Mais uma vez chupando meu cuzinho

Mais uma vez chupando meu cuzinho
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"Honey! I'm home!" Jessie almost immediately came down the staircase, looking as if she had rushed all the way from the upstairs study room since she still had her reading glasses on, and gave her husband a big hug of greeting as soon as he closed the front door behind him.

"Welcome home, Carl!" She smiled as she continued with her embrace, clearly very happy to see him. "Glad to be back." Carl let out a light chuckle as he tried to hug her back, only that the paper bag full of groceries in his right arm was in the way. Halfway through of their little moment, he could have sworn he suddenly heard a cracking sound above the sound of scraping recycled paper.

"Whoa, honey! Watch the eggs!" "Whoops!" The woman immediately backed away slightly to give him some room, and noticed the dampness on the bottom of the paper bag.

"Oh man! The eggs!" "Aw geez…" Carl looked into the bag and made a face when he saw the little plastic container oozing with egg whites and raw yolk. "There goes tomorrow's home made omelets." "Aw I'm so sorry, Carl." His wife gave him the sad puppy dog look. "There's always the pancakes…" The man only laughed slightly and leaned over to kiss Jessie lightly on the lips. "Don't worry about it. I like the pancakes better anyways." With his words, her face lightened up, giggling softly as their lips met several more times in a steamy romantic fashion, with pursed lips and pleasurable moaning.

It was another day in their new life as husband and wife, apparently still in honeymoon mode with the occasional short breaks in between to get the chores, house and work done in their usual incredibly fast pace.

They were still getting used to living together like this in their new house, just starting to settle into the semi-rich suburban home kind of lifestyle. Their progress has been a little slow these past few days, as they still had a lot to do.

Jessie had to spend extra time at her classes since her students would be having their exams soon. Carl had to work out financial agreements with an important client and their former landlord. Both of them together still had to settle with their new arrangements on the new family car. Both of them had been busy ever since they got back from Honolulu, and had little time to sit down to have a proper house warming. However, they still had time for each other, no matter how busy they were.


Picnics in the park, movies, dinners, everything they used to do from high school to college to university onwards. Then again, even with their able to see, touch and love each other for all their worth, they had been skipping the usual night time activities.

In fact, ever since Honolulu months ago, they hardly had the energy or time for it, not even quickies. Both were still a little too serious with work and neither seemed to realize that either. To make matters even sadder, they were a little too nice of a pairing; prim, proper, professionals who dream big honest dreams for themselves and each other.

Today, however, things may change for better or worse, for a certain joker friend of Carl's, had the nerve to send a prank email to him just yesterday. The innocent looking email was a typical prank on a home computer with fast internet access; the enticing big red button on the center and redirection into a multitude of porn sites which instantly showed large preview images that would get Carl into trouble with Jessie.


Fortunately, Carl could close them before Jessie came into the study, but something sparked in Carl's mind the moment he saw those brief images, gifs and video clips of gorgeous young ladies being fucked in all forms of manners and positions. The aim of the email was for fun. Instead, it helped to give the victim a few subconscious ideas. Carl handed Jessie the grocery bag and she gave him one last kiss before walking off into the kitchen to sort the things out.

Meanwhile, he walked into the living room to set himself down onto the couch to enjoy the cool air conditioning of the room. It was a hot day out this late afternoon, and for once the weatherman was right this time. All he wanted to do right now as take a load off from all the non-stop work he has been doing, but he simply could not bring himself to. He just wanted to get everything over and done with as quickly and neatly as possible with few mistakes, but how long will it take him to settle everything?

It's already been months and he was getting a little frustrated over the work load, even though he was a trained professional in financial management. He let his head roll off to one side as he rested his back into the cushions, his body hanging loose. He let out a loud sigh, mind wondering off into the distance to distract him from thinking any more about work.

Little did he expect the thoughts about yesterday's email suddenly popping in his head. As he was currently spacing out into the beyond, he let the naughty thoughts wonder, remembering the sight of each image imprinted into his brain. The motion of slick flesh upon, within and throughout another, the silent sounds of gratification, the exposition of wild, virtually endless lust.

