Mature Red Rubs her pussy on the deck outside and cums hard

Mature Red Rubs her pussy on the deck outside and cums hard
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It was the beginning of Draco Malfoy's fourth year at Hogwarts as he walked down the Hogwarts express confident of his own superiority over everyone else. Beside him walked the two small mountains called crabbe and goyle, his bodyguards and practically man servants, having now gained even more muscle as time passed and seeming more suited for their sixth year rather then fourth.

Passing a cabin he quickly noticed the lower year ravenclaw loopy luna, the girl everyone knew was batshit insane. Smiling evilly to himself he spoke to the others "what do you say we pay loopy a little visit".


Smirking back goyle opened the cabin door allowing malfoy to enter first before walking in behind him with crabbe and shutting the door. Sat by herself with her wand perched behind her blonde curly hair, radish earrings dangling was luna in her school uniform with a magazine seemingly written in a foreign language but reading it as if were apparently plain as day English.

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As malfoy prepared to open his mouth he hesitated a moment as he glanced down noticing that with the top buttons of her shirt undone he had could see quite a bit of her cleavage and despite how he might despise her as a person he still found himself licking his lip.

Glancing up and blinking owlishly luna finally seemed to take notice of the three boys who had entered her compartment and chose to speak up.

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"your not rabid frothgards are you? You don't look like them but then again your very well known for your ability to disguise yourself, are you here about the article daddy published about you". Malfoy to his defence was only caught of guard for a second before he flippantly replied "what on earth are you talking about, don't be stupid" before freezing as he suddenly started feeling a stiffness in his lower extremities. "actually" he replied thinking on his feet with a plan in mind, "I'm here to help you with that.

In order to stop you from being hurt we came up with a plan to stop them from being able to effect you". Luna suddenly brightened considerably "that's wonderful, well, thanks" she answered with a smile on her face "and how does it work then" she questioned sitting forward eagerly unknowingly showing even more flesh to malfoy's devouring eyes. "well, well the thing is this will only work if you keep your eyes closed because the potion only works if the person taking it doesn't see it.

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Luna frowned for a second before speaking once again "well then it's a good thing you came when you did, I never would have been able to find the potion with seeing it by myself" and proceeded to close her eyes and open her mouth expectantly.

Flipping his wand out (no not that one) he turned and spelled the cabin window so no one would be able to look in and see what was happening.

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Opening his robe and trousers he lowered his pants and pulled out his 6 and a half inch erection stroking it slowly in his hands he spoke once again "right, well this potion quite tricky and in order to get it out your going to have to tease it out with your tongue" and wasting no more time he quickly placed his cock head at luna's puckered mouth Feeling the strangely spongy object pressed against her lips she did as she had been told and stuck her tongue out licking whatever it was like it was an ice cream, licking all over it in circles as her saliva started to dribble of it and licking the middle where she could feel a small hole.

Looking back malfoy could see the other two were now rubbing the quite obvious bulges in their pants with hungry looks in the gazes.

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Gesturing for them to quietly undo fish out their dicks he spoke to luna again, and with great restraint managed to without moaning say "we've got a couple of vials of this stuff so were gonna give you some more at the same time, just do the same with the others". As goyle out his 7 inch erection and goyle his only 6 inch but significantly thicker one they stepped forward on either side of her and goyle pressed his cockhead already producing precum showing his level of excitement into her cheek leaving a small trail of slime on her face.


Reaching up with her hands looking extremely petite she wrapped one around either and started slowly stroking backwards and forwards only to eager to receive her 'medicine'.

As luna took turns alternating who she was sucking and stroking draco could quickly feel his orgasm approaching. "NOW" he practically shouted as luna turned placed his cock back in her small mouth before he proceeded to piston his hips backwards and forwards, banging his balls into her chin, driving her nose into his bush and spurting rope after rope of his seed into her mouth as she made small choking noises as his cock forced its way into her throat with the help of his hands on the back of her head.

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After a couple more seconds draco sighed and pulled his spent cock from her mouth and stepped back. Tucking his penis back into his trousers he commented seeing that goyle and crabbe were quickly approaching their ends as well "for this to work the other to sets of this need to be rubbed into your face like a cream" with a smirk. Merely humming her agreement luna continued her ministrations until crabbe started grunting as his cum started spraying from the end of his cock in one long stream painting the left side of her face in a puddle of his cum that slowly dribbled downwards over her mouth.

Goyle was shortly after as she now with the other hand free proceeded to pump his cock with both hands towards her face. Unlike crabbe he came in large of spurts, the first spraying onto her eye, then her forehead and hair and finally directly onto her mouth and chin where it mixed with crabbe's cum. Quickly shoving their dicks back in their clothes they stepped backwards as luna licked around her lips taking in the cum she could reach onto her tongue before swallowing it with a happy gulp.

She then reached up with and started to smear the cum into her skin like it was some kind of lotion sliming up her entire face with it and covering her hands in it. Opening her eyes she smiled happily at draco and the others "thanks, I don't know what I would have done without you." Before absently wiping her hands on her top smearing it with cum stains.

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Draco merely smirked before leaving back into the hallway with nothing more then a "anytime"