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Huge boobs shemale Bailey Paris gets her asshole reamed hard
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The sun in the mountains is filtered through the trees, and isn't all that intense first thing in the morning. I don't know what time it was, but the smell of bacon cooking, and coffee greeted me. I awoke alone in my bed, so obviously, Sally had gotten up early, and cooked breakfast.

I got up, put on my bathrobe, and whistled a tune as I walked down the stairs. I got to the kitchen, and Sally looked at me from the table, with an almost scared look on her face. I was trying to figure out what was going on, when I heard another voice. "Hey Boss, glad you could join us sleepy head." Don was standing at the stove, along with Brenda making us breakfast.

"Uncle Mark!" I heard a squeal from behind me, and arms were around my neck from behind. "Hey Alexandria. How ya doin kiddo?" I was trying to hide my confusion, but decided I'd just ask. "You did tell my I could borrow the place this week right Don?" "Oh yea buddy, we just thought we'd drive up, and see how the place looked, and make sure you had everything you need.

Breakfast was an afterthought, when we realized that we got here so early." He was sampling the bacon, and trying to talk at the same time. Brenda looked like she was going to cry, and came over to me and gave me a hug. "I'm so sorry Mark," she said. "Who'd have thought Leesha would have done such a thing." I knew Brenda was trying to help, and be thoughtful, but it seemed to me like she knew about what had been going on all along, and that upset me some.

"Yea, who knew?" I managed.

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Sally was sitting next to Alex at the table and they were talking quietly when Don started passing plates around the table. "Uncle Mark, can Alex stay the week with us?" She asked through a mouth full of eggs.

"Yea Uncle Mark, that's a great idea." Alex chimed in "That way I could keep Sally company while you do what ever you're gonna do." Sally looked at me with a look that I thought said, "Say no, I had to ask you because she wanted me to, but say no" but then chimed back in with Alex. "Please?" I looked at Don. "It wouldn't bother me any." Don looked at Brenda and gave her an "I don't care if you don't" shrug.

Brenda looked back at Alex. "You don't have any clothes with you, or any of your stuff." "I've got plenty of stuff, and she can wear my clothes." Sally interrupted looking at both Don and Brenda with a pouting look.

"Ok sweetie, as long as Uncle Mark doesn't mind." Brenda looked at me for final approval. "It's set then." I shrugged sipping my coffee. "What she doesn't have we can shop for." This sent the girls into a squeal of approval.

I got the impression that Don and Brenda had planned this whole thing. I almost expected that Alex would retrieve a suitcase from their trunk fully packed. Everybody sat down and ate, which didn't take too long. After I finished, I complimented the chef, and announced that I was going to go get in the shower, and get dressed. "Well, we'll get out of your hair then." Don said, "You're sure Alex isn't going to be a bother?

You're supposed to be on vacation." "No, no bother at all. We'll have a blast." I said turning to head upstairs. "You guys drive safe, and I'll see you next week." I got up the stairs, and I heard the door close, then their engine start.

I waited for tires to squeal as they made their escape, but didn't hear any. "You don't mind her being here do ya daddy?" Sally came up behind me and startled me a little while I was taking my robe off. "Uh, no, not if you don't." I said trying to close my robe again.

"Don't forget," I whispered, "you can't tell anybody about what we've been doing. Not even Alex." "She touched my cheek, with a look on her face that reminded me of a mature lover. A woman of age that exceeded her years of life, the teenager was gone. "Don't worry, it's our secret." She smiled at me, and then walked back down the stairs.

I put on some shorts, and a golf shirt, and then headed down stairs to see what was going on. Sally had gotten dressed, and was sitting at the table with Alex.

They seemed to be planning our day for us, looking at a map of the village that showed off all of the attractions available. "Daddy, can we go to the mall?" Sally asked. "I don't see why not. Is this a drop you guys off party, or am I allowed to tag along?" I asked jeering them a little, knowing that two teenaged girls probably don't want a forty-year-old man hanging around. "A drop off trip. I need a new bathing suit, and some un-mentionables." She winked at me while Alex was looking down at the map.

