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Huge police and fake threesome nasty border patrool surveys pretty blackhaired with
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The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem Part Fifteen: Princess's Naughty Lesson By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this. Chapter Forty-Three: Princess's Naughty Lesson Princess Ava Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch I stared with loathing at the shelves of leather-bound tomes and tightly wrapped scrolls stacked before me.

The receptacle of lore contained within the University of Az's library. The air smelled of musty sheepskin and dry dust. My eyes hurt and my brain throbbed. After a week of research, we still hadn't found the key to destroy the amulet around Kora's neck. We needed something powerful to destroy an artifact brimming with a soul. I had read so many books. I never studied this hard when I was a student here. I looked to the next book, not wanting to grab it. Not wanting to read another book.

I was a princess!


A surge of petulance rippled through me. I shook my head, my strawberry-blonde hair dancing about my shoulders. I clenched my fists and relaxed them. I just had to grab it. Just reach out and take it and then bury my face in another musty tome. "Come on, Ava," I muttered to myself. "Just grab it. You can dive into one more. You can do it, Ava." "But should you?" a voice announced from behind. I gasped and squeaked. Arms went around me.

Strong, familiar, and comforting. I relaxed into Sven's embrace then shuddered as his lips nuzzled at my neck. I sighed, smiling, the weariness melting off of me as his hands slid up my body, squeezing my breasts.

He kneaded them, making my nipples pucker. Tingles raced down to my pussy as he pinched them through my dress's bodice. He rolled them as he squeezed my breasts.

My pussy grew wet. I sighed and just wanted to melt away into his arms. To just relax into his embrace. My hips wiggled, rubbing my ass against his crotch. He had a hard bulge. "I think you need a break," Sven said. He kissed my neck. "Doing what?" I asked, my voice a sultry purr. "What did we do when we were students here?" I shuddered and let out a wanton groan, remembering those happy memories from several years ago.

Sven had transformed my life when I came to study at the University. He transformed that naïve, young girl into a wanton, naughty woman. "Do they still have that alcove?" I asked. "Yes." "Doing a little scouting, huh?" I turned my head, catching a glimpse of his blue eyes and hungry face. "Prowling the library for places to fuck hot women." "Well." He gave me a grin.

"There's always a naïve, young girl that needs a real education." "Mmm, you taught me so much in that alcove." Sven took my hand and pulled away from me. He backed up, leading me down the stacks.

"Maybe we should have a refresher. We should put our time here to good use." A naughty dripple ran out of my pussy. I nodded my head, gripping his hand, lost to the blues of his eyes. After a year of being away from him, it sometimes felt surreal that I could touch him with my real flesh.

That I could enjoy him. I hardly even lusted after my father. That seemed a miracle to me. But I had Sven and his harem to keep my body satiated.

Maybe. I didn't need to tell Sven what happened. I didn't need to break the enchantment on me if it was fading away. I just needed to stay away from my father. The alcove remained, built into the ancient, stone walls of the library. The stones were thick and old, the mortar pitted. I shivered as we entered it, half-shielded from the rest of the library, but people could still see us if they came close.

We could be found. Observed. I gasped as Sven pulled on the lacing holding my bodice closed. My dress hung loose on my shoulders. It slipped a few inches. My body trembled. My snatch clenched. And then he tugged down, the cloth slipping down my body, nipples tingling from the caress of that wondrous cloth brushing them. I stood naked before Sven and leaned back against the wall, the stone cold and rough on my back.

I parted my legs slightly, feeling his eyes on my strawberry-blonde bush. My small breasts jiggled as I put on a smoky smile. "Educate me," I purred. Such lust kindled in Sven's blue eyes.

That hungry smile grew on his lips. I shivered at his strength, his confidence. Every other boy attending the University was intimidated by the princess of Kivoneth, the daughter of the rising power in the Strifedoms.

But not Sven. He had my cherry in a week. He stole my heart and turned me into a slut. I never thought I could have a threesome. I never imagined a cock could even slide into my asshole, let alone that it would make me explode. I learned the joys of sucking a dick, especially one soaked in another woman's pussy juices, and guzzling down all salty cum. Sven cupped both my breasts with his calloused fingers.

His hands squeezed my tits. His thumbs swept across my skin. He brushed the edges of my areolas, teasing them with his fingers, making my nipples throb and ache. I let out a little moan, the delight surging through me. Then Sven pounced. His mouth engulfed my right nub. He sucked on it so hard. His cheeks hollowed. His tongue fluttered around the bud. Each caress sent jolts down to my pussy. My thighs rubbed together, my clit aching and throbbing, my juices flowing.

He pinched and rolled my other nipple, stimulating it. "Gods, yes," I moaned. My eyes fluttered. "Pater's cock." His eyes flicked up at me. His mouth popped off my nub. "Stimulating lesson?" "Oh, yes, it's just illuminating," I moaned.

