Tumbando el Club Remix Official Video]

Tumbando el Club Remix Official Video]
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The warm breeze barely made the flags flutter on the tiny‭ ‬Carribean‭ ‬Island where two vacationing university students from‭ ‬Wyoming,‭ ‬blonde haired blue eyed‭ ‬Lynnie and dark haired brown eyed Jo lay‭ ‬sun bathing in their swimsuits on the seemingly endless sun drenched‭ ‬sandy beach.

They lazed and idly watched as some fit sun-tanned young guys played some sort of ball game and others splashed and swam in the shallow water by the gently shelving beach while further out speed boats twisted and turned as they churned the blue ocean into creamy froth as they sped past with water skiers in tow.‭ "I wish we didn't have to go home,‭" ‬Lynnie said wistfully.

"Um," said Jo as she lazily moved her bra strap yet again to get an even tan.

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‭"Is many peoples saying this," a thickly accented local voice explained, and as the girls turned they saw a dark suntanned local man approaching them, "But not so many that can this do." Lynnie smiled,‭ ‬he was one of the ball players they had been watching and he had been for a drink. He held a can of warm Mexican beer in one hand and an overfilled ice cream cone in the other he wasn't particularly tall but had broad shoulders and was well muscled and the bulge in his swimming trunks looked promising "Really‭?" ‬said Jo.

‭"Yes, you are Americans yes?" he asked. ‭"Sure," Lynnie agreed, "From Winchester, Wyoming, why?" "And do you speak Spanish‭?" ‬he asked. ‭"No, I know some French and German," Lynnie explained, "And Jo did some Mandarin Chinese." she added.


‭"No matter," he replied, "I am Carlos, I have tourist business, and I need nice American girls each summer, you stay after vacation perhaps, make moneys with me?" "No way Ho say,‭" ‬Jo replied. ‭"No is Carlos, Jose is my brother," he explained. ‭"No, I meant," Jo blushed as she said it. ‭"Is American joke yes?" Carlos said smiling, "Why I not show you, many girls like very much?" "What‭?" ‬Lynnie asked.

‭"My business!" Carlos said. ‭"Look, no offence," said Jo, "But if you think we are going to some creepy backstreet dive." "Is on the beach‭!" ‬Carlos said indignantly,‭ "‬Is my day off,‭ ‬Jose run business today,‭ ‬I take you,‭ ‬show you,‭ ‬is legit,‭ ‬is legal,‭ ‬hundred per cent‭!" "I guess,‭" ‬said Lynnie,‭ "‬Like what else is there to do before sun down‭?" "Is in Santa Alonso,‭" ‬he said,‭ "‬In next bay,‭ ‬you want walk with me‭?" "Like I'll pass,‭" ‬said Jo lazily.

‭"I get Luiz to fetch in Dune Buggy," Carlos offered, "You like very much, very exciting, give orgasm guaranteed!" "Orgasm guaranteed‭!" ‬laughed Lynnie,‭ "‬How can we possibly refuse‭!" "Ten minutes‭!" ‬Carlos promised and he headed for the shore at a brisk run. He was back before they realised,‭ "‬I have special treat for you,‭ ‬special cart with ponies,‭ ‬see‭!" Lynnie and Jo looked where Carlos indicated as a pair of beautiful white horses appeared around the headland with their harnesses and brasses burnished till they shone,‭ ‬plumes of ostrich feathers in their head gear and they pulled the most beautiful low slung four wheeled carriage the girls had ever seen.

‭"Is beautiful yes!" he suggested. ‭"It's beautiful!" Jo agreed and Carlos waved his hands criss cross over his head and the Carriage swung towards them.

Lynnie stared. The driver was Latino like Carlos, but he had no Tee shirt and his shoulders and six pack glistened in the sunlight and his Levis looked well filled at the front as far as she could see. ‭"Hi," said the driver, "One First Class to Santa Alonso." "Yes,‭ ‬two lovely ladies Luis,‭" ‬Carlos confirmed,‭ "‬We go careful now,‭" ‬he suggested and he opened the highly polished door and lowered the Carriage's steps. ‭"Like will we be long?" Jo asked.

