Luscious teen chick likes the sweet stiff large cock in her

Luscious teen chick likes the sweet stiff large cock in her
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I knew that my little brother Lee would be back for more after we'd both masturbated together that evening after we got back from school. In truth we'd both enjoyed our first real sexual experience together so much that we were both looking forward to doing it again, even though Lee didn't realise it.

I'd been promised £250 by Uncle Bill if I let him do an incest video, split between me and 'whoever in the family I wanted to fuck'.

I didn't reckon my parents would be into doing it (though I wasn't too sure about my Dad) but I knew I could get my little brother Lee interested, so I set him up. I told you about that when I wrote before. Anyway, after Lee and I masturbated together he wouldn't shut up about it. Every day, every hour almost, he kept on at me, wanting to 'do it for real' with me.

He'd wanted to fuck me properly when we masturbated, but I wouldn't let him, and that was because I needed to be sure to be able to have him desperate for more. If I'd let him fuck my cunt then it would have been no good as Uncle wasn't there to video it.

And anyway, he might have been satisfied with that and not come back begging for more. As it was, I'd only let him go half way, and I knew he'd be desperate for full sex with me. I'm modest like that. So after he'd been pestering me for a few days I finally agreed to let him fuck me properly but on one condition.

I told him about Uncle Bill and his dirty videos, and also told him he'd offered me £50 to let him video me fucking my brother. I said I'd let him fuck me if he agreed to let Uncle Bill video us doing it, and I also offered him half of the £50.

He agreed in a flash and I immediately regretted offering him the £25! Still, I was picking up £250, unknown to Lee. I phoned Uncle Bill later that day and he said he'd come round as soon as he could to discuss how exactly we were going to do it. It didn't take him long.

He phoned back within 10 minutes or so, and thinking about it now I reckon he must have been so made up at the news that he wanted to get the project off the ground as soon as possible perhaps before I changed my mind!

We fixed up that he would meet us at school, the next day as I recall. He gave us both a lift home from school in his smart new car, probably paid for, looking back on it, by selling pornographic photos and videos, knowing that he'd have some time to discuss the video before our parents got back from work. I remember the three of us sitting in the front 'best' room, which we usually only used on Sundays and when we had visitors, and Lee and I not really knowing how to start the conversation.

We all had a glass of lemon squash and some biscuits, I do remember that for some strange reason. I think it was the weirdness of sitting in the front room with lemon squash and biscuits (a real family thing in our house) discussing sex with Uncle Bill who had a very obvious erection throughout the entire proceedings! I imagine he must have been worried about whether he could trust us not to say anything to anyone about it (specially Lee). Looking back on it I think what he was really doing was setting us up so that we were scared to say anything to our parents.

"Now, Suzi, Lee, you do know this has to be our little secret, don't you? You absolutely mustn't tell ANYONE about it or we'll all get into BIG trouble. But mainly you'll be the ones in trouble because you're brother and sister and what you're talking about doing is against the law.

I won't tell if you won't tell, and that way we'll all be fine just our little secret, eh?" We just sat there and nodded, slightly scared by now at someone finding out what we'd been doing and putting us both in prison.

I still wanted all that money, though, and Lee? Well, he just wanted the chance to fuck me properly, and he knew the video was the only way I'd agree to it! OK the £25 would be nice, but that wasn't what it was all about for him. "You do know, don't you, that before I can start this I need to audition you?" We both nodded again. "What time are your parents getting back from work? Did you say not till 6.30?" More nodding. "OK then, you can audition now we should have plenty of time.

I'll get the camera out of the car. Any problems for either of you if I just do an audition test tape? No? Great I'll go and get it then." He left us sitting there for a minute or so while he went to the car to get the large bags and cases in which he kept all his stuff.

When he got back he thought it would be better if we moved to another room the neighbours, he said, might wonder why the front room curtains were being pulled when it was still light.