"Ooh, keep teaching me." He sucked hard on my nipple. I gasped and squirmed, my toes curling as I whimpered. My hair swept about my shoulders as my entire body trembled.

It felt incredible. His right hand pinched my nub, stretching it, teasing it, while his left went lower. My stomach sucked in as he caressed past it. Then he found my blonde bush. His fingers danced through my silky curls. He pressed between my thighs, reaching that hot warmth growing there. I shivered as his fingers caressed up and down my slit, nudging my clit.

He penetrated me. I rose on my tiptoes as his fingers reamed in and out of my pussy. I gasped, my eyes fluttering. Darkness washed across my vision as he pumped in and out of me. He reached so deep into me. My heart fluttered. "Oh, Gods, you're teaching me so much," I moaned, my hands grabbing his shoulders, holding tight to him. I braced myself against him as his thumb found my clit.

He rubbed it. Sparks flared through my pussy as he massaged my clit. My snatch clenched down on his fingers. He sucked on my nipple harder. My juices ran out of me. I must be soaking his hand right now.

He groaned about my nipple as he sucked it. "Sven!" I whimpered. "Oh, Sven." He popped his mouth off my nub. He looked up at me, a naughty glint in his eyes. "Yes, princess? Do you need me to. teach you something else?" I bit my lip, his finger curling inside my pussy as I nodded and whimpered.

"But what should I teach you?" His thumb pressed harder into my pussy.


"Something spectacular," I moaned. "Something that will overwhelm me with passion." Sven fell to his knees before me. I groaned, my snatch clenching down on his finger. He leaned in, nuzzling at my strawberry-blonde bush, his blue eyes staring up at me. I shivered as he fluttered his tongue on my clit.

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Pleasure rushed through me. I shivered as my hips swiveled from side to side. His mouth sucked hard on my nub. My eyes bulged at the surge of hot pleasure that rippled through me. I shuddered as the rapture washed through me. "Ooh, yes, yes, this is a fascinating lesson," I groaned, his two fingers pumping in and out of my pussy.

His tongue fluttered at my clit, hard, fast. "Oooh, you're so skilled." He grinned up at me, his lips stained with my pussy juices, looking so shiny. He thrust his fingers deep into my snatch.

He churned me up, sending waves of pleasure washing through me. My hands squeezed my breasts as my orgasm swelled through me. He nipped my teeth with his clit. I bucked. The heat swelled and swelled, liquid and powerful.

His fingers plunged faster and faster into me. My eyes widened. My fingers pinched my nipples. They throbbed with pleasure, shooting it down to the rapture Sven gave my cunt. My face twisted. My eyes squeezed shut. I whimpered through clenched teeth. My body shook and shuddered. I squirmed on his hungry mouth. My ass rubbed against the mortared walls. My toes curled as the pleasure surged through me. I came. Pussy juices gushed out of my snatch. A fresh scent filled the air as my cream poured down his hand.

He groaned, his tongue moving from my clit to flutter his tongue around my pussy folds. I trembled, sparks bursting across my vision as the pleasure slammed into my mind. I whimpered and groaned, my voice so throaty.

"Sven!" I moaned. "Gods, you are just amazing. Yes, yes, yes. Slata's hairy cunt, you know how to please a woman." "It's not over yet," he growled and rose. His cock thrust out before him, his leather britches shoved down to his mid-thighs.

When had he done that? Then his cock was pressing at my spasming pussy's entrance. He rammed into me as his lips claimed my mouth in a hot kiss, flavored by my fresh-tasting pussy. His tongue buried into my mouth as his cock filled my pussy. My flesh writhed about him as he pumped hard into me. My toes curled as he slammed to the hilt in me. His hips pumped, driving that dick in and out of my writhing cunt. His balls smacked into my flesh.

My eyes squeezed shut as a new wave of rapture surged through my body, my nipples throbbing against him. I whimpered. I loved it. My flesh spasmed about his cock pumping and thrusting over and over into me. My fingers bit into his back, scratching at him through his clothing. He filled me up. I loved it.

It was amazing. "Sven!" I howled when he broke the kiss. "Oh, my Gods, yes!" "You naughty princess," he growled. "You're going to erupt—" "Master!" an excited voice called while I heard the sounds of someone scampering towards us on bare feet. "Of course you're having sex! So naughty!" Zanyia bounded into the alcove, her little titties jiggling, her tawny hair twitching. She licked her lips, staring at us with such naughty, cat-slitted eyes.

Then she darted behind Sven. He groaned, ramming his cock into me. "You little slut," Master groaned. "Is she licking your balls?" I asked, my pussy clenching hard on his dick. "Oh, yes, yes, yes!" Then Zanyia's naughty tongue rasped across my pussy lips. It stimulated me.