‭"No, is ten minutes tops," Carlos insisted. ‭"You Americanos?" Luis asked. ‭"Sure," Jo said, "From Winchester, Wyoming?" "Miners‭?" ‬Luis asked.

‭"No," Lynnie replied misunderstanding, "We're at Winchester Bateman, second year, why?" "Need to sign indemnity,‭" ‬Luis said,‭ "‬Sorry,‭" ‬he said and he reached down and handed Lynnie a clipboard with a form on it. ‭"It's in Spanish," she queried. ‭"Name, where you stay, signature," Carlos insisted, "That's all, is bureaucracy, is Americano, not for anyone else, sorry," he advised, "You tell me, I write, you sign, Ok?" "Ok,‭" ‬Lynnie agreed,‭ "‬Angela Lynette O'Brien,‭ ‬staying at the Pompadour,‭ ‬Greek Street.‭" "Room number‭?" ‬Carlos asked.

‭"Oh twenty three," Lynnie agreed, "And." "Is enough,‭" ‬Carlos said,‭ "‬And you‭?" ‬he asked Jo. ‭"Josephine Mary Andersson with two S's" Jo replied, "Staying in room 23 with Lynnie." "Ah Lesbianos‭!" ‬Luis laughed.

‭"Hey, no way!" Lynnie protested. ‭"Is joke, you sign!" Luis chuckled. ‭"What's this thousand dollars?" Jo asked as she signed. ‭"Maximum indemnity, but is no danger," Luis added, "We never have accident no way, ever." Lynnie signed her name,‭ ‬then Lynnie counter signed Jo's form and Jo did Lynnie's and they climbed aboard. The wind from the moving carriage was pleasantly cooling as the horses wheeled around in a big arc and headed back around the narrow strip of beach below the headland which opened out into a beautiful secluded cove with dazzling white beaches.

Through a tiny stream,‭ trickling seawards‬ they swung with wheels sizzling in the cool water as they followed the shoreline with wheels grazing the tips of incoming waves. ‭"It's beautiful!" Lynnie agreed and then there was the most incredible rock arch to pass through as the cliffs on the far side of the cove plunged straight into the ocean without even a fringe of sandy beach. The Carriage slowed as they passed through the chilling cool of the arch, and then burst out again into glorious sunshine with the whitewashed low rise shanties of Santa Alonso shimmering in the sunshine ahead.

‭"Santa Alonso!" Carlos announced, "Is beautiful yes?" "Yes,‭" ‬Lynnie agreed,‭ "‬Like you said about a job‭?" "Yes,‭ ‬I show you,‭ ‬but first you enjoy the view‭!" ‬he suggested as they trotted along the wide expanse of dazzling sand, with the cliffs rising majestically behind them, and the sun blazing across the shimmering ocean before them.‭ ‭"You like Ice cream, drink maybe," Carlos asked.

‭"We have iced mango juice in the ice box," Luis explained, "Lift the lid there are glasses and." ‭"See Voila!" Carlos laughed as he produced several glasses and a large earthenware jar from the compartment under the carriage seat, and inside the jar surrounded by ice were several bottles of yellow liquid, "Mango juice!" ‭He filled three glasses and handed one to each of the girls, "Cheerio!" he announced. ‭Lynnie sniffed the glass, licked anxiously at the fruit juice and relaxed, "Oh, it's quite nice!" she agreed as she took a good drink, "Mmmmm." ‭Jo sipped hers more decorously as the Carriage swept on the horses trotting easily and effortlessly across the golden sand as they passed another rock outcrop and around it into another small bay with another small stream, wider this time and deeper, a small bridge, metal and wood with concrete abutments incongruous in the sand, a sun bleached shed beside it, Luis swept them on with hooves clattering across the deck and then back to the waters edge playing catch as catch can with the waves.

A sign in Spanish,‭ ‬and then Santa Alonso,‭ ‬another cart approached in the distance,‭ ‬plumes flying,‭ ‬red and blue,‭ ‬brasses shining,‭ ‬the horses heads covered in leather‭ ‬,‭ ‬small horses,‭ ‬ponies maybe,‭ ‬pale pink,‭ ‬palomino,‭ ‬perhaps‭ ‬contrasting‭ ‬the bright plumes and dark leather boots.

