Cremita escurriendo de su vagina

Cremita escurriendo de su vagina
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It was December 16, and Daniel busied himself choosing ornaments from the boxes carefully stored in the attic. He loved Christmas more than any other time of the year. Yesterday, his mother had taken him to the "cut your own tree" farm they always used when his father was still alive, and together they had chosen a wonderful spruce with long needles and bright, fir scent.

It perfumed the entire house as they mounted it in the stand, watered it, and began to decorate with the basics. He knew the routine. String the lights first, replacing any burned-out bulbs, mount heavy ornaments like the angel top, and then the rest was up to him. The small fireplace in the living room was off-limits until this time of year.

Daniel had carefully selected his pieces of wood, placed them correctly inside, opened the damper and lit the match. With a burst, the dry wood took hold and began to crackle, spark and snap. It was heaven to him as he watched the flames grow, then added three larger pieces which he knew would burn throughout the evening.

His mother was working the 3-11 shift that day at the hospital, so Daniel knew that he could fully enjoy every moment of the experience as he gently pulled out a treasured bulb that he had made when only five years old. It was a simple red globe, store-bought of course, that he had pasted a picture of his dad onto, along with some glitter reading "I love you." He looked at it lovingly, wondering what life would be like if he were still alive.

Daniel missed him terribly. Nonetheless, he continued to unpack the various ornaments, strategically placing them on the tree so that it wasn't cluttered. Now came the finishing touch; tinsel. He was painstaking in his draping of tinsel, making sure that each strand fell in a perfect line from north to south.

Once finished, he turned off all the lights in the living room except for one small lamp, and admired his work. Certainly, his mother would be pleased when she came home later that evening. As Daniel put the boxes away, he noticed that it had begun to snow. It was one of those glorious snowfalls; not a breeze to be found, almost warm outside, and snowflakes the size of dinner plates gently drifting down from the sky. With everything in order, he threw himself onto the couch and, gazing at the soft lights, let his mind begin to wander.

It was 6:00 when Daniel heard the doorbell ring, giving him a start. Stumbling up from the couch, he made his way to the door while glancing at the clock, wondering who might be there at this odd hour. Most people would be eating dinner now, a completely inappropriate time for anyone to visit. As he opened the door, he saw a figure clad in a dark Navy pea-coat, covered with the large snowflakes still falling from the heavens.

The dim light didn't allow him to see the face clearly and he became apprehensive, remembering his father's instructions about dealing with strangers. "Evening, kiddo," he heard the man say. Immediately recognizing his voice, Daniel froze in place, stunned, unable to speak. Oh, God! Could it be true? Coming to his senses, Daniel was able to mutter his usual greeting. "Hey, Carter," he said as his heart began to race.

"Well, are you going to invite me in, or just let me stand out here and turn into a snowman?" Carter asked with a smile. "I.I'm sorry," Daniel stuttered.

"Please, come in." Carter stamped his feet and shook off the wet snowflakes. Once inside, he took off his coat and hung it on the rack, then took off his boots. "What are you doing here?" Daniel asked, still in shock.

"Well, we get Christmas break in college, too. I'm back at home for a week or so visiting my folks and friends, but thought I'd stop by and give my boyfriend his present," Carter said as he reached under his baggy sweatshirt and pulled a small package from his waistband. It was nicely wrapped, but it didn't take much imagination to figure out that it must be a book. He handed it to Daniel saying, "merry Christmas, kiddo.

You want to open it now?" Daniel's heart fluttered when he heard Carter call him his boyfriend but said, "no, I'd like to save it for Christmas morning." He turned around and walked over to place it under the tree. Standing up, Daniel quietly said, "but I have no gift for you," feeling terrible and thoughtless. Carter walked up behind him and put his hands on his shoulders.

"That's not true, Daniel," he said. Turning him around, he gazed into his eyes and whispered, "you're my Christmas present, and I'd like to open it now, if that's okay with you." Daniel put his arms around the back of Carter's neck and pulled himself up onto his chest, wrapping his legs around his body.