It sent such wicked thrill through me. Her tongue had such a unique and wicked feel. Another orgasm shuddered through me. My pussy spasmed so hard about Sven's cock as he rammed into me. Pleasure hammered my mind. Wonderful, beautiful, delicious pleasure. It was a delight to experience. Her tongue fluttered around his shaft as he plunged into my snatch.

My body shuddered against him. "Sven!" I howled. "Yes, yes, fuck her hard, Master!" Zanyia yowled. She purred as her tongue fluttered across my pussy lips. "He is!" Stars danced across my vision. "Pater's mighty cock, he is fucking me so hard, Zanyia!" "Good," she purred and then her tongue brushed my clit.

A spasm rippled through my body. My cunt spasmed harder about Sven's cock. My pussy drank in the friction of Sven's dick as he buried into me. Pleasure surged through me. Waves washed through my body. He nuzzled and nibbled on my chin. It felt wonderful. It felt amazing. He grunted and groaned. I could feel his pleasure building and building in him. His cock hammered me with strength. He fucked me with all his passion. I gave him such pleasure. My pussy pleased the man I loved.

"Cum in me, Sven!" I moaned. "Join me in rapture." "Gods, yes!" he growled. "Then I get to lick her clean!" Zanyia yowled. "Hurry up, Master. Give your naughty princess what she craves." "Yes!" I moaned, aching to be filled by his seed. He filled me to the hilt. He grunted.

Then it happened. That wonderful moment of completion washed through me as his jizz pumped over and over into me. His spunk filled me. This great warmth that added to the heat convulsing my snatch. He held me tight, his mouth groaning into the nape of my neck.

"My princess!" "Yours!" I gasped, my pussy writhing about his dick, milking his cock. "Yes, yes, that's it, Master," moaned Zanyia. "Ooh, yes, some is leaking out of her." Her tongue fluttered around his dick buried into me. It sent another flutter of delight through my snatch. My flesh convulsed harder about his cock.

I drank in the pleasure of this wonderful moment. A smile bursting on my lips. "Oh, we're going to have such a wonderful life together, Sven," I moaned as my pleasure died down. "Me, you, your sister, and your other women." "His slaves!" Zanyia yowled. "Yes!" I groaned as her rough tongue fluttered around my snatch. "Ooh, yes, I have big news," Zanyia yowled between licks. "Big news?" Sven asked. He pulled away from me, his cock sliding out of my aching snatch.


Before his cum could pour out of me, Zanyia's mouth sealed over my cunt. I groaned as she purred louder, drinking the mix of fluids pouring out of me. "Well, slave?" "Oh, she's busy, Sven," I gasped as her tongue fluttered into my cunt. It swirled through me, stimulating me, making me quiver and gasp. She scooped out all of my cunt as Sven stared at her, his cock hard and glistening with my pussy juices. I smiled at the sight then gasped as Zanyia's triangular ears twitched and massaged my thighs.

I squirmed and ground my hips on her mouth as she lapped me clean. "Come on, Zanyia," Sven said, "What's the big news?" Zanyia pulled her face from my pussy, cum and my cream smearing her face. She twisted her head around to stare up at Sven. "Mistress Kora has found it!" Chapter Forty-Four: Bloodlines Aingeal My wings fluttered fast as I hovered at the brothel window, a big grin on my lips. While my family searched through the library, which was utterly booooring, I had to find my own ways to amuse myself.

Lucky for me, we were in the City of Az, the largest city in the world. Or, at least, the largest city in Zeutch. It was full of mortals to play pranks on. I was having so much fun. I made frogs rain on frolicking maidens during a festival, their firm titties bouncing and jiggling as they shrieked and ran away from the slimy things.

I soured milk. I made wives so horny that they were getting gangbanged while their husbands couldn't look away. And today, I thought about having fun at the brothel, spying on mortals paying for the most wonderful thing in the world.

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Sex. A busty, blonde Zeutchian prostitute giggled as she burst into the room I peered into. She already had her tits out. They were ripe and round and just lovely as they bounced before her. The guy who paid for her, a man with brown hair and a big nose, gripped them hard.

He loved them. I grinned as they stumbled to the bed. The hussy fell onto her back, her blonde hair spilling about the pillows.

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She grabbed her skirt, hiking it up. Her legs were spread wide, her vulva shaved bare, her pussy lips thick and pink and glistening with her juices. "Pater's cock, I need you in me!" she moaned, writhing on the bed. "I need a real dick in me. A dick worthy of a god." "Yes!" he groaned, unlacing his britches.

His cock spilled out. "Poor thing," I muttered, shaking my head. It was so small, this little, squat dick. He didn't deserve to ravish such a beautiful creature. "Ooh, that's it," the hooker groaned, her hands rubbing at her hot flesh.