Briefly, he raised an eyebrow at himself for being able to remember them, and wondered why as he let them continue to wonder even further into idle daydreams. He imagined many things, with all his fantasies suddenly rolling up into a ball and displaying something of a sneak preview of a movie in his head.

He could not see the characters' faces, only their bodies on each other, a man with a number of luscious naked females working on his soaring member, swarming like bees to honey. He imagined himself looking through the eyes of the man, sitting on a chair in a lavishly furnished room and looking down at a busty long haired beauty bobbing her head up and down over his crotch.

All around him stood several other women who apparently were waiting for their turn. He could feel their hungry, lustful stares, the sound of the smacking of lips, slow, sensual breath, soft moans and audible suggestions all around him. It seemed so real now that he had entered his dream world, and he enjoyed every single moment of being king over his imaginary kingdom.

Just as he took in his fantasy surroundings, his subject that was servicing him slowly pulled her head away, the soft suckling of her mouth ending in a loud pop as his entire six inch length made its exit. She looked upwards at her sovereign as her head danced slightly from side to side, her mouth opening wide to allow him to see a large pool of white substance sloshing around on the bottom.

He could see her roll her tongue around to spread the thick liquid all over the inside of her mouth, the sperm sticking and sliding around onto the top and sides. She seemed to be enjoying the taste, savoring it with her tongue as she vibrated her throat to produce a loud groan of pleasure. After the little show, her tongue twirled and danced around to collect all the liquid before tipping her head back and closing her mouth.

The apple in her throat rose and fell as she gulped, as if she was downing a liquor shot, her head tilting back down with lips slightly parted to show that everything was gone.

Her consumption of the sheer volume of the nectar surprised and aroused Carl even more. It had always been part of a hidden fantasy of his to see such a display, even if it was not real. The pleasant fantasy ended with his subject's last smile, however, as reality called back to him in the form of his cell phone ring tone.

Grunting in annoyance as his dream was rudely disturbed; he got up to take out his cell from his pocket to look at the message he received. After pressing a few buttons, he was surprised to see that the same friend who sent him the email had sent him a picture message, and he could guess what it was before he even opened it.

It was an animated picture from one of the websites he emailed him, showing a blonde porn star enjoying a doggy style ride on some lucky man's cock. Below the lewd picture was a short message with only two words: "Get busy." Carl had to admit he was a little confused over the strange suggestion at first, and he made a face when he had another natural thought.

He slipped his cell phone back into his pocket, deciding not to think about it any further. Getting off the couch, he made his way into the kitchen to check on Jessie, as she seemed to be taking quite a while. Either that or he had had fallen asleep for a little too long and she had already gone upstairs. Truth be told, he found her still there, quietly sorting out the groceries, and it seemed that she had not noticed him standing by the doorway.

Somehow, he just wanted to sit back and look at her beautiful form from behind. Jessie was 5'6", a brunette with long flowing hair to just above her shoulders, permed and well cared for. Her face was fantastically cute, with smooth features and lustrous brown eyes that seemed so deep that he would swim every time he stares at them. For a young high school teacher, she had a curvaceous hour glass body with a nice, round and firm ass and long, lithe legs.

To complete this image of a sweet angel from heaven in a manner so demonic, she had a lovely C cup endowment. If it were not for her wearing a deep red blouse, vest, straight black skirt and high heels every weekday to work, she could probably be mistaken as 18, instead of 23.

Right now, she was clad in something casual. Thanks to the heat, she seemed to be forced to wear her favorite white spaghetti strap and denim hot pants, which made her look even sexier than in any other image that Carl would even dream of. The bare flesh on her back and legs was getting to him, and he began doing something that he had not done in a long while: stare. With his mind so occupied in the last few months, he had put aside all sorts of distractions, but today he simply could not control himself.

He simply could not get his eyes off her figure, somehow wishing he had the telekinetic power to strip everything off her there and then. His thinking seemed to have changed. There seemed to be nothing stopping him from thinking about the things one would usually do while in heat and in the presence of a woman he wants badly.

Least to say, he still had control over his actions, even though just barely as he walked up to her to hug her from behind, placing his hands around her waist and his chin on her shoulder. Jessie seemed a little startled but relaxed to know it was only her husband giving her a hug.

