Gay guys With one sole balanced on the mattress Jimmy dipped his

Gay guys With one sole balanced on the mattress  Jimmy dipped his
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After Dark I'm a vampire! I know, this may sound corny but it's true. My story isn't so much about how I became one. I'm not going into Anne Rice stuff but I'm going to tell you how I came to meet the most extraordinary and dangerous girl I could ever imagine. I live in London and enjoy nights out more than the days work.

I work in a civil servant's office and it's far from any spy story. I more or less do filing; I photocopy things off the Net for my bosses all day. So in the evening, I get out and about to distract myself a bit. Get away from the dull humdrum of the office and I avoid going out with the office crowd their even duller at night down the pub, than they are in daytime.

We modern vampires don't need to hide during the day as long as we've fed properly and to do that, it only takes a little blood from an unsuspecting victim who generally forgets all about it after having suggested it to them unconsciously. Times have changed since the beginning of our race but that's neither here nor there.

That evening, I was feeling particularly voracious and in the mood for prey, female prey and in more ways than one. The moon was high and full. It was a beautiful silvery white as it bathed the sky like a halogen light and I knew I would be particularly strong tonight because of its attraction. We were in mid July and the cool night air changed from the hot and sticky days we'd been having.

I'd been out every evening for a week looking for some fun in various pubs but nothing really interesting had come my way.

I enjoyed women to the full and generally had a few drinks with a girl in a bar after which if she were Okay, I'd take her to a restaurant then back to her or my place to finish the evening. After food and sex, I'd take my other pleasure out of her by penetrating her arm or neck and sucking a little blood out of her.

Usually the conversation would turn around vampirism and as always the girl being fascinated by the world of the undead, would allow herself to be sucked just a touch, mainly out of curiosity. Then I'd make sure she forgot about it. Nevertheless, she would do quite a bit of sucking herself before we got to that, if you see what I mean. Anyway, it was Friday, the date was the thirteenth of the month, and all the elements for a sensuous and adventurous night were lined up so what could I possibly lose.

After all I was the predator and a very powerful one at that. It was now 8 pm and I was ready and dressed. 2 I was wearing a black leather shirt tucked into black leather tight trousers and of course black leather pumps. Oh! I forgot to mention, I love leather. I was also wearing a large silver upturned pentagram on a silver chain around my neck. Apart from the fact that I'm a vampire, I also l practice witchcraft and Satanic witchcraft at that so that sort of jewellery was really in keeping with who I was.

Some will argue that Satanism and Vampires don't go together but I'd become a vampire because a great master had turned me a few hundred years ago as for Satanism, I always believed I was born a Satanist due to my parents who were pagan peasants and firmly believed in Satan as a true god.

I won't say what happened to them. I guess it's as good an explanation as anything but it's the only one I've got. I had gotten used to frequenting a small pub in the Fulham area in South East London. It was always full on Saturday nights but on Fridays there were less people.

Many women went there as they lived and worked in the area mostly as secretaries for big firms settled around Chiswick and Hammersmith, so there was never any shortage females to meet. Tonight, however, something special was going to happen, I just knew it.

I was going to meet a woman who would change my life forever. I didn't live very far, but I always went by car. One never knew whom one might pick up and my Volkswagen Passat was more than comfortable. I wasn't really worried about being picked up for drunken driving; vampires don't show alcohol either in their breath or in their blood so I could drink as much as I wanted to but in general, I drank haemoglobin anyway apart from an occasional beer or a glass of red wine.

I walked out of my flat, locked the door behind me, got into the Passat and drove off towards my hunting ground, the Fulham pub called "The Solitaire". As I arrived I parked in a side street and walked over to the dark red-lit bar. As I entered I spotted a strikingly attractive woman seated at the bar on a stool. I couldn't help noticing her outstanding looks. She was quite tall about 5 ft 6 or 7 inches, although the high stool gave her an even more splendorous and slick allure.

Her hair was very short and bright blond. She had very big blue eyes with long fine black eyelashes due to the thin line of mascara, which surrounded her gaze. Her brows were high and as black as the eyelashes so I assumed she wasn't a real blond.

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She was seated in a three-quarter-position facing the counter behind which was a large rectangular mirror so I could see her face perfectly. The short and tight black satin dress she was wearing enhanced the curves of her soft white shiny bare thighs and calves as she 3 crossed and uncrossed her legs constantly placing the spike of her high heels on the transversal bar halfway up her barstool. She evidently seemed to be waiting for someone. In fact the 'someone' in question was about to show up as I was nearing the counter.

Suddenly she turned her head and presented one of the most radiating smiles I'd ever seen. The row of white teeth was perfect as she looked in my direction. I thought for a moment it was in the bag. She was smiling at me but then I was slightly jolted by a big hefty man with broad shoulders, wearing a dark green velvet suit the jacket of which was open on an immaculate white shirt.

I noticed in the mirror, he had hard looking features. The thin eyes on his handsome but warn tanned face made him rather look more like a mob gunman. The shirt, which was open on his tanned hairy chest, revealed a large gold cross hanging on an expensive gold chain.

Crosses didn't worry me in fact the crucifix thing vampires are supposed to fear is a myth. It's just linked to the individual's religion.

If you were a Christian before becoming a vampire, then you'll fear the cross. If on the other hand you were turned when you were Jewish, it may be the Star of David you cringe and so forth.

However, someone like myself who was born a pagan in the dark ages fears no religion what so ever least of all a gold cross.

This particular cross wasn't the only ornament the velvet gentleman was wearing. On his right wrist was a gold chain bracelet and on the left a gold watch. He obviously liked gold and by the look of the girl in the black satin dress at the bar, she too relished gold as she greeted him with an open and sensual kiss. I decided to go and sit at the end of the counter and watch the pair get acquainted for a while, though it was obvious they already knew each other but were perhaps not old friends yet.

There were plenty of other women in the pub but right now I was curious about a couple that in my view seemed rather disparate and I wanted to know what they were really about. It wasn't the fact that the man was his late forties and the girl looked hardly a day over 22, there was something else about them that bothered me, I could sense it as a vampire.

Many couple are made up of people with age differences. No, there was something definitely odd about these two. Maybe she was a prostitute or a highly paid call girl? She didn't seem to act like one and no money was exchanged between them, although, if that were the case, they would have been very discreet about it and probably handled the transaction outside or in a car or elsewhere.

While I was watching them, in a slight daze, the barman came up to me and asked me what I would have to drink. I ordered a beer and 4 noticed that the man was also drinking one whilst the girl was knocking back her second gin and tonic. Again, that seemed out of place although, why shouldn't a rich entrepreneur drink a beer while his bed partner has a gin. I was trying to look for excuses for this couple not to be together.