‭"What in the hell?" Lynnie gasped. ‭"Is for Tourist," Luis replied, "Very popular!" "But those were girls‭!" ‬Jo gasped,‭ "‬And they were naked‭!" "Oh no,‭" ‬Carlos disagreed,‭ "‬They had head dresses and they had boots and corsets,‭ ‬they more dressed than you in bikinis,‭ ‬and is tradition,‭ ‬sent down from when the tobacco plantations had slaves and the slave owners competed for most sexiest and beautiful pony girls for rickshaws and carts.‭" "Jee‭!" ‬Lynnie gasped,‭ "‬Why would anyone do that‭!" "Once it was slaves with no choice,‭ ‬now is free womens,‭" ‬Luis explained,‭ "‬They choose life on beach with no worries instead of worry all time about job and all that.‭" "But I can see her‭!" ‬Lynnie exploded,‭ "‬Her bush and everything‭!" "No you can't Lynnie,‭ ‬she shaved it off,‭" ‬Jo declared,‭ "‬My lord look,‭ ‬she has gold rings through it.‭" "And she has a horse bit in her mouth and her wrists are bound‭!" ‬Lynnie declared.

‭"Yes," Luis agreed, "That is Landau so they arms are bound to T piece so both pull the same, when is Rickshaw and one girl wrist bound to shafts and elbows to belt so weight is taken even and not chafe!" "But that's barbaric‭!" ‬Lynnie protested as the Landau passed by with four men lounging in the padded seats,‭ ‬her eyes followed and she gasped,‭ "‬agghh they have tails‭!" "Is beautiful no‭?" ‬Carlos asked. ‭"No. its," Jo replied as she suddenly horribly aware of a tingling deep in her pussy.

‭"It's horrible," Lynnie exclaimed, "Can we turn around!" "Is just a local custom.‭" ‬Luis shrugged,‭ "‬But come see,‭ ‬see‭ ‬Santa Alonso,‭ ‬is famous I‭ ‬like you,‭ ‬I show you‭ ‬,‭ ‬I‭ ‬show you sights,‭ ‬for free,‭ ‬is usually‭ ‬extra‭ ‬hundred dollars.‭" "Like is that like normal,‭ ‬like naked women‭?" ‬Lynnie asked.

‭"Oh yes," Carlos agreed, "Is beautiful, but she is not naked, that is not allowed, she must not be naked, that is why she has boots and corset, she has more covered than Bikini covers, different parts of course but more.


‭"And like, they choose?" Lynnie asked in disbelief. ‭"They like very much," Luis added, "Sun, sand, sea all day, no worries at all, no need to think, better than any Gringo shrink when you need one.

The town was starting to edge up to the edge of the beach as the cliffs settled back into the flat lands beyond and stalls could be seen where men lounged around drinking Mexican beer from the distinctive cans and probably Tequila from flute glasses filled from earthenware bottles.

‭"Where are the girls?" Lynnie asked. ‭"This mens beach," Carlos explained, "There are girls around working somewhere, other beach is girls beach, we show you!" ‭"Look," Lynnie replied nervously, "Can we go back please? this place is kind of weird." ‭"No is Ok, we show you!" Luis assured her, as another human pony trotted towards them, a single girl pulling a two wheeled cart, at which Luis pointed and said "Rickshaw!" ‭Sunlight glinted on polished brass or was it gold rings at the ends of the girl's bridle, through her nipples and through the lips of her sex all connected by glittering fine golden chains, while she trotted proud and upright her nipples stiff with arousal though her face was covered in black leather above her upper lip and she had just two small eye holes to peer through and was guided by the reins attached to the ends of the bit securely fastened between her teeth.

‭A stiff black leather collar the whole length of her neck complemented the stiff black leather corset which pushed up her breasts and held in her tummy while her hands and fore arms were securely bound to the shafts of the cart. ‭"Gee," Lynnie exclaimed as the pony- girl trotted past, "That's creepy!" ‭"How can she demean herself and do that!" Jo gasped. ‭"Is like Lady Gaga," Luis explained, "Is all a show, she is displayed yet hidden, you see her tits, no see her face you see?" ‭"No!" Jo admitted.

‭"You go naked, someone take polaroid, show you friends, you in big trouble," Carlos added, "But if you hide face who knows who's tits it is naked?" ‭"I guess?" Jo agreed uncertainly as they came ever closer to Santa Alonso.

