I know you love it when I wear these nylons JOI

I know you love it when I wear these nylons JOI
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The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013 The Devil's Pact Side Story: Rachel's Honeymoon Part 2-Saturday Morning Note: This takes place in Chapter 27 while Mark and Mary are in New York City.

I woke up, confused.

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Where was I and who was I with? Not my husband, that's for sure. Unless he transformed into this beautiful, blonde woman sleeping next to me. Naked, I could feel the silk sheets cool against my body and I flushed.

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I never slept naked. I sat up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and the memories of last night came flooding back. My new husband and I arrived at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel for our honeymoon, all excited for our first night together.

I mean, we had spent nights together before, but our first night as man and wife was going to be just magical. And it was magical, only I spent it with Mary and her fiancee Mark, and their chauffeur, the beautiful Leah that slept next to me.

I had been so naughty and wanton last night. I'm not sure what came over me. I was just so enchanted by Mary and when she invited me up to her hotel room, how could I say no? Even my husband understood how great an opportunity it was for me.

He was such a great guy to let me spend our honeymoon having fun with other people while he waited alone in the honeymoon suite. But, I would make it up to him. I was learning so many new, sexy things. Last night was my first time with a woman and it was amazing.

And my first time getting fucked from behind. I had always been a shy girl, Jacob was the first man I ever let into my bed, and that was only after he proposed. Neither of us really knew what we were doing, but our enthusiasm made up for it. Mary sent Leah and I to the other room so that she could spend some quality time alone with Mark. "It's important," Mary told me when I started to protest, "that people who love each other spend time with just each other." So, Leah and I retired to this room and the girl just devoured me when we came in.

She made me cum so hard and so many times I forgot all about wanting to be with Mary. Then Leah showed me a few tricks to make a woman beg for more with my tongue and fingers, as I returned the favor. After all those mind blowing orgasms, we cuddled and I got lost in her hazel eyes for awhile.

They reminded me so much of my Jacob's eyes.


I felt the same happy thrill staring into Leah's eyes I got from staring into my husband's eyes. Leah was so beautiful as she slept, a little blonde angel. I caressed her face and she stirred. "You dye your hair blonde so you can have fun?" I asked her, when she opened her eyes and stretched.

"Yeah," Leah said, yawning. She reached out and grabbed a lock of my hair. "You should dye your hair. You'd look stunning as a blonde. Because, honey, this brown is a little drab." "I guess," I said, feeling a little defensive. "And you want to have fun, right?" Leah asked with a deliciously wicked smile. I did.

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That was the point of the honeymoon. To have fun. Sure, it was supposed to be with my new husband, but I was looking forward to having lots of fun. I was hoping a trip to New York City would help get me out of my shy bubble and out into the world. And so far it was working.

"C'mon, let's go dye your hair," Leah said, and pulled me up. I wanted to protest; I liked my hair. But Leah was too insistent, pulling me along after her. She threw my discarded dress at me as she pulled on her slutty chauffeur's outfit. A short, black skirt and white bustier. Then we were in the hotel elevator and Leah was pressing me against the wall, kissing me. Her tongue was hot and wild in my mouth, her body rubbing pleasantly against me. The door opened and Leah kept right on kissing me, not caring that people would see us.

I was flushing in embarrassment, trying to push her away. "Rachel?" a startled voice asked. I managed to push Leah off me and there was my new husband standing at the elevator doors, looking stunned. "Jacob," I squeaked as Leah started nibbling on my neck.

"I.uh.hi." He swallowed. "I guess you're, um, having fun then?" "Oh, lots," I squealed. Leah's hand was at my breast, giving it a squeeze. She seemed to get more excited at being watched. My heart was racing and I was positively dripping juices from my cunt. It was strangely exhilarating being watched. Feeling bold, I slid my hand up Leah's skirt and felt her naked ass and gave it a squeeze.

"Are you getting in the elevator, honey?" "Um, no, I'll get the next elevator, Rach," my husband said and I almost felt guilty, but I remembered that Mary told me not to feel guilty last night.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow," I called as the doors started to close. "I have some neat things to show you. Love you." "He's cute," Leah giggled, nibbling at my chin. "Have you guys ever had a threesome?" "No," I flushed. "We're very.boring I guess." "You weren't boring when you grabbed my ass," Leah whispered. "You were a naughty little vixen." I smiled, I guess I was a naughty little vixen.