"Plunge that huge sword into my sheath and make me explode!" "Gods, yes!" the man groaned. The spirits that lurked everywhere in the world surged around me. I grinned as the enhancement spirits, balls of green light, danced around me before shooting into the room. They passed through the glass like it wasn't there.

The energy swirled around the man, the spirits invisible to the two humans. He blinked, shaking his head as, to him, the prostitute had shifted to the other side of the bed.

But then he just shrugged and pounced on her. He fell on the bed beside the hooker, his cock thrusting forward as he fucked the visage only he could see. "Yes, yes, yes, take it, whore!" he snarled, his hairy balls swaying as his little cock pumped in the air. The hooker's jaw dropped. She sat up, her hands going to her breast, covering them up like she felt so exposed. I giggled at the bafflement on her lips as the man kept fucking the air beside her. The bed creaked as he grunted his passion.

"You got such a tight cunt," he groaned. "Oh, yes, yes. I'm going to spurt so hard into you. I'm going to fill you to the hilt." I rubbed at my own pussy, a naughty thrill shooting through me as he grunted and groaned. His back arched as his face twisted with pleasure. I could see him getting closer and closer to firing his load. "Already?" I muttered, my fingers sliding into my hot, shaved pussy.

Ripples of delight shot through me. "You wouldn't have given her any satisfaction. The hooker slipped off the bed, backing into the corner. She must think him mad. "Going to pump so much spunk into your cunt!" he grunted. I giggled again and then, with a thought, the spirits forming the illusion darted away. He thrust into the air and then gasped.

His cock hit the blanket. His eyes widened as the woman he fucked had vanished. Then he cried out in fear. He jumped off the bed, his erection going flaccid as he fell on his ass.

"Las's putrid cock!" he screamed. "What in Pater's name.? How did you.? What.?" I chortled in delight, my palm grinding on my clit. Pleasure sparked through me. I fluttered my butterfly wings and rose up the side of the building. That was so much fun. I needed to pull more pranks here. There was so much lust in the air. So many mortals seeking pleasure.

It was the best time to play with them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kora Falk Zanyia scampered into the small reading room I sat in with Ealaín. She was racing like a cat on all fours, showing off her excitement, her tail swaying behind her.

She reached me, her ears twitching, her lips smeared in cum and pussy cream. I leaned down in my chair and cupped her face, sexual fluids wetting my hands. I shook my head and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, tasting Ava's fresh pussy cream and Sven's cum.

"I see why it took you so long." "We were reliving our university days, sister dear," Sven said as he sauntered in, Ava on his arm, both looking flushed and happy. I couldn't help smiling at my brother and the princess. It was so delicious having Ava here. Our family felt so complete. We'd stayed in one place all week, renting a room from a quiet boarding house near the University, a large room with a huge bed. The domesticity of it made me swoon in delight.

Even if we had to spend long days in the library, we had our evenings together. A preview of our futures once the amulet was destroyed and Prince Meinard slain. "So, you found it?" Ava asked, her eyes flicking to the cleavage of my pink robe. I felt the amulet weighing at my neck, the ruby holding the Biomancer's soul pressing against the inner slopes of my breasts. "We think so," Ealaín said, turning a book towards Sven and Ava. "Maybe you haven't," Sven said, his voice.

neutral. His eyebrows furrowed. Something almost like disappointment flashed across his face. I frowned. I couldn't have seen that. He wanted to destroy the amulet, too. The princess broke away from him and leaned over the table. Her strawberry-blonde hair fell about her regal face, her small tits jiggling in her low-cut bodice.

Sven came up behind her, peering over her shoulder. "Um." Ava looked up. "What am I supposed to be reading on here? This page is dense." "I know, they write so small," Zanyia said, her eyes peering over the table, her ears twitching. "How do they do it? It makes my wrist cramp just thinking about making all those squiggles." "Letters," I muttered and then pointed at a paragraph in the middle of left page.

"The Altar of Souls." "What's that?" Sven asked. "It was Krab's forge," Ava said. "Where he fashioned such great artifacts, including the High King's shattered sword. But he hid the Altar of Souls so none could ever find it and use it. He would visit it in secret to do his workings. That's not much help." "But it could do it?" Sven asked, something like hope blossoming in his tone. He was excited to destroy it. "I mean, even if we have to search for a while, it's something." Ealaín shot my brother a studious look.

He returned it, his eyebrows arching. Ealaín shook her head and looked down. My eyebrows furrowed. Those two really needed to get along.

Ealaín was my muse, and Sven. Sven was my lover. My brother. My man. I would have to do something about that. "Ah, but read the next paragraph," I said, my mind working on a plan to encourage their relationship while explaining what I'd found. "The author thinks the Altar of Souls is found in Zeutch somewhere." "Because of me," Ava said, something like awe in her voice. "What?" Sven asked. "How could you be a part of the altar, Princess?" Zanyia asked, her chin resting on the table edge, her eyes bright and wide.