That got me wondering how many times he'd done this before. So we moved upstairs to my bedroom, which was at the back of the house and wouldn't be noticed by passers by. Lee and I sat on the bed in our school uniforms, as Uncle asked us to, and he put up a large floodlight in the corner. He switched on the camera and for a minute or two I think we both wondered whether this was such a good idea as we'd first thought.

"Suzi, we'll start with you. Would you undo your blouse for me? Lovely, now take your bra off don't be shy." I did as I was asked, well aware that Uncle Bill and Lee both had hard-ons by now. As I started to undo my blue school blouse, Uncle Bill started filming me and Lee was watching me, both of them almost dribbling with anticipation.

I left my blouse on, but unbuttoned, and undid my bra. To be honest, there wasn't a lot inside my bra for them to see, but Uncle said my breasts were pert and cute, like me, so I suppose he must have liked them. "OK Lee touch your big sister's breasts then.

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Let's make sure you've got the bottle to do it." He didn't need telling twice, and, with his cock growing even bigger inside his trousers, he started to fondle my breasts on my bed. I remember he still had his school cap on!

Uncle Bill continued to video us, getting more and more breathless, and I felt a bit uncomfortable about this free show we were doing for him. I got over it pretty easily by thinking about the money. After a minute or so he spoke again, his voice slightly hoarse I know why, now!

"Right, you've both passed that bit of the test. Get off her now, Lee. Suzi, pass your bra to me, and keep those little titties out. Now it's time for the main part of the audition. Suzi lift your skirt up and Lee, you put your hand just inside Suzi's panties." Once again, Lee needed no telling, and as I stood there in front of my Uncle with my breasts out and my skirt lifted right up, he groped me inside my panties and felt me up.

I felt his clammy fingers touching me at the smooth entrance to my vagina. Uncle Bill must have been over the moon, and I still recall the puzzlement in my head at that time as to what pleasure he could possibly be getting from sniffing at my bra. "OK Suzi, OK Lee that's good. That's a good start. I just want you to improvise for a bit now while I check the lighting levels. Lee, why not see what your sister's cunt tastes like? Have you ever tasted it?" Lee had never tasted my cunt until that point, though he did ask to during the masturbation session, and I wouldn't let him.

He looked at me, questioningly.

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"Is that OK Suzi? Can I really lick your pussy now, in front of Uncle?" "It's OK Lee. You can do it now. We have to show Uncle that we're going to be alright on video. You lick me down there and I'll start sucking your cock I promise you'll love it! Take your trousers off, though we can't do it like you are!" Lee pulled down his trousers and I felt inside his pants for his penis.

It wasn't hard to find though surprisingly he seemed a bit embarrassed about me putting my hand in HIS pants! The cheek of it, given what he'd been doing inside my panties!

I pulled his pants off and lay down on my back on the bed. My school uniform was still mainly on, and so was Lee's Uncle said that was important for the screen test. My blue blouse was still unbuttoned, but my bra was off. I still had my white knee-length socks on, and my grey skirt was pulled right up to expose my white cotton school panties.

Lee's cock was hard, oh so very hard. I needed to get him in the 69 position, but it wasn't instinctive to him then, and I had to explain to him how to do it. We fumbled a bit trying to get it right, but in a minute or so it was exactly right. He slid his cock into my mouth, and as I started to suck it he pulled my panties to one side, held me open with his fingers and slipped his hot little tongue into my cunt.

As Uncle filmed, his erection became more and more visible, as we got licked and sucked each other.

"That's great, you two. Looking good. Really hot. I can use that brother and sister fucking each other straight after school! Look, this is getting me really going now, and I don't normally have that problem. I'm going to have to get this cock of mine out it's strangling itself inside my trousers! Either of you mind?" We were pretty involved with each other by now, and both of us just mumbled OK or something. Given what we were doing to each other with Uncle filming it, it hardly made any difference whether he had his cock out or not!

So Uncle Bill undid his zip and released his fat penis from the confines of his trousers. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long before he started rubbing it, but we hardly noticed. I can still remember the taste of Lee's cock that afternoon.