I had always fantasized about being a wild, sexually adventuresome girl when I would be all alone in my bed masturbating. The exact opposite of my real, boring self. When Mary and Mark claimed me for the weekend, it was like I had been given a free pass to be that wild self. To experience my fantasies before I went back to Jacob and my boring self.

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So I kissed Leah, making out with her the entire elevator ride down, even when a family of three got in the elevator. I didn't care. I was the new Rachel. The parents were trying to shield their fourteen year old son from watching us make out.

It was so thrilling, the lust shining in the teenage boy's eyes, an erection bulging his tight shorts. I did that to him, I thought, as Leah's tongue probed my mouth, I made that boy horny. I was breathless and flushed when we reached the lobby.

There was a small boutique and we picked up some blonde hair dye, charging it to Mark and Mary's room. "They're rich," Leah explained, "they won't even notice it on the bill. When your some rich person's plaything, you need to take advantage of the situation." "Do you play with rich people often?" I asked.

"I drive a limo and I'm hot," she said archly. "Mark and Mary would not be the first clients that have taken me to bed." She paused and laughed, a wickedly naughty laugh. "Or the back of my limo." Leah was right, I thought as I looked into the mirror. We had just finished up dying my hair and I looked gorgeous as a blonde. The golden hair framed my round face beautifully and made my brown eyes seem so dark and sexy.

I pursed my lips and cocked my head and gave the mirror the most smokiest gaze I could. Leah was pressed up behind me, her naked breasts rubbing against my back. "Umm, you look so scrumptious." Her face appeared above my shoulder as she hugged me. In the mirror we were two blonde, beautiful woman. Her face was so angelic, with these lush lips I just wanted to kiss. So I did, turning in the embrace and kissing her on the lips.

My heart was beating so fast. Leah was so beautiful and fun and everything I always fantasized about being. She let her clients fuck her in the back of limos and would go to clubs and party and have sex with men or women in bathrooms. Complete strangers. "It's just fun," she giggled, "having a complete stranger make you scream in pleasure in the men's room." I wanted to experience all that before I went back to Jacob and became boring again.

"Leah, show me how to have fun," I whispered when I broke the kiss. "Tonight, take me to one of those clubs." "It's up to Mark and Mary," Leah sighed.

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"They hired me to be their chauffeur." "Maybe they'll let us go out," I said, hopefully. Leah smiled. "Maybe." Feeling adventuress, I knelt down before Leah, face-to-pussy.

And it was such a beautiful pussy. She shaved, except a triangle of dark, brown pubic hair above her slit. Like me, she was a bottled-blonde. Her clit was hard and peaked out of its little hood. Her lips were thick and dark with passion, and hung swollen out of her slit. She smelled tart and spicy and I had to taste her again.

I spread those fat lips and slid my tongue through the wet hole, gathering a mouthful of her delicious honey. "Ohh, fuck!" Leah moaned. "Umm, eat my cunt, slut!" I was a slut, for the weekend anyways. When I went back to Jacob I would just be his slut. Luckily, there was still all of today and tomorrow for me to be a slut for everyone else.

I licked up her slit, my tongue brushing Leah's clit, bringing another excited moan from her pouty lips.

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I gripped her ass, and buried my face in her cunt, just devouring her over and over. I sucked her fat labia into my mouth, I shoved my tongue deep into her wet hole, I sucked and licked at her little clit. "Oh, you fucking whore!" Leah moaned.

"Make me cum, pussy slut! Ohh, you fucking blonde slut!" Her hands were gripping my hair as she rubbed her cunt on my lips, smashing her cunt up onto my nose. I had pussy juices smeared all over my face, sticky and delicious. I was in heaven. I slid two fingers into her wet, tight hole, probing her walls for her G-Spot.

I had always thought it was a myth until Leah found mine last night and left me howling in pleasure. "Holy shit, you fucking slut!" she gasped. "Yes, yes, oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum all over your nasty face!" She bucked atop me as I found her G-spot, massaging the little bundle of nerves as she pulled my face tight into her pussy, lips sucking at her clit. "Oh, fuck, fuck! Drink it! Drink my dirty girl-cum, you fucking slut!" Her juices poured into my lips as her pussy squeezed my fingers from her orgasm.


She was breathing hard as I rose up and she eagerly kissed me, licking her spicy, tart juices off my face as we pressed our bodies together. Her nipples rubbed deliciously on my breasts. My little pussy was achingly hot, desperate to cum.

