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Brandy wine britt morgan damien cashmere in brandy wine in white lacy panty ta theclassicporn and vi
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Natasha and Darren were parked in their favourite look out point, Yellow Valley Forest Park, from here they could see over the town. They had both grown up here and today they were going to seal their love once and for all. Both were still virgins, but not after today!!!!

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Graham and David were travelling the country in their battered old camper van, they had just finished college and wanted to go travelling before starting into working life. Like any 19 year old, they wanted excitement, hence the trip.

However it wasnt as exciting as they thought it would be. "Man, I really need a pee right now" Graham informed his mate "Cant you pull over somewhere" Sighing David replied "Dude, the next layby or park we pass I will stop". Driving on David noticed a sign on the edge of the road 'Yellow Valley Forest Park, Next Right". Pulling into the car park David noticed another car parked over towards the trees, he could just make out the figure of a beautiful blonde girl sitting in the passengers seat talking to her male companion.

'Lucky bastard' David thought, he could never have a girl like that. He was interrupted from his thoughts when Graham slammed the campers door.

"Man, did I need that" he reported.


"Dude look at that car over there, I wouldnt mind fucking that blonde babe" Graham said, not taking his eyes off the car "Looks like its going to be that guys lucky day, Im going for a closer look" David said jumping out of the van. He made his way over to the trees, if he stayed amongst them, then maybe he wouldnt be seen.

He heard Graham get out and follow a short distance behind. Receiving the trees just a few feet away from the car, David gasped, this blonde was now leaning forward stroking her guys cock. She had a smile on her face, and his head was leant back against the headrest of his seat. He was clearly enjoying it too.

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Looking back at Graham he couldnt help but notice that he was rubbing his cock over his trousers, his eyes never left the couple in the car. David couldnt help but smile, Rhonda had cheated on Graham a few months back, he had took it really hard. This was probably the first time his cock has been hard since her. Looking back at the car David noticed that the man had turned his attention to this blonde babe, he had lifted the front of her skirt up and had revealed her white panties.

They were so close, if any of them looked up they would definitely see them. It just heightened the pleasure. Before he knew it he saw Graham run past him towards the car, he had his pocket knife out and was opening the drivers door.

Dragging the guy out and had him on the ground with the knife to his throat.

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The blonde was screaming now, he could see the fear in her eyes "If you scream I will cut your throat right open" Graham snarled, walking around to the passengers door. Opening the door he reached in and took the blonde out.

David ran down to the car, he couldnt believe what was happening. The fear was obvious in both victims faces, he didnt know if Graham would carry out these threats, he had never seen him like this before.

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"Grab him and take him back to the van, I will bring this whore" Graham said to David. Taking hold of the guys arm he marched him to the side door of the camper van, opened it up and pushed the guy inside. "Dude what are you doing?" David asked. "Just tie that guy up with something" Graham replied.

Finding duct tape in the toolbox in the back, he started to wrap it around the guys arms and legs. He didnt put up a fight, and David noticed that the guy had wet himself with fear. Placing a piece of duct tape over the guys mouth he heard the girl screaming, she was putting up a fight with Graham, and any wonder, he had her on the back seat, trying to rip her clothes off.

"Man give me a hand, tie this bitch up and then tape me giving her a right seeing to" Graham ordered his mate. Helping his mate strip this girl, he couldnt help but notice what a beautiful body she had, her face was puffy with crying, but her breasts were perk and her nipples looked so hard.

He couldnt stand hearing her screaming and crying out for her guy (which we found out was called Darren). He placed a bit of duct tape over her mouth. As he held her arms over her head, Graham peeled her white panties off, she was kicking out and squirming.


She was now lying completely naked, the tears coming harder. David noticed that her pussy was totally shaved, he loved that, none of his girlfriends ever would do that for him. Graham was now rubbing his cock between her breasts, she was trying her best to get away, her screams muffled with the tape. David went back to the guy, he undid his shoes and took his laces. He wrapped a lace around her two wrists and found a place to tie her up so her arms were above her head. Graham was still rubbing his cock between her breasts, he was loving it.

He kept talking to the blonde. "How do you like a real cock babe?" or "You like your titties being fucked, dont you" He started to move down towards her pussy, the muffled screams grew louder and she began to squirm even more, David stood while Graham knealt on the floor at the blondes kneetried to open her legs, but she wasnt going to make it easy.