"Alex needs a few things too." "Well, I'll be in the mall, but I won't hang around you guys. I need a few things as well." I had to play the responsible one. "Are we ready to go?" The two girls didn't say anything to me, but started rattling on about what shops were there, and what they were going to look at. We got in the pick-up truck, and headed to town.

Once at the mall, as agreed, we split up with a pre-arranged meet time and place. I promised them that we'd go out to dinner, and maybe a movie when the shopping was done. I gave Sally one of my credit cards, and made her promise not to take it over the limit, but I didn't tell her what the limit was.

She could spend anything she wanted. I didn't care. My time was spent lazily moving from one shop to another, looking at one thing or another, but not really interested in anything in particular. "No thanks, just looking." Seemed to be my catch phrase of the day, as sales person after sales person greeted me with fake smiles, but genuine greed for the credit card number in my wallet.

While aimlessly walking around, I thought about Sally. Had I already dug myself into a hole with her? I couldn't decide if I loved her like a daughter, or a lover. She really wasn't my daughter, or related to me by blood in any way, so really it wasn't incest. It was, however, Statutory Rape in the state we were in, but only for another year. I was having feelings that I hadn't felt since I was in my twenties, and I liked it. Was it the beginnings of a mid-life crisis?

She was perfect in every way. She seemingly worshiped the ground I walked on, and wanted to do anything she could to please me, sexually, or otherwise. She could cook, and clean, and really take care of me. But was it right, and furthermore, did I care? As long as nobody got hurt, what would it hurt, right?

But was I scarring her for life. Would she eventually want to go out with someone her own age, or would she want to stay with me. What would the public think if they ever found out? All of the questions without answers that kept popping up were making me feel a little uneasy about what had gone on the night before. But, it was really good, and it really felt right. "Boo!" Sally snuck up behind me with Alex in tow, carrying lots of bags of stuff that they had purchased. "Did I scare you?" she asked playfully.

She really had kind of startled me. "Yea, you really got me." I looked down at my watch. It was only a little after one o'clock.

Too early to go out for dinner, and I didn't have a clue what we could do for a few hours. I yawned and stretched. "Shopping really wears me out." I said, faking being tired. "Good," Sally said. "Lets go back to the cabin so we can try on our stuff before we go out to dinner.

You can take a nap daddy." She seemed to have everything figured out. "Have you guys tried the hot tub?" Alex asked. "It's not as big as yours Uncle Mark, but it's nice with the view and all." Sally turned to walk towards the exit. "Yea, we got in it last night." She said rather plainly. "It's nice." I followed the girls out of the mall, and towards the spot where we parked the truck. I loaded all of the booty in the back, and slid in. I was a little surprised to see that Alex had taken the middle seat, and not Sally.

We arrived back at the cabin, took everything inside, and the girls disappeared into the downstairs bedroom.

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Being left to my own devices, and not sure what to do with them, I decided that I'd grab a beer, and see what was on television. I scrolled through the channels, and found a pre-season football game on. The Raiders were playing the Seahawks in Great Britain, I think. I didn't get that much into it. I sipped my beer, and stared blindly into the flashing lights of the idiot box, not really paying attention to it. "You wanna see what we bought?" A voice came from behind.

"Sure, model it for me." I said with fained enthusiasm, and sat up for the show. Alex was first showing off a pair of conservative white shorts, and a pink blouse with no sleeves and the tails tied in the front. "Very cute," I commented. She posed a few times, then walked past me on her way back to the bedroom. It was Sally's turn. She paraded past in a pair of white Capri pants that were very tight, but also looked very good on her, and a tank top that exposed her solid mid-riff, and almost the bottoms of her tits.