"Because most of the imbuer bloodlines are found in Zeutch," Ava said as her eyes moved back and forth, her finger sliding down the page as she read.

"I'm the product of two lines myself." "It implies that the God Krab has spent the most time here," I explained. "He isn't one for dalliances with mortals, but the few he's taken as lovers appear to be Zeutchian. Why else would that be unless he had a reason for visiting this part of the world? Gods do not do things without reason." "Okay," Sven said, his voice growing tight. "Zeutch is the largest nation in the world." "The naga's rule a large territory over the mountains," Zanyia said.

Sven shot her a look. "Sorry, Master." "But, still," he continued, "does this book give us any idea where to search? Is it near the Lakes? In the depths of the Forest of Lhes? In the peaks of the Despeir Mountains? Along the Royton? The Bertu Marshes? Near the Federation's lands? Is it by the border with the Kingdom of Allain? Or Thlin?" "It does not specify," I said. "But it's a start. We've narrowed down to the one place with the power to destroy magical artifacts, and it's right here in the Strifelands.

We just have to find more information." "How?" "There is a temple to Krab in Az," Ealaín said. "We simply consult with the priests and discover what they know. Perhaps the location is not so hidden. We do have an advantage. Princess Ava possesses their God's divine blood in her. That gives her a spiritual authority and, when combined with the temporal authority granted by her royal status, we may convince them to share what they know.

Perhaps it is a secret they guard, or they have legends that can narrow down our search so we can free Kora from her burden." Sven shifted. "Fine." "Good," I said. I really, really needed to bring them together. Tonight. "We'll go to the temple in the morning." Chapter Forty-Five: Kora's Menage Seduction Sven Falk Discovering about the Altar of Souls sent my emotions tumbling.

To have something tangible we could search for meant we were closer to destroying the amulet. I was closer to losing my sister. And yet. if no one knew where it was, we could spend months, even years searching for it. I could savor my time with her, revel in her presence. I shouldn't be so selfish. I had Ava, Aingeal, Zanyia, and Nathalie. Even Greta was worming her way into my heart with her naughty, busty affection. But I wanted my sister to be with us, too.

To share her passion and enrich our lives. But I also couldn't deny the world her gift. I couldn't deny her the happiness of creating her art. Ealaín and her divine mother Rithi were right; I could never stay in one place. While this last week was wonderful and allowed me to spend time with my harem in one place, I itched to move on. To do something exciting. I had thrown myself into danger over and over during the last year and.

It was such a rush. Different from sex, but as exhilarating. I couldn't drag Kora around the world. I shouldn't even do that to the others. They deserved stability. Support. Things I couldn't give them. Kora slipped up beside me as we headed back to our boarding house, leaving the University of Az, and its collection of colleges, behind. An owl hooted, mixing with the music drifting through the air from the Bardic College.

The school trained musicians of such skill they could use their song to manipulate emotions. What they played tonight was such a stirring song, but it didn't lift my heart.

"You're not. happy, brother mine." I glanced down at her. "Of course I am. We found how we can destroy the amulet." "I know," Kora said. "We're one step closer to dealing with the amulet. We can get revenge on Prince Meinard. We have the advantage now, brother mine. The war is about to turn on him. Rumors already buzz through Az that his offensive to the west against Princedoms of Anaopeth and Quvin have had a devastating setback." "Yeah," I said, putting on my smile.

"He'll be distracted. We can exploit it and avenge our parents and Katriana." Her blue eyes burned as she spoke. "Then we can settle down and live!" "We will," I said, faking the happiness.

"Assuming we can ever find the Altar of Souls and destroy the amulet, sister dear." "That's what has you in a bad mood?" "Just that," I said. "Not Ealaín." I gave her a look. "Well. I don't think she approves of me." "And?" "And that's it. We just don't get along." "You should, brother mine." Kora gave a firm nod of her hair.

"I really insist. She's my muse. I won't tolerate it any longer." She turned and snagged Ealaín, pulling the armored aoi si close to her. The ebony-skinned demigoddess flashed her citrine eyes on me, a warning look. I couldn't act like I was slowing us down or Rithi would think I was trying to stall my payment.

I could only treasure my time with Kora as long as it took to destroy the amulet, and that was coming closer and closer. I couldn't delay it. Stop it. "I want you two to get along," Kora said. "We're going to have sex." "We have sex every night," Ealaín said. "No, my family has sex, and you jerk off while you watch." Kora gave her a fixed look.

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"Not tonight. I want you joining the fun. All on your own. I want you playing with my brother. You two need to get along. I love you both." Ealaín swallowed. "You love me?" Kora nodded her head with a firmness. She glanced from me to the aoi si, her blue eyes hard. "Yes, I love you both." "Do you love me, Mistress?" Zanyia asked. She sauntered ahead of us, walking upright, naked as always. Her tail flicked back and forth as she peered at us over her shoulder. "Of course I love you.