‭The town beside the beach had now grown from shanties to sun bleached colonial style houses and shops even a hotel and town hall which stood three stories high in magnificent near dereliction and beyond it the church of Santa Alonso itself with it's curiously twisted crumbling bell tower towering high above the roof tops.

‭Stumps of a long gone boardwalk jutted awkwardly from the sand and the beach gave way to crumbling asphalt repaired with concrete as they went to pass behind the seafront jetties which served the tourist boats.

‭A big tour boat was tied up against the wooden jetty and beyond it a speedboat was moving slowly forward while its captain waved furiously at someone on the quay and almost immediately a team of tanned muscular women appeared dragging a boat trailer, eight naked white women their skins tanned medium brown and naked except for a leather collar and a leather hood with holes for their eyes ears, mouth and nostrils pulled and pushed the trailer down the beach beside the jetty and into the water to receive the boat and as they worked the sweat glistened on their evenly sun -tanned torsos.

‭"Oh gosh!" Lynnie exclaimed as the women reversed it gently down into the water while a man in leather jacket and trousers shouted instructions, and occasionally cracked a long leather whip. ‭"Look this is freaky!" Jo protested, "Like are they slaves or something?" ‭"No of course not!" Luis assured them, "They like very much, they come, they want stay they take job." Lynnie and Jo looked at each other, "What do you mean?" Lynnie asked.

"They come vacation, they stay, get all over tan, live on beach take job for food and everything," Luis explained. "And like this job you offered us?" Jo asked, "Its like this right?" "Oh no," Carlos answered, "No we don't do boat girls, nothing like that, we do Carriage rides, today we have horses tomorrow is girls, you maybe want help pull Carriage tomorrow?" "No way!" Jo exclaimed, "Stop the Carriage!" Luis tugged the reins and they stopped.

Lynnie was about to get out when she saw a policeman, "These morons are trying to kidnap us!" she exclaimed. "Ah Americanos!" the Policeman agreed as he walked up to the Carriage, "You have papers?" "No, they are at the Hotel!" Jo explained. "In Santa Alonso?" he asked. "No Hotel Pompadour, Greek Street," Jo confirmed. "Guantanamo Bay?" the Policeman asked, and when Jo agreed he said, "Is American zone, this Cuba zone, where your papers to get in Cuba zone?" "We left them."Lynnie said.

"Is serious offence enter Cuba no papers," the Policeman insisted, "You come with me now!" "Like how serious is serious?" Jo asked anxiously. "Is ten years hard labour," the Policeman pointed out, "Is not for ever." "Look we didn't mean to!" Jo protested. "But you are not registered," the Policeman explained, "You must be registered, you must come with me, all of you!" "We must do as he says," Luis suggested, "We tie up horse outside Police station." Lynnie and Jo walked beside the Carriage as the Policeman led them to the police station, they followed him into the cool shade of the outer office and into an interview room where a Police woman was drinking a cup of coffee.

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"Papers," the Policeman announced, "No papers, no registration, no permits." "Oh not again," the Police woman sighed, "Put them in the interview room." "Look," said Carlos, "We have arrived only now, there is no time for registration!" "What registration?" Jo asked.

"Work registration," the Police woman explained, "You must have permit to enter and to work in Cuba." "Like how do we register?" Lynnie asked. "Sign forms, have medical, " the Policewoman suggested, "Pay taxes!" "And then we can go?" Lynnie asked.

"Yes but first I have to arrest you as formality," the Policewoman said, "Come with me!" She took them into the interview room and produced a pair of Hand cuffs, "Hands behind back!" she ordered and quickly cuffed Lynnie's hand behind her back and took a second pair of cuffs from the wall and hand cuffed Jo as well.

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"Sit down," she ordered and she called Carlos and Luis through. "Why do we need registration?" Jo asked "To stop Americano whores coming and stealing the tourist money for themselves and not pay taxes!" the Policewoman explained. "But we are tourists, not whores!" Lynnie protested. "So why you dress like whores and act like whores?" the Policewoman asked.

"We were offered a job," Jo explained.