She teasingly lifted it up as she passed by to reveal that she wasn't wearing a bra, and showed me her perfect breasts peaking under the thin material. She brushed her hand across my shoulder as she passed by, and then disappeared into the bedroom again. I heard some giggles on the other side of the wall, before Alex reappeared. She was wearing a very sex white string bikini with a thong bottom. Her fantastic ass was out there for the world to see, and she showed it off to me several times. Her perfect tits bounced around in the top.

She turned several times, and once, when she turned around, the top had ridden up a little letting one of her small pink nipples peak out the bottom.


I didn't comment on her suit, but the look on my face would have told a priest that I approved of what I was seeing before me.

"Ok, Last one's gonna take a minute or two." Sally called from the bedroom. "Ok, I'll get another beer." I said, and started to get up. "I'll get it for you, you just sit down" She yelled back. She showed up before me in a French maid's costume complete with the little hat, an almost non-existent skirt, black stockings and cute little black shoes. The top of the costume was so low cut that half of her nipples peeked over, as the material strained to pushup, and contain her breasts.

"What do you think?" She turned around showing off the costume, revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath the sheer panty hose.

"Will there be anything else?" I heard from the other side. Alex also had on the same costume, and looked amazing. She stood with her butt and chest pushed out more than a little exaggerated. I looked at both of them a little perplexed. "What's going on ladies?" I asked "Nothing, we just want to have a little fun." Sally said looking down at my crotch at the swell that had started to grow.

"Looks to me like it's working." She giggled. "Now look girls," I tried to interject. "I'm all for having fun, but…" "Daddy, we have a confession to make." Sally interrupted me, and proceeded to tell me the truth about the night of the slumber party, and everything that went on.

All of which I already knew, but didn't want them to know about. Alex then told me how much she enjoyed it, and then told me that she wanted to do it again. I couldn't believe my ears. I gave Sally a stern look. "How could you do that to me?" I asked. "Do you know how much trouble I could get into?" I looked at Alex. "Your dad works for me. How do you think that's going to look?" I stood up from my chair, "If he ever finds out about that, I'm probably going to prison." I walked into the kitchen and left the girls standing there in the living room.

I turned around and went back in feigning a little anger, and angst. "Sally, Alex, I'm begging you. You can't tell anyone about any of this." Both Sally and Alex walked up to me, one on each side.

"We won't tell anyone daddy." Sally looked at Alex. "Will we?" "Oh no Uncle Mark." She put her arm through mine, and leaned her head on my shoulder. "I don't tell anyone about what my dad does to me, so, I'm not going to tell anyone about what we do." I looked down at Alex. "What does your dad do to you?" I asked sympathetically. "Well," she walked towards the couch, "he doesn't touch me really, and he just watches me." She began to explain. "Watches you?" I asked "Yea, he's got a web cam set up in my room, and likes to watch me undress, and stuff." She sat down on the couch with her hands in her lap.

"He really likes to watch me masturbate." She continued. "I think my mom likes to watch too, but I've never caught her masturbating to it." I was astounded. "You've caught him jacking off to you?" "All the time." She made it sound so ordinary. "He'd get occupied doing himself, and wouldn't notice that I left the room, and I'd watch him.

I thought it was only fair." A horrid thought came over me. "Do you think he has camera's in this house?" "I know he does, but they only work when he has his computer plugged in." She got up from the couch. "Come on, I'll show them to you." She walked around the house, showing me the location of all of the camera's she knew about.

I was utterly amazed. Don was a jerk sometimes, and annoying most of the time, but he watched his own daughter getting undressed and masturbating. "Where does he put his computer when he's here?" I asked. "I'll show you. It's downstairs." She walked out of the living room, and down a set of stairs behind a door in the kitchen.

She flipped on the light, and it turned out to be a nicely decorated den. A few mementos on the wall, wooden bookshelves lined the walls, and a large oak desk set diagonally in one corner. On the top of the desk were a laptop, and a black box. I looked at the screen of the laptop, and saw the entire house in little boxes. There appeared to be twelve cameras set up throughout the house. I could hear the black box humming a little. Upon closer examination, it seemed to be an external storage unit of some sort.

