European cabbie fucking passenger in public

European cabbie fucking passenger in public
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Payment Right after I finished my sophomore year in high school, my best friend Chris and I were asked to baby sit at the house of a woman that my mother knew. I had never met her before, but when I arrived at the house I realized that she was pretty damn hot, especially for a mom. She was about 5'7", had shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and had a pretty curvy body with a nice big set of tits.

The mother promised to pay my friend and I $6 an hour. When she left, the three kids started going wild. The two boys and one girl were out of control, and trying to contain them was hell.

However, the mother finally made it home after about three hours. She took out her some money to pay us, but only gave my friend and I $15 each. I looked at her for a minute, a bit puzzled, and then told her that she owed my friend and I another $3 each.

She looked back into her pocketbook, but did not find any more money. She then got a seductive look in her eye, and told her kids to go upstairs. She then told us that to make up for the shortage is cash, she would do a little something for us. She got down on her knees in front of my friend and I.

I could tell where she was going with this, and my penis started to harden. Her eyes then glanced up at us, and said like a sluttish voice, "Take out your cocks.


My friend and I quickly dropped our shorts, exposing our semi-hard members. Right away, she reached out and started jerking them both. Once we were both rock hard, she leaned over towards me and engulfed half of my 7 inch cock into her warm mouth. Her free hand came up to jerk the base of my penis, while she continued to stroke my friend with her other hand.

She sucked back on my piece until her luscious lips were rapped tightly around the head of my penis, and began to lick all around my head while she sucked. Her eyes moved up to meet mine and she gave me a sluttish glare, just like all the penis loving whores do.

Chris could not wait any longer, so he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her over to his cock.

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She opened wide and took about half of his meat into her mouth. She took her mouth off, put it back on, and started slowly bobbing her head back and forth on his penis.

She was enjoying every second of it as she covered his cock with her saliva and licked the bottom of his shaft with her tongue as she went up and down on his piece. My friend, still with his hand on the back of her head, began thrusting his hips forward to push his penis deeper and deeper down her throat.

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Even with his cock going almost all the way into her mouth, she still took it like a pro. Watching this started to make me really hot, so I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled out her boobs. I started to grope and squeeze them, and her tits quickly got nice and hard. They were the nicest set of breasts I had ever felt up to that point in my life. She then moved her head back over to me and hurriedly took my piece in her mouth.

She was really into it by now, and she wanted to make us cum.

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Right from the start she bobbed her head up and down my penis, taking me deep every time. I could hear her slurp as my piece moved around in her mouth. As I moved the hair out of her face so I could get a better view of her sucking me, Chris took his turn playing with this MILF's boobs. I then took my cock out of her mouth and smacked her in the face a few times with it, as she struggled to engulf me again.

Once her cock-hungry mouth got a hold on my piece, I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and pushed my penis against the inside of her cheek.

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I then started thrusting my hips back and worth, fucking her face, and stretching her cheek with my hard cock. Both Chris and I were getting close to cumming, so we both were eager to shove our cocks deep into her mouth and fuck her throat nice and hard.

I started the trend by keeping my hands on the back of her head, taking my penis from her cheek and shoving it down her throat. She gagged and then backed off at first, but as I pushed her head back down she got used to it.

I had her so that her nose was in my pubic hair, her forehead was on my stomach, and my balls were on her chin. I held her there for a few seconds while her throat tried to adjust, and then let her go. My cock popped free and gasped for breath, but Chris quickly got her in front of him and did the same, sending his long shaft down her throat. She continued to take turns deep-throating us, quickly switching back and forth between us several times. Then, when she next took my penis down her throat, I held her head in place and started slamming my hips forward.

The sounds of the sloppy blowjob she was giving me sounded great as I continued to hump her head.

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I then saw Chris reach over, grab her head off my cock, and started rapidly jerking his piece in her face, saying that he was going to cum. She opened her mouth and Chris placed his cock on her tongue. Her eyes were wide open, and she was begging to have a hot load shot into her mouth.

She moved Chris' hand away and started to jerk him off herself, and she again reached over to me with her free hand and did the same. I then saw Chris throw his head back and he started to moan. I looked down and saw his penis start to shoot stream after stream of hot, sticky cum into this beautiful MILF's open mouth. This view sent me over the edge, so I stepped forward and placed my now cum-spewing cock into her mouth as well.

She was now on her knees in her kitchen with two teenage boys emptying their balls in her mouth at the same time. She continued to jerk us off with a dirty smile on her face, as cum dripped down her chin. Once she had jerked us both dry, she swallowed everything in her mouth with one big gulp. She then cleaned the rest of our cum off her face with her fingers, and licked them clean as well.


She proceeded to get up off of her knees, and then said "I hope that will do." A minute later her husband came home from work and gave Chris and I a ride home. Maybe the next time we baby-sit for this mom, she can pay us by letting us use her daughter while she is away.

And if we do a god job, she might even include a little tip as well.