She responded by placing her once busy hands over his and laid her head backwards. They stayed in that position for a short while, feeling each other's warmth and closeness. "Whats up, honey?" Jessie finally asked him as she was cradled in his strong arms. "Nothing… Just wanted to see you." Carl kissed lightly her on the neck. She let out a cute giggle. "Really?" "Yeah, really." "Liar. You're hard as rock." A playful smirk left her smiling lips. It was true that together with the daydream of a fantasy and his staring at her body just a few moments ago, a large bulge of a tent had developed at the crotch of his jeans.

Her words made the monster within throb lightly as it attempted to rage through its clothed prison. The physical contact between his tent and her ass as he pressed himself against her was not helping to control it much either. Carl did not need to feel embarrassed to his wife about it, so he simply chuckled and took it lightly. Jessie went on, turning her head slightly to the side. "By the way, about that email yesterday…" This time Carl was clearly taken aback.

'Oh god! She saw! Damn you, Bob!' He tried to act cool. "What email?" "That email Bob sent to you." She seemed quite amused at his sudden fluster.


"Did you like what you saw?" Carl searched for words, before hesitantly speaking. She got him here. "Erm… What can I say?" Jessie's smile turned into a wide grin.

She leaned backwards with a husky whisper in his ear, "Don't worry… I got it too just fifteen ago…" She paused to use one of her hands to slowly guide Carl's hand down the front of her hot pants for him to be able to touch her panties beneath. To his surprise, he could feel the fabric to be extremely damp and her skin rather slippery. She breathed a few quiet words, "All I could think of was you doing all that to me… and it got me so horny…" Jessie was not usually like this.

In a normal situation, she would have continued to talk to him about everything and anything, with the occasional joke here and there.

She would have held onto their embrace for a while longer before continuing on with sorting the groceries. What she had just told him made his desire grow overwhelmingly stronger, reflected by the growing size of the tent on this jeans. As for the explanation of the 'random magic email' that got them into a mood so overpowering enough that they would forget about their sense of control, that would have to come later, because right now, there was nothing more than Carl would ever want than to satisfy himself and his wife to the highest pleasurable degree that he is able.

As a response, Carl said nothing. He instead abandoned all sense of control. Jessie was already hot and spicy for as long as fifteen minutes now, and the feeling was probably agonizing to her.

She had been holding on and acting normally in front of Carl so that he would not be alarmed over her sudden change, but that did not matter to her anymore, for she seemed to be unable to keep her usual slight smile over a sweet, relaxed face. She leaned back onto Carl as she felt his hand gently rub against her soft skin, enjoying the sensations that ran up her spine as he traced his hand lower and lower towards her waiting pussy.

She started to flush and squirm slightly, one of her hands holding onto the arm that was pleasuring her, the other reaching over her shoulder to run her fingers through his hair. Her eyes shut lightly and her breathing picked up in pace as she waited for her hubby's hand to reach its intended destination.

The moment she felt his hand rub over the outer lips of her womanhood, she felt an electric shock pulse through her body. Carl began to kiss her neck as he began slide his fingers up and down her incredibly wet slit, feeling his wife's tremble and hearing her soft moan from his touch. He could feel the heat of her arousal and kept his pace, momentarily switching his hand movements from massaging the outer lips to circling the clit, spreading her slick juices all over.

His index and middle fingers reached slightly inwards to slowly pass in and out of her. They slipped easily against her inner walls as he reached deeper into her, far enough to entice even more juices out of her, stimulating her tight pussy to virtually breath in heavy excitement.

Further encouraged by the several more audible moans of his wife, he hooked his fingers in an attempt to reach for the spot that would drive her even higher. His labors seemed successful as he could feel the tips of his fingers making contact with his intended spot, sending raging ripples of movement through her body as she continued to squirm in ecstasy. His other hand which had been around her waist reached upwards to pull down the straps of her top.

As she was not wearing a bra at the time, he freed her lustrous tits from her clothing, pulling down the fabric to her hips and reaching to cup one of them in a sensually strong grip. He fondled it in his hand, teasing her hard pink nipples occasionally with a gentle pinch or rounding of his index finger. The combined effort of both his hands was driving Jessie wild. Her moans became louder, her face becoming even more flushed and her legs were threatening to give way. The desire for more took control of her body and mind.