I just didn't like the look of the mean and crooked looking man. I new there was something about him that displeased me and the girl seemed so fresh and fragile but I had no reason to interfere, especially in a crowded pub.

I didn't have long to wait. They finished their conversation and the girl got up from her stool leading the man by the hand as they left the pub. I hadn't even noticed that he'd paid for the drinks but I assumed he had. I did the same laying out a note on the counter; I stood up and followed them out. As I reached the door and looked out into the street, a few people were milling around on the sidewalk drinking beers and smoking cigarettes but there was no sign of the amorous couple.

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I walked towards the nearest side street on the left of the pub and that's where I caught them again. They were kissing as the girl was literally curling her left leg around his waist but then came the most horrendous sight I'd ever seen and it happened within a few seconds. As they were still kissing, the girl swiftly transformed herself into a wolf.

She very quickly grew thick grey fur all over her body and her nose and mouth elongated into that of a protruding wolf snout panting and growling. She, or should I say it, snapped at the man's throat from which blood came gushing out. The lycanthrope was literally hacking at his neck and enjoying the meal. I was hiding behind the wall fascinated by the scene when on moving my foot it knocked against a drainpipe, which made a slight clang. The lupine looked up in my direction.

I wasn't afraid of it werewolves and vampires have been at war for centuries - but I didn't really want to get into a fight with her kind just next to the pub we were both drinking in a few moments earlier. Nevertheless I was prepared to defend myself if need be. As I stepped out of the shadows, the wolf slowly turned back into the sweet girl she'd been up to then. Dressed in the mini-dress and as sexy as ever but with a slight difference, she had a small slick of blood dripping from her mouth onto her chin.

She was suddenly aware of it and took out a small handkerchief from the purse she was amazingly carrying I hadn't noticed it before and wiped her chin. That's when she gave me the zinging come along smile she'd given the, now dead man laying on the ground, earlier on in the pub. She started to saunter towards me still smiling freshly. 5 'Hello, I'm Calli, Calli Diacara.' She announced innocently in a broad New York accent as she stretched out her right hand.

I stood there for a moment not quite knowing what to do. Watching her outstretched hand for a momlent, I took it and introduced myself. 'My name is Carl. Carl Sterling. Actually, it's really Charles but I've always preferred Carl, sounds more mysterious. I'm British by the way; I take it you're American.' 'Yes, from New York.

He was from California though resident in the Big Apple. She added nodding towards the corps half eaten on the sidewalk.

'Nice name Calli,' I started, hoping to change the subject, hoping she wouldn't mind my not elaborating on the incident. 'Actually my full name is Callisto, it's Greek, but I prefer Calli. It too, sounds more mysterious. And I must add that my second name is something else but I'm known as Calli Diacara for the majority of people I meet.

'Yes, I can see that.' I felt I had to come back to what had happened, it wouldn't ave seemed normal if I hadn't. 'May I ask what happened here? And aren't you afraid I'm going to run to the authorities and tell them about it?' 'Oh No!

First of all, he deserved it. He killed his wife and two of his children back in New York hoping to find a woman to start up again. His money was his wife's actually. I was here to catch him, I'm a bounty hunter, and he is worth one hundred thousand dollars dead or alive.

I couldn't be bother to keep him alive all the way back to New York. He would have been executed anyway.' 'I see! Not a very pleasant person I imagine but what a death!' I thought that was quite a speech.

I was impressed, a bounty hunter and a lycanthrope both in one wow, that was something. It then occurred to me that she'd said firstly, there was obviously a secondly to come. 'And?' 'And what?' 'You said firstly, I therefore gather that there's a secondly.' She looked at me awkwardly for a moment then seemed to come back to the problem at hand. 'Oh yeah, of course. Well the other reason is that you're a vampire and vampires don't go running to the police every time someone gets killed.' I was stunned by her direct answer.

I had to know more. 6 'What gives you the impression I'm a vampire?' 'Simple, you give off the scent of one. It's the blood. Remember I'm a werewolf and I sense these things.' 'Then how come I didn't know you were a lupine? I read minds.' 'Human minds. I'm not human and I hide the dark side of myself, even to vampires.' She paused. 'And of course, you know the rivalry there is between our two races.' 'Yes!

Of course! And you too, read minds I suppose.' 'No, but I guess what people are thinking through studying them for the past few hundred years?' 'And you can guessed what I was thinking about?' 'Actually, all you wanted tonight was sex and blood and you didn't get either. Excuse me a moment.' She took out a cell-phone and tapped out a number then spoke in it.

'Superintendent, it's Cally Diacra, Sully's dead. I just found him, he must have got into a knife fight, and he's laying in a back street next to The Solitaire. Send some men and I'll pick up the bounty in the morning.' She closed the cell-phone and got back to me with a happy grin. 'How about a drink then we can get to know each other if you like?' I felt like I needed a drink to get over all this and I did want to get to know her so I acquiesced and followed her back into the pub.

I did wonder about the stiff for a second though. 'What about him?' I asked candidly. 'He's not going anywhere and in a few moments this place will be crawling with cops.' 'I suppose so.' As we went inside she ambled towards the ladies' toilet. 'I need to clean up first. Why don't you come with me we can talk while I'm redoing my makeup?' 'Very well!' I agreed and followed her inside not caring whether I would be seen or not.

She intrigued me too much for me to worry about it. We were alone as she took out her lipstick and refreshed herself while looking in the mirror. I knew what she was thinking even if I couldn't read her mind; at least I thought I did. 'Yes we can see ourselves in mirrors, that's a myth invented by Hollywood while rewriting Bram Stoker.' 7 'I know you can, I was just thinking of something.

I just don't want your evening to be a total loss.' She grabbed me by the neck and pulled me into one of the cubicles. She sat on the toilet seat and unzipped my trousers pulling my penis out at the same time.

It was already hard through the excitement of the evening and I was longing to fuck this girl even though she was a bit special, maybe more so because of it.

She thrust my rod in her mouth and started sucking it hard. I could feel myself warm up inside and gradually get hotter and hotter. Although I was already stiff, I was getting even harder when the moment of bliss arrived. I was sweating through the leather. My libido was talking so loudly to me so I wasn't caring about perspiration.

The action was on. My semen began to race through my lower abdomen and I could feel that it was hot and willing. She sucked faster and faster and my juice ran straight into her mouth and kept on going for a full ten seconds. She swallowed it fully and seemed to appreciate it.

She then got up and handed me a napkin so I could clean up. 'There! Did you enjoy it?' She asked innocently. What could I say? It was all so sudden.