You're my favorite lamia slave. There's not one lamia better than you." Zanyia purred in delight, her tail swishing faster. "And what about me?" Ava asked, a pout to her lips. "Of course I love you," Kora declared. "You make my brother so happy. I remember the first time he told me about you." I smiled, remembering that night I told both my sisters about the princess I'd just fingered. "He'd never felt a pussy as sweet as yours quivering beneath his fingers," Kora said.

"He loved the way your blue eyes melted as he made you cum. He'd never seen such delight in a woman's eyes. He never talked about his conquests with such enthusiasm." "Her eyes shone like Lake Azure on a cloudy night," I said, remembering that day, too, our dead, younger sister sitting in Kora's lap, her eyes so wide. "This brilliance that I wanted to drown in while your juices bathed my hand. "Sven," Ava said, her voice so tight with emotion.

Her shoulders shook. "Thank you." "So I'm going to fuck the feyhound," Kora said, "and suck my brother's cock." "Ooh, yes," Ava moaned. "You really like getting fucked by that wooden dick, don't you, sister dear?" I asked, excitement beating in my heart. "It's so naughty," she groaned. "I tried so hard to resist how wicked it was, but now. It's my third favorite cock. After yours and Ealaín's, of course." I didn't have to fake my smile this time.

True joy filled me up. My cock ached and throbbed. We reached our boarding house, Greta and Nathalie waiting for us, both naked and flushed, their lips smeared with pussy cream. They had seasoned the air with their musk, a wondrous scent that only spiced the cumming fun. They left the window open, an owl's hoot drifting inside. Clothes, and armor, came off. My dick throbbed hard as Kora knelt naked on the bed, her twin braids of blonde hair dangling, her round breasts quivering.

Ava lay down beside her, arms folded on her naked belly, and fell into her trance. Scáthnamhaid rose from the corner, wicker body shifting. It was Ava's new proxy now. Aingeal didn't seem to mind, especially not when Ava fucked her in that form.

My dick throbbed as the sleek beast—as Ava—made of woven branches hopped onto the bed, her wooden dick thrusting out beneath its body. She mounted my sister and rammed into her cunt. "Yes!" Kora gasped. "Oh, Ava, fuck me so hard." "So hard," Ava growled through the feyhound's mouth, distorting her words. But they still sounded feminine. I moved before my sister, shaking my cock at her face. She licked her lips, incestuous passion burning in her blue eyes.

Then she leaned forward and engulfed my dick in her hungry mouth. Her lips slid down it, caressing my cock, making me shudder. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure coursed down my shaft. "Gods, I love it when you do that, sister dear," I moaned. "Ooh, her pussy got so tight on my cock," Ava moaned, her feyhound proxy fucking my sister's cunt harder. Kora moaned so loudly about my dick, her blue eyes squeezed shut.

The pleasure swirled around my shaft. Her lips sealed tight. As she rocked into Ava's hard thrusts, her mouth worked up and down my cock. I didn't have to move. I just had to kneel here and enjoy it. Zanyia, Greta, and Nathalie fell into a daisy chain of pussy licking, moaning and gasping while Ealaín rubbed at her pussy, her citrine eyes watching with such hunger.

She still held back, an outsider watching the fun. Kora wanted her to join, though. So I smiled at Ealaín and gave her a roguish wink. I gripped my sister's braids, holding them like handles, and then thrust my cock forward. Kora moaned about my cock as it hammered against the back of her throat.

"Ooh, yes, fuck her mouth, Sven," Ava moaned. "While I fuck her juicy pussy. Ooh, yes, yes, she feel so hot around my cock." "I bet," I growled, knowing the delight of my sister's cunt. "She's sucking so hard on my cock." "She wants your cum," Ealaín moaned, rubbing at her clit. "So badly!" whimpered Ava, her wicker body creaking and groaning as she plowed my sister's cunt. My balls tightened as the pleasure surged through my body. I thrust harder, my cock reaching the back of Kora's throat.

I didn't stop this time.

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I plunged down her gullet. My sister swallowed me with skill. She took every inch of my cock with such ease. My nuts smacked into her chin. I groaned, loving the thudding impact while my sister's throat constricted about my shaft. She massaged my cock as I drew it back, the crown popping into the warm depths of her mouth.

Her tongue caressed it, shooting pleasure down to my balls, before I thrust into her again. "Ooh, I'm going to flood your cunt with so much cum, Kora," Ava moaned through her proxy. Beside us, her real body twitched, her strawberry-blonde bush soaked with my cum and her pussy juices. A smile played on her real lips.