We'd come straight in from school with Uncle, and of course there hadn't been time for either of us to get washed. Lee didn't smell unpleasant just very sexy. I don't know what the smell was, but I remember finding it extremely arousing, and I just wanted to suck him and lick him clean. His balls were sweaty and lovely, and I licked them in between sucking at his erect penis.

As he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth I could taste the stuff that comes out first, before the main cum gush, and it made me feel so good. I just hoped that I tasted as good to Lee as he did to me, given that I hadn't had my normal after-school shower.

I had put clean panties on that morning of course, but I'd have been happier if I'd just changed them. I was sure there'd be stuff on them. There were no complaints from Lee, though. As I sucked his cock, he was down there in the 69 position lapping at my cunt.

He started as I wanted him to, licking my outer labia, caressing me with his tongue, working quickly on to my inner lips. Inside seconds he was licking and poking his curled up tongue right inside my vagina, which by now was wet and sticky with my sex juices.

I started to cum, which was immediately obvious to Uncle Bill, who had by now given up filming us, saying we'd passed the audition and he'd do the video another day. I don't suppose that would have bothered him too much, but Lee started showing very obvious signs that he wasn't far off cumming himself.

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His thrusts into my mouth became more intent, more deliberate, more rhythmic, and I really thought he was going to squirt great jets of cum down my eager throat. But Uncle thought otherwise. "Christ, Lee, don't cum yet, not until you've got your cock in her twat!

Don't waste it! Quick get your cock out of her fucking mouth and shove it up her cunt!" Lee looked stunned for a second or two. He'd almost forgotten that we were performing for Uncle Bill, so intent was he on licking me out, but Uncle's shout stirred him into a change of action. He climbed quickly off me, turned round, and in an almost seamless movement penetrated my waiting cunt.

I wasn't quite expecting the deep kiss which he delivered at the same time. In fact it came as quite a shock. But as he entered me with his penis he also slipped his tongue into my mouth and deep-kissed me as he started to fuck me. The fuck was exactly as I expected it to be, but the kiss still lingers with me more than the first fuck we had.

It wasn't that it was unpleasant, far from it. It was more where his mouth had just been. I was tasting my own cunt juices, but from the tongue and mouth of my younger brother. There was something particularly sensual about that. Uncle Bill watched as Lee fucked and kissed me.

His cock slid easily in and out of my well-lubricated vagina, and his tongue probed the inside of my mouth, the juices of my vagina mingling with his pre-cum.

It was just magically erotic to me then. As we kissed, his cock penetrated my fuckhole deeper and deeper. I knew he wasn't far from orgasm. Uncle had somehow managed to compose himself enough to start operating the camcorder again, though. We were on my bed fucking and kissing, and Uncle Bill was right there with the action, and his camcorder, egging us on to more. "Fuck her Lee, fuck your big sister, fuck her for all she's worth, the little slut.

She's loving it. Squirt your cum up her as hard as you can. That's it, lick your cum out of her mouth. Let her taste the stuff in your mouth from her own cunt. Fuck her, fuck her as hard as you can. Let me see you cum on her, in her, all over her. Make that cock of yours squirt your sperm inside her fuckhole." As he got more and more aroused watching us he seemed to want more and more from us. "I need sound too, you two.

Talk dirty to each other!" This seemed quite natural to me, so it wasn't too difficult. "Lee! Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh that's so nice, keep on fucking me. I can feel your cock inside my pussy, oh it's so good, Lee. I love family sex squirt your cum into me and give me a baby. Oh your cock's so hard, and hot. And my slit's so tight and wet.

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Fill me full of cum. Shoot your sticky wad over my smooth little twat and cover it with your baby milk." "Oh Suzi, I've been wanting to fuck you properly like this ever since I jizzed over your cunt the other day. Your cunt tasted so sweet and now I'm fucking it. fucking your sweet little cunt and feeling your panties rubbing against my cock.