'Certainly! Do you always act in such a dominant fashion?' 'Not usually but I knew I'd fucked up your evening. From the start you wanted to buy me a drink and fuck me afterwards and maybe even take some of my blood and I changed all that.' 'You're very perspicacious for someone who doesn't read minds.' I said as I was zipping up again.

'I told you I've studied human behaviour for centuries and vampires are no different. Their humans before they become vampires. She responded casually as she was finishing her lipstick.' 'I believe you.' I agreed, knowing I couldn't disagree.

'How about that drink you promised me?' 'Yeah, let's go and have it now before your police friends arrive.' We went into the main bar and sat at the counter. I ordered a beer and a gin tonic and we just sat there sipping our respective drinks for a moment. 'Will we see each other again?' I asked a little tensely.

'Why? Are you going somewhere?' She paused. 'We've only just arrived. Now if you mean after tonight, let's see how it goes first. Then I can tell you that I come here nearly every night. I'm at the Belvedere hotel in king's road if you want to see me. I'll 8 be staying there for about another week, time to get things sorted out.' I smiled at her and downed my beer. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ The next morning I sat up in bed thinking about the night before.

Vampires don't always have extraordinary lives and I was no exception. Apart from the fact that living in a ground floor flat and having a small back garden and a garden shed at my disposal, I could often perform Rituals outside in the middle of the night. The only other occupants of the house were an old couple on the first floor and a travelling salesman above them who, half the year was never home.

Other than that no one in the house knew I was a vampire, although nobody had ever bothered to ask why the local cats and dogs stayed away from my abode and strange as it may seem, although no birds hazarded here either, strange crawling insects did.

I also had a family of spiders who kept them quiet but that too appeared to not hamper the surrounding dwellings. I decided to stop thinking about my condition and got up to make breakfast. Today was Saturday and I wasn't working. Nevertheless, I couldn't help thinking about last night being Friday the 13th; it hadn't been a good day for someone had it? As for me, our drink finished, the police had surrounded the place and my beautiful drinking partner had gone off with the authorities leaving me alone in front of my beer.

Apart from that, I was having strange dreams these past few days. I could even call them nightmares in some cases. Many years ago, I'd massacred a family while still a predator and little by little, I'd managed to put it at the back of my mind but recently the pictures of that night came coming back to haunt me.

Still, it was daylight now and last night was last night. While I was eating my bacon and eggs I kept flashing back to that she-wolf.

I wanted to see her again but I wasn't certain that I should. We weren't exactly from the same origin however, I was always attracted to danger, and hazard and I just couldn't get her out of my mind.

The thought of the myth of Vampires fighting werewolves and often losing kept manifesting itself and it worried me a little but I decided to take no notice of it. I spent the entire day searching up all I could on lycanthropes and at about 8 pm, I got dressed in my black leather suit and decided it was time to go out. I headed for the Solitaire and looked around the place before going inside.

I was hoping Calli would be there but at the same time, I was secretly 9 hoping she wouldn't. As I parked my Passat a couple of streets away a black Porsche raced past and stationed right in front of the entrance of the pub. I slowly got out of my own car and sauntered over to the entrance where as usual, a few people were out on the kerb drinking and smoking.

I stopped a few yards short of the Porsche so as not to be seen by its occupant when the driver's door opened. First a high silver stiletto heel appeared followed by the rest of the long splendorous and curvy leg.

The girl swung around placing her second leg on the sidewalk revealing an extremely short silver satin skirt, above which was a matching tank top. As she stretched pulling herself out of the car, I realized it was Calli and she was looking particularly sumptuous and extremely erotic. Was she on the prowl again tonight? Or was she just out for some fun? And what about the car? Obviously bounty hunters earn money. Suddenly I was feeling queasy and it occurred to me I hadn't fed for the last forty-eight hours.

I leant forward onto the car as Calli was starting to walk away from it clicking her alarm key at the same time. As she was looking back she saw me leaning on the Porsche. I was feeling really bad at that point and I didn't want to make a fuss in front of all the people standing around but Calli's immediate reaction surprised me. It was as if she knew exactly what was happening. She immediately pulled out a knife from who knows where and sliced her arm thus making herself bleed fiercely.

She then plunged her bleeding arm into my mouth and I sucked hard on it whilst the onlookers stared at the scene in amazement but also very anxiously. I kept sucking and biting hard into her arm for about two minutes after which I felt my strength return. As I pulled away, she smiled at me, and a few seconds - later her arm was completely healed with not even a scar. I stood up and walked into the pub with her. 'Well that was a close shave wasn't it?' She said maternally as we got up and started towards the entrance of the pub.

'Yes, lucky you were there. How did you know anyway?' 'I saw you park as I arrived so I knew you'd be along and when I noticed you start to dip, I knew what was happening. You hadn't fed for a number of hours. I don't know how many but …' '-Almost forty-eight and I must feed at least every twenty-four hours if I want to go out in daylight.' 'Whatever!

I was there, that's all the counts.' 10 'And I thank you for it; can I buy you a drink?' 'Of course!' She said as we reached the counter. The barman asked us what we'd drink so I ordered a straight scotch. Grants, - it's my favourite - and for Calli I already knew what she wanted at least I thought I did, but she beat me to it and ordered a Vodka and Tonic. 'Last night you were on Gin weren't you?' 'And you were on beer.' 'Well, I guess we can have a change of heart occasionally.' 'And of drink!

What about sex, did you get any today?' 'Nope! You?' 'No, I was too busy looking through police files. They want me to find anther bounty. Some escaped convict from a London prison.

They don't have the manpower to do it because there's some big European ministry meeting taking place this weekend so I guess I'll be staying on a little longer.' 'Nice work you do.' 'Yeah! What about you, what do you do for a living?' She asked more nonchalantly than with interest. 'Actually, I'm a civil servant but before you jump to conclusions, I'm not a spy. I'm a clerk.' 'So what's wrong with office work? You work in an office and I'm a cop, well sort of.

Would you like to help me find the son of bitch I have to catch? Make a change in your life wouldn't it?' I had to think for a moment, Why was she asking me to work with her out of the blue like that? We hardly knew each other, and besides I wasn't sure if I wanted to embark into this kind of caper. However, I'd been living as a small clerk for the past few years after having been a vicious vampire for centuries.

Maybe it was time I got back to my natural self. After all, I had nothing to lose and I was surely going to get something out of it, if only fun. 'How much does it pay?' 'Half of what I get. I'll split it with you.' 'Why are you asking me to work with you all of a sudden?' 'Because you seem to be one board vampire and I think it'll perk up your spirit if you decide to say yes.' She said with conviction.