"Come on babe, open your legs for me, I want to " Graham purred. The blonde continued to fight, David could see her tears were coming more frequent. However his own cock was throbbing and he wanted a piece of the action too, after quickly stripping he walked over and grabbed one of her legs, while Graham pressed his shoulder against her knee, her legs slowly opened up. He could see her glistening pussy now, lowering his head he began to lick her, sucking while she squirmed.

Placing his finger inside her pussy, then taking it out and tasting her, he replaced his finger with 2 fingers, pushing them in and out, licking at all the flowing juices.

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In and out his fingers worked, round and round so they could feel inside her, god she had a tight pussy. "Here man come taste her" Graham said to David.

Kneeling between her legs he placed his face into her warm cunt, breathing in the sweet smell and tasting her.

The more she squirming the more her pussy pushed against his face. She was beginning to tire now, he fight wasnt as strong. Sticking his fingers in her warm vagina and then rubbing her juices on his now very stiff cock, he slowly slide his cock into her, until his balls were touching her.

The shock had made her arch her back, with her head back she let out a muffled scream. Her breasts were now high in the air.


Her muffled screams were more persistant now, her eyes wide with shock and fear. But he left his cock buried deep inside her, letting her feel it all. Her body began to buck around as she tried to get rid of this invasion, but David grabbed her hips and stayed put. Slowly he started to pump inside her, feeling the tight pussy around his cock. He heard Graham walk over to the guy and drag him over so he was beside the blonde, holding his hair he order him to watch David fucking his girlfriend.

David had never felt so turned on, a beautiful girl and having an audience. Looking at Graham he noticed that he was holding the camcorder they had brought to record special moments. Looking back at Darren he noticed the guys eyes were closed.

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He started to fuck her harder, letting her take all he had to give, he was pleased with his 7 inches, no girl had ever complained. "Im gonna cum, man" "Cum inside her" Graham replied. At the last minute David pulled out and came on her stomach.

"Graham, fuck look at this, she is bleeding" Looking at her pussy, Graham noticed a small patch of blood "Dude, you just fucked a virgin" He couldnt believe it, any wonder her body reacted in the way it did.

Graham took up position for his turn, he wouldnt be so gentle, he had a 9 inch cock and it was thick, he was going to tear her up so she would always remember him. Ramming his cock into her still wet pussy, he immediately started fucking her hard, she was still trying to get free without success. Graham was giving her no mercy, she was taking all his cock, he started to bite and pinch her nipples. Grabbing her breasts and squeezing them hard. David was now armed with the video camera, he was getting close ups of graham ramming this beauty.

Slapping, pinching and biting her breasts, she was trying to cry out.

Grahams fucking came to an end. "Feel my cum inside you babe, bet that warms you up" Taking off the tape, he rammed his fingers into her pussy, she started to moan. She had enough, but were the guys finished? Placing his cum dripped fingers into her mouth he ordered her to suck it. He then began to place it in her asshole. "Please dont, not that please, it hurts" the blonde begged. Taking his finger out of her asshole, he put two into her pussy. "Please leave me alone, please, just go and I wont report this" Graham put two cum soaked fingers into her mouth, he lowered his hand to her pussy again, pumping his two fingers in and out of her pussy while David filmed it all.

This time he placed his 2 wet fingers into her tight asshole. "Fuck no, god no, please stop, stop it now, please" "Dude are you ready for this" Graham winked at his mate. Placing the camera on the tripod he returned to his mate.

He untied her from the car seat belt hinge, and proceed to retie her wrists together. Lifting her to him he placed her on his cock to help moisten it. Graham was already on the seat when David placed the girl on the seat, flipping her around and guiding her onto Grahams cock. The girl started to pump up and down by herself, David realised she was beginning to like it, she was now moaning instead of fighting.

Positioning himself, he slowly started to enter her tight asshole, she immediately placed her hand on his stomach to stop him going any further, but he pushed on slowly until he was fully in her ass. With the two guys pounding at her, she was moaning loudly with pleasure.

Both of them fucking her harder and harder until they came. The blonde lay along the seat with her legs open, cum dripping from her pussy and ass. "Thanks guys, that was a good way to lose my virginity" Michael was untied and he he sat, no able to look at any of the others, he knew he lost Natasha, he could never give her what she would want now.