi Missy!…come get a hug too." Missy's heart jumped.

He had never hugged her and she was thrilled. She ran over and hugged him from the front and stood on her tip toes and pushed her pussy into him hard. He blinked and smiled real big…"Wow, you really know how to hug a man good, Missy, I'd like another one of those." Jen smiled big and whisper to Missy, ("he's horny all the time now, give him a pussy wiggle hug!") Missy took off her shoes and stood on the couch and pulled Jen's dad to her.

Now her pussy lined up perfect with his dick. She lifted up her little skirt and jumped in his arms. She pushed her pussy to his dick and started working it all around his&hellip. getting larger dick. He had his eyes closed enjoying all this, when Missy kissed him, like a long lost boyfriend. Her warm tongue slipped into his shocked mouth and dance around his tongue. He wasn't expecting this. He wasn't sure what to do. Jen started hugging him from behind and feeling his butt, and between his legs.

He was being attacked by not one, but two 14yr old girls. He was no match for these two, and down on the couch he went, on top of Missy. Missy clamped on him like a monkey, underneath him. Jen got on his back feeling his dick and balls between his legs. Jen giggle lying on dad's back, which made Missy giggle too. Jen's dad was trying to catch his breath. Jen said: "Daddy, your such a sexy wonderful daddy, we have to rape you!" More giggling from the girls.

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He was in shock and just mumbled something. "The door is locked, all the blinds are down and you are our prisoner." Jen said. He just shook his head and smiled. The girls proceeded to take his clothes off, Missy doing his shirt, belt and pants, Jen pulled his clothes off. Missy took her off her panties and laid his hardon on her pussy as Jen got herself naked on his back.

He thought&hellip. I should stop this but…am I crazy!!! Any guy in the world wouldn't turn down these sex crazed girls, playing 'rape my dad'. This Missy is a wild child and she wants to fuck me, oh my I'm a goner with these two. Ok kids, rape the dad and have a little fun. ------------- Missy was getting so hot for Jen's dad she called him 'daddy' too.

She scooted down and started sucking his dick and feeling his balls. Jen got off his back, turned and put her legs by her dad's head, lifted his head and put her pussy right in his mouth. (she loved to be licked). Jen pulled his hands around to her naked butt. He started licking his own daughter again with Missy sucking him from underneath. Missy started jacking him faster and held his balls tight.

Jen started to moan, her fingers rubbing her clit faster now.

"Dad"…felt his balls starting to pull up and so did Missy, as she jacked faster, she wanted his cum. She loved to feel hot cum in her mouth. Dad took one of his hands down to try and reach Missy's pussy. She raised her pussy up as high as she could for him &hellip.and then she felt his fingers had found her clit. Dad rubbed it real fast as Missy screamed with is dick in her mouth…He unloaded a bucking pumping cum in her mouth, flooding her mouth.

She moaned a real long moan and kept swallowing all she could. Jen pulled Dad's head tight to her shaking pussy and let go with a squirt as she shook and moaned&hellip.'oh god .daddy…yes, yes, yes&hellip.you make me cum so good…oh yessss&hellip.oh daddy&hellip.oh daddy…… --------------- Missy still fuck's her dad, her brother, her mom, Jen and Jen's dad and more. She's quite a hot girl.

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She has 7 boyfriends now. They give her things she wants, cars, money, trips and more. You might see her sometime, if she's wearing sunglasses, your safe. If she looks at you eye to eye, and smiles and you get a fast hardon, or if you're a girl, and you get instantly wet… Beware! That's her. The End…(maybe)