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"So you come in Bikinis?" the Policewoman asked, "What sort of job?" "To make up eight team for Carriage for tourists," Carlos confirmed. "And you took job?" the Police woman asked. "We decided not," Jo insisted, "We just want to go home!" "Then we get you registered and you can go!" the Police woman declared. "Like we can go?" Lynnie asked. "Is two week trial," Carlos explained, "They try see if they like?" "They signed forms," Luis explained, "See!" "Then there is no problem," the Police woman agreed, "Do you have uniforms?" "Yes!" Carlos agreed, "In the Carriage!" "Then we go next door to town hall and do paperwork!" the Police woman suggested.


"No!" said Jo, "It's all a!" and Lynnie jabbed her in the ribs with her elbow. "Do you want to rot in jail, just go along with it till we figure something out!" Lynnie whispered and said, "Sure, we're just going to see how we like it." The Policewoman led them through a connecting door to the town hall, "Dos Americanos por favor," she announced and left them by the counter as a bored looking middle aged woman looked on.

She smiled a nicotine stained smile, "Hi, I'm Grace," she said, "You got forms?" "Yes," The Policewoman agreed, "Except they stories not straight, they don't know how long they have come for." "Week ten years makes no difference," Grace replied, "You still need registration and tags and medical!" "Ok," Lynnie agreed.

"Sign here," Grace suggested and she showed Lynnie an official looking form. "It's in Spanish!" Lynnie protested, "I can't the cuffs?" "Don't do it Lynnie!" Jo advised. "Sit down and step through the cuffs so your hands are in front," the Policewoman suggested "You rot in jail if you want," Lynnie suggested as she followed the advice and signed the form with a flourish, "I just want to get out of here!" Jo reluctantly signed her form, "Can we go now?" she asked.

"You are workers now not whores," Grace replied, "You must dress like workers, your hair is too long, you have no identity discs." "Ok, how do we get a haircut>" Lynnie asked.

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"We can do it here, and identity discs, if you have money?" the Police woman explained, "Maybe your friends will pay?" She went to speak to Carlos and Luis and returned smiling, "They have paid for you, Mr Ardiles will do your hair, you," she said pointing at Lynnie, "Come with me!" Lynnie went first an was shown into a small room where she sat in one of two individual barbers chairs in a facing a counter with a blank wall where you would expect to find a mirror, and the policeman stood with scissors and electric hair clippers ready to start work.

"Are you like qualified?" Lynnie asked and the Policeman laughed ‭"That feels very short," Lynnie complained as he started work.

The policeman held her head down,‭ ‬already there was a bald strip running from Lynnie's forehead to her neck and her remaining hair was cascading down around her even as she tried to look around. ‭"That must feel much cooler and lighter," the policewoman exclaimed as the Policeman carved a second wide swathe of Lynnie's gorgeous blonde hair away to leave a second bald strip, a third and a fourth strip appeared and the hair cascaded to the floor, and then he started to trim around Lynnie's ears "Can I see‭?" ‬Lynnie said,‭ "‬When I have finished the policeman explained and admiring the even quarter inch American Marine corps hair style Lynnie now sported she lathered up Lynnie's head with a shaving brush and began to shave the remaining hair away until Lynnie's scalp glistened in the sunlight and she was entirely bald‭ ‬.

‭"Are you shaving my head?" Lynnie finally asked.

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‭"A very short style," the policeman suggested, as he polished Lynnie's bald scalp. ‭They took Lynnie to the next room and brought Jo in next, "Look this is weird," she protested and she refused to sit down until the Policewoman clipped a dog collar around her neck and dragged her to the chair, "No!" she protested but the police woman held her head as the Policeman carved a bald strip running across Jo's head and despite her protests the Policeman carved swathe after swathe of Jo's thick dark hair away to leave her completely bald.

‭"You bastards!" Jo cried, "You sadistic bastards!" but they laughed as they led Lynnie back in to join her. ‭"Lynnie, he's shaved my head!" Jo exclaimed, and then added, "Oh, he's shaved yours too!" "You look like a pixie‭!" ‬Lynnie cried‭ ‬,‭ "‬Oh my god‭!" "Now don't make a fuss,‭ there's still‬ your under arms and bushes to,‭ ‬hold still‭!" ‬the Policeman warned and raising Lynnie's arms he buzzed at Lynnie's underarm hair.