She wanted him so badly, and her body was begging for the pleasure only Carl could give her. Sweating profusely, she managed to whisper audibly in between moans and heavy breathing. "Oh yeah!

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Oh god! Make me cum, baby! Oh! Make me cum hard!" Hearing this, Carl complied, spurred on by her need, her rush for freedom. His movements sped up, fingers delving and surfacing in and out of her wet hole in a quickened pace and his hand over her tit massaged more strongly.

Jessie tilted her head back and stiffened her body, enjoying every sensation that drove her crazier by the second. Her moans became coupled with loud quick gasps and breaths and she tightened her grip on his hair, a devilish grin creeping to her open mouthed smile. Her drenched pussy was starting to stain her hot pants through her panties and already some of her juices were streaking down her slightly spread legs.

She was now rocking her hips backwards and forwards in sync with the movements of his fingers, making sure that they kept rubbing the right spot for her to build up for a much needed climax.

When she finally reached her limit, the lips of her pussy squeezed tightly as she let out a long open mouthed moan of pleasure and arced her back as far as she was able. Her powerful climax ripped through her entire body, sending long hard spasms down her legs and up her arms.

Carl could feel the sudden secretion of even more juices from her depths, as if she was having a miniature explosion within her body. The violent pulsation and vibrating of her womanhood prompted him to leave his fingers where they are, half way within her with the occasional thrust to cause her to jolt slightly every once in a while.

This lasted for a good few seconds before she relaxed and leaned backwards onto Carl for support, her breathing shallow, sharp and drawn.

Her eyes were still shut as she tried to keep her balance and prevent her from collapsing. Her once clean glistening legs were now greasy wet with a mixture of sweat and her juices, with little droplets of the substance on the floor beneath her.

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After a few moments of recovery, Carl slipped his fingers out of her and placed both hands on her hips, helping to hold her up against him, kissing and licking the bare skin on her neck. Her eyes slowly opened and she cracked a sweet smile at him as she turned her head to look behind her. It had been a long while since she had been able to feel an orgasm like this one, and she certainly was glad that Carl had come through that door.

"Mmm, you haven't lost your touch." She giggled weakly as she continued to squirm within his embrace. Carl laughed at her pun, snaking his head around to kiss her a few times on the lips, raging his tongue all around the inside of her mouth, lower jaw and neck.

The hand that had just pleasured his wife slipped around her belly, rubbing against her hips and spreading the smooth wetness across her. Apparently, there was a lot of it to go round, and it felt like he was spreading a hot sticky lotion over her body. The other hand was still cupped over her breast, squeezing gently and rounding around her full soft endowment, the still hard erect nipples tickling the inside of his palms.

Jessie licked him in the ear, the hand on the juice covered one of her husbands bringing it up for the both of them to have a taste.

Jessie cleaned up his pinky and fouth finger, while Carl took the thumb and index finger. They both cleaned up the middle finger and the inside of his palm together before again locking lips. To think that they would finally snap and let go right in the middle of the kitchen on a hot afternoon day, Carl felt like it was about time they did, and go all out to catch up with all those missing months of sex and gratification. Already he had a number of insane plans and dirty ideas in the darker side of his mind on how to use his alone time with her, ideas both practical and fantasy.

Considering how the hidden bad girl within his beautiful high school teacher of a wife functions, he knew she had some ideas too. All he needed to do was remember Honolulu and their honeymoon days, and could not help but think that those days are about to be reenacted right here in their new home.

Carl could not hold his excitement, the tent on his jeans now full blown. The beast was threatening to rip through his clothing and take Jessie at any time now. Her orgasm had him going and he was dying to let loose anytime soon. He decided to speak to her to discretely let her know of his intention, "Hope you haven't had lunch yet." "Hmm?" Jessie squirmed a little more, taking a guess at his suggestion.

"Remembering Honolulu, sugar?" "Like a soldier remembering the glory days." He replied to her. "Every day before dinner, and the few times in the late nights for snacks." Jessie reminisced on the past before moving her hand from his hair to caress his face, looking at him with a craving in her eyes.