It had a logo on the top with the specs. It was a five hundred gigabyte external hard drive. Not only had he placed the laptop here, he was recording everything that went on. My inspection of his sick little set up concluded that it was a closed loop system. This eased my mind a little. I don't think anyone was watching in real time, but it was being recorded for later viewing. I closed the program, and accessed the drive to see what had been recorded, and it looked like, by what had already been recorded, that Don had set the thing up when he arrived this morning.

If it hadn't been found, he would have seen the girls putting on their modeling show for me, and the French maid costumes. Hell, he'd have seen what they looked like putting them on. He'd also have seen them feeling each other up, apparently while I was watching TV, and promise to finish the job after they finished me." "Hmmm," I thought to myself. "They had plans of their own." I simply shut the system down, including all of the cameras. "Lets go back upstairs girls.


If I'm right, you shouldn't see any little red lights on any of the cams." We went back upstairs, and the entire camera system, at least what we'd found, seemed dead. "Well, I feel better about the house now. Why don't you girls get dressed up, and we'll go out tonight." I said triumphantly, and retreated up stairs to get dressed for dinner.

I put on my slacks, and found a pair of socks. I still couldn't believe that Don would, number one, watch his daughter, and number two, try to catch me on cam doing something with either one of them.

Although, both Alex and Sally are gorgeous young women, and I was guilty of partaking in sin with, well both of them really, if you count the slumber party.

Actually, I could see where he would want to. I wanted to, hell I'd done it. Now I could feel my cock getting stiff remembering the feeling of Alex's hot, steamy mouth.

What would tonight bring, and did I care that I probably wasn't going to be strong enough to stop it? Did I want to stop it? I went back down stairs in a suit that was too young for me by a few years. It was one that Leesha had bought last year when we were getting ready for a cruise to the Bahamas. It was an evening sort of go out and get laid suit, or at least that's what I called it. Leesha called it GQ, as she had found it in one of their magazines. I yelled at the girls through the door.

"I'm getting hungry out here, how much longer are you going to be?" "Just a few more minutes." Said the voice from beyond. "Be patient daddy, it's going to be worth the wait." What I hadn't realized was, the girls had something special in mind for me, and it was an outfit for each that they didn't show me during our afternoon modeling session.

The door opened, and two of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen stood before me. Each was wearing a tight black dress that only extended halfway down their thighs. Black high heeled shoes, and some jewelry that adorned their ears, necks and fingers. The make up they wore made them both look in their middle twenties. If I'd been a bar tender, I wouldn't have carded them, I'd have asked for their phone numbers. I stood there with my mouth hanging open, staring at the beauties standing before me.

"Wow!" I managed. Sally blushed a little. "So, you like?" she turned around in front of me to let me view the whole package, and then Alex followed suit.

"I'm a lucky guy to be escorting you two to dinner." I said turning around, and holding my arms out for the girls to take. Each one took an arm, and we headed out the door. Dinner was at a very nice restaurant, and during the meal, both girls were offered, and accepted wine without hesitation.

They looked over twenty-one, and they seemed to be acting like they were over twenty-one, so nobody questioned it. After desert, the waiter explained that there was entertainment in the lounge starting in a few minutes, and would I like to transfer my tab there. I looked at the girls, and they nodded their approval. The worst that could happen, I thought was that we would get refused service for minors trying to buy alcohol, and in that case, we'd simply leave.

The bar was nice, and we took a secluded booth in the corner. It was dark with the only source of light being a small candle in the center of the table. The waitress came by, and I ordered a scotch on the rocks for me, and two apple martinis for the girls. She took the order, and in a short time brought back the drinks without question. I warned the girls about trying to drink too fast, and they promised that they would take it easy. I also promised that if things went ok tonight, I could probably be talked into taking them out again this week.