‭"No, please!" Lynnie protested, "You can't!" "And now your bush,‭" ‬the Policewoman ordered.‭ "‬So strip‭!" "Look I'm out of here,‭" ‬Lynnie snapped but the Policewoman shushed her. ‭"It's ok," she said gently, "It'll be ok," and she pulled Lynnie's bikini pants down to show her small triangle of blonde pubic hair and her small pink labia. ‭"You see, is easy," the policewoman insisted, "I do same for you?" she asked Jo and she dragged Jo's swimsuit bottoms down as well.

‭"No please!" Lynnie pleaded but the policeman continued and shaved off her blonde pubes as Lynnie cringed in fear that she would cut her as the policeman set down the clippers and started to use the foam and razor to get a perfect smooth finish.

‭"Beautiful," he exclaimed. ‭"Can we go now?" Lynnie exclaimed as she pulled her bikini briefs up. The Policeman had a job to stop laughing as Lynnie looked like some strange albino pixie with no hair, ‭"You need dog tags," he explained, and ‬he produced a stamping machine and stamped out some aluminium discs with the girls registered numbers on.

‭"So where do we put there?" Lynnie asked. ‭"On a ring," the Policewoman explained, "Out of the way." "Where‭?" ‬Lynnie asked. ‭"Through the skin, we have piercing machine it will not take long." the Policewoman explained.

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‭"Where?" Lynnie asked. ‭"Your cunt lip, shut up!" she insisted, "Just do it!" ‭The Policewoman motioned for Lynnie to spread her legs, she wasn't happy but she didn't refuse, "It won't hurt a bit, " the Policewoman said as she pulled the crotch of her briefs aside and spread Lynnie's Labia before freezing the left lip and punching a hole with a device like a pair of pliers and easing a key ring with the dog tag through.

"Aggghh,‭ ‬your right it doesn't hurt a bit it hurts like hell‭!" ‬Lynnie replied. Jo just sobbed as the Policeman froze her sex and fitted the dog tag through her cunt lip and finally Jo asked,‭ "‬Can we go‭?" "They need hoods,‭" ‬the Policeman said‭ "‬And collars and leashes.‭" ‭"The men have some," the Policewoman suggested and she went away and returned with Carlos and Luis and a box of leather straps Luis selected a collar and gently buckled it around Lynnie's neck before attaching the leash while Carlso did the same for Jo.

‭"Can we go now?" Lynnie asked. ‭"Can we?" Carlos asked. ‭"Just the Tattoo," the Policewoman advised. ‭"Tattoo?" Lynnie queried. ‭"Very discreet no one will see," the Policeman assured her, "It will not take long, would you like a drink?" he asked as he pointed to a bottle of ice cold mango juice and tequila, "Or some cake?" he suggested as he showed them some brownies laced with cannabis.

‭"Thanks," Lynnie agreed and she gripped the bottle with both her cuffed hands and took a big drink before she took a brownie and wolfed it down hungrily. ‭"Uniform!" the Policewoman instructed, "They must have corsets and belts and soft cuffs and everything as it says in the regulations!" ‭"Ok!" Carlos agreed, "Can you take off the metal cuffs so we can try the soft ones?" ‭"Take her in the other room, "The Policewoman ordered as she removed Lynnie's cuffs and Carlos slipped the long leather glove like restraints over Lynnies hands and down to her elbows, cuffs that would hold rickshaw shafts or hold her arms wrist to elbow behind her or in front to thrust up her tits.

‭They selected wide leather belts and black leather lace up corsets with leather laces which Carlos and Luis fitted around the girl's midriffs and high stiff collars which held the girls heads firmly straight ahead then the Policeman announced it was time for the Tattoos. ‭He took a powered needle machine and some dye and began to Tattoo, WHOR 1023 $10 on the back of Lynnie's head and 1024 on Jo's ‭"It is your blood group, in case of accidents!" he lied, and as he finished Carlos slipped a tight fitting leather cap over Lynnie's face and forehead down over her nose and almost to her top lip.

‭"Gee!" Lynnie exclaimed. ‭"Don't you like?" Carlos asked. ‭"Look, just get me out of here!" Lynnie pleaded. ‭"Ok!" Carlos agreed and he gently pulled Lynnie's arms behind her back and linked the arm cuffs with a narrow strap before he led her to the next room where he slipped her bra catch undone.