'Well, what do you think?' After a quick thought, I'd decided. 11 'Okay, it's a deal.' 'Great, then let's celebrate.' 'How?' 'Follow me!' She got up and headed for the ladies toilets like the previous night. I then knew that my evening wasn't going to be without. I got up from the bar and followed her. We pushed open the door and I used my vamp powers of mind persuasion to will the two girls that were in there, to leave without knowing why they were doing it, then I locked the door behind us.

As I looked around, Calli was lifting her skirt higher than it already was, and that was almost her hips. I wasn't surprised to see that she wasn't wearing any knickers. My phallus was already saluting like a nazi but I had to rip off my pants before I could approach the erotic she wolf. It took a few seconds and as she leant over the lavatory bowl, her soft shiny but firm round buttocks presented themselves to me in such a way I only had to enter smoothly between them to feel her moist warm and soft cavern surround me pressing tightly against the glans of my rod.

Hell was it good. I only took a few moments of coming and going to feel my juice racing through the channels of physical love and enter her deep grotto mixing with her own personal moisture. She gave out a small sigh of satisfaction and quickly pulled away then hurried to a washbasin to clean herself up.

She suggested I do the same as the banging oh the door was beginning to become noticeable. 'Now what?' I asked in anticipation. 'We get out of here and find our prey.' She replied while unlocking the door. There were several girls outside waiting to come. 'Hey what's going on in there?' Shouted one.

'Yeah we're out here waiting to piss nd redo our makeup and you two are having it off in there you perverts?' I answered the first thing that came into my mind as Calli and I strode through the pub towards the door. 'Actually something was caught in her eye and I had to poke inside it to get it out. She's okay now.' I could feel the astonished looks in our back but it didn't matter, we were out of the pub and next to Calli's Porsche.

'Shall we take my car or…' She didn't give me time to finish my phrase. 'Don't be ridiculous; mine of course.' 'Yes, I guess we better.' 12 Actually I preferred it. For one thing I didn't know where we were going and secondly, if anything went wrong, at least my Passat was safe near the pub.

I'd come back on Sunday morning and pick it up. I'd hardly had time to sit in the passenger seat that the ignition was already on and the car was rolling.

My door slammed shut with movement. We sped along South West London and were soon heading west and onto the M4 towards Slough. Calli was very quiet at the wheel as she drove smoothly along the motorway. 'So where exactly are we going?' I asked innocently.

'A town called West Drayton. That's where our prey is.' 'Yes I know West Drayton quite well.' I didn't tell her I'd lived there many years but I had a feeling she already knew.

'I know, why do you think you're tagging along tonight?' Suddenly I had an uncanny feeling about this whole operation. I couldn't help thinking she knew everything about me. I had to be sure. 'Could you elaborate on that?' 'Actually, I lied to you.

Well, I didn't exactly lie but I've been searching for you for the past week. I had to get rid of last night's problem first and then I was on to this one. Knowing you were a vampire from West Drayton, I knew you'd help me out in tracking the prey I'm after because you actually know him.' 'And who might this friend of mine be?' 'You'll see. Now keep quiet and let me drive.' I stopped talking and enjoy the ride.

I had no idea what was really in stall. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ As we neared the West Drayton interchange I was beginning to feel veracious. My vampire instincts were awakening and the idea of drinking someone's blood and that for a good cause was stimulating my senses.

We turned off at the junction and headed for the centre of the town. As we sped along the dark empty high streets, I was becoming more and more exited. Abruptly we turned off to the left and drove up a side street. We were entering the Garden City, which I knew particularly well. I just read the sign panel Colham Mill Road then into Frays Avenue.

I knew exactly where we were heading only I was still wondering why. I'd lived in Lawn Avenue 30 years earlier. It was just a couple of streets from where we were and it was obvious we 13 were going there, only I didn't know of any escaped convicts living in this vicinity. Still I didn't really worry about it, I'd soon find out who our mystery crook was.

'I used to live around here.' I announced casually. Oh did you now? She answered bluntly. Yes! Funny isn't it!' 'Certainly is!' 'I can't seem to remember hearing about any escaped convict living in this area though.' 'Well you can't know everything about everybody, can you?' I could feel my blood starting to heat up.

Something was wrong but I didn't know what.

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'I suppose not.' I answered warily. 'You see that big house over there?' She pointed to the house I'd lived in for almost ten years.

I then had to leave since I wasn't changing in appearance and the neighbours were beginning to wonder why. I had all sorts of excuses saying I used herbal oils and things of that nature to keep me young looking or lots of carrot juice to keep my skin supple and so forth. However I couldn't keep lying sooner or later, people would have asked real questions about me so I had to go.

I had no idea who lived there now. 'Yes!' I said, 'I know that house very well.' I continued. 'Do you now? Well at the moment it's empty and we're going to settle in there for a couple of days and watch for our man to show up.' 'What about the neighbours?' I inquired anxiously Worrying I may be recognized. 'There aren't any. They're all on vacation, at least the ones immediately around the house are.' She paused a moment.

'Except for the very old couple next door who never leave their house.' 'They have some dogs don't they?' 'That's right.' 'I've known them for years. They've been here for decades and I never did get on with those dogs.' 'Oh forget about them and think about us this weekend instead. We're going to settle in and make passionate love for two days and then when our man shows up, we'll kill him. Is that all right with you?' 14 I couldn't be happier with an arrangement like that.

Have sex with Calli all weekend and then kill some poor bastard when he shows up would be awesome for a vampire so I acquiesced and sat back as she drove on into the open garage beside the house. As we got out of the car to walk to the front door, I could here the sound of barking dogs.

I hated dogs. I'd had a showdown with some once and ever since I'd always avoided to cross their path, and yet here I was with a female werewolf but it was the female part that interested me and I could easily forfeit my own rules for one weekend.

It was going to be pleasure all the way. 'Don't worry about that, they're the neighbour's dogs. She feeds them twice a day and they never come across the fence so as long as we're discrete we won't arouse them.

They're just barking because they sensed I was a canine, that's all. A kind of simple hello, if you see what I mean.' 'Yeah sure!' I said completely uncertain of the truth in that statement. 'I just don't like dogs.' She sniggered mockingly as we walked to the front door.

Calli pulled out a key from her pocket, placed it into the lock, turned it and the door opened. On thinking about it, I could only remember the neighbours having one dog but I guess they could have acquired the others since I'd left. Anyway who cared, we were quickly inside the house and therefore out of their scent.

'Where did you get the key?' I asked, slightly confused. 'It was given to me for the assignment. Now, enough silly talk let's get upstairs have a hot bath together and go and make love. What do you say to that?' 'Suits me.' I answered grinning happily. As I entered the steaming hot bathroom, having got rid of my clothes in the master bedroom, she was already soaking in the bubbly and herbal scented bathtub.