She seemed to have recovered and was now set to satisfy her husband. "Its chow time, soldier. You're on mess duty." "Yes, ma'am!" Carl followed through with a light chuckle.

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Jessie broke off from the tangle of their arms and turned round to press her body against him, giving him another deep passionate kiss. Her bare breasts squashed against his chest, the wondrous feeling making his craning member throb and twitch.

Carl stood his ground and let her work her magic, bracing for one of those times he had always fully enjoyed in his lifetime. Her right hand reached down to the crotch of his jeans, rubbing against the live rod under the fabric, running her hands up and down. Her left unhitched the button and pulled the zipper straight down, slowly releasing his cock from the shackles of his clothes.

Carl's jeans became loose and dropped to his ankles, the precum soaked undies finally breathing some air, his little friend peeking slightly outwards from a full blown erection. She took a brief look down at his member and her face began to flush at the fullness and volume that she had missed seeing for so long. Her lips parted slightly to let out a slow breath of excitement as she continued to stare at the throbbing thing. Just the erotic look on her face alone made Carl want it so much more, especially the sight of her lips, imagining the kinds of miracles she was about to do with them.

After a short moment, she tilted her head slightly back up and gave him another devilish smile, dropping to her knees before him. Her hands at the same time pulled down his undies to let free all 6 inches of his rock hard cock, soaring to a length so close to her face that it was almost poking her nose.

Red hot from the excitement before, it took a life of its own as it twitched and throbbed in the presence of a familiar face that was ready to engulf it in a tight wet tunnel of pleasurable bliss. It oozed out a clear liquid, a large drop of it swelling at the tip, an open signal for her to follow. She positioned herself well so that she was comfortable, making sure her tits were in full view as her hand reached to carefully grip onto the shaft of his cock, stroking it lightly to squeeze out even more of the precum.

As soon as she deemed there was enough there, she moved her head forwards and her tongue reached out to lick the glob from the tip, leaving behind a long string of saliva and sticky juices as she carried it into her mouth. She tasted it the way she always does and was pleased with the familiar flavor, causing her to smile as if a pleased connoisseur over well cooked food. Carl's cock could not help but twitch at the sudden contact of the wetness of her tongue upon it, and it caused Carl to gasp lightly.

She pressed on with the attack, moving her head forwards again to place her full moist lips upon the tip, her tongue twisting out to envelop the head in smooth circular motions. Her hand on his shaft continued with a few light strokes to coax out more of his juices onto her tongue. After a moment, she moved on to licking up and down the shaft, playing with his balls and suckling the tip lightly.

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With each lick, lap and slick suck, she made it a point to allow herself to moan hungrily as she continued to taste him. All the while, Carl was in heaven as he watched his wife work his enlarged member, moaning and gasping for breath. One of his hands had to hold onto the counter to support him from falling over and ruining everything.

She briefly pulled away a few inches to purr, "Oh yes, your cock tastes so good." She looked up briefly at him, her hands dropping to hold onto his thighs. Just about enough with the juicy appetizers, she was ready for the much creamier main course, and said something that drove Carl wild. "Feed me, honey. Don't stop until you cum real hard in my mouth." She then winked mischievously at him.

"More than once if you want… You know I love second helpings." That being said, it was obvious that she wanted it in her mouth and Carl was too happy to help her with that. Both his hands moved to hold onto her head and positioned his body to a comfortable position to point his thick rod at her mouth.

Jessie was definitely ready as she looked on at the hot member in front of her, impatiently licking her lips.

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Once he was ready, he placed his throbbing cock on her waiting lips and slowly pushed it in, letting out a heavy breath as the wetness engulfed his member. As inch after inch made its entry, Jessie closed her eyes as she felt the rock hard flesh sliding pass her lips and teeth.

She had kept her mouth closed the entire time, producing a powerful vacuum that enveloped Carl's cock as she sucked it inwards. The sensation caused him to let out a load moan as his entire length was suddenly sucked into her mouth, the tip reaching the end of her throat. His hands gripped onto her head as his breathing became heavier. As Jessie had gotten used to having his cock all the way in to the throat, thanks to their experiences in their honeymoon, she had gotten past the gag reflex, leaving her to be able to concentrate on giving her hubbie the kind of attention he especially enjoys.