‭"Tags?" he queried. ‭"Tags," the Policewoman agreed as she followed them and she picked up the piercing machine and began to stroke Lynnies nipples until the left one responded. Zap! she applied the machine and shot a solid gold rod through Lynnie's left nipple and as she screamed she zapped a second rod through her right nipple.

‭She deftly curved the rods into a loop and hung a shining brass tag on each nipple. ‭Lynnie gasped with shock and pain but before she could react her hands were loosened and her bra fell to the floor. ‭"Open wide," Carlos ordered and through the mist of shock and horror Lynnie found a padded horses bit thrust in her mouth and secured with a horses bridle with reins hung on either side.

‭"Ungg!" she protested unable to speak. She tried to remove the bit but Carlos cuffed her hands behind her again and made her sit down to wait for Jo. ‭The Policeman brought Jo to join her half an hour or so later, Lynnie saw the Tattoo on Jo's head and realised she too had one and saw Jo's bikini briefs were missing and slime oozed down her leg, while a dog tag hung from her sex, perhaps from her clitoris adorned with a capital A while a beaming Policeman led her by the reins, "I give her a run in my Rickshaw!" he said and Lynnie had to watch as her friend was led away.

‭"Bastardo!" Carlos muttered to Luis, "He always wants free fucks, he always gets pretty one!" ‭The Policewoman joined them, "You want to go now?" she asked, "Stamp once for yes twice for no." ‭Lynnie stamped once. ‭"You are Pony now, not human, Carlos and Luis own you, understand?" she asked. ‭Lynnie stared suddenly horribly aware that her pussy was throbbing with anticipation, moistening, relaxing, she stamped once.

‭"So why are you not naked?" the Policewoman asked, an she pulled Lynnie's briefs down "Step out." she ordered. ‭Lynnie obeyed. ‭"Tomorrow you have test, see if you shaped up, have your tail fitted, learn to fuck in the street, learn to piss in the street like an animal, Americanos are animals!" the Policewoman insisted, as she curled her index finger between Lynnie's pussy lips, "Aren't they?" ‭Lynnie stamped twice as her head swam with emotion.

‭"She is ready," the Policewoman explained as she held up her glistening index finger for the men to see, "Take her away!" ‭Luis took Lynnie's reins and led her through the doors to the main entrance and Lynnie stepped naked into the warm orange glow of the evening sun as it's great fiery orb slowly slipped below the horizon while Carlos collected the paperwork and the girl's bikinis and followed.

‭A few men looked up as they passed along the sandy sidewalk, Lynnie kept her head down in shame wishing she could curl up and hide yet excited at the same time as they walked through crowds of men outside the bars and fast food joints, and then they were in girls town where beautiful bronzed latino girls sat at tables or stood at street corners with short skirts and skimpy tops which left nothing to the imagination. ‭"Your new home!" Luis announced as they arrived at a rundown barn in the street behind the seafront street, a long hitching rail ran along the sidewalk and big wooden doors stood ajar while a row of rickshaws stood idle overlapping, partly blocking the street.

‭"Wait!" Luis ordered and he pulled Lynnie forward against the hitching rail and wrapped a retaining strap around the rail and looped it around Lynnie's waist then he pulled her reins off and instead attached a leash to her collar and pulled it down wards to fix it to a metal hook set in the concrete pf the road so her head was below her bottom and her arms folded under her tits cushioning her against the whipping rail.

‭"New one?" an American voice enquired. ‭"You want break her in?" Luis asked. ‭"Sure thing dude, ten bucks, ok?" the guy asked. ‭"Oh no, is on the house!" Carlos laughed. ‭Lynnie peered back through her legs, she saw knees and then she saw his Levis pulled down and his polka dot underpants, and his knobbly knees and quite suddenly he rammed his cock deep inside her.

‭Lynnies head swam, she saw people stopping to watch and she tried to hide her face but couldn't stop herself thrusting back against the mans thrusts as all too soon he shot his load inside her. ‭"Too damned frisky by half!" the guy agreed, "Maybe next week when she's calmed down." ‭To be continued.