"Do it!" I groaned. "I love cumming in my sister's pussy. It's such a treat." Kora moaned about my cock slamming down her gullet. "And she loves having her snatch flooded with jizz," I added. "Yes, she does," Ealaín moaned from the sidelines. I gave her another inviting look, admiring the large, pillowy swell of her ebony tits.

I fucked Kora hard, my hands gripping her braids, loving the silky, woven feel against my hands. I licked my lips and arched my eyebrows at Ealaín.

She shuddered, her tits swaying. "Yes, yes, yes," Ava moaned through the feyhound. "Oh, Kora, yes, I'm going to cum so hard in you. It's so wild having a cock." "I bet," I grunted, my balls tightening. "Gods, let's flood her together.

Let's fill her holes with our cum." Kora practically screamed out with excitement about my cock. My balls tensed. Kora's sucking mouth and tight throat stimulated me.

I slammed faster and faster into her, rocking her between me and the feyhound draped over her back. Wicker creaked and groaned as Ava fucked my sister just as hard, gasping and moaning, savoring Kora's cunt. I stared into the feyhound's eyes, the acorns somehow expressing the same emotions I saw in Ava's eyes. I felt our connection and knew my princess's cock was about to erupt in my sister's pussy.

I shuddered, burying to the hilt in my sister's mouth. And came. "Pater's mighty cock!" I howled. "Krab's wonderful creations!" moaned Ava, her wicker body trembling. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, Kora! Your pussy!" Kora moaned about my cock spurting into her hungry mouth. Her blue eyes sparkled. I knew what that meant: she was cumming. Ava trembled, her real body twitching by us as her orgasm pumped feyhound cum into my sister's pussy.

My balls emptied. The pleasure slammed through my mind. Waves of dizziness washed through my body. I drew in a deep breath, shaking my head. My heart screamed in utter delight as the final spurt of cum fired down my sister's mouth. "Rithi's inspiring art!" Ealaín groaned and then moved to the bed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ealaín "Ava, fuck me now!" I moaned, my pussy on fire.

Kora wanted this. She had set up the tableau. I shouldn't do this. I shouldn't want this, but. My pussy craved it. "Fuck my ass while I ride Sven's cock!" Sven pulled his dick out of his sister's mouth, grinning at me. I could see it in his eyes. He thought he could inspire me to turn against my mother's divine will. That if he could seduce me into his harem, I would intercede to keep his sister with him.

I would never do that. Kora deserved to make her art in peace. She would enrich the world with her passion. "Get on your back and let me ride that cock," I moaned, my pussy on fire. I kept my clit under control. I didn't need my own dick at the moment. "I want to feel that dick in me." "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my brother," Kora moaned.

"Ooh, and Ava, just slam into Ealaín so hard." "I will," Ava said, dismounting off Kora. Kora stretched and then gasped as Greta broke away from the daisy chain and went for cum-filled pussy. The busty girl savored drinking her mistress's feyhound-cum out of women's pussies. Greta's golden hair spilled about Kora's tattooed thighs as she feasted. Kora shuddered, her breasts quivering, making the tattoo on the left come alive.

Sven just grinned at me, his dick wet with Kora's saliva. "Hop on and go for a ride." "Mmm, I'll fuck you so hard I'll make your cock melt." "I'm looking forward to it," he said as I straddled him, my midnight-black flesh contrasting with his fleshy beige. I rubbed my hands on his chest as he held his cock upright, a spear upon which to impale my cunt. I slammed down him. My back arched and my tits shook as I took him to the hilt.

His dick filled me utterly. My breasts quivered. His hands went to them, grabbing and kneading them. I shuddered, leaning over him, working my cunt up and down his dick. He had a majestic cock. It had such a thickness to it, a length that reached deep inside of me. His fingers squeezed my nipples, making them ache and throb. I stared into his blue eyes and witnessed utter passion.

I blinked, shaking my head. A woman could drown in those eyes. Six already had. The five others in this room and Aingeal out having her fun in the city. "Just work that cunt up and down my cock," Sven groaned. "Mmm, yes," I purred, savoring the friction of working my pussy up and down his dick.

Pleasure rippled through me. Then Ava's wicker body leaped on my back. I shuddered at the feel of her feyhound proxy gripping me with her woven forelegs. Then her thick cock nudged between the cheeks of my ass, wet with Kora's pussy juices.

The perfect lube. I groaned as the princess stabbed her wooden cock into me. The thick, hard shaft delved deep into my rectum, a fiery plunge that made my cunt clamp down hard on Sven's cock. His eyes widened. He let out a deep groan of delight as I shuddered atop him. "Rithi's inspiring art!" I howled as my body trembled. "Oh, Gods, yes." "Sven!" Ava moaned.