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For the first time I appreciated the perfection of her naked body. Her breasts were small and round. Her soft skin was velvety and smooth. Her nipples were erect and hard. Her stomach was flat and silky and her legs were perfectly shaped but I'd already seen them several times and that sight alone was enough to get me off. As I climbed into the bathtub opposite her, my phallus was saluting her with appetite. She started soaking me with the soft sponge she was playing with, and in particular my manhood, which by this time was so hard, it could almost drill a hole through a wall.

Her warm and moist instrument of torture was acting on my libido a little too much. I was feeling my inner sauce ready to shoot any moment. She knew this and that is why she was playing with me. 15 'I can feel you ready to cum and I'm sure you're going to explode any moment but just wait until I'm ready for you. How about this while you hang on a bit.' 'Please be quick,' I uttered hardly controlling myself.

'I love you more and more every minute.' I continued anxious to screw her. I hadn't realized what I'd said. She dropped the sponge in the water and bent over my legs grabbing my penis and shoving into her wide-open mouth almost swallowing it in the process. She placed the tip of her tongue on it and rolled around it thus titillating it to the extreme. She then sucked it and not being able to hold back any longer I came in her mouth.

I could feel my juice racing into her mouth and making me feel so relieved. She swallowed my load completely moaning a little but seeming toenjoy every drip. I then had a sudden urge for blood and Calli being the only living soul in my vicinity, I leant over grabbed her arm and bit into it drawing as much blood as I could with just one bite.

'Hell, that hurts you bastard.' She screamed. 'Sorry, I had to.' I answered apologetically. 'You know the story about the frog and the scorpion I gather.' 'Yeah but there was no need to do that,' she groaned as she yanked her arm away from me.

'All you had to do was ask and I would have given you some blood. Now I'm getting out of the shitty bathtub. I don't usually bathe in blood.' Obviously I'd upset her. I felt bad about that, after she'd given me so much pleasure. I watched her climb out of the tub still as lustful and seductive as ever and wanting her even more.

We vampires have very potent sexual appetites and we need it almost all the time. I sat in the red bloody bathtub for a moment then decided to get out and go to the shower as she was stepping out of it. We crossed each other; she smiled at me and kissed me fully on the mouth.

'Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you, I know you need blood but you just caught me off balance there and it did hurt for a second. As you can see, it's cured now.' She showed me her arm and like the last time, there wasn't even a scar. She swept her hand over my face and winked at me as she continued to sail through towards the bedroom throwing back her head in a sensual way.

'Pull the plug out of the bath, take your shower, and join me in the master bedroom where I'll give you a lot more of what you've just had.' She said softly in a lascivious tone. 'Certainly!' I obeyed. I couldn't wait. I knew tonight was going to be a night of 16 perfect eroticism and if it were to be my last night on this earth, it would be the only one I would remember for eternity.

After an energetic hot and then cold shower, I was ready for the kill. I stepped into the low-lit bedroom where Calli was laying on the bed wearing a transparent black nightie. She looked up at me smiled and beckoned me in. 'Come on handsome, I'm waiting for you.' As I climbed onto the bed she rolled over me spreading her legs on either side of my waist kneeling on the sheets. Her see-through nightie was brushing my face. It was soft nylon and had an electrical effect on me.

Her firm breasts with their ripe hard nipples were pressing against me and I could feel their smoothness and warmth so gratifying as my phallus, once again, was beginning to rise. The glans at the tip of my baton was now coming up between the tops of her inner thighs as she pressed them squeezing it tight.


In a few seconds I was as hard as back in the bathtub only this time, I was going to have a real pleasure in coming inside her vagina. However, I wanted to take my time and make the most of it.

'You're the most gorgeously stunning woman I've ever had and I'm beginning to fall in love with you,' I said, realizing too late, how stupid it was. 'Awh don't spoil it. Just enjoy the present moment, okay?' She leant over me and kissed me rolling her tongue around mine while our genitals met in an explosion of bliss and ecstasy. My pole was as hard as it would ever get and perpendicular to her moist and warm welcoming entrance.

We connected wonderfully. As I penetrated her I could feel her desire to receive me as deeply as I could go. We started to shaft in and out in unison as she began to moan a little. My own pleasure was taking up all my energy while she was accomplishing her delight and satisfaction. I thought I'd add to it. I owed her for the bathroom incident and I wanted to make it up to her so I put my hand on her clitoris while she was going up and down over me.

Difficult as it may sound, I was circling it in rhythm with my coming and going in her cave of pleasure. Her moans became faster and faster as was her breathing. Mine was just the same as I could feel shivers all through my spine as well as in my head.

My semen started to gather speed in my lower belly. My muscles were taught as were hers. With my other hand I caressed the back of her thighs while I was starting to feel the excitement heading for a well-deserved climax. Suddenly she burst into a shriek of delight and extreme pleasure, as I was ready to shoot my load into her. While she screamed with ecstasy, I groaned with excitement and glee.

I was now coming fully 17 and it was lasting seconds and even more seconds. Almost thirty to be precise but that's not surprising for a vampire and a werewolf. We were hot and sweaty and needed another shower after having made love to such and extent. She rolled over and lay beside me for a moment, seemingly exhausted but most satisfied. 'Well, I knew vampires were strong at lovemaking but you beat the lot. The last three vamps I had sex with were finished before I'd started.

It's true that she wolves are also full of energy but you as a vampire really are something.' 'Why thank you ma'am for the compliment.' I answered in a corny New York accent to please her. 'It goes right to my heart.' 'Yeah! One thing though Carl.

Don't get mushy when you have sex, girls don't like it. Especially girls like me. We never settle down so it's not worth talking about love and such like. All we want is sex and fun and then get on with our jobs and whatever they are.' 'Yes, I gathered that and I realized how stupid it was saying that, but I was so excited and it just escaped me.' She laughed and turned over to look at the wall.

'Let's get some sleep now; it's going to be a long day tomorrow.' 'Really? I thought we might have some more sex before the sun comes up.' 'You're insatiable aren't you? Now sleep, there'll be plenty more tomorrow and I promise you a day you'll never forget.' She kissed me tenderly on the lips then turned over again and said no more and went to sleep.

I did the same, wondering what joys Sunday morning was going to bring. I was also trying to think of the escaped convict who lived in the neighbourhood, we were supposed to catch and that was not the most positive thought I could gather. Still tomorrow was another day and we'd have plenty of time to think about it.