The band started playing a short time after we got there, and they were pretty good, even for me. The three of us at first took turns, me dancing with one of them, then the other. Each of them was asked by other men to dance, but turned them down politely.

As the evening, and the drinks progressed, all three of us went to the dance floor on numerous occasions. I could see some of the other men looking at me, probably jealous at the fact that I had these two beauties with me, and they wouldn't dance with them. Around midnight, we decided that we were tired enough, and wanted to go home.

We got back into the cabin, and turned on the lights. Sally tossed her handbag on the couch, and yelled, "Last one in the hot tub has to bring the drinks!" as she pulled off her dress, and slung it on the couch with her handbag.

Alex followed suit. Neither of them was wearing bras, and both were wearing black thong underwear. They skipped out onto the deck, removed the cover of the tub, and were in before I could pull my shoes off. I walked out on the deck with my shirt unbuttoned, and socks on.

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"I guess, I'm taking the orders. What will it be madam?" I looked at Alex "I recommend the berry blast wine coolers." She nodded that that's what she wanted, and I turned to Sally.

"And for you madam?" "The same please." She said. I went back to the fridge, and got our drinks. I set them on the table, and removed my socks, slacks, and shirt. Just in my boxers, I went back out to the hot tub. "Um, you're still a little over dressed aren't you?" Sally said pointing at my boxers.

I handed each of them their wine coolers. "You guys still have on underwear, so I still have mine on." I got into the hot tub between the two lovelies "Ahem." Sally cleared her throat, and both her and Alex held out of the water their thongs, proving to me that they were completely nude under the water. Maybe it was the scotch, or the fact that I was so horny, I couldn't see straight, but without hesitation, I slipped my boxers off, and held them up to prove that I too, was completely nude.

Alex half stood, reached over the edge of the hot tub, and flipped the switch for the lights under the water. The bubbles still hid what was under the surface of the water, but we could now see each other's faces better. "This feels so good." Alex said putting her head back against the side of the tub. I felt a foot graze the inside of my thigh, then up against my stiffening member.

"Yes it does." Sally answered. I think that both of them were a little drunker than they wanted to admit to me. Sally's attention soon turned to Alex, who was now leaning back so far that both of her milky white tits were sticking out of the water.

Sally leaned over to Alex, and started sucking on Alex's nipple. "How does that feel baby?" Sally asked Alex made a moan of approval, but didn't move. Sally put a hand on her other breast, squeezing and teasing the nipple.

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Both Alex's nipples and my cock got immediately hard. Alex's hands started roaming over Sally's body, and my hand started roaming over my stiff rod. With a little coaxing, Sally got Alex to sit on the edge of the hot tub and positioned herself between Alex's legs. I had a perfect view of Alex's hairless, puffy pussy. It was a sight to behold. Sally continued to suck and tease Alex's perfect melons, as quiet moans of pleasure escaped from Alex's mouth.

I sat memorized at the sight unfolding in front of me. Sally worked her way down Alex's tight stomach, and down to her passion center. Alex jumped as Sally took her erect clit into her hot mouth.

Sally was licking and sucking, I was stroking my cock, and Alex was in heaven. Alex's moans increased in intensity, and she grabbed Sally's head with both hands to pull her harder into her snatch.

Very soon, she came in a gush of hot, steamy ejaculate. Sally did her best to catch all of it, but some dribbled down her chin and into the churning water.

Alex pulled Sally's face to her own, and they locked in a deep passionate kiss. Sally stood up, and situated herself so she was lying on the side of the tub, and pulled Alex on top of her.

Alex's hands immediately started roaming over Sally's tight body, and her face found its way to between Sally's thighs. Sally reached over and grabbed a hold of my arm, and motioned for me to stand up next to her. As I stood, Sally reached out and grabbed hold of my now throbbing cock. Sally turned her head, and pulled me closer, guiding my member into her mouth.