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At first startled by the rather dramatic response, Carter held him tightly, putting his right hand under his tiny rump and holding his small frame close in his strong arms.

Daniel buried his face into Carter's neck and ran his hands through his hair, still wet from the giant snowflakes. "If I'm your gift, open it now. I've missed you so much. Oh, Carter, please love me, even if it's just make believe.

I don't care if it's a lie, but please say that you love me," Daniel begged as he held him even tighter. Carter understood what he was asking, but didn't agree. Daniel had had his first physical encounters with him, which surely exaggerated his feelings.

He also knew of his introverted and sensitive nature, the loss of his father and dread of anyone else knowing that he was gay. In simple terms, he was starved for love.

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"Daniel," he said quietly, "I won't do it. There is no playing fake with me. You are my boyfriend and I care about you a great deal, but you should only hear those words from someone who really and truly means it, and that isn't me. I know that it seems impossible to you now, but that person does exist. You just need to find him." Carter was afraid that his blunt response might ruin everything between them, but was certain that his honesty was crucial now more than ever.

There was complete silence as Daniel continued to hold him in a tight grip. As the fire crackled, he slowly released his clench and let himself drop from Carter's chest.

"Do you want me to go?" Carter softly asked. "No, Carter, please don't. No, not now. After all, you haven't opened your gift yet," Daniel pleaded as he lifted his head and kissed him on the lips. Carter returned his kiss passionately. This was no peck, no baby kiss, no smooch. He wanted Daniel badly and knew that he wanted him as much in return. After a deep, long kiss, he pulled back and began to unwrap his gift.

Daniel was wearing a plaid, flannel shirt over a light tee. Carter slowly opened each button of Daniel's shirt, pausing to lock eyes with him after each one. "Sometimes, I like to open my gifts carefully," Carter said seductively. Daniel just stood motionless as he felt the buttons open until the shirt was gently slipped from his body.

Throwing it aside, Carter said, "but other times, I enjoy tearing them open like when I was a kid." Daniel's pulse was off the charts as he felt Carter grab the neck of his cotton tee-shirt, lean down and bite a notch into it with his teeth. Then, using his strong hands, Carter ripped it open down Daniel's chest, finally pulling the remnants away. Dropping to his knees, Carter paused to take in the beauty of Daniel's smooth, hairless body.

He pulled his own sweatshirt off, revealing a firm, muscled chest lightly covered with fine, short hair. Although they had sucked each other off last summer, this was something new and more erotic to them both. Daniel was lost, his mind unable to focus, as Carter undid the snap and zipper, pulling his jeans down to his ankles and gently lifting his feet out of them.

Carter slipped off Daniel's socks, and looked at the sweet boy in front of him, clad only in his white briefs.

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"Are you sure that you want me to open this gift, Daniel?" he asked, wanting to be absolutely certain that he was okay with where this was going. "Oh, Carter, do it now.right now," Daniel implored, his eyes closed. Carter gently lowered Daniel's briefs and pulled them from under his feet.

Daniel was now 15, and he noticed that he had grown a bit since August. Not much, but maybe a half inch. His skin almost glowed in the dim light cast by the tree and fireplace. Carter couldn't resist that smooth body any longer, and kissed the center of his chest. Daniel's body jolted as he felt the moist, warm lips against his skin. Carter softly kissed and licked his chest, sliding down to his stomach, then back up his chest again where he licked and suckled on his little nipples.

Daniel's breathing increased and he grabbed Carter's head, running his hands through his hair yet again. "Oh, God, I can't stand it," he gasped. Standing up, Carter stripped off his jeans, boxers and socks, then put his arms around Daniel and pulled him into a tight embrace.

Their stiffening cocks were locked between them as they began to kiss each other sensuously. Carter dropped his head onto Daniel's neck and held him in an almost crushing grip as he ran his hands over his back and round, firm ass. He was amazed at the softness and how his hands easily slid over the smooth skin. He had never felt satin sheets before, but this is certainly what they must be like.

