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Sex stories ebony bf story ebony mai bf sex stories story
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Bear had no idea how he had gotten so lucky.

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He finally had a girlfriend maybe more than a girlfriend. He had met Shuri completely by accidentshe had been driving up to check out a college in upstate New York when he car broke down. Right outside the low income housing complex where he lived in a small town.

Shuri knocked on his door so she could use his phone to call a tow truck and they got to talking. They hit it off right away despite the age difference and by the time the tow truck got there she asked him out. He wanted to yell yes immediately but hesitated and told her he isn't really mobile. Shuri laughed and told him she would bring him a wheelchair then rode away with the tow truck.

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Friday night came and Shuri showed up at his door with a fancy electronic hover chair. The two of them flew of to a nearby restaurant and had a nice dinner and talk before heading back to his apartment. Monday morning she got uptook a showerkissed him good bye and told him she would see him that night. Two weeks later they were seeing each other everyday and had gotten very serious.

He tried to tell her something a number of times but something always came up to keep him from saying anything. Then one day Shuri was off with her brother T'Challa the Black Panther and the Avengers on a mission. They had been taken down by a powerful being who was about to take them off the board Shuri lay on the ground prepared to die when she sobbedI'm so sorry Bear I love you. All of a sudden Bear appeared next to her wheelchair and all and said I'm here beloved who has done this to you.

I did exclaimed a dark clothed figure who rose above the rubbleyou are about to join her in Death.

I doubt thatare you hurt Shurino she replied just had the breath knocked out of me. Turning to the flying villain said that's good luck for you now I'll only kill you not make you suffer for days.


Laughing the flying figure saidI'm the Dark Lord you can't hurt me really Bear replied as the flying figure dropped to the groundBear then turned back to Shuri who asked himwhat did you do. I removed his powers and infected him with a lethal form of Cancernow let's get you home. Wait Shuri saidyou can't do that please remove the Cancer. Sighing Bear saidyou are far too compassionate and did as she asked. He picked her up and they teleported back to his apartmenthow did you do all this.

I've been trying to tell you I'm actually a Galactic powerhouse one of the powers that be.

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I'm just one of the few that prefers the quiet life and lives in the background. Wait Shuri says what about you disabilitywell we are not Gods and all powerful there are things we can't do like healing myself and removing illnessdisabilities and health issues. The two of them sat and talked for hours but finally talked it all outthe only thing that interrupted their discussion was Shuri's phone almost constant buzzing from Black Panther trying to get a hold of her.

Bear laying on the bed felt Shuri's hands start to move over his body she started stroking his cock through his pants and he suggested they get naked. Shuri smiled and stood up and started stripping while she danced.

Bear turned on some music and made his clothes disappear as he watched Shuri. Shuri kicked off her shoes and slid her black skirt down her long legs kicking it off when it puddled around her ankles. Then Shuri unbuttoned her tan blouse sliding it off her shoulders and onto the floorthere she stood in a pair of black lacy thong panties and a matching bra.


Grinning Bear askedwant some help with those my queencould you Shuri said. Of course Bear replied as he unhooked her bra brushing her nipples with his powers making her moan as her nipples became extremely hard and aroused. Then he slid her panties down her legs sending a jolt of power over her clit causing her to groan in pleasure as she reached her climax orgasmic fluids running down her legs.

Lifting her up he floated her over to him placing her naked on top of his naked body. Shuri lowered herself onto his stiffened cockhe almost came when his dick slowly entered her pussy. As he pushed into her barrier stopped him but he continued into her and he yelped stopwait.

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Shuri saidnope I'm not waiting and pushed herself firmly down on his tool going balls deep into her. Bear gloried in the sight of her moving up and down on his shaft and watched as she had multiple orgasms he ejaculated deep in her womb. Exhausted the two lay side by side after their love making and contemplated their future. Bear asked her what are we going to do about your brother we can't put it off foreveryeah I know. How about we invite him to dinner next Friday and tell him then.

Okay but we should wait until after we eat at least he will get a nice meal before you hit him with me.

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Laughing Shuri curled up next to him a d he spooned her as they fell asleep. Friday came and they showed up at Avengers mansion and were invited in to the dining room. Shuri sat at one end of the table and as Bear sat next to her food appeared covering the table top in hotsteamingdishes of food that caused the table to groan under the weight.

The avengers came in one at a time in civvies and sat down. Black panther the last to arrive looked around the room and settled on his sisterso we are doing this in front of others. No Shuri replied taking Bears hand we thought a nice dinner before things get complicated. HoneyBear said it's not complicated I love you and you love me it's simple the only complication is thistelling your brother about us.

T'Challa saidShuri you are the queen of Wakanda you are not free to have a relationship with just anyone what would the people of Wakanda say. Shuri laughed well the last time we visited Wakanda the people cheered when we kissed and started chanting "marry himqueen Shuri" so I think they like him.

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T'Challa stood there with his jaw practically on the floor and he finally said you both have been to Wakandahow long has this been going on. Not long Shuri replied but we spent the last month in Wakandayes and I told you Shuri Bear said we can't do that again time travel is very tricky. Yeah I know but I wanted my people to grow to love you as much as I doand they do. Black panther roaredShuri. What brother you will have to get over this attitude of yours we love each other and plan on being together.

Speaking of that my beloved Bear said as he struggled to rise from the chair and dropped to a knee with a ring in his hand. Shuri would you become bound to meyes of course Shuri said good Bear said and slipped the ring onto her hand and it transformed into a tattoo and a matching tattoo appeared on the ring finger of his left hand.

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Shuri almost fell as a she experienced a weird disorienting feeling passed through her quickly passing. What was that she askedBear replied that was me passing half of my powers to you I'm no longer one of the Galactic powers that be.

Howwhy Bearbecause I want us to be equals and power never mattered to me only you matter to me. She laughed hugging him now we can return to Wakanda and rule together protecting our people and bringing them things they need like wells filled with water.

Bear laughs anything my queen wants. They both disappeared and the last thing they heard was Black panther cry out her name in frustration. When T'Challa visited Wakanda he discovered the people did love Bear and he refused to accept the title of king instead preferring royal consort.

It took awhile but T'Challa finally accepted Bear for his beloved sisters happiness.