Besides, I recognized that I could trust Calli fully. She obviously knew her job and what she was doing. I closed my eyes and slipped into one my numerous vampire dreams I tended to have when I was anxious and in particular these last couple of weeks.

They were usually the same ones. About the many folks I killed when I first became a vampire. I used to roam the countryside at night looking for prey. Usually young girls around twentyish who were looking for adventure. They were the ones that brought the most pleasure and their blood was generally purer so I never hesitated. I hated these dreams but when I was worried about something, they tended to creep back into the front of my mind and I didn't really know why.

Still tonight I had nothing to be concerned about. I was sleeping with the most 18 extraordinary girl I'd ever met and the following day we were going to catch a convict so that would certainly compensate my bad deeds of the past. Somehow the nightmare seemed to vanish and I was suddenly in a magnificent green field with nothing on the horizon except a wonderful blue sky to meet it.

I was walking slowly across it on this beautiful cheery day without a care in the world when along came this wolf. It was a she wolf but it appeared to be perfectly harmless. She came up to me and licked my hand. She seemed to enjoy my company as I continued to walk towards the horizon. We walked side by side for hours then she gazed up at me with a strange look. Unexplainably, I knew what she was thinking.

She pounce up at me and went for my throat but I woke up just at that moment coughing. I must have got some saliva caught at the edge of my windpipe. I sat up and glanced at Calli. She was fast asleep. The luminous dial on my watch showed 4.30 am. It would soon me daylight. I really needed to sleep so I turned over and closed my eyes once again.

This time I didn't dream or at least I couldn't remember it. When I awoke, there was the sweet smell of coffee coming from the kitchen downstairs and Calli wasn't there anymore. I assumed she was taking care of breakfast.

I looked through the window and saw it was going to be a lovely day, as would say Bill Withers. I went down stairs wearing the pyjamas Calli had laid out for me, when I found her in her black transparent nightie, she cooking some eggs and bacon over the electric stove. 'Well!' She said with a big smile, 'did you sleep well?' 'Like a baby!' I answered knowing I was lying. 'Breakfast smells good.' 'Yes, doesn't it just?' 'So! What are the plans for today?' I asked with enthusiastically.

You'll see. Drink you coffee and eat this.' She placed a plate of eggs and bacon with tomatoes down on the table in front of me. It looked most appetizing and smelt even better. I dug into it and enjoyed the hearty meal as if it were my last.

She sat down beside me, looked at me for a moment then smiled and started to eat her own breakfast. I could sense something wasn't quite right but I didn't know what. Still the sun was shining, not a good thing for vampires but what the heck. I'd fed and I could stick my nose outside for a few hours. Other than that, there wasn't much to do today except make love and watch TV while we waited for the Witching Hour when destiny would strike.

Yes, but strike who? I was with the most beautiful chick I'd ever met, even if she did turn into a wolf at times, I kept repeating to myself that it didn't matter, 19 somehow I was going to win her over to my cause. I didn't want another woman, she was the one for me and she was going to become mine, I was determined that that would happen.

I wasn't working till tomorrow so I had all of Sunday to convince her that we were made for each other. Furthermore, if this plan worked out, I'd be working with Calli from now on so I could quit my civil servant job and become a real bounty hunter.

What fun I was going to have? And as a vampire, I'd be particularly useful in my new profession too. No, there was really nothing to worry about. All I needed to do right now was to enjoy my breakfast. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ The rest of Sunday morning was quiet and nothing in particular happened. The lovemaking the night before had put us both in a very lovey-dovey mood and each time Calli crossed me she kissed me on the lips.

I didn't want to come back on the silly things I'd said as it really only happen when I was in a sex-craved mood and in need of this fabulous woman. However, I did understand her point though my mind was made up.

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She was going to mine forever. For the time being I agreed that we should live for the present without any plans for the future. But they were still there in the back of my mind. Of course, I wasn't planning on having a normal family relationship, just a profound physical one.

There was no way we would have any children and living in a quiet suburban neighbourhood just wasn't on. Neither she nor I would take it very long. Having to hide our real natures to from neighbours - as if we went down the pub, had a couple of beers with the guy over the road cutting his lawn and saying "hey, I'm a vampire and my wife's a werewolf, what are you?" just wouldn't be on.

No, we weren't living in the Addams' Family. It would never take. We got on well in bed and we'd certainly work together but that was all part from having a long, a very long private relationship in the way I was planning it. Still, I had an uncanny feeling that once I became her partner - if in deed that was the idea unless she had other plans for me like working with someone else we wouldn't be sleeping together any longer.

I was sure she was the kind of person who didn't mix business with pleasure except when she was onto a target and needed to get close to it in which case she'd allow herself certain liberties. But for the rest, she was the sort of woman who was serious in her work and never talked about it outside the field. She had only told me about it because like her, I was different. Anyway, I was determined 20 to make the most of this weekend. After that, we'd see what would happens.

I had my plan and I wasn't going to divulge it until after the weekend and we'd caught this son of a bitch we were after. We'd decided to stay indoors all day.

Calli was on the phone very early talking to her contact at Scotland Yard. Apparently the person we were tracking wouldn't be here till after dark. So we had the whole day to get to know one another properly.

As I looked in the mirror remembering all the vampire myths about them, I wondered. 'Was I really that pathetic?' Okay, so I had this little menial job in the civil service, which I'd soon have to leave anyway, since I didn't age but what else could I do in this modern world not cut out for vampires?

Apart from becoming a professional predator such as a bounty hunter or something similar, I really didn't see what else I could do.

At least I'd move around and of course there was Calli. Everything brought me back to Calli, or should I call her Callisto.

I'd guessed the secret of her name when I did my homework on werewolves the day before. Callisto, in Greek mythology was a nymph and the daughter of Lycaon, the werewolf king of Arcadia. Calli's name Diacara was an anagram for Arcadia.

She was a werewolf and that seemed to complete the circle although I knew nothing about her family though hoping to discover her real origins soon. I smiled to myself about it. It would work I was convinced of that. As I was still dreaming about my new life, Calli called me for lunch.

On top of everything else, she was a marvellous cook and that couldn't be bad. Lunch was sumptuous. She knew what I liked best. How I don't know, I never told her but I suppose she guest that my preferred food was red meat, preferably beef and very rare with steamed potatoes and green peas. Red wine was grand and was even better with the cheese that followed after which we ate strawberry ice cream again with a nice little burgundy. After we'd seen to the washing up like the perfect little homely couple, (lol) we went onto the sofa to rest for a while, and that's when Calli started undressing.

She began a very sensual strip tease to which I couldn't resist. She was wearing the silvery skirt from last night and as she took it off slowly to a sweet musical background coming from the stereo player, I began to harden. I knew she wanted to please me but I thought she'd save it for the evening after we'd caught the criminal we were after. Maybe she had it in mind to give me an even better show afterwards but for the moment I was entirely satisfied with this one.