As he kissed and licked Daniel's neck, Carter took in the unique boy scent like an aphrodisiac. Boys smell different than men.

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Even sweaty, their aroma is less pungent, more neutral and even sweet. Carter briefly recalled his high school biology class, remembering that it's called a pheromone that lures a mate. Why think of that now? It was because Daniel had that naturally sweet smell, and it was driving Carter wild. Daniel was also lost in his own world. He didn't know how often he had fallen asleep at night clutching his pillow, kissing it, wishing that it was Carter or his imaginary lover and wondering what it would feel like for real.

Now, he finally knew. Their bodies pressed together, he was almost delirious as he felt the warm, lightly-haired man holding him so tightly, feeling his skin against his own. Daniel was awash in passion, emotion and pleasure, also taking in his man scent; musky, deep, earthy.

Their cocks now raging hard against each other, Carter released his tight grip and laid down on the floor, taking Daniel with him. The Christmas tree lights softly glowed, and the fireplace now burned brightly as Daniel's perfect choice of wood took hold. The larger pieces lit up, falling onto the bed of embers below, increasing the heat radiating onto them. Turning his small body around into a 69 with Daniel on top, he slipped his young cock into his mouth and began to suck.

Daniel did the same, sliding his mouth over Carter's cock head while holding the shaft in his hand. Slowly and deliberately, they both started dining on each other. Carter, however, didn't spend much time on Daniel's cock. Instead, he was hungry for his ass. He probably enjoyed eating pussy most of all, but running a very close second was rimming ass, especially smooth, hairless boy-butt.

He let Daniel's cock slip from his mouth and pulled his ass into his face. Carter had to admit to himself that he'd been wanting this for a long time. It was sheer delight as he was finally able to enjoy his gorgeous buns.

They were soft, yet firm, almost like marshmallows. He slowly kissed and licked his little cheeks, then spread them apart, running his tongue from his balls up the length of his crack. He flicked the tip of his tongue around the little bung, then wormed it inside. Daniel moaned as he felt Carter tongue-fucking and sucking his ass, but didn't stop running his own tongue around the crown of Carter's dick, teasing the sensitive underside, then taking it back into his mouth.

Carter reluctantly abandoned his ass-feast and again took Daniel's cock into his mouth, grabbing his butt and pushing him into his face, encouraging him to fuck. Daniel took the cue and started thrusting into his mouth as Carter applied enough suction to almost make it difficult for him to move his cock. He jammed into Carter's hot, wet mouth with increasing speed. The pressure on his cock was so incredible that Daniel could no longer concentrate on sucking Carter's dick and pulled off, holding it against the side of his face.

He continued to face-fuck Carter, ramming his entire cock into his mouth and slapping his balls against his nose. "Oh, you fucker!" Daniel grunted as he humped his face and rubbed Carter's cock against his cheek. His body shuddered, his breath came in short gasps and his cock exploded, shooting jet after jet of thick, creamy boy sperm into his mouth. "Ohhhhhh," Daniel moaned as he continued to thrust, draining his balls into him.

Carter kept up the phenomenal suction and let him fuck, swallowing every drop as his reward for giving good head. His mind reeling after the most violent orgasm of his life, Daniel pulled his softening cock from Carter's mouth and turned around, cuddling tightly against Carter's chest, slowly getting his breath back.

"Forgive me, Carter, please don't be angry. I didn't mean to call you a just came out," Daniel said with genuine remorse. Carter chuckled and said, "it's okay, Daniel. Dirty talk happens all the time, and it told me I was doing a good job." Daniel leaned in and kissed Carter's lips, taking his hard cock in his hand and beginning to stroke.

Pulling away slightly, Daniel stared into his eyes and whispered, "I want you to fuck me. Right now." Carter could see the passion in his blue eyes. "Are you sure? I'm kind of big and you're pretty small. It might hurt, maybe even a lot," he replied honestly, yet wanting it more than anything.