He looked down at the sight of his whole cock now shoved completely into his wife's mouth, with her latched on to it lovingly, waiting for him to continue. He had to smile at the extremely sexy sight.

After a moments pause of enjoying the view, he continued to look at her as he slowly began to pull out until the bottom end of the cock head was visible. As he did so, even more of his precum flooded out of him, depositing all across her tongue. She let out a light moan over the taste of his juices as they slide around her tongue, vibrating his dick in her mouth. The constant flow of precum in her mouth began to make her salivate, filling it with extra wetness.

This encouraged him to begin a rhythm of pushing and pulling, thrusting his crotch forwards and backwards. He watched as he slowly fucked his wife's mouth in earnest, waves of pleasure swathing over him as his meat slid across the insides of her mouth and tongue. Every time his cock made a brief exit, it seemed to shine with a mixture of saliva and precum, lubricating it even more. It made it easier for him to move and it did wonders to heighten the pleasure.

Carl began to speak to her softly after each of them exchanging long pleasurable moans. "Ah… You like that, baby? My throbbing cock fucking your mouth? My hard dick sliding on your tongue?" Jessie responded by opening her eyes slightly and let out a moan of conformity.

The look in her eyes was that of a starving wolf, begging for his meat. One of Carl's hands dropped to his side as he let his remaining hand guide her head into his thrusting cock. He had kept his smile every since the start. "Ah! That feels so fucking good… Yeah…" Jessie was breathing a little harder when she knows that her husband was having a good time and she wanted him to go a little higher. She began using her tongue to swirl circles around his cock head as it thrusted in and out of her mouth, lapping up the juices and massaging the throbbing head gently.

Carl let out a louder moan of pleasure when he felt it and his breathing quickened, as did his pace. He continued to pump into her mouth, building up the sensation within him as he thrusted harder and harder, making her tits bounce up and down as he started to slam deep into her.

Jessie kept up her stimulation, her enjoyment showing as her moans became louder and sharper. The slapping of his balls onto her chin and all that moaning from the both of them started to fill the kitchen, probably even audible in other rooms.

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Carl's muscles began to bunch and tighten as he could feel his climax approaching quickly. "God, yes! I'm gonna cum, Jessie! Oh yeah! Gonna cum hard!" Jessie tightened her mouth over his cock as he made a final thrust into her mouth, letting out a sharp groaning as she eagerly waited for him to shoot his load.

"Oh fuck!" Carl let out a grunt before his hard cock exploded in her mouth, blasting a thick load of hot sticky semen to streak across her tongue. Carl slammed into her mouth again to release the second and the third to splatter onto the inner walls of her cheeks and the last time to shoot all the way into the back of her throat.

The taste was instantly recognizable and it caused Jessie to groan in ecstasy for each other raging load that he released as he moaned loudly from all the cumming. He left his cock inside her mouth as he released as much as he could and let her suck out the rest as she pumped her head in and out slowly, collecting all of the cum on her tongue. She swirled the cum around her mouth and his cock, relishing the taste even more than she does his precum before letting it slide down her tongue and down her throat in two greedy gulps.

After making usre she has swallowing everything, she looked up at Carl, who was slowly recovering from his huge orgasm. She was not trying, perhaps even unwilling, to let his shrinking cock out of her mouth just yet.

Carl was breathing heavily from the aftermath. He could still stand straight only barely, and even then he had to hold onto the counter for balance. He looked down at Jessie, a huge smile on his face as their gazes met. She in turn tried to smile, but only her eyes lit up from the sight of Carl's happy face. She was careful not to let go as she started to bob her head up and down his shaft, milking him slowly while keeping her look up at him.

The stimulation was enough to get him harder in a matter of moments, much to the delight of husband and wife. It looked like she was in need of more and Carl was willing to give as much as he could as he concentrated on moving his hips is a slow pace once again.

They had spent a good part of that afternoon showing each other much needed attention and some of their deepest cravings and fantasies seemed to perfectly match each other, either they realize it or not. That afternoon would be one of many to come, as their sex lives just took a new turn.

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