As she swayed slowly from side to side, she let her skirt slip softly along her thighs to the ground while bringing 21 her lips close to mine. She then bent right over stretching her thighs on her high heels and placing her breasts with their hardened nipple onto my face, my phallus was once again as hard as a rock and I knew I wasn't going to resist very long. I grabbed her by the waste as she gave out a small happy laugh and fell onto me. We kissed and she undid my pants quickly then grabbing my rod, placing it into her mouth.

She started sucking hard while my semen was beginning to move inside me. I pulled out and turned her over so that she was facing the back of the couch standing with her back to me. The backs of her thighs were magnificently taut. The smooth skin shone as the muscles showed their sensuality. I softly put my hands on her hips stroking them gently and slowly running up her waist and under her breasts holding them firmly.

I could feel the hardened nipples offering themselves for play. She was already breathing heavily and as I fondled them she groaned with pleasure. I couldn't hold back any longer. I thrust my cock into her vagina from behind her in doggy fashion and started to move in and out. As I was moving inside her faster and faster, her breath was getting shorter and shorter.

I could feel my juice practically ready while I knew she was almost climaxing her orgasm. I wanted to hold a little longer but couldn't. I let it go just as she screamed with ecstasy.

My fluid went racing through my channel and into her warm and moist cavern. I was just coming and coming. It must have lasted a full twenty seconds. I then pulled out slowly with deep satisfaction. We were both in sweat. 'Hell that was delicious,' she exclaimed.


'You bet. From my end I've never had it so good.' 'Yeah! I feel the same way. Pity it's got to end.' I suddenly felt a chill. I wasn't sure I'd heard correctly so I asked her to repeat. 'Yes, it's got to end between us my darling.' 'I thought we were supposed to work together.' 'Work is one thing; sex is another.' She left me panting in the living room while she walked through to open door to go upstairs to shower.

It was therefore what I'd guessed all along. We'd be working as partners but not as sex partners. And yet I really wanted that girl. How could I convince her?

I followed her upstairs and thought I'd persuade her while she was showering. 'What about if don't work together, could we then see each other?' 'No!' 22 'That was blunt.' 'Yep!' 'Look, have I said something to upset you or have you just had enough of me?' 'It's nothing like that.

It's just not possible between us anymore. You've had a good time with me and I with you, but now, it's finished. Now will you please let me take my shower then you can take yours and we'll get dressed and start getting ready for tonight.' I closed the door and let her finish off wondering why, what appeared to be the start of a wonderful love affair, should suddenly end like that. Anyway, I decided to put it out of my mind and concentrate on the job at hand.

I was determined to catch this nasty whoever he was and show Calli that even a vampire who's let himself go for years, still has it in him to go out and get blood. Furthermore, it was all going to happen after dark and that was when I was at my best. She came out of the shower and went into the bedroom to dress so I went into the shower myself. I had to strengthen up for what was going to be the night of my life. As I arrived downstairs and entered the living room still in the dressing gown I'd found in the bathroom, Calli had completely changed.

She was dressed in black skin-tight leather cat suit with very high heel boots. On the coffee table was an automatic Glock pistol and around her waist a broad black leather belt with a number of instruments clipped to it.

I could distinguish a pair of handcuffs, a teargas canister, a second pistol but smaller inserted in a back holster and a few other implements I wasn't too sure about. The black leather holster that was lying on the table had a couple of clips of bullets on its side. Calli was in the process of slipping on a pair of black leather gloves before placing the gun in the holster and the holster across her shoulders.

'Well! You've certainly changed.' I uttered with surprise. 'Going to war?' 'Of a sort.' She answered in a professional manner. Her attitude had also changed. She seemed completely different, cold and distant, maybe even calculating. 'You better get dressed if you don't want to miss the show.' She said calmly. 'Yeah! You're right; I better at that. I'll get some clothes from the wardrobe upstairs.

By the way, where did you get that magnificent cat suit?' I enquired curiously. 'I brought it with me. It was in the car; in the boot. You'll find some clothes that suit 23 you I'm sure. It's only for tonight; you won't be needing them after that.' I didn't really listen to the last part; I was already in the hall and up the stairs thinking to myself that it was kind of quirky that a werewolf should be wearing a cat suit.

I decided to not open the wardrobe and put the leather gear I'd had on the night before. I wasn't going to stay in the house anyway so there was no point in dressing in clothes that didn't belong to me. As I got back downstairs, I was greeted by a smirk more than a welcome of tenderness and love.

I finally understood that this was business and not sex anymore. We'd had a good time but tonight we were after a criminal and then we'd probably split.

I didn't believe her story about us working together any longer. She obviously needed me because of my knowledge of the area and the guy we were after was almost certainly someone I knew and I'd be helpful in catching him, probably against my will too because he was no doubt an old friend of mine but after that, she'd be splitting back to the States and that would be the last I'd see of her.

As I gazed at her she appeared to be impatiently waiting for something. It occurred to me that we hadn't eaten anything since lunch so I thought I'd propose something to unwind the atmosphere. 'How about supper? I'm feeling kinda peckish, aren't you?' She swivelled round and stared at me as if I was an alien or something. 'Are you kidding?

We don't have time for food now. I'm just waiting for a phone call and someone will come, then the hunt will be on. But we'll be having no more food today.' 'Oh! Okay, if you say so.' What was this call she was waiting for. She was striding around the place impatiently and it was beginning to get on my nerves.

Any second now, I'd probably jump her and drink her blood. I remembered how good it had tasted but I was too curious to try anything. I wanted to go through with this plot after which, we'd have all the time in the world to really get to know each other, even if it meant following her back to New York.

I sat down on the couch and wait for things to happen. I started feeling hazy and found myself nodding off. In a few moments, I was asleep. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ When I awoke, it was almost 11 pm and there was no one about. The house was empty and all the lights were turned out.

I looked through the lounge window and 24 noticed the moon brightly shinning. It was no longer full but it was very bright none the less. I stepped out through the back door and went to the garage where to my dismay; the Porsche was no longer there. She'd gone. She'd caught her man and left me asleep on the couch to avoid a fuss.

She knew I wanted her and was willing to give up my entire life here in England to follow her. Then again, what kind of vampire gives everything up to follow the girl he loves? That's mushy and she hated mushy stuff. Suddenly I found myself talking out loud as I came back into the house to phone for a taxi. 'Well I guess you got your phone call and finally captured your man and fled…' 'You're absolutely right!' The voice came from behind me in the dark as I was entering the house by the back door again.