I found her thigh, rubbing my wet cunt on her. I could feel her hands on my clenching ass as I fucked my pussy on her thigh and moaned like the wanton whore I was. "Yes, yes, your thigh feel so amazing, Leah," I moaned, rubbing faster and faster.

"Oh, fuck, I'm cumming on your gorgeous leg, can you feel it?" "Yes, Rachel," Leah whispered tenderly in my ear, holding me tightly as I shuddered in her embrace. "I can feel your nasty juices running down my leg." I felt so warm and happy. And loved. Mark and Mary loved my blonde hair. They had breakfast waiting for us and we devoured it. Sex made you hungry, I was discovering. And then we were riding the elevator down and Mark was fucking me, his hard cock sliding in and out of my cunt while I moaned like the blonde slut I was.

Leah was on the floor, eating out Mary's cunt and their bodyguards kept anyone from disturbing us. "You're a nasty fucking slut, aren't you!" Mark growled as he pounded my cunt. "A nasty, married slut!" "Yes, yes!" I panted. His cock felt so great sliding in and out of my cunt. "Fuck my newlywed cunt!" The doors to the elevator opened and there was a shocked gasp. I looked and saw a mother and teenage daughter. The mother had a horrified expression on her face and her daughter flushed red and watched with wide-eyed awe.

I stared at her and smiled and moaned as wantonly as I could. The teenager's blue eyes twinkling with blossoming lust sent a delicious, naughty thrill through me, from the tips of my nipples down to my aching clit and I exploded about Mark's thick cock. "Oh, fuck!" I moaned. "I'm cumming! Oh, fuck! Oh, yes!" My cunt was spasming on Mark's cock as he fucked in and out of me, my body writhing in his arms.

I kept staring at the girl and saw her lick her lips, two hard, little bumps appeared, pressing at her shirt and she shifted her thighs. I made that girl horny, I thought happily, as the elevator doors slid shut and the elevator lurched into motion. When we reached the lobby, Mark's cum was running down my thighs as I trailed behind Mark and Mary. Proof that I was a blonde that had fun, now. Mark and Mary's arms were entwined like a pair of love-birds, completely ignoring Leah and myself. The valet brought up the limo, and Leah held open the doors for us and we piled into the back.

It was a boring ride; Mark and Mary were suddenly tourists. Like regular people, getting excited at all the sights. I had been to New York many times, even worked in the city once, so I didn't have the same sense of excitement at seeing the famous landmarks. Their first stop, weirdly, was NYU and they left Leah and I at the limo. Which was fine, because Leah slipped into the back and we started making out.

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I realized that I had missed the adventuresome blonde girl for the ten minutes we were apart. And, as her tongue was exploring my mouth, I wondered if I was falling in love with Leah. But I loved Jacob, right? I certainly missed Jacob and part of me wished he was here. Could I love two people at once? Would Jacob understand my new feelings? Or Leah? It was all too confusing and Leah's tongue was too wet and warm in my mouth, to think straight.

I could feel the heat of her body as it was pressed up against me, her hand at my breast, groping me so deliciously. "You're so beautiful," Leah whispered, nibbling at my ear. "I just feel so safe with you." "What are you saying?" I whispered. "Ever since I laid eyes on you, I can't get you out of my mind," Leah answered, her hand slipping down the front of my breast and cupping my tit.

"I know we just met, but, I just feel so close to you." Was she falling in love with me, too? My heart was thudding in my chest. What should I do? "I.I feel close to you," I answered, shyly, looking down. "Good," Leah whispered, pushing my dress down to expose my pale bosom and then her lips were sucking at my nipple, gently nibbling at it with her soft lips.

"Umm, your tongue feels so nice," I moaned. "Wait 'til it's in your pussy!" she said with a wanton smile, sliding down to kneel on the limo's floor and spreading my legs. "Umm, you're all sticky with Mark's cum!

Let me clean you up!" I shook and gasped as her tongue licked up my vulva. I closed my eyes, enjoying her tongue-bathing of my pussy. I bet she'd love to suck Jacob's cum out of me. Jacob would get so hard, that he would probably kneel behind Leah and fill her pussy with his cum.

Then I could spread Leah's legs open and lap at her creamy pussy and it would be so delicious. I licked my lips, almost tasting his salty cum mixed with Leah's tart, spicy pussy. My body shook as my orgasm rolled through me. I knew right then and there that I would have to share Leah with my Jacob.

To be continued.