Dungeon Master Fucked His Shaved Slave During Roleplay

Dungeon Master Fucked His Shaved Slave During Roleplay
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The Slave arches her back as another climax hits, the thrill of riding her brutal Master with her mouth duct taped shut and her hands cuffed behind her back while her Mistress dribbles hot candle wax onto her jiggling breasts, the Mistress herself biting her lip to mute the moans of ecstacy as their Master pleasures her sensitive clit with swift, deft strokes of his tongue.

Soon the Mistress blows out the candle, spraying wax on the Slave's aching chest before bending low and kissing off the droplets one at a time, a pile growing alongside their helpless Master.

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The Mistress pushes their Slave well past exhaustion, losing track of her orgasms, riding their Master until the Slave is leaning on her for support before the Mistress allows her to stop.

With a flick of her fingers she releases the Master's cock ring, pulling a couple pillows back under his head so he can face her as she undoes his blindfold and their Slave's handcuffs, their Slave snuggling up alongside the bound and aching man as the Mistress crawls around him.

"Have we learned our lesson, Master?" "Yes Mistress.oh Mistress, I'll never disobey again, please Mistress, just let me-" She squeezes his cock hard, climbing up to straddle his legs and leaning low over him.

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"We wouldn't be forgetting our place already, would we?" "N-no Mistress, never!" "Good. Now." She runs her fingernails up his rigid cock, positioning herself above him. "Please me." She moans as she rides him like a rodeo bull, his throbbing member filling her completely, the pressure on her G spot with every thrust incredible as she takes him hard and fast, their slave smiling as she watches her fuck the brutal Master as viciously as he took them.

The Master thrusts back eagerly with as much give as the chains will give him, fueled by the entire session of teasing and torture, using the bedsprings to propel himself back up deep and hard into her clenching, aching, tingling pussy. The Mistress braces her hands on his shoulders, sweaty breasts heaving as she climaxes again and again, rolling off as he at last orgasms to let him spurt his seed messily onto the bed, nuzzling him from one side while their Slave recovers on his other side, and both girls trace their soft fingertips over his burning, whipped skin, giggling with every moan and hiss they can coax out of him, not giving him a moment's rest even as they recover.

Fumbling on her side of the bed, the Mistress comes back with a long chain leash. Obediently the Slave climbs over their aching Master, presenting her choker for the Mistress to leash, and crawling toward the helpless Master's cock when the chain is passed under his leg and yanked. "Very good Slave.

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Hm, with as well as you follow orders and as badly as our Master is doing, perhaps we don't need him at all." He begins to cry out in protest but she rips the tape off the slave's mouth and puts it on his, gagging him as she quickly climbs into his lap, reaching behind her to position him as she sits on his cock, fucking herself in the ass with his swelling rod. He thrashes wildly against the overwhelming sensations, too drained to really fight as she gently rides him, savoring the feeling as his throbbing, aching, spent cock struggles to swell to its full size in her tight wet asshole.

She yanks the chain again and their Slave's face is pulled roughly onto her Mistress' pussy.

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The Mistress moans happily as her two lovers are forced to pleasure her, writhing between them as the slave's eager tongue and her master's throbbing cock invade her from both sides, coaxing her quickly to yet another singularly earthshattering climax. When she at last rolls off her spent Master and onto her eager Slave, then off her insatiable Slave and onto the bed, the Mistress is drenched in sweat and aching everywhere. "Slave," she breathes throatily, "Warm up the shower." "Yes Mistress!" the slave cheerily replies as she's let off her leash, flouncing off to the bathroom.


No sooner does the Slave leave than she reattaches the strap around the base of her Master's cock, fastening the other straps around his balls and clicking the leash onto it, tugging gently. He moans into the duct tape gag as she increases the pressure, the volume increasing as she lifts his hips off the bed with the force alone, smirking as she lowers him again and climbs on top of him.

"I believe I have your attention?" "Mmm!" he agrees through the duct tape gag, nodding frantically. "I am going to unchain you from the bed now.

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If you try anything," she yanks the chain roughly, his manhood feeling like it's about to be ripped off. "Understood?" He nods back frantically again and she unlocks first his left wrist, then locks it to his right wrist before releasing it from the bed, unlocking his legs and attaching them to a short length of chain. She tugs the leash impatiently and he springs off the bed, following her as quickly as his chains will let him.

When he tries to grab the leash to buy himself a little slack she yanks hard, knocking him to his knees, and beats his ass to a raw blood-red mess before dragging him up by the balls and setting him on his feet, whimpering and teary-eyed.

She drags him into the steamy bathroom, a wall of hot white fog flooding out of the doorway like a sauna as she guides him into the shower. His shower alone was built larger than most bathrooms, a custom room done all in tile, with four large shower heads providing a constant stream of mist and, naturally, multiple anchor points along the walls and suspended in the middle of the room for binding slaves.

The Mistress wastes no time binding her Master to one wall facing her, and on finding her Slave blissfully washing herself wrestles the slippery young woman towards the middle and locks her to the dangling chains as well, her two prisoners facing each other, a wall of steam all that seperates them, sweat and hot water dripping off their whip-marked bodies in rivulets.