"Oooh, she's got a tight asshole." "Maybe I'll get to try it out," Sven said. My eyes flicked down to his, met his blue, intense gaze. I shuddered on him and moaned, "Maybe!" I couldn't look away from his eyes as Ava slammed her cock over and over into my asshole. The hot plunge of her polished-smooth shaft into my bowels made my hips pump. My pussy danced around Sven's dick as I rode him, drowning in the sapphire of his gaze. His hands kneaded my tits, fingers massaging my pussy.

That added a spark to the rapture the two cocks churned in my nethers.

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They filled both my holes. I groaned, my back arching into the wicker body. "Rithi's inspiring beauty, I love this!" I moaned. "Isn't it amazing to join in the fun?" Kora gasped.

"To feel the love." I whimpered, fighting my emotions. "It is," Sven groaned. "Oh, sister dear, your muse is making my cock throb." "Make him cum, Ealaín. Have him spurt his jizz into your depths." "Uh-huh," I groaned, trying to wrench my gaze away. Instead, I pressed myself across his chest, my breasts pillowing against him. My lips neared his mouth as Ava fucked my asshole harder. "Ooh, yes, Ealaín," groaned the princess, pumping away at my asshole, making my pussy pump harder up and and down Sven's cock.

"Such a tight ass. You're going to make us both cum." "Both of you," I moaned. "Sharing. sharing the passion. The inspiration." "Such inspiration," Sven groaned right before I kissed him. I shivered, feeling the strength of his strong lips, the feel of his whiskers. Fresh pussy juices lingered on his mouth, an exciting flavor. My asshole and cunt clenched down on the cocks filling me up.

My body quivered, my orgasm swelling up the core of my body. My eyes squeezed shut as I trembled atop Sven. My clit throbbed as I ground it into his pubic bone. My nipples ached against his chest. So many sensations shot through me. Ava moaned atop me, her wicker crotch smacking into my rump as she rammed that amazing feyhound-cock over and over into me. "Yes, yes, yes, so beautiful," Kora gasped, her throat thick with inspiration. "Ooh, yes, you three are making something so wonderful.

So glorious! I'm going to cum watching you! Oh, yes, Greta, I'm going to. CUM!" Hearing her orgasm burst through her voice set me off. Watching me kiss her brother, to writhe between him and Ava, had inspired her pleasure.

Her climax. This was why I was here: to be her muse. To help her create beauty. My pussy and asshole writhed about the dicks filling my holes. Sven groaned into the kiss. Ava gasped atop me. The princess rammed her wooden cock deep into me. It spurted cum. Her real body twitched beside us, small tits jiggling on the edges of my vision. "So good!" Ava moaned.

"Gods, this is so good! Oh, Sven, cum in her pussy!" Sven groaned into our kiss. His strong hands squeezed my hips. His tongue thrust into my mouth as he bucked up, driving his cock deep into my spasming cunt. Then he groaned. His cum fired into me. I shuddered at this moment of completeness. This wondrous moment of joy as Ava's and Sven's cocks filled my asshole and pussy with their jizz. I squeezed my eyes shut and melted into the joy of Sven's harem.

Outside, a woman screamed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aingeal I chortled as I winged through the skies over Az, such excitement trembling through me. I savored how utterly naughty I was today.

That one guy couldn't understand why his cock would go soft right before entering his prostitute and another screamed so loudly when he thought she turned into a spider while he was dick-deep in her. He ran shrieking out of her room and then ran down the street, his britches still bunched around his ankles. He made good speed despite that. The boarding house loomed ahead. I shivered in anticipation. The light flickered in our window.

I knew my family was already writhing in passion. A wicked idea popped into my head. I could play a prank on them. What should it— Shadows engulfed me. The world vanished in a tide of inky darkness. I screamed. My hands clawed at my face. My wings beat faster as my entire body spasmed. Cold pumped through my veins as my hands rubbed at my eyes, trying to wipe away what covered my face. Nothing. There was nothing on me. What was going on. Someone had— ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zizthithana I smiled as the faerie's flight went erratic, my shadows wreathed about her face.

She careened off to the right, her wings fluttering. My mirth turned into vicious glee, a sibilant hiss pouring from my lips, as she crashed headlong into the side of a building and dropped out of sight. I heard the thud of her landing in the yard.

An owl hooted, disturbed by her impact. The ogre Gor let out a wicked, rumbling laugh. Then he asked, "Fuck faerie?" "You know who you're supposed to fuck and kill." I pointed at the window. I'd spent the last two days watching Sven and his harem as we skulked in Az, using my shadows to conceal us. Planning.

Studying. Waiting. No mistakes. "Go!" Gor roared and charged forward, the shadows melting off his flesh, unveiling the ogre's monstrous form. Antrevia, his sadistic handler, raced after him. I shivered, my tongue flicking out into the air. I slithered out of them, eager for the carnage to begin.

Eager to recover that Las-damned amulet. To be continued.