I swivelled around and the sight before me chilled my blood. She was standing there pointing her glock handgun at me. 'Euh, what's going on?' I asked anxiously. 'Go inside!

Go into the lounge.' As we entered the room, the lights came on and a man was standing in the far corner. 'Good evening mister Sterling! My name is Detective Chief Superintendent Lewis Garou and I'm arresting you for murder.' 'What!' I yelled; 'Hey what's all this about?' 'It's very simple Carl. Started Calli. The phone call I was waiting for was from Lew. He was in the pub last night and when we left. He took the glass you'd drunk from, back to Scotland Yard and had it analysed for DNA.

Then, he sent the result to New York.' She paused a second and looked reflectively at me. 'Were you ever in New York Carl?' I could see where she was heading. 'Yes! You know I was. About a hundred and sixty years ago, I feasted off a family when I was still an active vampire.

Only that was ages ago, surely you're not after cases that old, are you?' 'Actually no! I'm after someone who was in New York two years ago and after having been straight for almost a hundred and fifty years, suddenly came out of his sleep and fed off a young woman and sucking her dry. She didn't have a drop of blood left in her entire body when we found her.' 'I've no idea what you're talking about.' 25 'Oh really?' Asked Calli flatly.

It was obvious to me now that she wasn't playing games anymore and our sex life was over but I really didn't know what she was talking about. Yes I was in New York a couple of years ago and I did have a sudden thirst for blood but I didn't kill anyone. I only took some blood from some strange dog that was prowling about in the back streets to avoid taking it from a human being. 'Yes! Okay! I was in New York two years ago, for a vacation.' I told her the whole story hoping she'd ease off but it seemed to only make it worse.

'Do you know who that dog was, as you put it?' 'Only a dog. A wild dog at that. Why was it your pet or something?' The Superintendent remained perfectly still. He too had pulled out a gun and he was watching me like a cat watching a mouse about to come out of its hole.

I was beginning to wonder about the escaped convict story. I'm sure that that was all a hoax to get at me but I still didn't know why. 'Incidentally, what about your escaped convict?' I asked with a slight anger in my voice.

'There is no escaped convict.' Answer the policeman. I now knew I had to get out of this mess by my own means but I still didn't know what all the fuss was about. 'So! Do you know who that so called dog was?' She repeated in a more articulate and pronounced voice. 'No! I haven't a clue. As I said your pet dog perhaps.' The policeman's eyes were now ferocious.

He seemed to be changing slightly. 'She was my cousin and at the same time Lew's daughter.

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We are a family of Lycans I told you that. If only you'd waited a few moments when you saw her, she would have changed back and given you some blood. She knew you were a vampire only no! You killed her. Well now you're going to pay.' Suddenly it al made sense. And even the names had an ironic perfume of 'à-propos to them. I looked at the policeman and guessed what he was thinking. 'Lewis Garou! Yes of course. But in reality your name is Louis Garou or to be more precise you are a Loup Garou in other words Werewolf in French.' 'Very good mister Sterling,' he said almost congratulating me.

'But I'm afraid that information will not be useful to you.' 'No, I guess not.' I turned to Calli with pleading eyes. 'What about all the sex and projects we made?' 26 'The sex was for me! And it was also to keep you near me to give Lew time enough to get the DNA tests done. The projects, they were all in your head, not in mine.' 'What about that first night when you changed into, well what you are and bit that fellow's head off in front of me.' 'That was work.

Lew contacted me having cased you out for some time but he wasn't sure about you. Then this other case came up so we used it to get you to you when you went to your usual pub. I'd contacted Sully and told him to meet me at the Solitaire after having met him by arranged accident in another pub the night before.

The trap was set. You were supposed to witness his death to see if it brought anything back to you.' 'Strange you say that, I've been having weird dreams these past few days.' 'About a nice little wolf that follows you around in a green meadow then turns on you?' 'Yes, how do you know?' 'We put it into your mind.

So you know that you're going to die.' 'Okay!

I've had enough of this.' I turned to the policeman then to Calli and told them what I thought. 'You're a cop! You can't kill me. At best you can arrest me, and you Calli, you're a bounty hunter and I'm not on any wanted list as far as I know.

Apart from that, officially it was a wild dog or a wolf that was killed in New York and not a human being even if in fact it was your cousin. Nobody's going to believe that story so what are you two going to do about it? Besides, you really think you're going to kill me with a gun? You forget, I'm a vampire and guns have little effect on me.' 'True!' Started Calli.

'But they can slow you down considerably for a few seconds; time enough to finish you off in another way.' They glanced at each other and within seconds they'd both turned into werewolves and were pouncing on me. Calli's teeth severed my throat preventing me from yelling. Blood was pouring from my neck. As Calli was on top of me ripping out my windpipe, her uncle had opened my stomach with his canines and was gouging my heart ripping it open.

Life was seeping away from me. There was nothing I could do. I'd felt the first sharp pain but I couldn't breath anymore. As I was dying my thoughts were going back five hundred years to all those I'd mauled myself in order to feed, but moreover out of sheer vampire pleasure. I recognized my errors but at 27 the same time, the thought of having had such a rich and fabulous life cheered me up, until it occurred to me that a vampire who ends up becoming a civil servant clerk, and finishes his life without even putting up a fight because too stupid to realize that his worst enemy is the very person he is falling in love with, really does deserve the title of vampire.

I wouldn't go down in posterity. No one would ever mention my name again. What could I possibly hope for in the afterlife if such a dimension existed at all? I closed my eyes and I just lay there, dead. Calli and Lew changed back into humans and left the house in Calli's Porsche. §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ The following morning there was a small article at the bottom of the back page of a few local newspapers.

It simply read: A burglar was found dead after wild dogs attacked him while he was raiding a home during the absence of its proprietors. They were on vacation in New York and their dogs, which in the meantime were being taken care of by a neighbour, must have heard the noise and crossed the fence to attack the intruder.

They won't be put down since they were on their own grounds and had been trained for that particular purpose. The burglar was identified as being a civil servant. No one knows what he was doing there, as he had no history of acts. That evening Callisto and Lewis were sitting on high bar stools in front of the counter in the Solitaire pub, drinking a beer.

Lewis was reading the article out loud in the West Drayton Chronicle. 'Interesting the things that happen in the suburbs, don't you think?' He asked while sipping his beer slowly. '"Burglar mauled by wild dogs." These criminals always end up getting caught by their silly mistakes.

He didn't even stop to check if there were any guard dogs.' 'I agree!' Answered Calli with a slight grin while she too was sipping a beer. 'And it always happens After Dark.' She added. Loki_Grondwitch