Can you feel it going in and out of your pretty little cunthole? Oh oh oh oh……&hellip.I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming. I can't hold it any more. I'm going to squirt my seed into your cunt Sis. I can feel it coming up from my balls. Oh god it's so good. I'm fucking my big sister and we're going to make babies together." Uncle Bill watched and filmed with one hand on the camera and one hand rubbing his cock with some cream he'd picked up from my makeup tray.

I could see he wasn't far from cumming himself. Suddenly Lee did a particularly deep thrust inside my cunt, quivering and pausing for a split second. I knew his orgasm had started, and I felt the first jet of his semen hit the sticky depths of my vagina, as far back as my cervix.

Another jet followed inside my cunt like an explosion. Uncle interfered again: "Lee, pull it out now, quick! I need to get your spunk on video." Lee did as he was told and pulled his spurting cock out of my cunthole.

It was hard and red, and continued to squirt cum for a few seconds with just a little help from his shaking hands. Uncle got the shots he wanted, Lee's orgasm continued unabated, but the only loser was me. That's one of the reasons I remember the whole thing so well I had been on the point of orgasm myself as Lee was fucking me with his lovely cock, but as soon as he pulled out I lost it.

Shit, I thought, this isn't fair, but then I thought about the money again.

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Lee finished the job off in fine style, shooting his final jets of milky sticky cum all over my panties, all over my cunnylips, and the last one actually into my mouth, which I held open for him (and for Uncle). Uncle could hold it no longer. The sight of the jets of sperm shooting from Lee's engorged penis was too much for him.

Maybe he was jealous, I never knew, but he just suddenly held himself over the side of me with his cock between his hands and started rubbing himself off till he started spurting cum. Like Lee he was keen to spread his shots fairly across my body, and like Lee he started with my cunt. Already spattered with Lee's cum, I took two more direct hits as Uncle Bill spurted more thick creamy spunk over my cunny.

It came out with such force that I actually felt it land on me. Well, in me more like. After the sex with Lee my cunthole was still open where he'd been fucking me and Uncle's spermjet spurted right into my open lovetube. I opened my mouth, more in astonishment than anything else, and Uncle didn't waste the opportunity, pumping yet more of his hot sticky jizz down my throat, causing me to gag.

The last jet of his cum landed in my hair and started dripping slowly down my forehead. What a sight! Lee rolled over, exhausted, and I lay there smothered with his cum, and Uncle's. "Lick it off, Lee" came the command as Uncle started filming again. Lee obeyed, not wanting to miss another chance to lick my cunt again. His own sperm was now mixed with Uncle Bill's, but that didn't seem to bother him at all. He kissed me again, deeply, and I allowed him to take the cum from my mouth and into his own.

He didn't really know what to do with it then, so he dribbled it all back into my mouth and I swallowed all of it. It was slimy and sticky and salty, as sperm always is, but in the state I was in it aroused me even more. I was still hoping for an orgasm, even at that stage. He licked and nibbled at my nipples, which were hard and chewy by now, and moved quickly down to my slit, which he started to lick.

I had been fucked so hard that my cunt was still open and the sperm was dribbling out of me and onto my bed. Uncle continued to film us. As the sperm dribbled out, Lee licked as much of it up as he could and transferred it to my mouth.

I swallowed again. The feel of his tongue licking all around and deep inside my cunt was so good. He was my brother, but that made it even better. He moved slowly down from my cunthole and I felt a small tongue gently, gingerly starting to lick around my bottom.

Oh god that felt so good. Uncle spoke again. "Go to it Lee lick her little bumhole out.


Lick the sperm out of it." Again, he did as he was told and he started to lick out the sperm which had dribbled from my cunt and into my bottomhole.

His tongue darted in and out of my crinkly hole, so fast, so very fast. It made me want to go to the toilet, and I only just managed to stop myself from showering him with pee as he licked me out.

Suddenly it happened. I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming!!! Joy joy joy joy joy!!! I got my orgasm at last, after such a long wait, and I can still remember it now, so long afterwards.

Uncle filmed on. But suddenly we heard the door downstairs open. Our parents were back. Shit. What to do next? They were coming upstairs………………&hellip.