"It may not be so bad. You see, I've.well.sort of been practicing," Daniel quietly said, rather embarrassed. Carter smiled and pulled him onto his chest. He kissed him gently, now wanting to ease Daniel into this new adventure. They exchanged soft touches of their lips as Daniel slid his firm ass over Carter's raging cock, feeling the ooze of pre-cum greasing his hole.

Although 7.5", he knew that Carter's dick was slender, and wanted it inside him, no matter what the pain might be. Unable to wait any longer, Daniel gave him a deep kiss, then raised himself up to his knees and took the hard cock into his right hand. He pressed the head against his little hole, and gently let his weight fall onto it. "Owww," he chirped as he felt it penetrate the tight opening, but held it there for a few moments as his muscles relaxed.

It took every ounce of willpower Carter had to keep from blowing right then. He couldn't believe the insane heat and tightness of Daniel's boy ass. Almost like an animal, he wanted to pull him down and fuck him senseless, but managed to remain in control.

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Daniel slowly dropped himself down, accepting perhaps half of his rod into his virgin ass. Carter instinctively put his hands on his little hips, but didn't force the issue. Slowly, Daniel began to ride his cock, taking only as much as he could handle at any time. Settling a bit deeper, his body was torn with shocks of pleasure when he reached the limit and his buzz-button was touched. "Oh, yes.yes.yes," Daniel hissed as he rode him harder and faster. Carter simply couldn't take it any longer.

"You fucking little bitch, you're going to get it all now!" he panted. Convulsing together, Carter erupted into him with gushes of boiling cum, pulling him onto his chest and wrapping his arms around his small frame. He continued to shoot the last bit of gravy he had into Daniel's little ass until his dick began to soften, then slipped it out and leaned against the base of the couch, gasping for breath.

Daniel nestled himself into his warm body and gently kissed him. "Are you okay?" he asked ironically, remembering the first time they were together. "Now it's my turn to apologize," Carter said, still recovering.

"You're not a little just came out. See how things can happen?" he explained. "That means I must have done a good job, right?" Daniel asked, and held him closer. "Oh, boy, that's for sure," is all that Carter could muster. Basking in the warmth, the fire slowly continued to burn down and the tree lights glimmered as they held each other closely, now sharing nothing more than soft kisses. "Did you find another guy at college?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, I did," Carter replied. "Tell me about him," Daniel said. "Oh, he's just an ordinary guy who lives in the same dorm." "Do you love him?" Daniel softly asked.

"No, I don't. We just fool around once in awhile, that's all." Daniel was happy to hear that. "And what about you? Have you found someone?" Carter inquired. "Sort of. I mean there's this guy in my class that I really like.


His name is Peter, but he doesn't know I exist," Daniel sighed. "You have a crush on him?" Carter asked. "I think so," Daniel mumbled.

"Then you need to make him know that you exist," Carter replied.


"It's going to be up to you." They fell silent and continued to hold each other, watching the fire burn, occasionally emitting a snap and pop.

Carter could feel Daniel's grip loosen around him and his breathing slow. After a few moments, he looked down and saw that Daniel was sound asleep against his chest. Carter gently took his young body into his strong arms and carried him upstairs.

Although he had never been in his house before, Carter assumed that Daniel's room would be on the second floor. Finding a bedroom filled with books, he carefully laid him on the bed and pulled the covers over him. Carter then went downstairs, got dressed, and picked up Daniel's clothes. Returning to his room, he neatly placed them on a chair, except for the shredded tee-shirt, which Carter knew Daniel would never be able to explain to his mother.

He looked at Daniel sleeping peacefully.

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Leaning down, Carter softly kissed Daniel's cheek and whispered, "in my own way, I do love you, kiddo." Carter went back downstairs, and put on his coat and boots. Taking one final look at the glowing fireplace and soft Christmas lights, he put Daniel's tee-shirt to his face, taking in that sweet boy smell. He turned around, opened the door and stepped out into the falling snow.