She took all of it in one gulp, sucking on it hard. She was moaning as Alex worked her slippery slit with her mouth, and sucking hard on my cock. I started moving my hips, fucking Sally's wonderful mouth. Sally tilted her head over the side of the tub, so that her head was upside down, face up. She reached above her head, grabbed my ass, and pulled me into her face. My cock disappeared down her hot throat all the way allowing my aching balls to hit her in the forehead.

She gagged a little bit, but when I pulled out, almost all the way, she pulled me in again, taking my entire nine inches of stiff man meat down her throat. I started moving on my own fucking Sally's face. Sally moved her hands to her tits, twisting and teasing her own nipples as her throat was filled with my cock, and her pussy was filled with Alex's roaming tongue. The feeling of Sally's hot throat, and her tongue flicking over my entire shaft as I pulled in and out got to be too much.

I felt my nut sack tighten, and new orgasm was eminent. I watched Sally put her hands on the top of Alex's head, trying to pull her closer, and harder into her dripping snatch.

I started to cum sending gush after gush of my man seed directly down Sally's throat, into her stomach.

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I pulled out of her mouth, and let the remaining cum shoot out onto her chest, and face. As I was soaking Sally with my cum, she was cumming in a torrent of girl cum that must have squirted four feet past Alex. Alex did her best, but a lot of it wound up on the deck, and in the tub.

As Sally came down from her massive orgasm, she shook, and jerked, as wave after wave of pleasure streamed down her body. She reached back for my cock, and stuck it back into her mouth to lick and suck all of the remaining cum from it.

"Oh my God!" She managed between licks. "That was amazing." She shook one more time as a final wave of orgasm swept through her. "I gotta have that cock in me now." She managed to say through the shiver.

I picked her up off of the side of the hot tub, and set her down in the water. "Lets take this party upstairs. Shall we?" I suggested. I helped the girls to their feet, they gathered up the underwear still floating in the tub, and we headed indoors. I was holding Sally's hand, and she was holding Alex's hand and we went up stairs. I climbed on the bed first, and then Alex on one side of me, and Sally on the other. Alex immediately started sucking on my cock, and Sally bent down to take my balls into her mouth.

I just laid my head back on the pillow, enjoying the feelings these young beauties were giving me. My cock grew again to full size very quickly, with the attention it was receiving. Sally almost pushed Alex out of the way to straddle me.

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Sally knelt down on the bed, and guided my monstrous love missile towards her waiting pussy. She lowered herself slowly taking it all in inch, by inch. I pulled Alex towards me, and guided her sopping wet hole over my face. I had Sally straddling my dick, bouncing up and down, and Alex straddling my face. I lapped at Alex's sweetness, and pulled on her love button with my teeth.

Soon Alex was gyrating her hips, thrashing her pussy on my face, and grabbing the headboard. Sally continued her assault on my cock, and soon was writhing in an orgasm of her own, soaking me with more, sweet orgasmic fluid. Sally and Alex came at almost the same time.

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Alex climbed off of my face, and looked down at my still throbbing cock. She dove her face onto it, sucking and stroking. I let her do that for a few minutes, then told both girls to kneel on the bed with their asses in the air. I stood behind them both, and took turns ramming my hard cock into each dripping hole. I fucked Sally with a few strokes, then Alex with a few strokes. Soon I was getting ready to cum myself.

I announced this, and both girls turned with their faces towards me, and their tongues sticking out waiting for the eminent torrent of cum. I jacked my cock to finish the job, and ropes of cum started releasing from my testicles. One spurt landed on Sally's tongue, another on Alex's cheek, a few hit their hair and shoulders.

Both of their mouths descended on my shrinking cock, licking and sucking it clean. I was spent. I lay down on the bed in the middle of my two young, beautiful, sex goddesses.

They both snuggled up against me on top of the covers. Our heat was enough to keep us warm.